ABC Pulls ‘The Assets’ From Its Lineup

The Assets

ABC is pulling low-rated drama “The Assets” from its lineup just two episodes in, replacing the program with “Shark Tank” repeats on Thursdays at 10 p.m. for the next three weeks.

The Paul Rhys starrer clocked in 2.9 million viewers during its second episode broadcast last night following a record-low debut on the Alphabet on Jan. 2.

ABC ordered the eight-part miniseries last summer.

Show, which centers on 1980s CIA Cold War culture, is produced by Morgan Hertzan, Rudy Bednar and Andrew Chapman. “Assets” is based on the book “Circle of Treason: A CIA Account of Traitor Aldrich Ames and the Men He Betrayed” by vet CIA officers Sandra Grimes and Jeanne Vertefeuille.

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  1. caroline says:

    i liked the Assets was wondering what happened now i know. hope another network air it or come out as a dvd

  2. of course they did… its agood show. hbo and sho and fx will take care of them

  3. Janet Burkholder says:

    I liked The Assets. i wish they could be shown somehow somewhere else if not on ABC. Any chance of that?

  4. Linda says:

    ABC is always pulling shows I almost never watch a new series anymore on ABC for this reason. I would say they have the highest rate of cancelling shows before they hardly start. This is the final straw for me there are plenty of other channels to watch.

  5. Gary White says:

    “The Assets” was my favorite among this season’s new shows. The script, the acting, and the cinematography were all superior to, for example, “Intelligence” and “Killer Women”. I believe ABC has made a major mistake by pulling this show from the schedule. And, I believe any network would be wise to make the entire series available to us somehow. I considered “The Assets” to be on a par with “Rubicon”, which I considered to be a superior show.

  6. georgia exline-stark says:

    perhaps the powers that be are uncomfortable,in light of the snowdon affair we are seeing paranoid behaviour all over the place. so it was probably the feds made them shut it down.

  7. Cole says:

    I really liked this show. Why do they always pull good shows??? They are probably going to replace it with something else that I won’t watch, which is seems to be the norm with TV these days.

  8. Arlene Ward says:

    I really enjoy that new series. I’m in the 50-70 year old age group. Friday night is the only night (aside from Saturday) that would be a perfect time-slot with little competition from other popular shows. Just an FYI.

  9. Gary Young says:

    As usual the ABC management has ruined a good thing! They throw every show that we like out. We seldom get attached to any ABC new show because we have no faith that ABC will keep it on until end
    of the season.

    We just started to watch Chicago PD and like it. Now I considering not getting attached to it because I doubt ABC will keep it.

    Hope the network has sense enough to put all episodes available for purchase on dvd’s! They may be surprised how much of their cost they can recoup.

  10. tedd-a says:

    zero hour was awesome …and they pull it ……………………….the assets is very informational and great acting , and they pull this , too !!! …………….who in the world makes these decisions , fire them …..yep

  11. mike4rest says:

    Gotta wonder it had a lot going for it.

    Great true story!

    Intrigue and cloak and dagger!

    A woman as the hero! The woman portrayed by the main actress really was the lead agent along with another female agent and 4 other agents.

    Should have been a winner!

  12. Charles Mahon says:

    This was a great show. There should have been a much bigger promotion for this show. ABC finally has a great show and they didn’t promote. No wonder they have a hard time getting people to watch their programs. If this was on USA or TNT it would have a full audience. How can you expect success with only two shows. I’m hoping I will be able to buy the DVD of the 8 episodes. I do hope one of the Cable Companies picks it up and airs it.

  13. Rick says:

    I really found The Assets to be a gripping, intelligent program, but it was interrupted every few minutes by a barrage of commercials. I would gladly purchase the series on DVD so as to watch it without the constant breaks for commercials.

  14. Ray says:

    Why, why, why? A Breaking Bad could be! Shark tank repeats? Will refuse to buy anything on commercials this time slot unless brought back.

  15. Ed C says:

    Only the good die young.

    The show was great, an intense hour worth every second of your time.

