ABC Family Pulls Plug on ‘Alice in Arabia’ After Muslim Org Backlash

ABC Family Pulls Plug on ‘Alice

Just days after the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) expressed concerns over potential stereotyping in the pilot for ABC Family’s “Alice in Arabia” and requested a meeting with execs, the network has decided not to pursue the show that had been announced Monday.

An ABC Family spokesperson said Friday, “The current conversation surrounding our pilot was not what we had envisioned and is certainly not conducive to the creative process, so we’ve decided not to move forward with this project.”

The show’s premise centered on an American teen kidnapped by her Saudi Arabian family after tragedy befalls her parents.

The pilot was penned by Brooke Eikmeier, who served in the U.S. Army as a cryptologic linguist in the Arabic language and trained to support NSA missions in the Middle East.

CAIR previously challenged actual and potential anti-Muslim stereotypes in “Executive Decision,” “24,” “The Siege,” “True Lies,” “Rules of Engagement,” “Obsession,” “The Third Jihad,” “Jihad in America” and “The Sum of All Fears.” The org has also acted as a consultant on films including DreamWorks Animation’s “The Prince of Egypt.”

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  1. Dana Robertson says:

    You can’t be “racists” against Muslims. Bigoted, yes, racist, no. Muslims are not a race.

  2. Melvin Stephens says:

    ‘For all of those who casually throw out the racist card in ignorance, shame on you. May you never find yourselves in her situation. It is devastating.’

    Bravo Randy…thanks for update. Goes to show what happens when we are not given complete details.

  3. Dianne87 says:

    Such Sturm und Drang. All over an inartfully written one paragraph long press release, not penned by the author of the script. I know Brooke Eikmeier and know she would never have used the “trigger” words that started this outrageous display of ignorance and true bigotry. The script, illegally released, was not the latest version. Brooke worked in numerous television writing rooms years before enlisting in the Army and has the required taste and sensitivity to not portray one dimensional characters or false scenarios. She is a disciplined and hard working writer that would not deign to resort to stereotypes as she has been falsely accused of, and is the most voracious reader and researcher I’ve ever known. She would have brought an interesting portrayal of the dichotomy of these two cultures, American and Saudi, and where they meet in the interest of being human.

    This has all been brought about and orchestrated by Islamic advocacy groups without the slightest knowledge of what they were talking about in regards to this script, which has not been produced or aired. There isn’t enough information out in the public to make such allegations, minutes within the announcement of the pilot being picked up. Don’t you wonder how that can be? You know the cliche about assume? It aptly applies here.

    Any author of any of these articles that have been so freely written without any knowledge of the pilot and plans for the series, who has claimed to speak directly to Ms. Eikmeier, is an out and out liar.

    • Yeah- this arguement doesn’t hold water now that the pilot script has leaked. Muslim women are “formless and anonymous” “Extreme”? Writer doesn’t know the difference between an abaya and a burka? “Half Jew-loving monkey?” Neither accurate, nuanced, nor complex.

      • Dianne87 says:

        Yeah-out of context. And, you’re right, neither accurate, nuanced, nor complex. When are Muslim women “formless and anonymous”? Enlighten us, won’t you?

  4. Nick pendragon says:

    Banned a Disney Classic Song if the Sourh,now your stopping this .pretty soon ,all evil villains will have to be evil westerners and even bible story’s will be deemed offensive

  5. david reay says:

    Google “Death of a Princess” and you will learn about what England used to be like before we were denigrated by censorship.

  6. I pitched a show about a group of young girls. One of the girls was from Pakistan. She was trying to discover her own American Girl identity in her new country. She was one of 4 girls. ABC Family passed on the idea. This show was based on my upbringing in Palo Alto, CA. There are many beautiful, non-stereotypical, universal, coming-off age stories to be told…and yes, from the voice of an American Muslim girl in a post 9/11 world. Good Luck to ABC Family.

