A&E Reality Star Roy Garber Dies of Heart Attack

'Shipping Wars' Star Dead: Roy Garber

'Shipping Wars' star was one of show's most popular tradesmen

Roy Garber, star of A&E reality series “Shipping Wars,” has died from a heart attack, sources confirm to Variety. He was 49.

Garber owned and operated Arbie’s Team Transport out of New Hampshire, along with his son Travis, and was one of the show’s top earners.

“Shipping Wars” just wrapped its fifth season on Wednesday.

A&E confirmed the news late Saturday evening.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of a member of the A&E family,” the network said in a statement. “Our thoughts are with Roy’s loved ones during this difficult time.  He will be missed.”

A&E’s website described Garber as a “jack of-all-trades” as well as an avid fisherman and master scuba diver.

“Shipping Wars,”  which debuted to 3 million viewers in Jan. 2012, is produced for A&E by Megalomedia. Jonathan Nowzaradan is exec producer and showrunner.

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  2. renee says:

    better late then never iam so sorry for your lose there was something about him and his no bull shit way ,i also thought he was good looking sorry again he will be missed here in canada.

  3. Iris Dolson says:

    Just went on “GOOGLE’ to find out why I wasn’t seeing Roy on T.V. anymore. What heart breaking news. .He was my favourite and I miss him….My deepest sympathy to his wife and family.. He will be missed here in Canada…..

  4. Acetate909 says:

    You people are absolutely delusional, Roy was the biggest turd I’ve ever had the displeasure of listening to, he treated EVERY person like dirt and everyone here is talking about him like he was the Dalai Lama WRONG
    Who cares that he’s dead, not me – dude was a walking ball of hate
    The comments just prove to me how lost humans have become….praising the worst in each other, good for you, you honor someone who had ZERO compassion for others as a hero. Ridiculous!
    I pray for mushroom clouds

  5. tesh says:

    OMG, like WTF??? only daaaays left in 2014 and I’m JUST knowing this??? I’ve been wondering where the hell is Roy; I’m sooo much like him, zero time for people’s bullshit. OMG, this is sooo sad

  6. Jack Reptile says:

    I just found out about this!! Sad, sad news. Roy will be missed greatly.

  7. Linda says:

    Will miss Roys fantastic quick wit comments which I looked forward to and really made me laugh out loud. So sad and so young – my thoughts are with his family. (Scotland)

  8. colm says:

    im still so sad at the lose of roy ,,,he will be remermbered in Ireland …r,i,p

  9. Walt Davies says:

    Having had a heart attack at the age of 57 I know just what it’s like. I almost died myself but was lucky enought to get help when needed. RIP Roy we all will miss you you really made the show I hope that you have a twin out there that they can find.
    Walt Davies

  10. The show will just not be the same without Roy!!! This news came as a shock! I just loved his sarcasm (even though at times he directed it at points I did’nt agree with)! But I sure admired how he was so good at what he did and how he would stick it to those who had it coming with his amusing caustic and callous remarks! Being that I’m a driver myself in Las Vegas,NV, and transporting the cargo that Roy had the least patience with, ‘people’. Condolences to his son and cat Muffy and the other pets!

  11. Julie says:

    as Roy would say, “Perfect, just like me” and he was. so sad

  12. Julie says:

    Wow! how sad, I loved Roy, he was the best. I cannot imagine this show without him. My heart goes out to his family and friends. YOU WILL BE MISSED!

  13. ray whittaker says:

    rip roy one hell of a shiper

  14. Mark grant says:

    Roy was a pain in the face but was a go shipping , dumb ass lol

  15. ian weatherstone says:

    Roy was a true character and the show will be weakened without him… My thoughts to his family

  16. Jim Herren says:

    The thing I liked about Roy was that he was not politically correct and was not ashamed of it. It is time for all of us to get rid of that crap!

  17. Celia Holmes says:

    Roy was the reason I watched the show as I am a neighboring Mainer. My condolences to Roy’s family and friends. I will miss his “I’m perfect”.

  18. renae says:

    Sorry to hear about Roy he was one of my favz we watch all the time reruns and all he will be missed by me and mine condolences to all his family and friends espially his son and muffy

  19. R W Cauthen O/O says:

    I would like to say as a Driver, he will be missed our deepest condolence goes out to the family of the Garber heaven has a place for him as a lead transporter god bless ya and RIP Mr Roy Garber from A&I Transportation Raymondville NY

    • Kyle Tobias Transport says:

      Roy Garber is an idol for K.Tobias Transport out of Ephrata, PA. We give his family our deep condolences from your biggest fan Kyle Tobias Transport. You will be missed.

