‘The Killing’ Cast Praises Netflix, Deeper Storytelling at Season 4 Premiere

The Killing Season 4 Premiere Netflix
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

While “The Killing” may have earned a passionate following over its three-season run on AMC, it was clear at the show’s fourth-season premiere Monday at the ArcLight that the cast members are passionate fans of Netflix.

“We had a partnership with Netflix in season 3,” executive producer Veena Sud told Variety. “So when we wanted to tell the very last season, Netflix was there to catch us and bring us home.”

“The Killing” has now cheated death twice.  After the show’s initial cancellation, Netflix teamed up with AMC in a shared-window pact to help the show live on, however, a low-rated season prompted the cabler to pull the show a second time.  Once more, Netflix stepped in, offering “The Killing” a shortened final run to be offered exclusively on the streaming service.

“To come back twice from the dead is pretty extraordinary, and is such a testament to our fans and to all the support that the studio and Netflix has given the show,” Sud said.

The cast found that working with Netflix had its advantages. By producing content for streaming versus a broadcast model, the show’s structure was no longer bound by traditional regulations. “There’s the old swearing thing and things like that,” said Gregg Henry.

“It doesn’t become gratuitous,” added Levi Meaden of the more colorful language and violence, “but I think you can kind of prod at the darker parts involved in the murders a lot more.”

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Meaden and co-stars Tyler Ross and Sterling Beaumon described the final season as “darker than it’s ever been,” crediting the creatives for truly shining after Netflix allowed them free rein over the show.

“Netflix is changing television by changing the way [it] is allowed to structure story,” said Meaden. The freedom of the streaming platform put the show in a position to explore grittier facets of the show’s universe without restraint, in addition to offering a new murder, and follow-up from “The Killing’s” last run of episodes.

Cast members, including guest star Frances Fisher, also felt a great amount of good faith from Netflix’s pilot-free policy. “Nobody has to sit around and wait for 25 executives to make a decision,” Fisher said.

“And it’s such a confidence booster,” she exclaimed, “Netflix just says cast it, do it and go. It gives the performers a lot of confidence — it’s a great working relationship to have.”

Ultimately, the cast expressed their gratitude to the show’s fans, who stood behind it even in its darkest hour. “The fans absolutely affected the longevity of this show,” stressed lead actress Mireille Enos. “Without them we would’ve had two wonderful seasons, and then it would’ve gone by the wayside but because of the fans’ response we got a third season and then finally a fourth.”

All six episodes of “The Killing’s” fourth season will be available for streaming on Aug. 1.

(Pictured: Showrunner Veena Sud, Netflix’s Cindy Holland, Mireille Enos and Fox Television Studios’ David Madden at “The Killing” season 4 premiere)

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  1. oh please, just resurrect the series. with Netflix or whatever. I binge watched it and want to see more. Linden and Holder…back on the force…so much story possibilities there.

  2. Anna Faulk says:

    I had never heard of the series but once I started watching it on Netflix I was hooked. I am sorely disappointed that season four is the last one. Although the writer of this show said the characters have nowhere else to go in the series I believe any one capable of the writing in the first four seasons could come up with more. Hope it is not over. A. Faulk

  3. Summi says:

    I don’t think this show was advertised properly when it first aired. I had never heard of it until one of my friends recommended I watch it on Netflix. I binge watched all four seasons in a couple days and still wanted more. This is such an amazing show I am rewatching it for the third time. And recommend it to anyone else looking for something to watch on Netflix
    What’s the chance of another resurrection of The Killing? The fan base is out here

  4. Natalie says:

    I loved this show! I’m crossing my fingers it will come back from the dead, again!! Loved it so much!

  5. Susan Allen says:

    I am so mourning my loss: The Killing. Best ever series, and I cannot find anything else to take its place. The Linden/Holder chemistry was especially rare. The Seattle mood contributed greatly, as did the terrific intelligent dialogue and suppporting characters. I kid you not, I am truly at a loss! There just weren’t enough people I know that had even heard of the series… Why no advertising? It could have made it!!

