‘The Flash’ Races Forward, While ‘Agents of SHIELD’ Spins Its Wheels (SPOILERS)

'The Flash' Races Forward, While 'Agents

The Flash” and “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” have been operating on parallel tracks – not merely adjacent to each other on Tuesday nights, but each building toward and culminating with a “winter finale” that answered questions and resolved plots, while still leaving plenty dangling.

Yet while both shows have their merits – reinforcing this as a “Best of times” for comic-book fans, even on TV, historically a source of wince-inducing corner-cutting and camp – the CW’s new DC Comics drama is clearly exhibiting more power, while ABC-Marvel-Disney’s sophomore hour has yet to completely escape the feeling that it’s spinning its wheels.

In what was almost certainly the best episode of “The Flash” thus far (and SPOILER ALERT, for both shows, if you haven’t watched), the series formally introduced the yellow-suited “Reverse Flash” (or Professor Zoom, if you prefer); pitted him in a rollicking fight with the Flash (Grant Gustin); had the Flash’s alter ego, Barry Allen, finally profess his love for Iris (Candice Patton); and added one more layer of villainy to the mysterious Professor Wells (Tom Cavanagh).

Even for a show about the fastest man alive, that’s covering a lot of ground.

Most impressively, strictly from a logistical standpoint, “The Flash” has continued to provide a healthy dollop of superhero-style special effects throughout the season, without falling victim to the time crunch that has had a way of occasionally turning later episodes of such programs into an Ibsen play. As a consequence, the show has been able to advance its mythology and develop its characters without skimping on action or fun.

By contrast, after an improved start “Agents of SHIELD” is again operating as if it’s shackled, in part, by its role as a cog in the larger Marvel universe, which forced the series to play small ball through much of its first season while waiting for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” to blow up its narrative. Much the same has happened in season two, focusing on locating the mystery city envisioned by Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) and the shadowy history of Skye (Chloe Bennet), with Kyle MacLachlan having apparently graduated to the Dennis Hopper role in “Blue Velvet” as her wild-eyed father.

While the superheroics have been kept to a minimum this season, there’s been a good deal of drama surrounding what Hitchcock would have called a MacGuffin – in this case, a device of unspeakable power (sorry, Indy) known as the Obelisk. There’s also been the little matter of that ageless Hydra leader/Nazi (Reed Diamond), who, on Tuesday, met a rather ho-hum and anticlimactic end. Or did he?

Beyond its coy references to better-known Marvel heroes, “Agents of SHIELD” still feels as if the writers must ply their trade with one hand tied behind their backs – asked, as it were, to help set up the fill-in drama “Agent Carter” and tie into the mother ship that is “The Avengers” sequel.

What’s left, then, is plenty of impressive stunt work, and less-enthralling banter among the expanded and revised cast of characters, whether that’s the squabbling exes played by Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood; or the sweet but rather tedious unrequited romance, at least in the way it’s been teased out, involving Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge).

Frankly, with all the synergistic hoops through which “Agents of SHIELD” must jump, the show is probably better than it should be, and Marvel would be doing everyone concerned a favor if it quit worrying about integrating the narrative into its other properties. The movies certainly don’t need the help, and “SHIELD” doesn’t appear to be benefiting from the relationship, commercially or creatively.

For now, meanwhile, “The Flash” is the one that’s blazing a trail — demonstrating that you really can do a primetime superhero series that wholeheartedly embraces comic-book conventions, and leaving some old perceptions about bringing costumed characters to TV in the dust.

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  1. hk2hal says:

    I disagree, MaoS is a complex product of storytelling, Flash and Arrow (which I also like) are more simplistic, quick to the point, instant gratification and that sometimes can wear a bit thin, because then it becomes a quick cartoon panel trying to get all the action in one frame per episode, and the people and events get lost. I think it’s very helpful that both shows and styles are here, not trying to pick a favorite.

    Think of it this way, one is likened to a Saturday morning live action show, and the other is likened to Agatha Christie, to give you pause to think about the clues.

    One is for people with short attention spans or need for quick gratification, the other is for those who wish to see plots evolve and become exposed through the process of deduction and revelations.

    Both have a place at the table.