  20. Barbara says:

    RIP Roy and keep Hauling in Heaven! Prayers and Blessings to the family..:(

  21. Rick S. says:

    Oh my god… I loved this guy.. God has claimed another good man…. I lost my dad well he was out on the road at the age of 52 he died of a heart attack as well.. Why does God keep taking the good ones away form us… Please pray for Roy and his family… I know I will…To Travis I know your dads passing does not make cents there was no reason to take him when there are so many others that do not take good care of them self’s.. or the bad people in this world they should have been taken not you;r dad… I know this because I felt the same way when my dad passed…. good luck to you Travis and I am vary sorry for your loss … give your mom a great big hug i am sure she needs it

    A Uship friend

  22. Roy was a very funny and always did work and always got his shipping out on time and he ever had problem he was always thinking two steps a head if some thing happened , Roy will be sadly missed and my prayers and thoughts goes out to his family. R.I.P.. You will not be for gotten and always miss. The only reason why i watch that show was for him,

    • Larry Ross says:

      From Canada loved you Roy , watched the show to hear your friendly competition with the other shippers. But Ill always try to be perfect just like Roy. Thanks for that line.Gone but not.forgotten. R.I.P.

  23. John Pleake says:

    Roy was the guy who told it as it is didn’t like people telling him how to do his job. Kind of a prick at times but got the job done. Roy Garber made the show you will be missed. Prayers go out to the family. R.I.P

  24. shanen gibson says:

    he was one of my favorites on the show he was hard core man but he really had a heart of gold when it came too his son rip roy you will be truely missed man!!

  25. i’m shocked my heart and prayers go out to his family and friends, he will be missed the show won’t be the same, REST IN PEACE ROY

  26. jeniel says:

    He was a smartass but he made the show interesting. Let this be a lesson quit smoking while you still can!

  27. torrey says:

    Rest in peace Roy!! you made the show and you are also the reason I got started on uship. Watching you every week made me wanted to get back into shipping after taking along break from it

  28. Yes, Roy Garber was “cocky”. Yes, he was quick to tell you the way it was, as he saw it. You know what though, he knew what he was doing, and had the talents to back it up. Roy, your character, and you being such a “character’ will be genuinely missed by many. Myself especially. Deepest sympathy to the Garber family.

  29. Deb Grills says:

    I was shocked when I read about Roy. He was so stubborn and funny wrapped into one interesting person I loved to watch. I feel for his son and his cat. The cat mean’t so much to him took it everywhere and that was special too, Rest in peace Roy we will really miss you. Roy was my favorite character on the show and he was a character I won’t forget.

  30. Toni Long says:

    Blessings to the Garber Family, Ray was my favorite on Shipping Wars.

  31. betty stevenson says:

    Liked him his son n girlfriend enough to give anybody’ a heart attack.

  32. lisa264 says:

    nickle holding up a dollar…

  33. Vicky Blake says:

    RIP Roy, Your Spunk and Attitude will be missed. You always made your point. Got the job done. Loved the Show and will continue to watch. Sympathy and Prayers For Your Friends and Family.

  34. JBASS says:


  35. Snowy says:

    I feel like somebody took a friend. from me.
    Roy; was everybody’s man worked hard played hard. and loved his family, and his
    ; beloved cat muffy. Hope I spelled her name
    All this friend can say is this “Nickel holding
    up a dollar.”
    Roy wasn’t a star he was a friend to us all going. up and down. life’s highway.

    • bobwadas says:

      Snowy. Did you personally know Roy or do you consider a person you saw on TV who had a total of 128 minutes of total on screen time a friend and someone you knew ? Do you realize that his lines were SCRIPTED ? People need to stop believing the people on TV are firends and that they know them !

      • Rick S. says:

        get a life if you have nothing good to say about this great man the shut the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Larry says:

        Scripted or not friend or not a family lost a member . A human lost his life , who cares what you think about friend or not . But apparently you cared enough to add up his on air.minutes. Maybe you need a friend. My Sympathies go to the family.

      • Bob2 says:

        Bobwadas: I did know him personally and no mater if it was him as a best friend or simply his character on a semi-scripted reality show, different people will appreciate and remember him in different ways. No need to use this as a forum to debate a cynical view of human nature. Plenty of more appropriate times (and venues) to do such a thing. Show some class man…

  36. Pam Baker says:

    So very sorry to hear this. I am an avid fan of Shipping Wars and Roy was one of my favorites. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of his family and friends. May God surround them all with comfort, peace and strength.

  37. Jackie B says:

    Roy’s passing broke my heart. He was one of the best transporters on the show. He was much too young to be taken from this earth. He will surely be missed. R.I.P. Roy. My sincerest and heartfelt sympathy to his family and friends.

  38. empresstrudy says:

    That was a show? What about? Oh wait lemme guess, rednecks doin redneck stuff.

  39. michelle says:

    Rest in Peace Roy:( Will miss your sarcasm and brassness on the show. You will be missed dearly. Prayers to your family and your beloved cat………

  40. joebuzard says:

    I wonder which dumbass is building the crate to put his body in? Roy you where a pain but you lived it your way God rest your soul. my condolences to his family.

  41. jeff says:

    Wonder if he taked trash to the ER doctor trying to save his miserable self?

  42. zack says:

    with the passing of roy there will be no shipping wars for he made the show worth watching he will be missed

  43. jeffs says:

    roy was the best he will be missed.

  44. Timmy says:


  45. john burke says:

    Roy will be missed , he was the best ,RIP Roy

  46. nobte hamilton says:

    best part of the show RIP Roy.

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