    • Lucy says:

      I do hope that ABC Family considers picking up a drama about American Muslims written by American Muslims. Although given how America reacted to All American Muslim- its hard to believe such a show will ever be aired unless it has the decency to, I don’t know, name the protagonists’s grandfather after an Al Queda cleric and make sure that the only possible reason she would live in Saudi is by force. Time, I guess will tell whether ABC Family were being sincere about choosing Alice because of a genuine desire to give Saudi women a voice (albeit the voice of a White American Christian) or if their decision was motivated by the sensational premise that re-enforces common fears and misconceptions about an already stigmatized minority- but which most of their audience would find fascinating and exotic.

  7. Nina says:

    Wow. 90% of the comments here demonstrate why ABC made the right decision.

    • Rocky Lore says:

      Fascist Democrats like you would rather defend a front for Hamas than America. You’re the same kind that killed over a Danish cartoon.

  8. We know what Musliims are truly like

  9. Sharon Hodges says:

    There goes your screenwriting career.

  10. kristenmarwales says:

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  11. Rocco Lore says:

    CAIR = Unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror financing trial in US history

  12. The Council on American Islamic Relations C.A.I.R is a terrorist front group with strong links to Middle East jihadists.

  13. Mike says:

    so…it’s ok to bash all Catholics based on the perverted actions of a few priests. It’s ok to bash Irish and the religious ideologies of those in Northern Ireland and England. But we all cave to the oppressive Muslim religion. God forbid we exert our own free speech rights. We certainly don’t want to offend anyone. If the Supreme Court voted this way in free speech cases we’d all be living under the oppression of the Middle East. If Muslims want to come to this country then live by our rules. Don’t force yours on us. You don’t like it? Go back to the Middle east and see how it is.

    • Voice of Reason says:

      A few priests? Is that some sort of sick joke? Thousands and thousands of kids were molested by many, many priests.

  14. Tazmatic says:

    FYI Dallas, Islam is a religion not a coercive organization. Also, every religion has codes of conduct, ethics, morals, values that they emphasize, some of those guidelines being gender specific. Shall we just do away with all religion if they’re not lovely or respectable enough for you? Your comment was just so flowery and idealistic, makes me want to live in your utopian world. Take your own advice and be open.

    It’s not censorship, it’s called CAIR expressing their opinion which they have a right to do, just like you do.

    • Randy Roberts says:

      In this case its a lynching. I’ve read every word of all 6 episodes and heard the pitches for the remaining 4 outlines. There is nothing racist in this show. Everyone is so fine tuned to find it an outrage that they have lost all perspective. The log line was poorly written by someone at ABC. The shows creator didn’t write that. The “kidnapping” was in fact the Saudi side of Alice’s family coming to her rescue after her parents were in a terrible accident. Her mother died and her father was in a coma and not expected to live. Alice didn’t have any relatives in the US and was going to be placed in foster care. The mothers sister, Alice’s aunt, who is Saudi comes to America to provide love and support. She takes Alice back to Saudi Arabia with her and introduce her to the Saudi relatives she didn’t know existed. Alice is half Saudi and not “a white girl”. It is only when she gets to the Kingdom that her grandfather who takes her into his home and provides for her, keeps her passport. That is the “terrorist kidnapping” that all of the know nothings are outraged over. Alice starts in the pilot not knowing she even has family in KSA and knows next to nothing about the culture. She is a blank slate (like most Americans). We follow her as she discovers the culture. Some characters are loving and kind and some are not. The pilot is her/our beginning of the journey. She in unenlightened and through the Saudi characters development becomes enlightened. The plot is exactly what CAIR should want us to see but by their racist knee jerk reaction they have destroyed the very vehicle that would have taught Americans the truth about what is a very foreign culture to us. The writer speaks Arabic, reads books in Arabic and watches Arabic news. She has dedicated the last 3 years to getting it right. She vetted the scripts through her native Arabic speaking friends and teachers. They corrected any misconceptions and were whole heartedly supportive. There isn’t a racist bone in the writers body. The project was intended to humanize the culture not demonize it. The firestorm that has been created disgusts me.

