‘The Quest’ Producers Launch Social Campaign to Save ABC Show

'Quest' Producers Launch Project Hero to

While the producers of “The Quest,” ABC’s critically hailed, ratings-challenged summer reality series, are waiting to hear whether it’s been picked up for a second season, they’ve come up with a unique way to make their case to the network that’s close to the program’s core concept: They’re asking the show’s large social media fanbase to be heroes themselves.

While the hybrid scripted-unscripted show, which put 12 unsuspecting contestants into a scripted fantasy story to find the “One True Hero,” never did much better than 0.5 in the ratings from its premiere on July 31 to its finale on Sept. 12, it amassed a strong and loyal social media following that continues to grow.

One fun fact: According to Nielsen, 6,000 tweets were sent during the show’s premiere and 15,000 were sent during it’s finale.

And now the producers have given the fans a new quest.

The Quest — Project Hero campaign challenges fans to do something valiant, no matter how small, and then publish stories, videos, pictures and artwork about their deeds on Twitter using #Continuethequest and #beahero, all leading up to a Day of Heroes on Oct. 23.

In an Oct. 1 letter to fans calling themselves the Quest Army on Facebook, the producers wrote that they had received thousands of tweets, emails and messages asking about a second season. “(The fans) are doing so much work,” said Rob Eric, one of the series’ six producers. “We said, ‘Let’s see if we can make an impact on a higher level as well.’ ”

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In the past, rabid fans of flailing series have had a positive impact by carrying out bold stunts: Remember when “Jericho” fans inundated CBS headquarters with peanuts? The series did get one more season. But Eric and fellow “Quest” producers Michael Williams, Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri, Jane Fleming and Mark Ordesky want to reach people on a higher level.

“Some of this is inspired by the fans’ response to the show,” explained Fleming. “From the first episode, we got so much feedback from people saying that it inspired them.” And they’ve come together as a community wanting very much to keep the show going. “They are looking for something heroic to do,” says Eric. “They’re heroes in our eyes. They’re doing so much work, so we said, ‘Let’s just help guide this and see if we can make an impact on a higher level as well.”

The show had a massive challenge to overcome from the start, squaring off against such ratings behemoths as NBC’s “The Big Bang Theory” and CBS’ venerable “Big Brother,” as well as televised Thursday football games.

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“I don’t think it’s any secret that ABC didn’t promote the show,” explains Eric. “There have been plenty of articles written about this critically acclaimed show that has a rabid fanbase who are generating enough tweets on a Thursday night to put it in the top 10 Nielsen ratings of tweeted shows with shows that have three times its (traditional) ratings. If you can impact this many people on a show that had absolutely no promotion whatsoever off air, imagine what that fanbase could do, how loyal they would be if you did promote a show like this.”

The producers are inspired by the dedication of the fans and their response to the show’s family friendly themes, with its emphasis on heroic endeavors, teamwork and camaraderie — contestants decided who should stay and who should go based on their heroic qualities and the winner doesn’t even receive a cash prize — and they want to keep the show going in some form as well.

“No matter what happens, we believe in what we started and we want to continue,” said Doganieri. “We want to make a change in the world and in people and have a positive effect on everyone’s lives.”

And they do have a backup plan. “We would be bad producers if we didn’t,” said Eric.

“We’re looking at all avenues and hopefully someone will see how valuable this content is and how important is that we have to get this show out there,” said Doganieri.

Ultimately, the question is: If enough of the show’s fans save the day, will ABC save the show?

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  1. Mr Glen McGonnell says:

    What a great Fantasy Show….i downloaded every show that was put out there…it makes u feel like you’re actually there…I’m from the UK and was glued to the screen every time it came on…it’s every persons fantasy of any age to have something like this happen to them…i hope there are other seasons and episodes…i watch from episodes 1 to the last all in one go…and watch them often…would love to see more and sure everyone else agree’s…..please bring some more so that everyone can relive it…i love this show! :0) :0) :0)

  2. Tarver says:

    I love The Quest and the location was spot on. Because it not only has incorporated fantasy with reality, and because there is no prize it makes it more engaging. The experience alone and the winner having ‘bragging rights’ would be more than enough recognition for me. I hope it comes back. It’s like real-life Dungeons and Dragons (kind of).

