ABC Executives in Search for New Producers of ‘The View’

SHerri Shepherd Crying the View

Rosie O’Donnell and the network are ready to give it another try

ABC Daytime execs are in the midst of a extensive search for new producers to take the reins of “The View” as the show prepares to replace most of its panelists for its 18th season.

Industry sources say execs are reaching out to a range of producers with experience in daytime TV and news in an effort to inject “fresh energy” into the show. The new hires may well include a co-showrunner to work alongside founding “View” exec producer Bill Geddie. With all the on-air changes, the biz has presumed that Geddie would be giving up his day-to-day showrunner duties as part of the shakeup but ABC sources insist this is not the case.

The hunt for new producers is mirrored by the show’s search for new faces to join moderator Whoopi Goldberg on the panel when the show’s new season begins Sept. 15. Barbara Walters, originator of the series, retired from the show in May, an exit that was planned for more than a year. But late last month word surfaced that Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy would not be returning in September.

Rosie O’Donnell is set to return to the show where she had a volatile run in the 2006-07 season, and TMZ is reporting that she struck a deal on Tuesday afternoon with ABC to come back. Her appearance as a guest in February delivered a ratings bump, a number that did not go unnoticed by execs.

The intensity of the search effort in the past two weeks for panelists and producers is a clear sign that network execs had not hammered out a plan for the post-Walters “View” at the time that Shepherd and McCarthy’s departures became public. “The View” makeover has become the top priority for ABC Daytime prexy Lisa Hackner and a big focus for incoming Disney/ABC Television topper Ben Sherwood.

Sources say “View” is casting a wide net for prominent women to bring a culturally conservative perspective to the panel, as well as women versed in politics and comedy. O’Donnell would add a strong liberal voice to the panel.

There has been much talk of the possibility that a man will join the panel as a regular. Sources caution that dozens of scenarios are under consideration, but there’s a strong feeling that the core “View” panel should remain all femmes in order to preserve the show’s “women talking to women” vibe.

Shepherd and McCarthy will remain with the show through Aug. 8. The two acknowledged their departures on Monday’s telecast. Shepherd, who logged seven years with the show, was tearful as she thanked Walters and Geddie for giving her the opportunity to be on the show.

“I’ve been here seven years, and my time with ‘The View’ is complete,” Shepherd said. “I’m going to forever be grateful to Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie for taking a chance on an actress and making me learn things, helping me step out of my comfort zone. They gave me a chance.”

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  1. lisa says:

    Hosts on The View are snide and rude. When a loosely made accusation such as a comment someone else is made, this comment needs to be backed up with clips, recordings, etc. (or prove what was exactly said by a quotation). Otherwise, their information is partisan and should be objective which it is not. They sound like children not getting their way and intimidate others similar to the bully everyone talks about stopping. Guests that do not think like them are treated with such disrespect that I wonder how this ever became acceptable. And they get paid for this poor performance.

    These particular women are not applicable for this type of position! More horrible, shallow, brain-dead tell-a-vision.

  2. judith schenk says:

    Apology not accepted from Joy or Michelle. Both need to do some research before they make inappropriate comments. As of now Johnson and Johnson and Eggland Eggs have pulled advertisement. Do you get the clue that these 2 women need to go for unnecessary, rude comments which were supposed to be an apology. I don’t know the qualifications a “host” must have but these 2 have missed the mark. I

    • deb says:

      10/16/2015 SHOW ” THE VIEW”…the hosts of the , “The View” were as rude as could be to Anne Coulter. RAVEN, IS NOT WELL INFORMED and made an ignorant statement which quickly was passed by. ILLEGAL not LEGAL immigration is the problem. Joy who I use to love watching…floored me with her additude. AMERICAN CITIZEN SENIORS ARE EFFECTED BY THIS. nO INCREASE FOR THE POOR sOCIAL security PEOPLE WHO WORKED IN THIS COUNTRY AND PAID INTO SOCIAL SECURITY ARE GETTING “ZERO” INCREASE THIS YEAR. BUT, EVERY ILLEGAL COMING HERE GETS $500 MONTHLY FROM SOCIAL SECURITY. LADIES , DO YOUR HOME WORK. Shame on the View….I am 66 yrs. old and effected…thanks for sticking your noses up at us.

