A&E Pulls Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Breaking Boston’ After One Week

AE Breaking Boston

A&E has pulled “Breaking Boston,” a reality program from actor and producer Mark Wahlberg,  from its schedule after just a week on the air, citing “underperformance.”

Plans for the program are uncertain, said an A&E spokesman. A&E unveiled the docuseries, focused on a group of four blue-collar Boston women trying to move up in life, Thursday, March 13. But TV listings in newspapers and interactive program guides do not have “Breaking Boston” listed for tonight’s lineup.

Last week’s episode of “Breaking Boston” attracted 311,000 viewers in total, according to data from Nielsen.

Placement of  the program on the air suggested a developing relationship between A&E and Wahlberg, who hoped the series would mirror some of the touchstones of his own youth spent in Boston. Wahlberg also is involved in “Wahlburgers,” another A&E docuseries focused on him and his brothers Donnie and Paul. A&E in February said it would pick up an additional 18 episodes of the reality show.

44 Blue Prods. produces “Breaking Boston” and “Wahlburgers.”

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  1. amy says:

    I came across this show and was instantly hooked and then watched all the episodes you had available. I love all four of the girls, as I can relate growing up only a hour from Boston. I believe this show could be a hit if it had more advertising. #bringbackbreakingboston

  2. Michael Drepanis says:

    This was an excellent show. I wish I knew about it sooner. I mean to have a reality show with no unnecessary drama and still be able to grab the attention of the audience is amazing and I literally cried during the season finale it needs to come back someone needs to pick it up.

  3. Janice denaro says:

    I liked breaking boston!!!

  4. BreakingBostonshouldntbecancelled says:

    Breaking Boston was the first show about Boston that showed the truth about Boston. Most other shows show only negative stereotypes about Boston, send this show to a new network and promote it more. I really enjoyed it. #proudbornandraisedBostonian

  5. Giveitabetterchance says:

    As a wife of a Fed, sister of a city cop, and mother multiple twenty-somethings , I have enjoyed watching Boston’s finest, Wahlburgers, and then Breaking Boston. While having a very close relationship with my sons ; I have found watching shows like Breaking Boston to be a window into a generation who experiences issues that often seem alien to my own experiences but which are often issues the “young women” in my sons’ circle of associations seem to be dealing with. I am sorry to see Breaking Boston is cancelled. The way the show was filmed was far more interesting than any I have seen to date. From the video confessions to the social network comments and texts. I don’t think AETV marketed this show well. I found it by chance and was disappointed to see it was pulled. I think it was a bad move. My own kids who are in college and media savvy were completely unaware of this program as well until I showed it to them.

  6. so4delish says:

    I happened to love the TV series Boston’s Finest which is produced by Donnie Wahlberg and I think Mark Wahlberg has something to do with that. Mark is definitely a wonderful actor & does that help promote television shows and movies . I believe he will continue to grow as an actor & take more roles in films in all different genres. he does have a lot of experiences in his life growing up in Boston where he did.I watched one episode of Wahlburgers & it did me nothing for me. the fact of this statement he made in the car with his friend on the way to the restaurant for its grand opening that when they pass the neighborhoods like Dorchester, he made a comment wall talking to his friend about how everybody they knew from the different “neighborhoods” that he grew up around & his age were either DEAD or in JAIL.he said to his friend sitting next to him that him self and a few of his brothers had been arrested when they were juveniles / young adults. However they got their act together. So instead of doing a TV show about Burgers & Ftries. I think he & Donnie who is the narrator and producer of Boston’s Finest. Should expand on that aspect. besides having gangs, and many of them and we’re talking sometimes it’s Jess a gang of kids from one or two blocks van in town alone you have 10 to 15 gangs its getting out of control Plus they did 1-2 seasons of “Lock Up” on Boston at the Suffolk County Jail and it’s completely filled with easy gangbang is and drug dealers who even know they try to separate them and they different parts of the jails they still manage to attack each other brutalize and kill each other and smuggling drugs. These gangs will recruit anybody no matter what ur skin color! Except, for racist white supremacists /Nazi, Hitler followers/KKk.what any of these games or organizations do is there a prey on the young to do the most vicious crimes because they figure if they are young they will be tried as a juvenile. However lately some 14 thru 16 year olds haven’t tried as adults getting 25 to life for murder.

    Part of the problem with this is education with the public schools & they don’t go & don’t care. Saturday night they showed two old episodes of lockup Boston from 2011/2012 there were these two gang members who hadn’t seen each other in a while but we’re in the same gang ironically they saw each other when they got arrested. So while they were in general population they beat a rival gang member within an inch of his life. The one guy had been there longer & had been fighting and brutalizing other inmates as well as threatening them as well as staff members until his friend came in. And for your information the one guy was 22 years old had a four year old son that he hadn’t seen in two years and the other guy was 21 years old. They said they dropped out of school it was boring life on the street was fast fun the women because the drugs the excitement it was a rush. They blatantly said that when they would continue.

