ABC to End Live Well Network Digital Channel in January

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Courtesy of ABC

ABC is pulling the plug on its Live Well Network, the digital multicast channel carried by its O&O stations as well as more than 50 other stations around the country.

ABC said the channel would go dark as of January; the network is waiting until then to give affiliates time to set replacement programming. ABC launched the channel, which focused on lifestyle and how-to programming, in April 2009 in an effort to make better use of its digital channel real estate.

ABC O&O group prexy Rebecca Campbell announced the plan to station partners on Monday. The ABC O&Os will shift to emphasizing locally oriented programming in each of the group’s eight markets.

Most of Live Well’s programming was produced out of its O&O stations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston, Fresno, Calif., and Durham, N.C.

“Despite Live Well’s tremendous accomplishments in distribution and original programming, we made a strategic decision that our priority must be local content, and we want to maximize our investment in our core local news brands in the digital space,” Campbell said in the memo.

The demise of Live Well underscores how hard it has been for the major O&O groups to capitalize in a major way on the additional programming real estate offered by digital multicast outlets. NBC has experimented with various options in recent years but none of the major groups has had much success.

Chicago-based indie Weigel Broadcasting has been active with its vintage TV nets Me TV and Movies!, offered as a syndication-style services to stations around the country. Tribune Broadcasting took the same route of highlighting vintage programs with its Antenna TV service. But it’s not clear whether any of these channels has become a significant business for the mothership station group.

News of Live Well shutdown was first reported by Broadcasting & Cable.


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  1. Annie says:

    Caloua4uI am very upset to learn that the Live Well Network is being cancelled!!
    I have been trying to find my favorite programs since early this morning.
    All I could find was a duplication of channel 7 and their blabbering crew.
    I asked Google where the Live Well Network was and found out that it is being cancelled!
    Furthermore, it says it is being cancelled in January. I know time seems
    to fly faster than ever these days, but I am positive this is still November.
    What the heck??!!
    I love the programs on the Live Well Network. They have so much helpful
    and entertaining information. Such a refreshing change from all the other
    Crap shows with a bunch of people who just love the sound of their own
    voice all yammering at the same time.
    PLEASE Do NOT cancel the LiveWell Network!!

  2. Saconda says:

    So Disappointed that ABC no longer offers Live Well Network. Watched it all the time, I hope it will be offered on Apple TV.

  3. Tonya Wolf says:

    Living well network will be missed I ENJOYED Ali vincent,sweet retreats,mirror, mirror among others what a Shame no warning just poof off with all my favorite shows how rude that was almost the only channel I watched!!!!!!!! ABC is no longer watched in my house!

  4. Sonia Soto says:

    I love the live well network. I hope that you incorporate most of the shows in your regular tv line up. The only thing that I watched on ABC are any regular network is the news. I don’t like anything the shows are boring. The livewell network is really useful tool real life. So sad to see it go.

  5. Leigh says:

    This REALLY Stinks!! LWN was the ONLY thing worth watching. I won’t be watching the worthless shows ABC Detroit is showing now.

  6. Rachel says:

    Horrible! I finally had a station I truley enjoyed watching, especially Saturday and Sunday afternoons and you pull the plug on One thing that was actually good on tv. How disappointing. A worthless station now.

  7. Erin says:

    I cannot believe they ended this show what a sin. TV is on a demise

  8. April Hughes says:

    I cant believe live well network is going away! !!!!!! upset…and all my friends. .i cant believe this..and by the way. .your weak replacement of crime crap shows…totally hate it…and many of my friends. …SO DISSATISFIED AND LET DOWN. .,ABC seriously needs to take a second look

  9. denise says:

    I was really sad to learn that LWN was cancelled as it was the only alternative to atenna tv viewers who enjoy programming which included low cost fashions, decorating & home improvement ideas and for the average viewer. Hopefully someone will see how foolish this move was and return this type of programming for atenna tv viewers.

  10. jocelyn savage says:

    I am not happy with ABC cancelling the Live Well Network and putting on a bunch of stupid police shows, there were great show on LWN that I watched all the time.

  11. Vicki Antilley says:

    I loved the Live Well Network. The decorating shows, the food shows and the travel shows. I reasonably like an occasional “Snapped” type show, but that’s all there is on the new channel. Geez.

  12. Sandy says:

    After paying for hundreds of dollars a month to our local cable company while really just watching HGTV, Food Network, DIYs and the like, I chose to cut the cable cost and watch it all on 1 single channel, LiveWell. I admit to just discovering it but I’ll blame that on poor advertising. I do like the crime show but I don’t need it 24/7. Do we really need to have 24 hours of crime?? Is it that difficult to understand the public likes to learn, be entertained or develope their skills via cooking shows, interests and home DYIs? It’s a shame such a great network is filling it’s time slots with negativity rather than joy, community, health and that of which will improve us as well as entertain us as a whole. No, not you. You prefer gloom, depression, and push the crappy life others choose to follow. Cheers to you! When you fail, you fail big.