    The acting was top notch and the plot was spot on. In a league with Homeland and The Following

    Bad move by execs at the alphabet network. We all need more Assets

  16. Notorious B.O.B. says:

    Not that I don’t like Sharktank, but I was getting tinterseted in teh Assets. It reminds me very much of the FX hit the Americans ( coming back for the 3rd season in February by the way). I just think it poor judgement to hype a mini-series, then can it after 2 weeks, unless the CIA made ABC take it down because it made them look bad. Talk about espionage!!!

  17. Michael Clyburn says:

    I paid for it on iTunes, a season pass. I feel very ripped off.

    • mike4rest says:

      Actually CIA had to have cleared the show since it involved real people.

      Aldrich Ames is a real spy and did blow the covers of at least 9 agents including some suspect Valerie Wilson AKA Vallerie Plame! (it’s why she no longer worked in the field during the Bush Administration)

  18. Brian MacDonald says:

    Very disappointed. Set DVR to record. Maybe it will be aired later. The show replacing The Assets
    Is of no interest to me.

  19. LoriBrunsting says:

    I set up my DVR to record “The Assets” so I wouldn’t miss a single episode. What a disappointment that ABC chose to discontinue the mini series after only two episodes. I looked forward to watching this weekly. What are they thinking to replace this NEW mini-series with RERUNs? Only one thing to do, change the channel. I hope someone else will air this show.

  20. Linda Jones says:

    It would have been nice if they would have advertised it. I found it purely by chance as there was nothing else worth watching. It caught our interest immediately. Why does ABC not give these real shows a chance? CBS, Fox and HBO is kicking their behinds! Sure hope it at least goes released on DVD or to Netflix. I have zero interest in Shark Tank and certainly, not in any repeats!!

  21. Kate Shuller says:

    The Assets is an intelligent series for intelligent adults- I can’t believe ABC pulled it- They didn’t give it enough advance hype or continued hype- so what if we already knew it was Adrich Ames?!
    Please, please ABC bring it back. This is why I mostly watch PBS- too few really good network dramas.

  22. Bill says:

    I can’t believe ABC cancelled “The Assets” after 2 episodes. This was an outstanding show with great acting, intrigue – one we had looked forward to seeing each week to the conclusion. Hopefully the episodes will be released later. But that may be too much to hope for from a network that strives for mediocrity. Shark tank reruns indeed.

  23. Anna says:

    I’m sorry ABC decided to cancel something good & intelligent rather than move it to another day/time. Is it possible to watch the remaining episodes online or is another network going to pick it up? This was really disappointing ABC.

  24. Larry says:

    I guess this or any other intelligent program could not work on ABC since they could not put use their 60 year old laugh track. What a world! Another quality show in the toilet due to media bureaucrats. Only stupid and unfunny sitcoms and somebody else’ ‘realty’ shoved down our throats. Back to reading.
    Also, has anyone noticed there are no first run shows on any network on Saturdays?

  25. Johnny Lloyd says:

    All of the above (below).

  26. mrsports21 says:

    Pretty disappointed ABC cancelled The Assets after two episodes. I really liked the story, the acting and that it played out to the real historical story without it being watered down to nothing like what really happened. I do not like reality shows like Shark Tank, Survivor and so on. The unfortunate thing is that there is not one show I watch on the ABC network. I like CSI, Intelligence, The Blacklist and the cable shows like SOA, Breaking Bad and so on. ABC could have promoted the rest of their lineup. Right now, there is no reason to watch their network lineup.

  27. mrsports21 says:

    I really enjoyed this show. They should have let the Assets play out. At least put it on the web o
    n ABC.

  28. Mickir Stalcup says:

    I too am VERY disappointed this was taken off the air! I am sure ABC has the remaining episodes and could be shown at a differnt time or day. I know that I have ZERO interest in Shark Tank. I wouldn’t waste my time watching the first run – why in the world would I watch the rerun?

  29. Jan C. says:

    What a shame–it’s just a mini-series. Let it play out!!!