  3. Vera Howald says:

    I enjoyed The Quest from beginning to end. It proves again and again that every individual has a strength that is so easily overlooked. The ‘hotties’ in it didn’t hurt either!! Can ABC renew it and be damned with ratings and competition. Air it on an evening where there won’t be competition. Instead of comparing the number of viewers to other programs airing at the same time, like the tweets, give everyone an opportunity to watch during a collectively network slow time.

  4. Tim Brelsford says:

    I just finished watching season 1 on Netflix. I normally hate reality tv, but this one was amazing. The cast never broke character and the paladins really got into their roles. It was amazing to watch how they helped each other out. I would watch this with my family over and over again. Great job.

  5. I didn’t even know it was on until it was over. After finding out about it 2 of my sisters and myself sat down and watched every episode. It is the first Reality show I would love to take part in

  6. Isaac Gensel says:

    LOVE IT, amazing watched all the first season in one day!!!! There needs to be a second season!!!

  7. Davina says:

    Amazing show! I was completely enveloped in it, there must be a second season!

  8. Tina says:

    I found this show on Netflix on a whim yesterday and watched the entire thing in one day (while playing an rpg game online)… yes, I’m a total nerd, and I loved the concept of this show. It should have been promoted more. Would love to see another season or two. Fun stuff :)

  9. Robert Gagne says:

    Wow, fantastic concept and well put together. I found this show on NetFlix and i was completely emersed in the show from beginning to end. Well done people simply well done. Hope you all get a second season going. I am spreading the word to my family and friends. Heres to Ever Realm and all that it may be. Thank You. Bob G.

  10. Alicia says:

    Please let this show stay on! I got so into the characters and the storyline! The people really got into it, it was such a cool adventure to watch, all of the challenges were amazing, and seeing all the work they put into it, I think it’s worth keeping! Let this not be another “Firefly” incident!

  11. geekchix says:

    Why??? Because shes a woman… or because she beat two physically strong men in the end. Just face the fact that brains rule over braun. I feel that the last three were awesome. And all deserved to be there

  12. I hope they cancel it. She should not have even been there, let alone won. Complete garbage.

    • Vera Howald says:

      I don’t quite understand why anyone feels that the ultimate winner is undeserving and shouldn’t have been allowed to participate. Is the problem because of the winner or do you simply think the entire show is garbage? Each to his own, but a clarification would be nice.

  13. Al says:

    This show was great fun to watch, but the fact that a professional actress won the competition takes all REALITY… out of it. It was set up from the start.

  14. Brandy says:

    This is an awesome show and I don’t think it got enough promotion for the first season or it would have had an even larger fan base. I had no idea it exhisted until I found it on Netflix…now I want more and I am waiting impatiently to find out if it will be renewed for a 2nd season. Since I didn’t know about the 1st season, I hope I don’t miss the beginning of the next season. It’s too good of a show in today’s fetish for reality shows to be overlooked for a second season.

  15. Mo says:

    I believe that the finale should be more challenging i.e I would love to see the contestants battle it out against several Mystical creatures maybe against a dragon,an ogre ect… Maybe climb a small mountain or anything else ……And I think it should be like a 2 hour thing.The plot was incredible,setting as well but I don’t really know about the actors themselves i.e they should have a better accent : obviously they weren’t Americans/British/Australians.(Don’t take me wrong on this one I myself am not an American,Australian or British😂) What I mean is that it wasn’t really balanced like with the contestants and the actors. There was also another thing that I didn’t appreciate it’s not really a big deal but: when they players had that bird challenge they were like ” we could see what the bird saw” we all know that that wasn’t real Yes I know this is a fantasy show but this is a different thing. Also like when they had that dragon egg challenge and creo was like your hands will burn I wish it was true I wish that the eggs were in fact really hot so we could see the players like fearing to touch the eggs and express that fear in the interviews or even hurt themselves (in a minor way) like I’m not saying that the eggs should be boiling hot but you know ……which would make it so real.Finally I think it would be nice to see a bit the life of the contestants just a little tiny bit and not in a abusive way like ”big brother” like just 4 minutes max.But this does not mean that I didn’t LOVE the show! The concept is outstanding! Hope it will be renewed because it was really an epic show to watch.
    I watched the whole season in a day! I’m really happy I stumbled into the show while trying to find a reality series.