    I’m not sure if anyone has been watching the new show on CNN called Chicago land its pretty much how Boston is and you have principles, other staff members making sure that these kids get to school, stay there, without getting beat up starting a fight or selling drugs. They basically follow them off the premises and have cars patrolling the neighborhood as a walking home due to the fact that they will literally if have a chance walk one block from the school and have a shooting or a mayley. they have scanners when they come in and out of the buildings I mean that parents are active ….they make comments like once it gets dark you know you need to stay down low because bullets could fly through your window from a drive by at any second. I have first hand experience with that and who would think that this would happen on Long Island New York on the South Shore. a very diverse district if you live south of a certain area and you have the little village you have the $500,000 house is exactly how to over 1 million. If you go north of a certain road and the train tracks my students call it the hood ghetto and these children are ages 6 through 8. We’ve had things happen where through with Dr buy bullets have gone through the walls of the house and kill an innocent person I’ve had students tell me that at night they lay on the floor and do that homework because if something happens that’s the safest place or being in the bathroom in the tub with no water but to be safe. Obviously we have this whole big thing installed and its cool take a smart stop a program we don’t have a huge huge gang problem ours is more of a large Hispanic population and the fact that people think Spanish is Spanish and its not. Therefore sometimes it El Salvadorians who have beef with the Columbians. of course there are African American started gangs that I do have Caucasian children in them. Many children do not have full support at home & sometimes one parent the other one could be in jail dead or they don’t even know who their father is. I think it would be more beneficial for Mark and Donnie Wahlberg 2 have Boston Finest have a longer season and also try watching the show Chicagoland on CNN see what that’s about and maybe could do something similar!! at the rate these death are taking place whether its through drugs, accidental shooting, premeditated murder, and stuff like that we’re losing many young people that is given the right opportunities and the right tools with positive people and positive information could maybe be successful and be somebody. Instead they’re constantly being told that they are stupid ,dumb, won’t do anything in life except to be a menace to society or wind up six feet under. So only Chicago, Boston, NYC & 5 Burroughs & some parts of LI, California BUT EVERYWHERE, needs honestly sit down and think about the future of our youth,society& this country in general otherwise we’re going to hell in a handbasket.

  7. SFSolstice says:

    Donnie, Mark and Paul along with their Mother Alma MAKE the show Walhburgers. Sometimes, I am amazed at how STUPID Mark’s friends from childhood are as adults, but hopefully they won’t kill the show. It’s the Walhburgs I watch – not Boston. Everytime the main subject is BOSTON the show fails. Didn’t they also try to do some show on Boston policeman who were Walhburg friends that was also a flop. KEEP YOUR OWN CAREER GOING MARK. YOUR FRIENDS ARE NOT THAT TALENTED TO GET THEIR OWN SHOWS. WHAT DO YOU OWE THEM ANYWAY? You got a great family. Be Grateful.

  8. Allison says:

    Thought this was a strong first episode. But like Breaking Boston the executive producer is a Southie douchbag. Sorry no ratings but really connected with the girls. The guys are true scum

  9. Alexander Davis says:

    This was pulled because for a change its values were good ones: anti-drugs, pro-education, etc.

  10. KdNicewanger says:

    Pull Wahlburgers. That show is fucking brutal. Everything is staged – it’s nothing more than a 21-minute-long insult to its viewers’ intelligence.

  11. Cherie Hull says:

    I COULD CARE LESS IF ITS A REALITY SHOW…what i loved about it was the concept of the intent….it was not live first of all. 2nd, it showed hope for people who had life challanges. not like any other reality show, maybe he shouldnt call it a reality show. ONE WEEK AND THEY PULL IT. Seriously! 311,000 viewers…during the week of spring break & one week ONLY of advertisement….are you freaking kidding me. 3rd…the ACCENTS? Im a bostonian, I have an accent & so doesnt everyone else. It wasnt about that, it was about 4 kids trying to turn their lives around. period. A & E…I CHALLANGE YOU. I pray to God another channel picks it up & shows you how its done. So….I guess, 311,000 people/viewers means nothing to you…pathetic. GREAT SHOW. KUDOS MARK FOR YOUR WORK, it was a great ONE SHOW and something GREATER WILL COME FROM IT. iT WAS DONE WITH CLASS & IN GREAT INTEGRITY. SAD.

  12. srvwp2013 says:

    The fewer “reality” programs we have, the much better off we are. Part of the hideous demise of our culture, our society and our civilization has come from the humiliating aspect of these so-called “reality” programs. We have witnessed the decline and fall of the entire “entertainment” industry because studios, producers, so-called creatives, et. al. wanted to save money and create cheap programming. The industry has gotten what it has so rightly deserved from its desire to cast away thoughtful script writers in pursuit of folks who cannot even muster two words of comprehensible dialogue out of their mouths.

  13. Luther A says:

    Can you imagine? Just the accent alone would make this show go away.

  14. Glenn C. says:

    This all sounds stupid. No wonder this one was cancelled. This reality TV stuff is crap!

  15. ThomT says:

    Maybe the show could have made it had all four of the ladies grown long mangy beards and worn camos. Or maybe they just weren’t trashy enough for their own reality show.

  16. James Franco says:

    Is A&E pulling (Those Who Kill, Breaking Boston) or undermining (Duck Dynasty, Bates Motel at a new time slot) everything on its schedule? Has James Franco been secretly running this joint the last six months as some kind of performance art piece?

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