  3. Kathy Motley says:

    You have alot of viewers of The View after the disgusting comments were made today, 9/15/15, about scrubs nurses were as well as “the doctor” stethoscope that Miss Colorado had around her neck

  4. ance says:

    I feel that Rosie didn’t have to apologize. The executives had no right making her apologize. The Latino community should boycott the station asap. This type of racism has to stop . The world is looking at America. I feel that Kelly should be apologizing. And Rosie don’t step down you represent the Latinos on the view. Lord only knows if they will ever put another latino

  5. One Consumer says:

    Nicolle Wallace is the only one with real class; educated & intelligent conversation, plz keep her! I hope you’ll bring Rosie O’Donnel back too; love her! And I truly miss Barbara Walters. THANK YOU that Elizabeth Hasselback is GONE, and Sherry Sheppard!!! And for the sake of the future of The View, PLZ get rid of Woopie, Perez – AND Raven!!! The show needs some new & refreshing panelists!
    Thank you.

  6. wendy says:

    The reasons I quit watching The View were Elizabeth, Sherri and Rosie, too loud mouthed and pushy and Sherri interrupts everyone. Will not miss her, and do not miss Elizabeth, and do not want Rosie back, therefore, I won’t be watching anymore. Whoopie is so much better than to sit at a table and talk, she is a force and I appreciate her. As for her having to talk over people,Elizabeth and Sherri won’t be quiet! I would love to have Jenny stay.

  7. Sue says:

    You may want to think again….I am sick of Whoopie yelling over and pointing fingers not only at guests but guest co-hosts! Plus not letting other hosts tell their opinions. Not to mention she turns on the “ethnic talk” when she thinks she is being cute! Not very cute. Condescending comes to mind. Recently she is an expert on marriage, children, not cooking, travel, shoes etc….when she isn’t an expert in any of those fields. Yes, she can have an opinion but EVERYONE does not have to agree. Then when you do not agree she goes to a commercial or new topic.To such a point I no longer watch your show. Bringing Rosie back may give your viewers that are diverse
    Audience you may want to attract but it could back fire. She is not well liked among her peers or viewers because of her BIG mouth! Which has caused feuds in her own community.
    I like Sherry and Jenny. They brought new thoughts and opinions. You seem to not like the Christian view let alone the Conservative view. Are you afraid?
    There are all kinds of people that have or will not watch your show. You seem to be appealing to those with only Liberal views.
    Think again. This may be the end of “The View”.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      You don’t know much about Whoopi. Check her bio. Many things u slammed her about, are things she knows about. Like kids.

      • I totally agree with Sue! I have been watching “THE VIEW”, since it first aired and I remember the day Whoopi joined the group. I was glad. I was a big fan of hers. However, I DON’T LIKE HER ON THE SHOW ANYMORE!!!!!!!!! She is very Rude in many ways: to the guest, panelist and the tv viewers. I started back watching the show again when you brought Joy back. The show works much better when Whoopi ISNOT THERE. Joy is a much better Moderator.

  8. Lila Thomsen says:

    Why Rosie she didn’t bring anything last time and I can’t see it will be any different this time.. What about just some very smar t women talking like intelligent human beings?? That would be nice and very interesting..worth watching because it isn’t going to be with the bully on the show who has a totally unfiltered rude mouth..

  9. callmeBob says:

    18th season???????

  10. Kathy says:

    Why don’t you just get ALL new women. Whoopi and Rosie are far too bitchy for TV. Whoopi is always pulling the “race card”. AndRosie is far too liberal. If TV wants to go that way, they’re gonna lose a lot of smart intelligent people that won’t watch a couple of goons that have made a name for themselves. Whoopi can stay with movie making and Rosie can go back to the farm or whatever……The View did it right.

  11. June says:

    Couldn’t stand Sherri and really can’t abide Rosie, Mario Cantone abnd Ross.I have stopped watching and will never watch again.

  12. Scotia says:

    I find it really funny that many of the anti-Rosie comments in this thread have spelling and grammatical errors. I don’t need to add anything else.

  13. Rhonda Wieck says:

    No when Rosie comes on I’m gone I will never watch it again. I can’t stand that vial woman.