  30. JOHN D. CIA says:

    ABC you are dumb and stupid for dropping this true story mini-series about a mole in our CIA. You show all kinds of crazy stupid silly stuff but when something serious like this comes along and doesn’t get quite the ratings you hoped for, you drop it. Perhaps you should have advertised it on networks such as CNN or CBS who have a much more intelligent viewership. I’m hoping another network, such as perhaps “The History Channel” will pick up the series in it’s entirety.

  31. ABC, you suck!! I’m not watching anything you put on anymore. The Asset was only a mini series, why can’t you finish what you start for those of us who like it???

  32. Don Mort says:

    Once again quality programming loses out to…to Shark Tank?!?! A guess real history can’t compete with staged reality. Any chance you’ll toss the remaining 6 episodes to some other, more dignified network?

  33. bob says:

    What a tragedy for quality tv drama. Very sad. Excellent acting. Excellent story. BBC never gave this quality series a chance

  34. Tomas says:

    “Assets” is the best program aired in years. I guess it just didn’t have enough violence per minute and was too deep for 3rd grade intelligence.

  35. Jose Mobley says:

    I’m very disappointed that ABC pull the plug on this great miniseries. I was looking forward to watch it every week. Please, bring it back.

  36. land atencio says:

    very disappointed. please bring it back.

  37. Lou Agocs says:

    Maybe ABC should have aired something with sex and a bunch of four letter words, or maybe where you only have to pay attention to the commercials that are better than the show. Sad.

  38. Amy Revis says:

    Unbelievable. We were watching it with our teenagers. The whole family loved it. Start over, promote it. If not, at least give us somewhere else to watch it. Amy

  39. Carol Hanimagi says:

    For once an intelligent TV show,my husband and I enjoyed together, and you take it off the air.I’m so irritated with not only ABC’s news department but now their programming skills(not) We’ll think twice about watching anything ,including Scandel,on this network. Bad,bad decision!

  40. Ray Doss says:

    This is why we, the tv viewers loose faith in networks. We commit our time, and research, and even remember the history of a compelling series, to have a sinking network throw it in the weeds.

  41. Leigh says:

    I was stunned when I tuned in to watch The Assets tonight and found … Shark Tank? Are you kidding? Why on earth would you drop this only 2 episodes in? Give people a chance to figure out it’s on, ABC. Perhaps you didn’t promote it adequately.

  42. Perry says:

    I liked the show after only watching the second episode. Big mistake to pull it so early. There is literally nothing on to compete with it. Try a different night other something but to pull a “Mini-series” after 2 episodes is just bad business which is probably why ABC is a last resort for any tv show. This just show bad leadership and poor business planning.

  43. P and J says:

    My husband and I look forward to certain shows…from one week to the next…which by the way are all ABC programs….The Asset is one of the best….like Scandal….BRING IT BACK!

  44. P & P says:

    Really!! My husband and I watched this show together, it was a real story finally. You take it off the air Maybe you should let people know about the miniseries. We would really like to be able to see the whole series. Sooo tired of reality shows!

  45. PeZ says:

    ABC, please bring The Assets show back. This is my most favorite show on and have been looking forward to it all week to find out it has been pulled without notice. Also, bring in stories about the Walker Case as this also is a true event that has happen in the US History. I would also buy the remainder of The Assets to see it, its that good.

  46. Marcia says:


  47. JJ says:

    BOGUS!!! Xlnt show, well, written, well acted!….. Bring it back!

  48. Valerie says:

    I am very upset about the cancelation of this 8 week show. I watched the first 2 weeks and thought it was fantastic. It was telling a true story of what really happened from the women who was in the CIA at that time. It amazes me that something this good can be caneled when it hadn’t really been given any play except for maybe a couple of weeks before the airing. usually you see people on the circut promoting the show…not this one.Shame on ABC for this. No they would rather continue showing these reallity shows that aren’t really reallity. They are made up also but people don’t have to watch and use their brain for it…like really “The Bachelor and Bachelorette”..The Survior. Come on people isn’t it about time to ask for some better show then this. Shame on ABC for giving us simple minded stuff to watch and taking meaningful things off the air.

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