      • Randy Roberts says:

        Oh, and one more thing. All of the Casting was to be of Middle Eastern actors. The writer was looking to hire Arabic American writers to work on the show and create the room. She had already lined up a savvy native speaking Arabic woman as a consultant. The last thing the writer wanted was to create stereotypes. Also just to let you know, I have heard her explain the Palestinian side of the Israeli Palestinian conflict in an unemotional, factual manner that leaves no doubt that the truth is more important to her than taking sides. For all of those who casually throw out the racist card in ignorance, shame on you. May you never find yourselves in her situation. It is devastating.

    • Guest says:

      No it’s called enforcing sharia on the US. if it was about Christians you would be cheering them on and if the Vatican had protested you would have spilled venom out of your mouth for days! This is a very dangerous precedent but you are to firmly rooted in some “utopian” belief system to realize it. Someday when its too late you will see what you and your have championed.

  15. Dan Canto says:

    Shame of cowardly ABC. American children have been kidnapped by Saudis and taken to Saudi Arabia where the kidnappers are protected. It’s a real problem and this administration is not helping much. See “An American Child Kidnapped in Accordance with Shariah” at the New English Review.

  16. Dall says:

    Such Islamic censorship is hateful suppression of free speech. Coercive organizations which compel a dress code and behaviors that stereotype women (and men) must be held accountable. As the European Supreme Court held recently, Islam is inherently anti-democratic. The light of reason and honesty must examine the consequences of such an ideology. We can love and respect what is lovely and respectable. As Epictetus said, Speak freely and enslave none. Let’s celebrate open society and offer better solutions to the organization of human life.To abandon truth is an insult to the victims of coercive ideologies…which cause the world’s violence.

  17. M&M says:

    What does Islam and Radical Islam have in common?
    1. they share the same mosque.
    2. they share the same Iman.
    3. they share the same Quran.
    4. everything is based on their religious beliefs.
    5. they seek to control.
    6.The people of Islam dont condemn what the people of Radical Islam do or vice versa.
    7. Islam and Radical Islam are racist.
    8. Islam and Radical Islam dislike Jews.
    9. The Iman get richer from both Islam and Radical Islam.
    10. Their mosque are used as sleeping quarters for both Islam and Radical Islam and they don’t pay any Lodging Taxes that Motel/Hotels are required to pay.
    11. They share the same God, Allah.
    12. Islam and Radical Islam commit 91 percent of honor killings worldwide.
    13. The more Islam and Radical Islam grows, so does the display of the Swastika and in Hate Material.
    14. Islam and Radical Islam love Allah and there is no room for the love of their spouse, children, family members or friends.
    15. 1,570,000,000 (Muslims population) x .10 (10% are terrorist) = 157,000,000 Muslims terrorist
    16. Islam and Radical Islam accept honor killing, acid attack’s, killing wife or children.
    17. In Islam and Radical Islam, if they are not suing someone, they are ending the life of someone for the love of Allah.

    • Dall says:

      Such Islamic censorship is hateful suppression of free speech. Coercive organizations which compel a dress code and behaviors that stereotype women (and men) must be held accountable. As the European Supreme Court held recently, Islam is inherently anti-democratic. The light of reason and honesty must examine the consequences of such an ideology. We can love and respect what is lovely and respectable. As Epictetus said, Speak freely and enslave none. Let’s celebrate open society and offer better solutions to the organization of human life.To abandon truth is an insult to the victims of coercive ideologies…which cause the world’s violence.

    • Dan Dilworth says:

      Bigoted jackass.