  16. Bre says:

    Great idea, love the show, hope it is renewed!

  17. Mark Hellems says:

    Save the Quest as I want nothing more than to prove my worth as the one true hero…I believe this is what we need right now as the world faces so much adversity…please save the series

  18. I just watched the first episode and loved it! ! ! the reality of “The Quest” is amazing! I want to just watch them all and truly hope the show is renewed for at least a few more seasons!
    Come on! ! ! If shows like big brother and survivor can go for so long with how lame they are why not an amazing show like “The Quest” ! ! !

  19. Scott Campbell says:

    Saw this on Netflix Saturday. Watched them all over the weekend. OMGosh. This is awesome. How come this was never promoted? If I knew there were shows like this on television I would watch TV. This is the best show in years.

    • clint says:

      this was a great series. i watched it all in two days with my son. i want to know why it was cancelled

  20. Ivan says:

    started watching Quest last night finished season 1 this morning and went looking for season 2 but WTF no season 2 SERIOUSLY ? I WANT MORE , HELL I WANT TO BE ON THE SHOW.

  21. Eloy Emmanuel Salinas says:

    OMG this show is my calling how do i get on!

  22. Arkiemah S. says:

    I just watched episode 1 last night on Netflix too, I loved it. It’s so different than the regular reality shows out now….and better. I thought it was a Syfy channel show, but when I Googled it and saw it was on ABC I was kind of surprised. Anyway my husband and I would love to be on the show, and we’re hoping there will be a season 2. Syfy needs to pick this show up.

  23. blaze holderman says:

    just fished season one. not only want to see more i want to be part of the next one. not for just the fact of that this is the first reality show i can get behind and see my self having great fun as with the fact i’m a huge fantasy fan.

  24. Laurie says:

    I only just saw THE QUEST for the first time and I am hooked! I looked up to see if it will have a season 2! I sure hope so!

  25. Taran says:

    I was browsing netflix one night … and I saw this and was like …..this this is my dream this is me ! I dream of adventure and helping everyone be the best that they can be I dream of stopping evil I dream of being a hero ! and I watched the entire first season in less then one day ….. and I love to have a second season or even make this last forever I would love to join this adventure and get a chance and a shot at for filling my dream of finally going on that adventure and not just become a hero but help others be the hero that they can be what can I do to make all of this happen ????????????

  26. britt says:

    How will new people be picked for the.quest and how can I be picked plus will you let kids be on the show like my self I think a kid would be a grate add on to the show

  27. Marvin says:

    I loved the quest. It was much better TV than honey boo boo or duck dynasty. Bring it back, there needs to be a good show to watch during the summer

  28. John says:

    I would love to see a Kickstarter for a season two. Shoot to run it as web episodes and let people paypal donate each show to crowd fund for season 3, 4 etc… paypal donate to download the full seasons or stream them. Let the viewer choose the amount they want to give. I loved this show, was totally entertained and would donate far more than the cost of buying the season on DVD etc… given the choice. The Quest could be the crispy cream of TV shows, no advertising yet priceless word of mouth praise and user buy-in.

  29. sophia says:

    Found the quest last night and watcheftbe entire series back to back….was literally immersed in Everealm. ..waiting for the next epic adventure….

  30. erika says:

    I just found The Quest on On Demand and couldn’t stop watching. I hope there is a second season! This show attracts a totally different audience – and once we find it we love it. Too bad I never heard of it before I accidentally stumbled upon it.