  2. Crinosil says:

    I like AoS, but compared to Flash or Arrow, its like Marvel is afraid to put superheros and super powers on TV…. This is obviously not the case with Flash and Arrow…. In a world full of heroes from the Avengers to the X-Men and thousands of Alien worlds… we get not much reason to pay attention on AoS…

  3. I am glad that the Flash is a winner and I still hope that hope that Agent of Shield rating will get better when it return in March 3,2015.

  4. Jacques Strappe says:

    I personally prefer the action and mythology of SHIELD to the Flash. SHIELD feels like it is written for grown-ups whereas The Flash feels as if it aimed at the 12 year old set. It’s hard for me to get beyond the silly Flash costume The Flash does seem to stick closely to its comic book origins so I understand its appeal to children.

  5. Way to show your ignorance Brian. Shield had a much bigger reveal than anything Flash had. That obelisk opened to reveal a Terrigen Crystal, the mist that came out and hit Skye and Raina was the Terrigen Mist. That is a lead up to The Inhumans. Way more awesome than Flash finally seeing Prof. Zoom. Don’t get me wrong, I like Flash and Arrow. Especially since the DC cinematic universe is just plain trash. Flash is just following the same formula that Smallville had, Freak of the Week. Nothing new really. You might as well just admit you are a biased fanboy now Brian because any one that reads this article will know.

  6. I am glad that Shield and the Marvel Movie universe are the same. Shield don’t follow the villain of the week costume villain type show . I like the way Hydra is slowly each episode. I can’t wait until the show return in March 3,2015. Flash and Arrow are both winner. Good luck to the new Supergirl’s series.

  7. Please..! says:

    “Agents of SHIELD” is again operating as if it’s shackled, in part, by its role as a cog in the larger Marvel universe, which forced the series to play small ball through much of its first season” the show is actually doing the opposite lol

    • Cadeamon says:

      People are going to see what ever boosts their own personal views. I always laugh when I see reviews comparing shield to “Super hero” shows. Shield is there to flesh out Marvels Cinematic Universe, to provide more back stories and set-ups to the movies. Shield just wouldn’t be Shield if it followed the villain of the week equation most Comic book shows follow.

      p.s. I enjoy this Flash as much this time as I enjoyed it the first time it was on the air in 1990.

  8. The level of bias says:

    This is pure bias, start to finish, come on variety.

  9. Oh really now ? says:

    Shield has been acclaimed since the second half of the 1st season that is all.

  10. jason bourne says:

    The flash is way better than agents of shield. Not even close.

  11. nathiest says:

    Marvel Agents of Shield is a hit so whatever DC fanboy.

  12. jon m'shulla says:

    The yahoo board , without Lowrys’ friends running interference and without his alternate screen names, is completely against the title and theme of this little article. Less distractions. More calling B.S. on the supposed “wheel-spinning.”

    If you don’t watch a show or can not concentrate while it is on….do not give your ignorant opinion. Quite simple.

  13. B says:

    I expect better of Journalists. I won’t rehash all the other points that other commenters have addressed well, merely point out that you completely misused the term MacGuffin.

    A MacGuffin is a plot device that serves no other purpose than to be sought after, and the entire plot of the work revolves around acquiring this object. The Holy Grail from ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ was a MacGuffin. The Maltese Falcon was a MacGuffin. The government secrets in North by Northwest, and the briefcase in ‘Pulp Fiction’, were MacGuffins If you could swap a given object for any other object and the plot would still work, that is a MacGuffin. The Holy Grail could have been replaced with Excalibur or the Spear of Longinus. The Maltese Falcon could have been the Mona Lisa. In either case, the situations would have been exactly the same.

    By contrast, the Obelisk played an essential part in the overall storyarc. It did not exist just to be sought after. Rather, it existed to be captured. There is a difference. The purpose of the Obelisk was to enable Skye to achieve her ‘destiny’, for lack of a better word. It’s existence was a small part of a much larger story, and therefor not a MacGuffin.

    As others have said, this episode was an essential part. It completely upends the status quo, again, and changes the direction of the show from here on out. That is the antithesis of ‘Spinning it’s wheels’.

  14. JB says:

    It’s either the author of this article is a HUGE DC FANBOY or is just not keeping close attention to what is happening with AoS/Marvel storyline.