  18. M&M says:

    The Islamic attack on 9/11 killed over 3,000 American. We though this was over. Then Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan’s went on a Islamic rampage and shot our Troops in the back. Then the attack in Benghazi, killing 4 Americans there to help. Americans were shocked again, but the Boston Bombing attack killed more Americans. March 2014 Sami Osmakac, an Albanian from Kosovo, planned on blowing up the bridges crossing Tampa Bay or detonating bombs at the sheriff’s office and police departments before settling on a plan to plant explosives in Tampa’s Hyde Park party district and then spraying first responders with automatic gunfire, according to recently released court documents. The planned January 2012 attack, Osmakac said in a “martyrdom video,” would be “payback for Sheikh Osama Bin Laden, may he rest in peace. ” A California Muslims; Nicholas Michael Teausant also knows as Ased Abdur-Raheem, was captured Monday after an FBI investigation revealed a foiled plot to attack the Los Angeles subway system and plans to help al-Qaida, officials said. NBC News, March 17, 2014. Mohamed Mohamud, The Somali-American was accused in an FBI sting of plotting to detonate a bomb at Portland’s downtown Christmas tree lighting in 2010. Mohammad Hassan Hamdan, a Dearborn Muslim, was arrested on terrorism charges after trying to board a plane to Beirut March 18 2014 ABC Detroit Free Press. Muslims Terry Lee Loewen Planned Airport Bombing For Al Qaeda. A 58-year-old man from Wichita, Kansas, has been arrested for allegedly try­ing to blow up Wichita Mid-Continent Air­port with a car bomb in sup­port of Al Qaeda. DECEMBER 13, 2013. Three Amer­i­can cit­i­zens have attempted to join AQAP in 2013, includ­ing Mar­cos Alonso Zea and Justin Kaliebe of Long Island, and Shel­ton Thomas Bell of Florida. Muslim; Shelton Thomas Bell, arrested after making jihad recruitment videos, damaged Christian statues in cemetery,” Jihadwatch“Bell roused suspicions at the Islamic Center in Jacksonville in 2012. Shelton Thomas Bell almost certainly has a Muslim name that he goes by, the mainstream media doesn’t tell us what it is or refer to him by it. “Shelton Thomas Bell accused of supporting terrorists set to change plea Wednesday,” by the Florida Times Union, March 19, 2014: The Department of Justice announced today, Muslims Abdelkader and Hnia Amal held Hnia Amal in their home as a slave for three years in their home in Alexandria, Va March 20, 2014. Leaving Real Americans to confirm that you cannot trust any Muslims.

    • Joe says:

      Where did he list his party affiliation you cumeating fagggot

    • Voice of Reason says:

      You have waaaaay to much free time on your hands. Get a life!!!

    • Desert Fox 1-Actual says:

      Mark McDonald is back with another name. Spewing his hate filled vomit to the world over the internet. I have wondered if he is being paid to be so obnoxious and hateful. Is he a paid member of those groups who would deny a peaceful people, a peaceful life. Is he being paid to posting this garbage on the internet and who is doing it. He trolls through all the sites that mention anything Islamic or are Islamic post this vomit. This is an individual who has used cyber bulling tactics on people who stand against him and his comments.

      I did not spend 20+ years in a position to defend this country and its Constitution to let people like him trash our country and those who want to live peacefully here. When he does this, he is no better than the al-Qaeda or the Taliban. If we treated everybody how we would want to be treated ourselves, we would have a better country and world.

      Unfortunately, when I read things like this person’s drivel, I get upset and angry. From my experiences with Muslims, I have never met a more peaceful group in my long life. Don’t fall for his rhetoric, if people like him were to get their way on issues or those who spout that ‘liberals’ are traitors to this country, our streets would run with blood. If you listen to and accept this garbage, we could become like some of those small poor 3rd world countries, where they break into fighting just to keep people from living where and how they want to or voting the way they want to. I have read some comments on the ‘net that have even cried out for armed insurrection because they don’t like how this country is run or the people in charge. How are we going to have peace and harmony around the world with this garbage. If this continues and the people do not stand up to it, we will never be the great nation we once were, we will continue to be the laughing stock of the world.

