‘Clueless’ Actress Joins Fox News As Contributor

'Clueless' Actress Joins Fox News Contributor
Araya Diaz/WireImage

Stacey Dash, the actress best known, perhaps, for her role in the 1995 Amy Heckerling-helmed film “Clueless,” will join Fox News Channel as a cultural commentator, the 21st Century Fox-owned cable network said Wednesday.

Dash is to offer cultural analysis and commentary across Fox News’ daytime and primetime programs, the network said.

The actress, whose films include “Renaissance Man’ and :”View from the Top,”   endorsed then-Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on her personal Twitter account in 2012, a move that sparked some controversy and backlash.   Since the election, Dash has continued to take to the media to offer opinion on pop culture, national news and politics.

“Stacey is an engaging conversationalist whose distinctive viewpoints amongst her Hollywood peers have spawned national debates – we’re pleased to have her join FOX News,” said Bill Shine, executive vice president of programming at Fox News, in a prepared statement.

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  1. Don Weber says:

    “Clueless” actress joins Fox News. The joke writes itself.

  2. It doesn’t take courage to go and be a news contributor at Fox News…lol That’s an easy job, they barely do any real news. I’m happy she finally got a job and is going to be accepted over there since she tried so hard before and no one paid attention. She really tried hard to get their attention during the election and they ignored her. Well you made it! Make that money Stacey! Don’t let them drown your voice out or only ask you questions about minorities while you are over there! Good luck!

  3. I support Stacy Dash for her courage in expressing her views in such an intolerant society of those who oppose big government and traditional values.

  4. cadavra says:

    I see she’s already dyed her hair blonde in preparation for the job.

  5. TAD says:

    Thank GOD she finally landed a job lol!

  6. Eddie says:

    She’s Great.

  7. Re says:

    Some whores never know when to leave after “gittin’ paid”! Stacy was never an actress, as nobody really ever paid attention to her; added to the fact that she financed most of her movies! “Fox” commentator? Hmmm, let me guess: She’ll do the “Neigger-Bashing” segments, or play “Robin Quivers”. The Nazi-Right needs minorities for 2016 Elections. However, Dash ain’t Black enough, and never made it a secret that she wasn’t!

  8. mik says:

    Stacy is hot!

  9. T says:

    Wait tell they find out what they got. Clueless!!! A nut.

  10. eric says:

    Finally, a beautiful black woman with conservative views and not afraid to express them. so much better to look at than the clueless dunderhead females that fill the liberal ranks…high five tracey

  11. Tray says:

    I thought Fox already had enough cultural commentary from the “White point of View”

    • Lilac says:

      You give yourself away as being a person who gets their “point of view” from others. Think for yourself rather than parroting talking points given to you. But then again, me and quiet a few others of the younger generation finally opened our eyes because of all the hate spewing. “The Man hates Fox?”-I need to view why. “The Government hates conservatives?”-We need to find out why.

  12. You mention three films but fail to include her finest. “Moving” is compulsory viewing at the conclusion of every move, and especially for a relocation. “His name is Ricky something and I love him very much.”

  13. Db Fraser says:

    Ah yes. Another clueless blonde, just what Faux needs to compliment their other clueless blondes.

    • NONO says:

      Shut up.

      • Lilac says:

        Db, attacking women, or just blondes? I guess us women just shouldn’t have opinions if they don’t agree with yours. Any blonde or other hair-colored female on fox could debate you under the table. So, you call them clueless because that is as far as your wit will take you. Congrats on feeling more like a man because you mocked a female.

  14. Its great to see some variety in any media. Though many will have their opinion we know Ms. Dash has acting experience and should do well. We wish her well from the people at Tvonthego.com knowing there will be controversial statements made pro/con and it will be an exciting journey.

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