    Don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy watching The Flash, but the story is so predictable it didn’t surprise anyone the Dr. Wells is Reverse-Flash. But Skye being revealed as “Daisy Johnson/Quake”, introduction of Inhumans, setting a great layer for the movie not due for 3 years, and you are calling that SPINNING THE WHEELS? You are better off writing a different article, man. You’re laughable.

    • SAMURAI36 says:


      Talk about “scraping the bottom of the barrel”…… People are excited for someone named “Daisy Johnson/Quake”, as if “Skye” was revealed to be the new female Thor or something, a bunch of Z-listers that even most comic fans don’t know or care about.

      And people are excited for a pay off that won’t come for another 3 or 4 years… What kinda sense does that even make?

      That’s what the article’s writer meant by “spinning it’s wheels”. You have to be a die-hard comic book historian to care about “Inhumans”, or “Daisy Quake” or whoever.

      • Josh says:

        I don’t like comics as a medium and don’t know much about them but I’m super excited about where AoS is going, and definitely where they’re going with Quake. The characters don’t need to be well known for me to like them.

  15. Blaike says:

    I see Variety are scraping the bottom of the barrel for their journalists these days. Watch the episode again, do some research…and oh I dunno, perhaps comment on the actual event that took place in the last 5 minutes of the show. Such a fanboy (or paid for) article.

    Flash was great as well. What a time to be alive and a comic fan!!!

    • SAMURAI36 says:

      LOL, “do some research”…. If people have to great lengths to enjoy a TV show, then obviously the show is a fail.

      • Cadeamon says:

        He likes his shows spoon fed to him apparently.

      • Blaike says:

        You mean the show that is successfully tying into and now expanding one of the most successful and popular movie franchises is a fail?

        I wonder how many people around the world (including the author of this article) had to google who Firestorm is or what Reverse-Flash is?

        No point arguing with DC Fans because they can’t admit that everything in both MCU and DCU is great for everyone.

  16. You must be a comics fan to know anything about the Inhuman and I hope that the Marvel got a winner in the Inhuman.

  17. DC says:

    If the writer of this article actually followed Marvel comics, then he would of realized that last night’s AoS was a major breakthrough, and not just a “spinning it’s wheel” episode. The reveal of the Obelisk is laying the ground work for 2018 movie and not just waiting around for Avengers 2. I do agree that the Flash is a more enteraining show, but AoS is a very well done, enjoyable show on its own merit

  18. kennie says:

    You guys are saying Agents of Shield is boring & lacking yet Agents of Shields Ratings (Number of Viewers) are crushing Arrows & The Flash. & it hasn’t even had a Age of Ultron setup yet, so that was stupid. Why not mention how the show is setting up the Inhumans which is big. & why would they get rid of there shared universe? It’s genius, & every company is trying to have a shared universe now. If your referring to how DC doesn’t do a shared universe, think specifically about how the television show actors voicing their anger about how they handle that. The Flash was good last night but it was no Agents Of Shield

    • Fan says:

      It’s to bad there’s not a good actor in the cast of Shield. It could be better. And Flash and Arrow are on the CW, the fact that The Flash has beat Agents of Shield a couple of times in ratings on that network says a lot, ABC shows are expected to do better. Shield just isn’t. And what the heck is an Inhuman?

  19. Jake says:

    This article is just laughable. Agents of SHIELD is incredible, particularly the back half of season 1 and all of season 2 so far, and I do not see it stopping any time soon.

    Laughable article, Variety. Thanks.

  20. I love the fact that the Reverse Flash is Dr. Harrison Wells and not the original Reverse Flash’ID. I can’t wait to see what will happened when Barry Allen finally discover that the man that he look up to is his mother killer. We both know that Reed Diamond’s character on the Marvel isn’t dead and he will come back to caught more trouble for Shield and Coulson.