  14. Jen says:

    LOL! These people saying they will not watch will all be right there WATCHING!! Welcome back Rosie! Now get rid of that distracting photo board, bring back the theme music and get back on track. The track that you started.

  15. Welcome back Rosie :) from a NYC savvy fan,

    How about Mario Cantone as the fourth?

    Goodbye to Jenny/Sherri…best of luck!

  16. Rhonda Wieck says:

    Why would you put that awful women back on? When she comes on in September I will STOP watching The View, you couldn’t pay me to watch her. I don’t feel I’m alone in this people will leave The View in droves. You just gave the show a death sentence. Yuck!

  17. Christine Anderson says:

    What idiot decided to bring Rosie back??? Time for heads to roll. I don’t like the show to begin but now I feel like vomiting to even think that Rosie is back. ABC you have made a horrible decision!

  18. I find it extremely difficult to understand WHY ABC is having Rosie rejoin the View. Her mouth never shuts up, she has no manners, very insulting and not the least bit funny. Actually, The View has never had the same caliber of entertainment since Star Jones left. It has also forgotten that it is a Morning Show, and not everyone wants to hear about people’s sex encounters along with your morning paper and coffee.

    • CB says:

      Guess you didn’t notice/read/comprehend that there was a ratings bump when she came on as a recent guest. That’s usually the main thing considered on television shows DUH.

  19. Thank God Sherri Shepard, the horny Christian is leaving….she is an embarrassment with her loud overbearing presence. Most black american women cannot stand her….Jenny is just dull. Whoopi is not the brightest light on the tree either…but she has a calming presence.

    • callmeBob says:

      please define “calm”

    • CB says:

      Do you even comprehend how ignorant you sound when you make a comment of “Most black American women”? You or no one else can speak for most women! What an embarrassment that you don’t realize that.

  20. Rita Pechota says:

    Will never watch the show again. Can’t stand Rosie.

  21. joy sweeny says:

    Why are you replacing one opinionated ,interrupting, self involved panelist (Sherri) with another one Rosie?

  22. Diana says:

    I liked the original formula with 4-5 interesting/intelligent women I’d never heard of before. Meredith, Starr, Joy, Debbie, Lisa Ling and even Elizabeth were not celebrities, and therefore the show wasn’t about them. They became well known because the show was such a hit. Now that all the other copycat shows are using known celebs that people either love or hate, can the View wipe the slate clean here and start again with a diverse group of “civilians” rather than celebs?

  23. Rochelle Jackson says:

    Oh, yes Joy Behar. Love her, she was one on the main reasons I watched over the years. In the early years. I was actually glad when Barbara Walters was not there, because it usually meant Joy would be on. Bring back Joy Behar and add Bonnie Hunt…I’d watch that show.

  24. Marilyn says:

    Won’t be watching. Do not like Rosie at all.She is in the same class as Rosanne. Already had stopped watching anyhow. Because they talk over each other to much. Confusing to hear and look at. Didn’t like Elizabeth, she is right where she should be on Fox. I do love Whoopie though along with Joy and Sherrie.

  25. Diane says:

    I will no longer watch, I rarely watched when Jenny came on. Now that Rosie is coming back, that is the kiss of death for me. She’s a loud mouth and she’ll be talking over the other people to get her point across. The show got silly and lost a lot of the serious things that were discussed. At times it was like a bunch of hens.

  26. janetoscano says:

    I’m glad Rosie is coming back at least there will be intelligence exhibited on this show instead of not so smart women trampling over each other’s words which were meaningless to begin with.

  27. no name says:

    if Rosie is hired for the panel i will not watch an will encoaraged all that i know do to turn u off. u are in for a large drop in viewer, us viewer remember her from before an it was not good

  28. I will no longer watch the show. Sheri Sheperd departure was it for me. I was glad when Elizabeth left.

  29. Rochelle jackson says:

    I say, Bonnie Hunt, to the View’s rescue. She was great on her talk show. And best of all she actually listened to her guests and therefore her follow-up questions made sense. She is smart, has a big heart and is sincere. Boy that’s almost non-existent on talk shows these days Oh, one more thing, she has common sense. Just try and go looking for that nowadays.