      To those who follow people like Bridgette Gabriel (aka Nour Saman, Hanan Qahwaji, Rachael Cohen, “Dark Angel”) or what ever her name is today, and others of her ilk would take the time to read the Qur’an and talk to everyday Muslims they might learn a thing or two. But no, they want to make things up or misquote things or use them out of context. I took the time, I have read the Qur’an as well as many non-Muslim works about Islam, you do not find this type of garbage in them. I am talking about works that were written prior to 2000 and works by people in the academic world. As for reading the Qur’an, I recommend that you find a translation of it by Muhammad Asad, he has done a wonderful job of rendering it to English and providing footnotes explaining what was happening when the Qur’an was handed down.

      As Americans we need to ratchet back the “I am an American and I am better than you, I don’t have to observe your customs and laws.” When we are visiting other nations or if you are in the military and stationed overseas. Look at how things are going for us on the Japanese island of Okinawa, with US servicemen breaking the law and raping the citizens. We are living up to the barbarian image they have had since before WW II. It is not the world that needs to change, it is the Americans that need to change and adapt when abroad. At home we have our customs and laws we are supposed to live by, and it is true, people who come here do need to learn to live within them. So that they may be better citizens, but that does not mean they have to reject their religion and those customs that do not clash with our society, because someone disagrees with it. Why else has this been a great nation in the past? Big deal if CAIR protested the stereotyping of Muslims in this show, if the Catholics or Irish or Hindis or other groups did not want this stereotyping of them done, then they should have stood up and organized, saying, “That is not how we are.”, then the stereotyping would not have been done. People like this guy are just upset because there is a group that will stand up for their people and seems to win concessions for those people. All I can say is get over it!

      While the constitution protects their right to spew garbage and hate, we the people do not have to accept it. We need to strive to return our nation to its one time greatness, a time before things were grouped as liberal or conservative, as them verses us. We are a nation of diverse peoples, we always have been. When this nation was founded, by the Founding Fathers, it was a secular nation. We have been extending our hand out to people all around the world to come here and live. To live in peace and to prosper the best they can. Since we became the USA, we have stepped out and been the “world police,” so that commerce can thrive and people can live in a world safe from tyranny and those who would enslave the world. Now, we have people here in this nation that wants to deny people those rights of a happy life to those they despise or disagree with. That is not what this nation stood for, for so long. Let us try to live in harmony and peace with the rest of the world, not going out of our way starting wars when they are not needed. Let us honor the people the world over and stop with the holier than thou attitude we have developed over the past decade or two. Think on it.

      As they say in the Middle East, may peace be with you.

      Shelly Ann, LPN (ret), an American Veteran, 1970-1994.

      • You forgot to mention that you converted to Islam.

      • Desert Fox 1-Actual says:

        Sorry, left a word out. 1st paragraph “He trolls through all the sites that mention anything Islamic or are Islamic post this vomit.” Should read “He trolls through all the sites that mention anything Islamic or are Islamic and posts this vomit.”

    • Tracy says:

      Hiroshima. Nuff said.

      • Tracy says:

        I hate how these comments is arranged. My comment was to jus wundrin

      • Tracy says:

        Um what the hell are you talking about psycho lol. America pretends to be the only country with morals and always act that 9/11 was the biggest and MOST important disaster in the world is just laughable.

      • jus wundrin says:

        You mention al-qaeda, and the taliban. You should also include hamas, PLO, the muslim brotherhood, Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, Hezbollah, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, and many, many others. What do they ALL have in common, and what is the source of that commonality???????

        Like what profnickd1967 said: when did you convert?

    • Dan Dilworth says:

      There’s no such thing as a “real American.” There is, however, such thing as a real hate-fueled bigot, as you’ve just proven.

      • Desert Fox 1-Actual says:

        The closest thing to a “real American” are the Native Americans.

      • Guest says:

        The truth is not hate. I realize the addled left consider anything that does not fit their narrative as hateful but just for the record truth is not hate.

      • Rocky Lore says:

        Democrats like you are hatefilled bigots. You hate Jews, Christians, military veterans, lacrosse players, Danish cartoons, FIlipinos, and Israel

  19. Jennifer Borman says:

    Where is CAIR when Muslim terrorists attack, maim, kill? Their silence is deafening.