  21. JOE S HILL says:

    While CW’s “THE FLASH” and ABC’s “Marvel’s AGENTS OF SHIELD” have already gone toe to toe in the ratings boxing match,i’ll have to give The CW series the winning flag over here,because quite frankly,
    “SHIELD” is BORING! i know that the ABC/Marvel series wants to make it on its own steam,,but you’d have better luck watching “THE MAN FROM UNCLE”,way before you get anything out of “SHIELD” and its complex storyline! a little help from one of “The AVENGERS” wouldn’t hurt the show,either,,but obviously Joss Wheadon doesn’t see it that way,so that’s fine! but he better get pretty creative here,because if his ABC show continues to be this Boring,then i give strong odds,that it’ll die,before it ends its second season! as for “THE FLASH”,it seems to be getting pretty good,,but that costume NEEDS to be changed into the more Traditional “Flash” costume of the DC Comics series,and NOT somebody’s idea of “fashion design” thought! they have a sensible budget,the Gustin actor is fine,but
    THAT costume HAS TO BE MODIFIED!! otherwise,”THE FLASH” appears to be winning the ratings race against “SHIELD”,in what is becoming the DC/Marvel rivalry! the battle is far from over here,and 2016
    will answer the questions on WHO is the better of these two comic book publisher icons-and their movies!

  22. MM says:

    How did this review not mention Inhumans and how this AoS episode really moved the whole story forward in a huge way?

  23. Ben says:

    Spinning its wheels? The main villain just DIED. As did a recurring member of the team. This isn’t Game of Thrones; major character deaths are not status quo.

    “‘Agents of SHIELD’still feels as if the writers must ply their trade with one hand tied behind their backs”

    When in this entire season of AoS has there been any indication of a plot leading into any upcoming films? Sure they had Agent Carter scenes, just like Flash ran to Starling in the pilot. But what would make you think there was something they were hiding for the AoU tie-in? They just introduced Inhumans, which won’t have a movie for 3 more years. I think we’re well past the whole “not spoiling the movie” part.

    Lowry will be incredibly disappointed when the AoU tie-in ends up being closer to Thor than Captain America. “They were waiting all season for this!?” he’ll cry, as AoS is so wrapped up with inhumans, aliens and spies that it has barely more than an episode to deal with the Avengers.

    Newsflash: the only person waiting for AoU is you. Let us know when you’re ready to come down from your preconceptions and enjoy the comic book rich story in front of you.

  24. deangirl1 says:

    I couldn’t disagree with you more! While I enjoyed both shows and there were sweet moments on the Flash – who DIDN’T see that coming? We all know now that the tech that was stolen will allow both Flash and reverse Flash to travel back in time so that the red and yellow blur that Barry saw at his mother’s murder was himself and Wells – with future Barry trying unsuccessfully to save his mother in the past – still fun to watch, but not earth shattering. And we know how the rest of the season will play out too…

    Skye meeting her father on AoS was at least as anticipated and rewarding as Barry confessing his love for Iris. And that transformation at the end of the episode? You call THAT spinning its wheels? And Hunter and Bobbi aren’t squabbling exes – did you actually watch the show? This doesn’t seem like it.

  25. Reverend Slim says:

    Clearly, Mr. Lowry, you did not pay attention to Agents of SHIELD. There were just as many big reveals in that episode as there were in The Flash. Skye is Daisy Johnson, AKA Quake… which makes her father (Kyle McLachlan) Mister Hyde. Whitehall got his youth by vivisecting Skye’s mother, who was an Inhuman. And then they end with a tease of what could be The Reader, who seeks out other Inhumans… meaning they could be developing this plot over the next few seasons to lead into the Inhumans movie. For comic fans, that’s hardly “spin[ning] its wheels”. That’s opening the show up to a whole new world of possibilities.

  26. Prometheus says:

    In truth, I do think Flash is a more engaging show. However, that doesn’t mean Agents of SHIELD is bad. It’s still a great show. The two shows exist in very different creative environments. The Flash is completely autonomous. It doesn’t have to tie into any other properties, and hasn’t with the exception of a Flash vs. Arrow crossover that was a TV only event. Agents of SHIELD has to work within and through the Marvel/Disney MCU … which creates some creative challenges that Flash doesn’t have. The movie version of the Flash is going to be portrayed by a different actor than the TV Flash, and the storylines will be completely independent from each other. Characters and plot lines from Agents have to work within and not conflict with the MCU. What Agents did last night was begin a tie-in with much larger story arcs and future movies in the MCU (Inhumans, Secret Wars, Civil War, etc.). There are a lot of contextual ties in Agents that Flash doesn’t have to worry about.

