‘Bewitched’ Sequel Lands at NBC with Big Commitment


NBC has landed the “Bewitched” sequel project shopped by Sony Pictures TV, which controls the rights to the Screen Gems classic.

NBC has given a pilot production commitment to the follow-up series, which revolves around the granddaughter of Darrin and Samantha Stephens, the couple at the center of the original series that aired on ABC from 1964-72.

The new-model “Bewitched” was penned by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein. It’s also shepherded by Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher of Red Wagon Entertainment. Wick and Fisher produced the 2005 “Bewitched” feature, which flopped at the B.O.

NBC’s deal for “Bewitched” following a bidding skirmish with ABC was first reported by Deadline.

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  1. I must agree with Adam-Michael James that big problem will be the continuity with the original series and don’t included the Nicole Kidman/Will Farrell movie. I can’t wait to see who will play the Stephen and her parent. Will it included Endora in the series?

  2. The biggest issue will be continuity with the original series. If the new series sticks to its predecessor’s history while bringing things into the present day, then it might have a chance. And I say this as the author of “The Bewitched Continuum”, which is solely devoted to the original series’ continuity. http://amzn.to/1yVVQcN

  3. NBC try several remake and all was a big failure. I hope that the new Bewitched will escape the failure curse.

  4. They tried a spinoff in the Seventies and It failed. Its all about the writing, people!

  5. I must agree with Joe S. Hill about remaking classic TV Show which have fail miserably. Looking at the New Knight Rider and the Bionic Woman. I am glad the new creative team will be focusing on the granddaughter of Darrin and Samantha Stephens instead of creating an new Samantha/Darrin Stephen in the 2005 movie version. Good luck to the new team because they will need it.

  6. JOE S HILL says:

    May any attempts to try remaking Classic TV shows like “BEWITCHED” fail,and miserably! i loath
    Sony,and their their use of “Screen Gems” in their motion picture division,because that legendary TV division of Columbia Pictures should’ve been revived for strictly TV,since its history is rich with Classic TV shows,before becoming Columbia TriStar,and eventually Sony Pictures TV-i hate that,with great prejudice! don’t we get enough of the SONY name with their products? anyway,trying to remake “BEWITCHED”,and especially for a third rate network like NBC (Nothing But Crap) will truly make this effort a huge waste of time! the TV people today,just don’t get the message-NO MORE REMAKES! buy
    the DVDs of “BEWITCHED”,which is way BETTER,because trying to remake the 1964-72 ABC series
    is just so non reality! we won’t talk about that pathetic 2005 movie either!

  7. Thuh Goof Patrol says:

    Hope Tabitha’s involved! Not to have her be part of the series would be kinda STUPID… :-)

    • carl says:

      NBC should just let the series alone. There has already been enough remakes. The one with Nicole Kidman…was bad enough. Tho I like Nicole. The movie stunk. So let it alone.

  8. Ruby Slippers says:

    The premise of Bewitched is outdated: husband “won’t let” wife practice witchcraft. However, a pre-witched theme could work: Samantha chooses not to use witchcraft because of the good ole American work ethic–she sees its rewards as a teenager and later admires it in her “future” husband, Darren.

  9. Diana says:

    Why doesn’t NBC remake My Mother the Car?

    • Thuh Goof Patrol says:

      THAT, my friend, is an EXCELLENT question! They should keep the same theme song, too: “MY MOTHER THE CAR, my mother the car, MY MOTHER THE CAR!, my mother the car…” :o)

  10. Diana says:

    This sounds like a terrible idea. The original Bewitched is still the best.

  11. Doug Cazel says:

    Ok. I’ve read all the comments thus far and the % vying for this series to fail is unbelievably high. But, I am not. LOL. just a little humor to bring down the seriousness of it all. The hit sitcom Bewitched, starring the lovely Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York/Sargent as Darrin and the incomparable Agnes Moorehead as Endora; yes, including Alice Pearce as Gladys Kravitz and Marion Lorne as dear sweet Aunt Clara, anyone would probably cast a negative vote against an improved series spin off of the original classic, Bewitched.
    (Btos) Bewitched, the original series held a cast that will never be replaced, as the cast made us believe in their characters and care/love them. Every Bewitched fan has their favorite character, Paul Lynde as Uncle Arthur, or Cousin Henry (supposedly Uncle Arthurs son! gasp!) and with the Fans of Bewitched in the millions, it will be impossible to re-create them in todays society. Any Bewitched fan worth their salt knows Lizzie played both Samantha & Serena; there were 2 Gladys Kravitz’s, 2 Mr. Stephens’, 2 Louise Tate, (David Whites’) Larry Tate’s wife; and more characters replaced within the successful 8 year run of the classic show. 2 Tabithas’ (ok, more than two, but beautifully Talented Erin Murphy blessed us as little Tabitha/Tabatha for 6 years of the classic. 1964 – 2014 50 years….. And, yes I agree tptb dropped the ball with naming Samantha’s granddaughter “Daphne”. But, I am remain hopeful. :)
    So……give this new series a chance; try to bring some type of happiness that the legacy of Bewitched may live on, bringing the new Bewitched Fans to the original series on DVD & BR (blueray) as well on some current channels today.
    As Liz Montgomery often said: ……. “Happiness”…. and “Love Power Conquers All.” er …. umm……Serena might have mentioned that, too. :)

  12. Peter Alachi says:

    Correction: It’s Darrin and Samantha Stephens and NOT Darren and Samantha Stevens.

  13. yet another reboot rehash revamp of a classic. Hollywood creativity is officially dead. A skirmish? Really. I weep for the old days.

  14. Kim says:

    YAYEEEE!!! I have the whole series DVD’s and all the books written about the series and Elizabeth Montgomery AND a Bewitched lunchbox!! I wish them well !!!

  15. drakeca89 says:

    this was a classic show much like I dream or genie, munsters, and adams family something different and a little kookie, seeing is beliving

  16. Sabrina, the teenage witch on ABC was good in the 90’s.

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