  13. Carol says:

    And you wonder why people are leaving their cable TV companies? We’re not interested in another crime program…we hear enough on the local news! Nor do we want to watch dated sit-coms…just makes you wonder why you liked the program. Yes, I”m very disappointed that my local ABC network (Dallas) dropped the LWN. But, LWN’s website makes it possible to watch their programs on my laptop. The next step is to see if LWN streams to my TV via my AppleTV. Who needs ABC?

  14. Jeff N says:

    Huge mistake to eliminate the Live Well programming from the San Antonio area. This has been my go-to channel since I discovered it. Loved the innovative, diverse, fun, and informative shows. TV, be it cable, satellite, or antenna, has deteriorated profoundly, and LiveWell Network was a breathe of fresh air in the smog now broadcast. I have zero interest in watching sit-coms from the sixties. I will boycott all things Disney beginning now. It’s the only power we have as consumers, and the only way to have our voices heard.

  15. Joy says:

    Please bring back Live Well. I really liked Food Rush, Food for Thought, Live Big and Motion. I really don’t like watching drunk people run around in their underwear. Big mistake. Through with ABC.

  16. Joan Hite says:

    I am sorry to see this network go from the variety of the live well network, to justice network only about Alaska and police problems. I think you have miss a golden opportunity to reach a lot bigger viewing audience.

  17. mec says:

    LWN had great shows!! Motion and Living Big, among many others, are very much worth the air time on this station. Not having cable I watch(ed) LWN and PBS. The execs that made this decision need to have their heads examined. The crap that is on now is ridiculous and a waste of time, space, and money. You just lost a loyal viewer.

  18. sara says:

    I wish that they would continue the network on some other channel if they can’t get that one back. I actually planned my lunch around the show Deals. We had just got someone hooked to watching it just before it went off the air. Before that I got others to watch it too. I thought the Justice channel was going to be shared. I was very disappointed that it went off the air. It helped me to be motivated with loosing weight, helped me save money & made me feel good overall, even on days that it was hard to so. If it’s possible to bring it back somehow, please do so.

  19. Donna G says:

    Once again ABC screwed up. Live well is a great network, that isn’t full of sex and violence, so it had to go. Interesting, informative shows don’t bring in the big bucks. I think I’m done with ABC

  20. Cindy Luke says:

    Please bring back live well network. Why replace it with yet another crime criminal network? Not useful. We can watch nightly news to get our fill of violence and crime. Why not put informative helpful shows on? Did they not contain enough t and a to hold male attention? Please return the live well network instead of lame depressing justice network. Come on life is hard enough….

  21. Linda says:

    We do not have cable in our home, so LWN was my next closest thing. I enjoyed Motion as well as the cooking shows. Please, someone, help us out and bring it back. Thank you.

  22. Lynn says:

    I really miss LWN, the shows were interesting and well made. I agree with others and hope another channel picks up the shows.

  23. Shelli Leed says:

    I have been wondering why I cannot view LWN and found this article about pulling the plug on LWN. I hate the new shows that replaced LWN. I really wish they would not have changed anything. I miss LWN so much.

  24. Patricia Duke says:

    I’m so depressed without my LWN. It was the best show that kept us informed and up to date with healthy eating, living well, fashion. It will be truly missed. Please reconsider.

  25. cath says:

    Bring back the live well network shows

  26. Fran says:

    My LWN has been replaced by horrible old movies that should be shown in the middle of the night. There are some of us who are home during the day that enjoy learning new and exciting things. I hope another channel will pick them up!

  27. Kelly says:

    Well I guess this is why the LWN channel 8.3 here in Dallas is already gone. All that’s showing is weather and Family Feud. :/ This sucks! I loved LWN..some really great shows and I wasn’t STUCK watching one of several corny, boring local shows that focus on too blonde, too accessorized, too conservative women sitting around discussing lightweight current events and on-line shopping. *eyeroll* And I’m with more vintage show networks!! I guess I can hope another network picks it up but I won’t hold my breath.

  28. cara says:

    If they replace the living well network with another vintage programs one, I will scream.

  29. Catherine Cook says:

    Aw…I love this channel! It’s not a clone of all the others…:(

  30. Robbin says:

    I don’t understand. My LWN is 6.2. Channel 6 in my area is a CBS station. Am I just missing something?

  31. Alice Kaplan says:

    Live Well Network had such great shows, like Motion, Stephen and Chris, Sweet Retreats, Food Rush, and on and on. It’s so sad to see quality programming go away.

  32. Doris Moscatelll says:

    It is so sad that Live Well was only seen on off air TV. If only the people on cable and dish had a better chance to see Live Well.

  33. Carol Mullins says:

    Well I guess I will not be watching ABC, the LWN contained my favorite shows: Steven and Chris, Sweet Retreats and Knock it Off.


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