  30. Jacques Strappe says:

    O’Donnell is a definite co-host and Bill Geddie has confirmed he is staying. Rosie is a polarizing figure, highly opinionated and most people either hate her with a passion (born out by most of the comments on here ) or love her, so it sounds like business as usual for this estrogen fueled chat fest. Conservatives love to hate on liberal, lesbian, opinionated women like Rosie almost as much as they love to hate on President Obama so I am loving the addition of O’Donnell even more which should make conservatives go apoplectic. Probably overall, In spite of all the threats in the comment section about “I’ll never watch The View again if Rosie O’Donnell is back, blah, blah, blah…”. this is a brilliant move to boost ratings. Which strong willed, stubborn woman will storm off the set first over some silly disagreement, Rosie or Whoopi? For sure, The Donald will not be making any appearances.

  31. jenneva says:

    not rosie…old news…ask CHER, now that would be interesting..Cher and Whoopi..

  32. M. Scdott says:

    Didnt like it before or now. All they do is chatter over each other about nothing and Whoopi is very racial.

  33. Sharon says:

    I’d like to know why they are staying until August. Isn’t that a bit awkward for Sherri & Jenny? I wouldn’t want to stay at a job I’d been fired from – I can’t believe ABC is that dumb.

  34. I have been reading where you are seriously considering Sarah Palin as a new panelist. If this is true I don’t think you will have many watchers left. Certainly won’t have me or any of my family or friends! No real loss to you I understand, but I used to love the view when mostly intelligent people appeared as panelists. Please don’t do that!

  35. Kim J. Garcia says:

    I think that the “View” needs a perspective of a regular non ‘personality’ person on the panel.
    A regular person.

  36. Sophie Rose says:

    ABC need to re-evaluate ALL the hyperactive, over-talking, over-gesturing, over-giggling women they have on all their daytime shows. GMA should now be called Entertainment in the Morning – no news just lots of “fluff”. Do they only hire people with ADHD or are they on meth, or drink way too much coffee/Red Bull. Adding Michael to GMA did NOT help he is just a male Kelly Rippa.

    • Diane says:

      I totally agree, I am so tired of all the laughing on these morning show like GMA. They are not news shows anymore, young get 5-8 minutes of news per hour and then you get all the fluff. It’s the same on NBC, the only channel that is have way more news is CBS.

  37. First of all, this show is a loser. Keeping Whoppi isn’t going to help, she is one of the biggest Racist outside of Oprah. Her “white man” rant was the last straw for me.

  38. I am delighted by this news! Rosie days ahead for “The View”. She was outstanding on the talk show during the 2006-07 season. Ratings jumped dramatically and she single handily made the boring little gap fast a fast paced hot topic discussion while poking fun at news worthy people like Donald Trump and his hair piece and multiple bankruptcies. She was over the top but as a viewer we watched while laughing hysterically at her while antics. “The View” became must see morning TV due to Rosie. After she left Whoopi continued somewhat but the show was never really recovered without Rosie and the rating went flat again. Glad exec took notice on Rosie’s return to say bye, bye to Bab’s and the ratings jump. Another name that needs to be considered is Jillian Barbarie. Jill is familiar to Los Angeles morning television as the former host of “Good Day LA” on Fox. She hosted the morning show along with Steve Edwards and Dorothy Lucey for 20 years and during Jill’s tenure the morning show was #1 beating national morning shows “Good morning America” and “The Today show” for along time. Fox unceremoniously fired both Lucey & Barbarie and replaced them with younger versions. The shows rating are terrible as is the whole show now. REALLY sad! The View needs to snatch Jillian Barbarie up and give her an opportunity to join the new panel of host of the program for next Fall. She is REALLY good!

  39. Alfred Marina says:

    Janice Lynde

  40. Lisa says:

    Hmmm.. she acts like it was her decision to leave. She and Jenny were both fired. Let’s call it like it is..They brought absolutely nothing to the show and her continual God issue, always saying everything is about Jesus or God was getting on my last damn nerve…She was loud, obnoxious and truly I don’t even know why she was chosen to be on the show… Ugh!! I can see Mario Cantone and many other people who have so much more to say than this woman who surely wasn’t that intelligent.. Jenny was just dull as hell. Barbara made a huge mistake by even hiring her.She did and said nothing that was provacative enough to keep her on the show… I loved when Rosie was on the show..they were smart enough to keep Whoopi because she’s the only one that was worth a damn on that show.. it’s lost it’s cache since they had that trash Elizabeth Hasselback..She was a nightmare..and she went to faux and friends..YUCK..the belongs on those fake newsed POS loser show…she’s an idiot… LOVED when Rosie told her off..she deserved it..If EH saw Bush bomb a country and throw the bomb himself that trash would find a way to justify it.. YUCK..thank God she was fired!!!!! Bring in some good people more losers!!!