    Both shows are great and each excels in certain ways, but the shows, other than involving comic book properties, are very unique from each other. You might as well compare Flash to 24 or compare Agents to NCIS. There’s no reason to compare Flash to Agents other than their comic book origins. As television shows, they have completely divergent story telling goals and creative strategies.

  27. exhawg says:

    This article feels like it was written by someone that doesn’t like AoS and probably didn’t watch all of episode last night. I personally watch and like both of these shows, but knowing that The Flash isn’t connected to the DC movies is a bit of a buzz kill. I almost gave up on the show when DC announced that they were going to have a Flash movie with different actors. I’m confused enough having actors from the first Flash show playing different characters or in some cases the same character with a different history on the new show. Don’t get me wrong I love bringing back the old cast for the 5 of us that remember that show, but are they connected or not?

    Last night AoS started a setup for a movie that doesn’t come out for 4 years. That seems pretty huge to me. The biggest complaint that people have is that AoS is a superhero show without superheroes, which isn’t the case anymore. I personally can’t wait to see where the show goes leading into Avengers 2 and the rest of the movies. The hardest part for me is going to be when the Flash movie comes out and I have to get used to new actors playing the same characters that I’m already invested in. Say what you will about Marvel and AoS, but that won’t be a problem.

    • SAMURAI36 says:

      And that’s all it’s done, is set up for movies. That’s all it’s designed to do. As an individual show, it simply cannot stand up on it’s own merits. You have to wait 4 years from now for a big pay off….. None of us even know if we’ll be alive by then.

      How’s about a big pay off at the end of each episode? Marvel’s got people drinking their kook-aid so hard, that they are programmed not to enjoy what’s right in front of them.

      • Samurai we get it, you are an ignorant DC fanboy. Enough already. We know you like the Flash show better because you aren’t intelligent enough to understand or follow the plots being on AoS. You prefer your plots spoon fed to you like a baby. Talk about drinking the kool-aid. I always liked DC more than Marvel but DC is failing on just about everything but the animated movies and to a lesser degree the tv shows.

      • Ben says:

        Deathlok. Quake. Blizzard. Graviton. Absorbing Man. Inhumans. What do these have in common? They all have nothing to do with any movie being released for the next 2 years. The only reason Season 1 had to bide their time for Cap 2 was because that movie destroyed the organization the show was named after. Now that, to the movies, SHIELD is nonexistent, they’re free to do whatever they want.

        Their only tie to GotG was half a Kree, which they would have had anyway because they were setting up for Inhumans. The Avengers 2 tie-in will be a minor part of the end of season 2, which is fine considering the show has not been standing, but sprinting on it’s own feet since the season began.

        You want to talk payoffs at the end of episodes? Try Skye being Daisy Johnson. If that’s not good enough, you haven’t been paying attention.

  28. jon m'shulla says:

    Bad headlines. Fallacy Lowry strikes again.

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is dynamite. Watch it and be highly entertained.

  29. jimmy woo says:

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a superb TV show.It moves like lightening. Flash too.

    Brian Lowry is obviously taking bribe money from Warner Brothers and should probably be fired. He certainly doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  30. AOS is just terrible. It tries to be everything and ends up being nothing. Marvel may well be killing it in the cinematic universe, but on the small screen they rule. Case in point The Flash hasn’t had a dire episode in run so far.

    Shield is a ” family” show, it has not edge. It’s mini reboot this season has completely wiped out the motivations of its regular cast. THe acting is hammy, the SFX uninspiring > Shackling it to the wider Movie universe has hampered it. I dont care if Sam l Jackson or RDJ might guest star in it. A tv show isnt about 1 or 2 good episodes in a season, but rather a good season.

    There is too much good TV to watch. AoS isn’t one of them. Maybe Marvels fortunes will change with Netflix.

    • G-money says:

      Mr. X is a fool. AoS is a great show. I’m sorry but it has a huge impact on the Marvel universe. It has the ablitity to start introducing smaller characters. It’s a great show and it has a lot of character development. Flash is great too along with Arrow but I won’t call AoS terrible.

