ABC Pulls ‘The Assets’ From Its Lineup

The Assets

ABC is pulling low-rated drama “The Assets” from its lineup just two episodes in, replacing the program with “Shark Tank” repeats on Thursdays at 10 p.m. for the next three weeks.

The Paul Rhys starrer clocked in 2.9 million viewers during its second episode broadcast last night following a record-low debut on the Alphabet on Jan. 2.

ABC ordered the eight-part miniseries last summer.

Show, which centers on 1980s CIA Cold War culture, is produced by Morgan Hertzan, Rudy Bednar and Andrew Chapman. “Assets” is based on the book “Circle of Treason: A CIA Account of Traitor Aldrich Ames and the Men He Betrayed” by vet CIA officers Sandra Grimes and Jeanne Vertefeuille.

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  1. Dustin says:

    I don’t ever remember seeing a commercial for this show. I recorded it only because it was a new show and I give all new shows a chance unless the commercials make it look bad. This was one of the best shows I’ve seen this year. I need to see the final six then I will read the books about it.

  2. Ronnie says:

    Hey ABC. I can’t believe you cancelled the show after only two episodes and left us hanging. How about airing the remaining episodes on the website, on a different time slot, or on Hulu or Netflix or something. It’s a mini series for God’s sake. Run the remaining episodes. This is why the cable networks are preferred watching. I sure won’t be watching reruns of Shark Tank.

  3. peggy says:

    Soooo diappointed. I know the story and how important it is. Please tell me they will bring it back if we fuss enough!!!

  4. the drop of The Assets from the ABC lineup (to be replaced by Sharktanks is ridiculous) finally, a program that has historical, as well as intertainment value, is pulled from the lineup with no regard for the fans is typical…we want to see the rest. ABC has seriously lost viewers

  5. Imogene Clymore says:

    What a rip off, ABC! I liked the show and wanted to see the rest of it.

  6. Jeff Lane says:

    Ridiculous ABC. You advertise it as miniseries, have the integrity to finish it. Not fair to those that gave 2hrs of their time to watch it.

  7. Warren Lynn says:

    What a disappointment that ABC bails on the story behind such a major episode in the history of our intelligence agencies. If you know anything about history, the drama portrayed in these two episodes was heightened by the audience knowing that there were real people making decisions about real people who risked real consequences. I would purchase the mini-series if it were offered for sale.

  8. George Jones says:

    Very interesting show. Sorry to see it go.

  9. dorothy says:

    The show needed much more of a promotion. It is very good, and should definitely be returned immediately in its Thursday night spot. Please!

  10. Pete Nunez says:

    Bummer – I just saw the first 2 episodes and loved them. Can’t believe ABC would be that dumb as to cancel a show with historic value.

  11. Veronica says:

    Please add it back to the line up. The low ratings is because there was no promoting of the show. Word of mouth is why i watched the first episode and im sure that would’ve spread. It was an informative show that I was looking forward to delving into. History that meant a lot and in our world of security information LEAKS it is needed so that folks can understand the importance of keeping what our security agencies do in USA.

  12. Dave Green says:

    Great program. Bring it back

  13. This was one of the really good things on TV, and now they won’t even finish it , way to go ABC, and you want to know why regular TV is being beaten by cable TV

  14. Max says:

    When you feed the public endless drivel, don’t be surprised if quality goes over their heads.

  15. Broadwayfan says:

    I had set the DVR to record every episode in the series of eight. After I slogged through that first hour, I took it off that setting. That was one of the most boring, convoluted messes I ever saw. There’s too much on television to force myself to watch something I don’t like.

  16. Doug Deaton says:

    For once, a show with REAL content and something that people should be informed about, and it goes into the tank. Sad and very disgusting that more people just want mindless garble and reality TV instead of learning something! For heaven sake, THIS WAS REALITY!

  17. Georgelen Kuhn says:

    So sad–was enjoying the show–thought it was safe to care about it because it was a mini-series.

  18. Carol A. Rees says:

    That stinks ABC !! I really enjoyed the show and am now left hanging after 2 shows !!! Any suggestions where to go so I can catch the remaining shows !!! Hate when you make stupid decisions and leave the viewers hanging. So now we can watch reruns of Shark Tank ? Not happening with me !!!

  19. Bad premiere numbers have less to do with the quality of a show than poor marketing. When will programming execs learn this? I’d never even heard of it until yesterday and now I’m sucked in to the first two episodes with no payoff.

  20. Gzilla says:

    The only mistake ABC made with this show… was ever airing it in the first place
    No tension, completely un-engaging, It was plain not good.

  21. Charles J. Wesoky says:

    Another stupid decision by a network boss who doesn’t understand quality has to be developed over time. Hopefully it can be picked up to stream by some company.

  22. Contessa46 says:

    Of course you’re pulling it…it’s well written, good acting and absorbing story based on truth!!! You suits, if you don’t get instant recognition you start dodging and weaving. No backbone to stand behind a good series. Reconsider and give it a chance.

  23. Vern Simmons says:

    It was a GREAT show! Probbabbly over the heads of the masses. The first few episodes of Homeland were low-rated too! Glad ABC wasnt in charge of that one!

    • ChaunceyGardner says:

      I liked the first 2 episodes and I thought ABC was smart, bringing a deeper show to the line-up to compete with strong cable shows. I guess smart doesn’t play on network TV. Back to cable for me. Shark Tank repeats? No thanks.

  24. Goodbyenoway says:

    It’s a mini-series, why cancel it? Totally stupid.

  25. Maybe if they gave it another title it would have gotten more viewers or maybe even changed the time. Any hoot, I love Shark Tank.

  26. Ruth Deutsch says:

    Who would have thought “Assets” would turn into liabilities?

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