  31. Caroline says:

    It seems that so many people watched the show on hulu and such. ABC should take that into consideration. I really really want a season 2. I watched it online of ABCs website. It was basically a 2 day marathon. I loved it! The reason I clicked it was because I was desperate for more Once Upon a Time. Now my sister is watching it, and even my brother want to watch it too! If it had been more promoted, I’m sure it could have been a top show. Just the idea of a Lord of the Ring-esque reality TV show thrills people.

  32. Pierre-Luc says:

    This show is awesome i love the monster and all of the characters they have in this show i will be happy to see this show come back again i do not want it tobe cancelled that was amazing.

  33. chris says:

    Although I am a big science fiction and fantasy fan, I didn’t choose to watch the Quest when it aired. Just finished watching it on UVERSE and would be very happy to watch it again. I found it to be entertaining and really enjoyed how everyone was drawn into the story line. Wonderful sets, costumes and special effects give flesh to the fantasy world. Good job!

  34. Cheryl Coleman says:

    just watched it on hulu…my husband don’t like reality shows but loves this one…I also love it,,hope it comes on again

  35. Geoffrey Nagels says:

    I loved the show, I hope it continues. I also would like to know how top be on the show as a contender.

  36. Bree Salyer says:

    There may not have been as much of a following for the show as the station may have wanted, but ABC is definitely at fault for that aspect. Not only did they not advertise, they pitted it against other already highly watched programs and major sports events.

    If they would take into consideration the amount of people who watched the show AFTER its air dates (ie; Hulu or online cable providers who allow you to watch past shows after, like Xfinity, Cox, CenturyLink, etc..) they would see how many people truly enjoyed the show.

    Not only that, but look at the percentage of positive feedback compared to that of other shows. Nearly ALL of people who were able to view the show continued to watch it. In searching the web to see if I could find out whether they’ve decided on a Season 2 or not, I found that rarely did I find a negative review of the show. So in my opinion, its not really a matter of people not liking the show, it all boils down to the fact that no one knew it existed. I only stumbled across it because I was logged into my cable provider that had it listed as the previous nights showing. Luckily I caught it, otherwise I’d still be none the wiser.

    If ABC doesn’t renew the show (which personally I think would be a huge mistake), would it be possible for another network to pick it up? If they could, they’d already have a loyal fan base. If they promoted it correctly, they’d have a sure winner. I know I’d watch it.

  37. Jon W. says:

    I really hope there is a Season 2! Please continue the Quest!

  38. Barb Redgreen says:


  39. Verlox The Darkness says:

    Seriously.. when is ABC going to drop its balls and move forward (and promote) the second season of this phenomenal show?

    ABC has a “golden ticket” here. Pass this up and ABC slips further into irrelevancy.

  40. Kathleen Higgins says:

    I’m not quite sure I understand why a show as creative as The Quest, was so underpromoted. Though the first episode or so was necessarily overloaded with narrative, after that it was truly addictive—and not just because my son Patrick Higgins was one of the Paladins—but because, once the action start to pick up, it was addictive in the healthiest way possible. I have been in education and social work since 1969. With a major in Speech and Theater and a minor in Art, I appreciated the show, not only for the task undertaken in producing a semi-scripted/semi-improvisational reality show, but also for the acting, costumes, music, and setting. As a social worker who is always concerned about the impact of shows on the viewing audience, I applauded the production of a show that had people watching as familes and friends. My congratulations to the show, its producers and crew, its actors and contestants. As for ABC—oops! you messed up big time.

    • I was cheering on Patrick. He was my second favorite hero next to Bonnie. I was so sad when he was voted off. I hate reality contest shows, but The Quest not only made me want to see more seasons, but I really want to be one of the Paladins one day I hope.

  41. Ashley says:


  42. lorraine says:

    It is such a great show for me to watch with my 3 kids! We all loved it!!!!

  43. pat says:

    same here. let’s have a second season!