  31. Fanofallcomicbooksheroes says:

    I personally disagree. I see the fact SHIELD is included in the Marvel movie verse as a strength not a weakness. It makes the world feel bigger and with more movies coming out I think it’s ability to interconnect stories will really be able to show. By contrast DC has made a huge mistake by simply deciding to make the small screen and movie verse separate. They’re not literarily competing with themselves and this will become more apparent when “The Flash” movie comes out. It was also a stupid selfish move on DC’s part to ban the small screen verse from using Superman and Batman.

    That and we have to remember that the two shows have radically different concepts. Shield is a spy show, showing how normal human beings (with a few exceptions) are reacting to this Superhero age, while “The Flash/The Arrow” are just straight up superhero shows starring superheroes.

  32. Jason Wright says:

    Marvel’s “It’s all connected” approach feels like the braver choice to me; it raises the stakes of everything that we see from them. For me it’s not so much “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” vs. “Arrow” / “The Flash”, so much as the M.C.U. vs D.C. in general. I mean, “Arrow” / “Flash” are great (it’s okay to be fans of both D.C. & Marvel), but it’s a bit disconcerting that they’re already planning to reboot the “The Flash” in theaters with different actors and continuity – it kind of takes a lot of the punch out of the series for me. The same goes for “Gotham” and whatever else they’re throwing at us – which each new series seemingly introducing a new continuity, which is kind of exhausting. Marvel on the other hand, with it’s interconnectedness makes each episode of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” (or each new series or film) feel like the next chapter in a much larger story; one that we know will run through at least May 2019, with 11 more films, at least 12 more episodes of “Agents”, 8 episodes of “Agent Carter” & at least 60 Netflix episodes, so for me it feels like it’s something that I can invest in. Have there been some bumps along the way? Sure there have, on both sides, which is to be expected. But this season of “Agents” has been incredible and the back and forth between the series and the movies is a fun bonus. I mean the Kree & Inhumans were both brilliantly introduced in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to be picked up in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and the “Inhumans” movies…all while moving the characters on the show forward. The criticism that the series doesn’t feature enough superheroes just strikes me as odd; that’s not what the series is about, that’s not the focus – it’s attempting something finer and has never hid that fact (“Not all heroes are super.” was the tagline for the series before it even aired), yet even so it’s not without it’s heroes and villains; the series has been an origin story for one of it’s main characters. “The Flash” definitely has a quality that is welcomed but because that universe is on such a smaller scale than the M.C.U. it’s victories are muted because it’s not as ambitious; it’s not as risky and the payoffs are smaller as a result. And while I enjoyed the latest episode of the “The Flash”, the Winter Finale of “S.H.I.E.L.D.” was a huge payoff for multiple episodes and films so for me it had a much bigger impact. Maybe that’s just me though.

    • Prometheus says:

      One of the things I find frustrating about the Warner/DC strategy is the complete disconnection of the TV properties from the cinematic ones. Casting a different Flash for the movie seems like a poor choice to me. I think AOS operates a more dynamic storytelling strategy and adds strength to the overall MCU by digging into some of the detail and character development you don’t get in the movies. My hope for Flash and Arrow (both excellent shows) was that they too would tie into the Warner/DC cinematic universe. I was excited (show of nerd-dom here) to hear Dr. Wells mention Batman in his brief lecture to Barry last week about what makes him a different kind of hero. Those are the relationships between shows and movies that strengthen the overall universe.

      I have thoroughly enjoyed AOS (and will watch just about anything Bill Paxton is in), Flash and Arrow … but I tire of the desire by dim-witted media types to try to compare them. The shows are very different. You aren’t going to like Flash for the same reasons you like AOS. The shows, other than evolving from comic books, have very little in common.

    • jimmy woo says:

      I agree. Many good points.

    • Fanofallcomicbooksheroes says:

      Well said.

  33. Max says:

    Do you people have stock in CW or something?

  34. JohnDoe says:

    Wrong wrong wrong about Agents of SHIELD. They just quite literally opened up an entirely new can of worms within Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, that’s why comic book-savvy fans are raving about it after that episode. It IS forging its own path and managing to remain consistent with the films. That’s no small feat.