  20. AJ says:

    The choices made at ABC Family continue to be among the worst in the industry. It’s laughable what they call “Family” entertainment.

  21. Melvin Stephens says:

    ‘Once again, CAIR stifles free speech…’ somewhat agree…but… take a read: ‘The show’s premise centered on an American teen kidnapped by her Saudi Arabian family after tragedy befalls her parents.’

    Reading is believing…KIDNAPPED by…so typical. We all know Middle Eastern people are terrorist etc. so, writers (so called thinkers) take easy route. THINK. Why not family killed in car accident while on vacation. Compassionate Saudi family cares for ‘homeless’ child? No…that’s too much like thinking. We use same typical formula here. Want to see one? Saw one yesterday. Divergent, same typical story line. Hey summers coming and typical will begin, starting April 5… Captain America: Winter Warrior…

    • Randy Roberts says:

      Mel, Read my post above. You my friend described the actual written show not CAIR’s version. You were trying to be sarcastic but hit the nail on the head.

  22. Zakster says:

    It is admirable that ABC did what they did. Stereotyping propaganda is so 1930s Germany that it reminds me of the “Der Ewige Jude” where Goebbels made a movie about Jews to show what kind of a backwards, degenerate and uncouth people they were. He showed their family lives, their dealings, their social interactions with commentary in the background, all very slick and professional.

    For those who consider this as entertainment for pleasure then they should have no problem in broadcasting, and them considering, “Der Ewige Jude” as a documentary for educational purposes.

    It’d be interesting to see how the people showing indignation at having Alice in Arabia removed would react if ever “Der Ewige Jude” was broadcasted.

    • Randy Roberts says:

      You have no idea what you are talking about. You assume that CAIR is telling the truth and that is a woefully misguided assumption.

    • Rocky Lore says:

      Muslims are the Nazis, especially the ones at Hamas-CAIR.

      • Guest says:

        Censorship is a hallmark of all totalitarian regimes. CAIR now censors what we may watch on TV. CAIR is the Nazi’s. Just for the record the muslims are attacking Jews on the street in France calling them Dirty Jew and other things that are right in line with what the nazi’s did in Germany. Get it straight the Nazi’s are the muslims and everyone who doesnt’ join islam will be a victim. Freedom of speech is being eroded little by little.

  23. T2 Loflyer says:

    Once again, CAIR stifles free speech…in America. You “Muslims in America” may applaud the jackboot of oppression, but we AMERICANS value free speech and are tolerant of differing views. When you become tolerant, you too will be ready to call yourself American.

  24. Julienne says:

    Whoever’s idea this was in the first place…hates America. So please move to the middle East for 5 years and we’ll see you when you get back…if you get back. Numbskull.

  25. Jim B says:

    Offense is taken, not given. If the feelings of CAIR and those who support it are hurt by a show that hasn’t even aired and yet they protest it – then we have a lot of learning to do in the western world. Islamic “values” are not compatible with the freedom of expression and speech. Continue to cave in to “I’M OFFENDED” bleating and soon you will find yourself unable to express your opinion about anything remotely tied to Islam lest you be called an Islamophobe or racist and face penalties.

    I hope this show is picked up by a network that has a spine and values freedom of speech and expression regardless if the scripts are a pantload

  26. Eric W. says:

    I am sure there are better ways to portray Muslims on television. Thank god ABC removed it!

  27. Abdalla Ali says:

    We the Muslims in the US and the west value CAIR’s vigilance regarding the baseless attacks on Islam and steriotyping Muslims. We also appreciate the response from ABC Family to to stop the pilot “Alice in America”. thanks for both.

    • Rocky Lore says:

      Muslim fascists like you want Sharia Law to replace the Constitution. You support a group whose leadership was convicted of funding terroism. CAIR = Hamas

    • Rocky Lore says:

      You would rather support Hamas than America. Are you proud to support a group whose leadership was convicted of funding terrorism?