  44. Alice says:

    I don’t normally like reality shows, but I am really glad that I watched this one. I loved it and looked forward to it every week. I really hope they renew it for another season.

  45. “The Quest” definitely NEEDS a renewal. Why? Because today’s TV is full of superficialness, bitch-fights, back-stabbing and the defamation of people. I’m so sick of it, that’s why I never watch TV except for a few good series like “Once Upon a Time”, on which’s Facebook page I actually stumpled upon a trailer for “The Quest”.

    I must admit, when I saw the trailer, I was very sceptical because when I heard “Reality Show”, I had the worst expectations of some super nerds being put them into cheap costumes, and then they would have them battle each other in stupid LARP-combats, and most likely they would l film all of that in front of a cheap scenery along with bad, non-credible actors that will cost the show the last bit of authenticity!” I’m so glad that I watched the first episode anyway and was proven sooo wrong!

    “The Quest” is what I miss about TV shows nowadays: First of all, it is a show that is finally bringing forward GOOD values like friendship, decency, solidarity, and loyalty. The interaction between both contestants (Paladins) and actors always happens in a polite way with a lot of compassion. Even if you watch it from a different perspective, the one of the producers, then you see a major difference to other TV shows. The best example will probably be this: One of the contestants has the habit of grunting while laughing. What would be the usual way for a reality show to deal with it? They would repeat every grunting sound twice in slow motion to give the stupid audience a stupid reason to laugh. What is The Quest’s producer’s way of handling it? They let the cutters cut out every single grunt so that the contestant wouldn’t be embarrassed! Isn’t that nice? Isn’t that the sort of acquaintance between people we all want to see more on TV?

    Along with this good values comes everything you could wish for in an exciting fantasy series: Authentic scenery (it was filmes in a real castle in Austria), weapons, costumes and armor that were crafted with a lot of love for detail. A symphonic soundtrack that gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. An enthralling storyline which the Paladins must follow. Twelve down-to-earth people who are no awkward super nerds but every-day-life fantasy fans like myself. And last but definitely not lest an incredibly talented cast of convincing actors who do an awesome job, especially considering the fact that they had to improvise almost 70 % because they just got a rough order in which direction the story should lead, but the interaction with the Paladins was always an unpredictable matter.

    Furthermore, the show’s writers have put so much passion into creating the mystical world of Everealm along with its twelve kingdoms, the dire Marwood and an entire geography, history, mythology, different people, languages, skills and professions, I would really love to see another eleven (or twelve, if you cound the Marwood in) seasons of this enchanting show. “The Quest” is what we need more of: Entertainment for the entire family from a 6 year old who dreams of swordfighting knight up to the 80 year old grandma, everyone can enjoy the show. :)

    Please give it a chance, ABC! Continue the Quest!

  46. Michael Jack says:

    As a big fan of both reality television shows and fantasy stories, I was hooked the moment I heard about The Quest. The show exceeded all my expectations. The production was excellent, but what else would you expect when a couple of the producers also worked on the “Lord of the Rings” movies. What interested me the most, however, was how the contestants (paladins) selected who to banish from the show. Voting people out is a staple of reality contest shows, but on The Quest, contestants chose to keep those that they felt were the best candidates to win rather than the normal back-stabbing to further their own positions. It’s no surprise that the shows producers and fans have chosen to promote good values and heroic deeds in everyday life as well.

  47. StevenKreg says:

    Give us more quest… please!

  48. Debbie says:

    I enjoyed the show and I’d love to see another season

  49. Loved this show over the summer. Hope it gets a second season.

  50. As a member of The Quest’s rapidly growing international fanbase (I’m from Denmark, and have introduced many of my friends to the show, though we’ve had to jump through a few regional hoops to watch), I’d dearly like a second season. This is the first reality show to come out of the US that I have ever enjoyed. Surely it cannot end here.

    The way producers, crew, cast and fanbase alike have unanimously rallied around this show is evidence of it being something truly special, and I hope ABC recognises that :-)

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