    I cannot wait until the show returns and see how the final 3 episodes of the season react to the events of the new Avengers film. This sort of continuity is what’s made Marvel a game-changer and why every other studio is scrambling to do the same.

    • jimmy woo says:

      Yeah…the possibilities on Agents has just multiplies a lot. This show is screaming excitement and the potential is skyrocketing.

    • SAMURAI36 says:

      Except “comic book savvy fans” are not the only viewers this show needs to appeal to. The casual viewer doesn’t care about all that interconnectedness per se. And the ones that have seen the movies, are still looking for RDJ and SLJ to show up.

      Having a shared universe is cool, but when nothing of significance happens in your corner of the universe on a regular basis, it’s all for naught.

      • SAMURAI36 says:

        I’ve answered this already. There is no “reboot”. There is no proof that the “Flash” being portrayed in the movies is Barry Allen. Nowhere on the internet has that been officially stated.

      • Fanofallcomicbooksheroes says:

        I counter by saying how do you think causal fans are going to react when they reboot the Flash again? Also as a casual comic book fans I can assure you that I do like the interconnectedness, it makes for a better show and a better movie and encourages people to see all of the material not just some of it.

  35. Belinda says:

    Wish I could care about the Flash, but don’t, Marvel’s world interest me so much more because of the exploration of that universe, it means something and I much prefer that

    • SAMURAI36 says:

      What does that even mean? How does Marvel “explore their universe” more than DC does?

      • SAMURAI36 says:

        LOL @ “realistic”. There’s nothing realistic about a show that features super powered characters. Last I checked, AOShit is a “fictional reality” as well. I haven’t heard anything about “Hydra” or aliens on the evening news where I live.

      • Max says:

        I’ll step in for Belinda. They do it with sheer scale. Marvel’s universe not only feels more lived-in, but it addresses the far-reaching implications of the events that take place. This may change with The Flash in later seasons (a storm’s a comin’ for sure), but for now, Marvel’s show has a far more realistic tone and exists in a larger, more tangeable world. This isn’t really The Flash’s fault – it’s going for something different and exists in a fictional reality – it just is what it is.

  36. SAMURAI36 says:

    I can’t wait to hear the Marvel Zombies come like the zombie apocalypse and try to defend these truths.

    Marvel might own the movie world (for now), but DC clearly owns the TV world (for ever).

    • Cadeamon says:

      For the record a Marvel Zombies movie would be AWSOME! As long as it was done in the same tone as the comics.

    • Daryl says:

      LOL fail to see why Marvel only owns the movie world for right now but DC is apparently owning TV forever, by what measurements? The 2 years they’ve thrown about 5 different shows around and have 3 more coming just hoping for things that will stick? At least Marvel has shown consistency and they stick to their approach rather steadily while DC will ride their high until it flops

      • SAMURAI36 says:

        By these measurements:

        Marvel just started their movie universe 6 years ago. DC has plans to catch up, so that’s what for now means.

        In the meantime, Marvel only has ONE TV show. Their last successful TV show was 3 decades ago. Meanwhile, DC has been doing successful TV shows consistently since the 60’s. That’s what forever means.

        Oh, and DC has far more than just 3 more TV shows on the way. Try 11 more TV shows.

        And there is no indication that DC “is riding their high until it flops”. What does that even mean? They haven’t “flopped” with their TV content in over half a century.

        Hoping for things that will stick? Clearly you didn’t read the article. Flash is “Sticking”, while AOShit isn’t. Smallville “stuck” for a decade. Arrow and Gotham are “sticking”.

        But don’t let the facts stand in the way of believing whatever you want to believe.

  37. bsbarnes says:

    THE FLASH has got a golly-gee-whiz energy that avoids the campiness of the Batman ’66 TV show: it’s not too cool to celebrate the comic books which inspired it, the actors are doing strong work, the production values are solid, the writing is generous! THE FLASH is the best all-ages show in my memory and it’s killing it in this first season: Flash Fact!

    • Jacques Strappe says:

      SHIELD just feels as if it were written for grownups which is more appealing for me. The Flash is earnest and honest in its transition from comic book to small screen but for my tastes it’s too cartoonish and juvenile.

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