  6. Mary Turner says:

    The Killing was a rare thing: an excellent series from acting, writing, and producing (even Seattle was a major character) and there are so many people who really got it and liked it, I wonder that Netflix doesn’t revive it. Netflix is the perfect place for it. Thing is, to continue, it would need Enos, Kinnaman, Sud, and the writers. Oh, and Seattle.
    BTW, here it is, fall 2015, and I just got finished writing comments to a Facebook group dedicated to The Killing. There are around 25 people, just tonight, still writing about the show.

  7. KAREN KING says:

    Just finished season 4 of the killing and can’t believe it is over. The best show ever. Well written and well acted. I hope they change their minds and do another season.

  8. Laurie Plummer says:

    I can’t believe this is the last season love this show

  9. Edie Wharton says:

    I am a big fan of The Killing. I don’t understand why this unbelievable show has to stop with season 4.
    The suspense and the story line and all the actors are outstanding. This is an award winning show and it needs to continue. Please bring it back and I don’t care if it is on Netflix or AMC, whatever floats your boat, just bring it back………….please.
    Hopefully Yours !!!!!!!

  10. Angelia says:

    I absolutely love The Killing. Ever night I can’t wait to get home from work to watch it with my husband. I can’t fathom it ever struggling to stay on air. If more people knew about it after the first season first episode I was hooked and think most would be too. I’ve told everyone to watch it. Just wish I’d known about it sooner. Now only to binge watch three episodes and the fourth is only six episodes and it’s the end????? It can’t be. You have to write more. Please and thank you.

  11. Sharon miskofski says:

    CANT WAIT for Season 4. Thank you Netflix!! I’m hooked and the best TV Series. I HOPE there is Season 5!!!!
    Linden and Holder are magnificent.

  12. Heather says:

    I just found this on Netflix and have watched the first 2 seasons in a week. Just started season 3. Perhaps with the economy, people aren’t getting cable anymore and prefer Netflix, Roku, and Amazon Prime. I did have cable when this show first came out and never heard of it. I would have at least watched the first show and gotten hooked like I have now.

    I’m interested in seeing the rest of season 3, but also look forward to season 4 for the darker content.

    Great show! Would love to see it continue!

  13. Kathie says:

    Wow! you had me at the first episode. Am anxious for season 4 to begin hoping maybe it won’t be the final after all! Choosing Seattle location is perfect for the brutal reality of the story line. Dark mysterious woodlands and misty fog gives me the chills.

  14. Kelly says:

    Hoping that this has amazing ratings on Netflix so that hopefully it will continue on for many seasons! Great Show

  15. Angelica says:

    The best miniseries I’ve seen in a very long time. I can’t believe that the ratings were low, enough to cancel the series twice? I don’t think that it was advertised enough. The story development grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. I agree that the chemistry between Linden and Holder is amazing. I just wish the fourth season was not the last one. However, I will take what they can give us.

  16. Tre' says:


  17. Erica says:

    One of the Best shows EVER!!!!! The Chemistry between the two main characters can’t be beat!!!

  18. Kal says:

    I can’t wait for this! I love The Killing, it’s dark, gritty. Sad that it’s not going to go on for a few more seasons, where they can investigate more brutal serial murders.

  19. zen4zoey says:

    Last season was the best so far. Looking forward to seeing how they wrap this up!

  20. Jonathan says:

    Can’t wait!!!

    • Andee says:

      So agree with ALL comments above. Best series I ever binged. Want MORE….MORE….SO MUCH MORE. Forever more. Best narrative, acting moving, mystery…..EVER. Congratulations to all involved in the production. You have revived my interest in quality programming. Outstanding. That includes the musical score. Just perfect. I want to see MORE of this adult series. It doesn’t insult the intelligence.

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