Al Jazeera: Israeli Foreign Minister Says Network Is Enemy

Al Jazeera

Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman has set his sights on a new enemy: the television network Al Jazeera.

As Israel enters its third week of a bloody confrontation with Hamas in Gaza, Lieberman on July 21 called the Qatari network a crucial piece of Hamas’ propaganda effort and said the Israeli government is already in the process of banning it.

“Al Jazeera has abandoned even the semblance of a credible media outlet, and it broadcasts – both within Gaza and outside it, to the world – anti-Semitic incitement, lies, provocation and encouragement to terrorists,” Lieberman said.

Al Jazeera is bankrolled by and maintains it headquarters in the tiny, oil-rich nation of Qatar, a country that is eager to play a more dominant role in Middle-Eastern politics, and despite having no formal relations with Israel, is known to maintain several back channels of trade and industry. But Qatar is also the current home of Hamas leader Khaled Meshal and an open supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Qatar constitutes the economic spine of the most radical terrorist groups,” Lieberman said.

Less than 24 hours after Lieberman’s statement, Al Jazeera reporters in Gaza said warning shots had been fired into their Gaza City headquarters. Terrified staffers wrote on Twitter that the fire had come from Israel Defense Forces soldiers, and the building was evacuated.

The IDF, however, denied the incident, and conflicting reports on Twitter said that incident had in fact been shattered windows caused by a nearby explosion.

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  1. Yuval Erez says:

    Where is my comment and why did you delete it???????

  2. John Miller says:

    Israel’s P.R. Machine seems to be going after everyone now. Today, Israel is angry at the United States because, gasp!, its F.A.A. has banned aircraft from landing at an airport a mile away from where a Hamas missile struck. Now, unsurprisingly, they’re going after Al Jazeera. Why? Because, it seems that, if someone isn’t 100% on Israel’s side, supporting everything they say and do, they are a target for their derision. Not exactly winning friends and influencing people, is it?

    • VN says:

      Being a fellow journalist sitting far and unaffected from the events in Middle East, my sympathies go instantly for three Al Jazeera journalists thrown behind bars for conspiring against Egyptian regime by supporting and allegedly conspiring with terror supporting, Sunni Muslim Brotherhood. But as a journalist, one has to be unbiased and journalists have not descended form heavens. After Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman statement’s one is compelled to seriously consider the charge of Egyptian government, Muslim Brotherhood supported Al Jazeera journalists may actually have blood on their hands in providing support to this known terror outfit. Earlier, Al Jazeera channel used to run a scroll that it staff has been “accused of” supporting Muslim Brotherhood, now since Sisi has won, and that there is no hope of Muslim Brotherhood comoing back to power, even Al Jazeera by hook or crook wants to gets the journalists freed and changed its ticker scroll to “FALSELY accused of”. Going by my journalistic instinct, I can now tell you with greater degree to surety that Muslim Brotherhood supported Hamas must be backed by Al Jazeera in its hate campaign against Israel. After Egypt if it gets kicked out from Israel, it has well earned it. The golden rule in journalism can not be done away with – unbiased and balance in reporting, and not taking sides, no matter how much you hate a party.

    • Yuval Erez says:

      You have no idea what’s going on in Israel. Stop being so naive.
      We are under constant attack by Gaza, and it really has to stop.
      If the Israeli people had a big Red Button that could destroy Gaza once and for all, we would never ever push it- because we are a humane and honest people.
      On the other hand, if Gaza had a big Red Button that with one push would put an end to Israel, do you think they would hesitate for even a second? That’s the problem. They want to destroy Israel and the Jewish people and they don’t even care about their own lives to do it. They use their children as human shields, for crying out loud, so that if a child gets killed- he can be used as propaganda against Israel.
      They spent billions of dollars to build dozens of undercover tunnels leading into Israeli villages, so that their terrorists can come in secretly and kill us. They could have used that money to to betters the lives of their people, but do you think they care?
      STOP BEING SO NAIVE! You make me sick, John Miller.

      • Tony Clark says:

        But no one seems to want to mention why the Palestinians are launching missiles. You have them prisoners in their own land for over 60 years, demolishing their homes and denying them basic necessities like water and electricity. You even ban them from fishing more than a mile into the sea. You want the world to be sheeps, you feed them when you want, cage them when you want, and slaughter them when you want and not say a word or react in any way. I guess you’re only going by the Jewish teachings that says every none jew was created to serve the best people and god’s only beloved people, the jew. Keep dreaming, remember history repeats itself, you were once as powerful until someone realized your tactics… it will happen again, trust me on that one.

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