Actress Beverly Johnson Alleges Bill Cosby Drugged Her in 1986

Beverly Johnson Bill Cosby
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Add actress Beverly Johnson to the list of women who have come forward with disturbing allegations of having been drugged by Bill Cosby.

Johnson disclosed the incident that she says happened in 1986 when she was auditioning for a small part on “The Cosby Show,” Cosby’s blockbuster NBC series. In a first-person piece published Thursday on the website of Vanity Fair, Johnson details her experience of having been pressed by Cosby to drink a cappuccino while discussing the role with him at his home.

“I was a top model during the 70s, a period when drugs flowed at parties and photo shoots like bottled water at a health spa. I’d had my fun and experimented with my fair share of mood enhancers. I knew by the second sip of the drink Cosby had given me that I’d been drugged—and drugged good,” Johnson writes.

Johnson describes a hostile exchange between the two of them that ended with Cosby dragging her down a flight of stairs and shoving into a cab. She does not claim that to have been sexually assaulted by the comedian, as so many other women have.

Johnson also details her rationale for staying quiet about the incident for years, until the floodgates opened in the last four weeks as nearly two dozen women have levied charges of rape and other abuse at the comedian. Many of the claims involve some form of drugging to make them more vulnerable.

Even though Johnson was a star in her own right, she worried about how her disclosure of untoward behavior by a beloved figure in pop culture would be received.

“I struggled with how to reveal my big secret, and more importantly, what would people think when and if I did,” Johnson wrote. “Would they dismiss me as an angry black woman intent on ruining the image of one of the most revered men in the African-American community over the last 40 years? Or would they see my open and honest account of being betrayed by one of the country’s most powerful, influential, and beloved entertainers?”

As the accusations against Cosby have mounted, Johnson said she felt an obligation to come forward. Cosby in the past few weeks has been sued by one accuser who claimed he molested her 40 years ago when she was 15, a charge that has sparked an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.

“I reached the conclusion that the current attack on African-American men has absolutely nothing to do at all with Bill Cosby,” she wrote. “He brought this on himself when he decided he had the right to have his way with who knows how many women over the last four decades. If anything, Cosby is distinguished from the majority of black men in this country because he could depend on the powers that be for support and protection.”

Cosby’s attorney, Martin Singer, did not respond to a request for comment. He has denied many of the previous allegations.

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  1. young with an opinion says:

    I believe this matter to be no ones business for the simple fact that we don’t know the abs never will we weren’t there it’s not for us to judge him or the alleged victims this matter is just that between Bill Cosby and the alleged victim’s there are millions of people claiming rape on god knows who some true some falls but yet we see that on the news when it’s actually shown and just go oh that’s a shame and change the channel no not everyone does it but most do and we don’t make as big a fuss about it like we do about a big star yes some people make valid points but this is not our business we spend so much time worrying about others that we can’t fix the problems on our every day life we won’t know what truly happened and it’s not our business as I said before

  2. It’s so disgusting. I hope Cosby gets his. I wish I hadn’t watched his show so much as a child.

  3. Edward King says:

    Did anybody really read the whole article? She claims he drugged her, but no sexual assault took place? As smart as she claims she is, this story is more about sensationalism than fact? It seems just like Janice Dickerson, Beverly Johnson knows that this is a hot topic and is willing to sell her so called Cosby moment for the much needed publicity? Why didn’t she put all of this mess in her recent book, it surely would have helped those dismal sales? Guess Betty White is next?

    • Judi says:

      “As smart as she claims she is, this story is more about sensationalism than fact?” Is that a statement or question? How do you know it is not a fact? She said why she didn’t put it in her book. Why is it so hard for people to believe? I find her very credible. It is not about money. Why so many questions for the victims & none for BC? Interesting, he paid one woman money. Would you give money to a woman you didn’t assault? I know it is hard to believe because it’s BC but remember the priest scandal?

  4. Cecil Graham says:

    I’ll start by clarifying that I am an ‘old-school’ (60 yrs old) BLACK MAN. The successes that we’ve witnessed and achieved over the past half century are nothing short of phenomenal. HOWEVER…..I am simply baffled by the idea that we can be so blinded by one man’s status that we will completely discount the very similar stories of nearly 2 dozen women – some of whom are truly stars in their own right – in an unwarranted effort to support that man. At what point do we allow the apparent truth to be just that?? Many of these women aren’t seeking ANY monetary compensations and are asking only that Mr. Cosby takes responsibility/be held responsible for his heinous deeds. Allow the perspective, maybe, that any of these women might well have been your mother, sister, or other relative. Feel differently? Or would she be lying as well? Apply these same principles to the current law enforcement -vs- civilian deaths epidemic, and apparently, because THEY are who they are, it’s totally justified, and WE should be ashamed of ourselves for even considering or suggesting the possibilities of any wrongdoings!! Mr. Cosby’s stance that he won’t qualify the accusations with a response seems more of a knowingly arrogant, ‘the public is in my corner’ attitude than an effort to exonerate one’s self. So far, so good, Sir!! And BTW, I’m not a Cosby hater; I watched the show almost religiously and absolutely loved it, BUT……………………….

  5. guest says:

    wow , i just cannot believe these adult females i wont call them women because the word women entails principles values and morales in a real woman, but i just cannot believe that Bill Cosby did these things why could such secrets be hidden FOR 60 years; either these females want a pay off for money or the illuminati are really working overtime, This mess could not be true , seems everytime those people get mad at somebody a claim of rape or pedifilia or worst is claimed, this is like crazy, Bill COSBY does not deserve this, neither did Roman Polanski for that matter because the girl who claimed Roman polanski did the deed the girls mother handed the daughter over to the studios for more or less money it was told

  6. Devout says:

    If Bill Cosby actually did any of these things to these women, then how come those women are not WOMAN enough to confront Cosby about it instead of telling the world their business. This is why women can’t be trusted because most of them are sneaky, conniving and just can’t be trusted. Apparently these women were old enough to consent…. and they certainly had a choice to be in Cosby’s presence, it’s not like Cosby put a gun to their head and made them come around him: THEY are the ones that chose to and all of them need to sit their hot a&& down somewhere and stop trying to DUN this man out of man just because their careers flopped…

  7. SANDRA says:


  8. jhs39 says:

    Her fears weren’t unfounded, especially in the black community. I can say from personal experience that when Mike Tyson was charged with rape every single black woman I knew without exception blamed the victim. When a videotape of R Kelley urinating on an underage girl was leaked again every single black woman I knew without exception blamed the girl. If she had publicly made those accusations in the 1980’s the black community would have completely turned against her and labeled her as just another woman trying to bring a successful black man down.

    • fc schwartz says:

      I agree. It has always been strange to me that black men are given a pass and black women are willing to look the other way, purging the reputation of successful men in particular when there is sexual betrayals, at the expense of any woman. Apparently there is a need to glorify and elevate men that trumps the facts. I believe Johnson’s statement suggests that people are no longer taking sides so arbitrarily based on racial allegiences but are able to differentiate situations based on circumstances – at least more than they were in the past.

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