      • Fan of Tracy says:

        In Answer to Tracy. I assume you are making a case for drilling and tracking. I whole heartedly agree. We have more fossil fuel in America than the ME has oil. We can be energy independent and an exporter of energy. In regards to killing people for oil, that is as disgusting and shameful as aborting babies for the convenience of the mother. We are on the same page.

      • Tracy says:

        Are you proud that America kills people for oil?

    • Guest says:

      Baseless attack? The list of attacks you muslims in America have perpetrated on innocent people is too long to include in this post. CAIR is clear as a bell that they want to enforce sharia on the US. Hooper often states it in public. Stoning women in America is Ibrahim Hooper’s goal! Just admirable!

  28. Wit UnWit says:

    To be honest, I wasn’t going to react on a leaked script from buzzfeed, I would have waited to watch the show. And it’s fiction, i don’t see why we as muslims are entitled to tell them how to write it, you go write your own ‘muslim narrative’ if you have to, can’t compel others!
    As for the viewers, in this age of google research, if they really want to learn how ‘balanced’ the show was at depicting muslims, they can always read your honest muslim reviews once you watch the show – to get a well-rounded picture. I believe the muslim community was a nuisance, and its reaction was premature, and immature!

    – Very Much Muslim

    This just in!

    The Burden of Being Female in Saudi Arabia

    So much for stereotyping in #AliceinArabia

    • Missy Anne Thrope says:

      ABC Family has a right to take it up or not as a private company; Elkmeier can shop the script elsewhere with the free publicity; CAIR has a right to express an opinion. The process worked. You go start your own cable channel if you want to! Then you are free to accept any half-baked stereotypical script that comes along, regardless of the financial ramifications.

      • read before you critize says:

        You assume that this was a half baked stereotypical script because CAIR told you it was and as a good little useful idiot you have gone out to spread the word. Time to send out the brown shirts to do the devils business. Hamas is proud of you.

  29. binashahh says:

    Seriously, replace “Saudi Arabian” with “Israeli” and then read the synopsis for this show. Do you think it would have survived a day on air?

  30. johntshea says:

    POTENTIAL stereotyping? A new excuse for censorship even worse than the old excuses!

    And Andrea Seikaly phrases the last paragraph in a way that suggests VARIETY shares CAIR’s judgment that there were ACTUAL anti-Muslim stereotypes in some or all of the nine movies named. Is that VARIETY’s judgment?

  31. PETER says:

    What happened to freedom of expression? Anything can be said, expressed, stereotyped about Christians, conservatives, Italians, Jews, Irish, Polish, but Islam is sacred. What politically correct BS!

    • Mark says:

      You hit the nail on the head Peter!

      • Tazmatic says:

        Really Peter, you hit the nail on the head?! CAIR exercised it’s right to expression of expression by stating their concerns about the show. A show that looks pretty stupid to me and let’s be honest, it would have stereotyped, it has to generate ratings after all.

        A few of the comments above gave me a good laugh. The first on the thread is just too stupid and ignorant to comment on. Every religion has crackpots in it, Islam is no exception. The minority does not represent the majority. I wonder how many people who wrote comments have actually spent any time in the Middle East or even know any Muslims on a personal level? Make an informed opinion, don’t spew bullshit without any real knowledge. And fYI, Fox News and other media outlets are not unbiased sources. Just more bullshit mediums to fuel hate and ignorance.

        Freedom if speech you say,well CAIR had a right to express their opinion. It goes both ways. I don’t know what PC bs you’re talking about. No one ever seems shy about making derogatory comments about Islam. Wondering what PC world you live in…..I’d like to visit.

        Abc family is a joke. They need to stop labeling themselves as that because really I want my younger siblings to watch a show like Pretty Little Liars where a teenager has an affair with her teacher. Though in her defense, she didn’t know but when she found out, it was okay because she had strong feelings for him and was mature for her age. Really Abc family?! That’s some messed up shit.

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