    • janetoscano says:

      I agree about Rosie but I will have to disagree on Elizabeth H. she clearly brought another view to the show that was needed. Its boring when everyone agrees esp. this current panel that clearly lacked intelligence and class.

    • Katharine Bishop says:

      Lisa — you clearly have anger issues. Hopefully you will get some help before you post again on a public website. Prayers for you.

      • Sam says:

        Right wing nut job are you, lol!? Glad there are less and less of you racist, hateful people.

  41. Marie says:

    As a long time fan of the View, I will not be returning to watch the show. Excuse you Fran. Believe me she’s a lot better the Rosie O’Donnell. I hope she’s changed her I know everything attitude. I really don’t care because I won’t be watching and a lot of my friends feel the same way. You get ride of some of the show host when actually the problem with the show is the producers, or executive directors not the host.

  42. Jeff Schultz says:

    how about someone under 50?

  43. rooo jeeed says:

    when Whoopie leaves its in the toilet. Too many shrill women with no balanced ‘view’ points. Only Jane Fonda could saved it.

    • How can Whoopi be racist when she’s only ever been married to white men? Whites think because blacks have an opinion about them that they are racist when if fact it’s just an opinion. FYI Oprah has created more white millionaires than black ie; Dr. Phil, Nate Burkus, Rachel Ray, Dr. OZ and others. The word racism means to keep someone of a particular race from advancing. If anything Oprah has helped whites advance more than her own.

  44. Tim says:

    Rosie will not return if Bill Gedde remains. Mark my words.

    • janetoscano says:

      Retirement definitely looms in his future.

    • Fran says:

      From what is currently being reported, Rosie is in. So bye, bye Bill. Ok with me, because he is largely responsible I believe for thrusting Jenny on us, which most would agree was a HUGE mistake.

  45. Ann Jordan says:

    That’s it for me. The socalled “bump” in the Feb ratings were from the curious: to see the reactions of
    the others. Thank heavens I rediscovered Rachel Ray in the same time slot on another network. Not
    even a major guest would lure me back if Rosie is in the line up.

    San Fancisco

  46. Anonymous says:

    I think Arianna Huffington would be a great co-host.

    • says:

      Arianna Huffington is a great choice, but sometimes I have a problem understanding her.

    • Yes Arriana would be great. Bringing back Star Jones wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

      • Jen says:

        You bite it you racist! The assumption that she got into law school because she was as you say “AA” or because of quotas reveals how stupid AND racist you are . I a

      • Sam says:

        Yes, if you want to hear “because I’m a lawyer” every five min. So what! You got I to law school becaue of AA and quotas so bite it

  47. Brooke Shields and Wanda Sykes and that would make a great “View” that I would not miss !!!

  48. Kathi says:

    Rosie O’Donnell…..are you kidding me…..her own talk show flopped and now ABC is giving her another platform for all her crazy rants……what are they thinking….unfortunately, I don’t see “The View” lasting much longer.

  49. Fran says:

    Would LOVE to see Rosie back!!! Yes, yes, yes to Rosie. The year she was on was the most interesting and engaging in this show’s history. They need to get back to more current events/politics, balanced with all the entertainment stuff. Not avoiding politics like they have been for the past year, with hosts who refuse to give their viewpoints on some of the most important issues of the day. That is why the show is hurting. It is called THE VIEW, after all. Got to get a conservative voice on there also, to balance it out!

  50. Barb says:

    “The View” needs to remain a 4 or 5 women panel. It’s the female point of view. Having a male ‘guest’ on the panel would be fine for a very different perspective. The points of view should run the gamut of conservative, liberal, and everything in between. A diverse age group should also remain. Not all 30 – 40 somethings. I realize Whoopie is older and that is great but balance out the ages. I personally like 5 women on the panel. I wish everyone well. I actually love the show but if it veers off track I will not be tuning in.

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