‘The Rover’ Premiere: Producer Praises Robert Pattinson as ‘Consummate Actor’

Robert Pattinson at "The Rover" premiere
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

After a starry premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and director David Michod brought “The Rover” to The Regency Bruin Thursday.

Michod told Variety that he hadn’t been familiar with Pattinson’s previous work. “Rob just came in and did a beautiful audition for me that was both vulnerable and completely alive,” he said.

“This proved that seeing him work with Guy Pearce and Scoot McNairy, we realize he’s a consummate actor,” added producer David Linde. “He’s in the ‘Twilight’ movies and people don’t think of him in this way, but as you see in this movie he’s the real deal.”

For Pattinson, he said his goal is to work with good, ambitious directors. “These roles just don’t come up that often,” he said. “A script like this is so rare, I mean, it’s in the top five scripts I’ve ever read.”

Pattinson plays Rey, a yellow-toothed, simple-minded man who is one of the last survivors in a world 10 years after an economic collapse.

“I like how my character was set up. It was just sort of two really dense dialogue heavy scenes in the midst of almost no dialogue, so it let you be pretty free to do anything with it,” said Pattinson.

And on his character: “I think he’s someone who’s been regarded by absolutely everyone around him of having something wrong with him his whole life and he’s never required to think for himself. So when Erik (played by Pearce) kidnaps/adopts him, it forces him to think, (but) the mechanism of thought is so rusty, he has to kind of force it out and it’s almost like he’s being born again.”

“The Rover” has been described as a post-apocalyptic film, but Michod said, “I actually didn’t want the story be post-apocalyptic, I wanted it to be to the extent, like an apocalypse, as something that wipes everything out.”

“I wanted everything that was wrong in the world to feel directly connected to everything that is wrong in the world today.”

Pearce plays the lead role in the film. “I had to go through a bit of a process with (David Michod) just talking about the character to try and understand it,” he said. “There’s a lot of him that’s kind of gone now. I needed to understand some of the things he had in order to, therefore, lose them.”

Linde said pairing Pearce and Pattinson was really exciting because they are two guys who are in two very different parts of their career.

“For Rob, we always felt he was on the cusp of doing very serious and accomplished work, and the idea of a guy who’s been doing it for a while and one who’s really emerging seemed very exciting.”

Producer Liz Watts, Susan Prior, Jaime King, Rami Malek, Claudia Levy, Bar Paly, Peter Facinelli also attended the premiere. The party, sponsored by Loft & Bear, continued at the W Hotel, with Pattinson pals Katy Perry, Zac Efron and Catherine Hardwicke.

A24’s “The Rover” is scheduled for limited release on June 13 in New York City and Los Angeles. The film opens nationwide on June 20.

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  1. Cam says:

    Pattinson is indeed incredibly good. When even critics are saying that he’s brilliant, that means something, doesn’t it? This role is so different from what he has done before. In Cosmopolis he was still the handsome man in a suit. It’s not only the dirt and the teeth, it is him disappearing totally into this character.

    Rey is simple and not simple, he surprises people in certain actions. He is innocent but at the same time also a gang member, he is dependent but is able to make decisions too at times. Rob brings all these aspects together. In fact he was even better than I had expected.

    I also found the film more emotional than Animal Kingdom. In AK the family was criminal in order to make their business going, in The Rover people act criminal out of despair, of misery.

    Just saying, when people rave about his performance they don’t exaggerate IMHO.

  2. Hana says:

    Rob Pattinson is very good and amazing

  3. Maria says:

    Someone who says wanker twice is an idiot. Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce are getting amazing reviews.

    • ang says:

      Im with Harry on this one as he’s provided a well thought out mini review and has seen the film which is not what I can say about Peter and Maria.
      I saw this turkey at the Sydney Film Festival and huge amount of people were leaving the session before the film had finished. Harry’s critique is spot on as there’s very little to like.
      pattinson’s accent is,undisciphereable and very indulgent. I’m happy to see ” more to the point ” comments from people like Harry then Peter and Mary who haven’t seen this movie in what should have been a straight to cable movie. This film will completely sink at the box office!

      • You tried says:

        What a joke. People were tweeting all night about the Sydney premiere, no one walked out. No point in lying about it, the toughest critic in the country, Margaret Pomeranz loved the movie and it got a great reception. They had a sold out screening the next day, too, which wouldn’t happen if people had walked out the night before. It was the hottest ticket at the Festival.

        The Q and A the next day was also sold out and we’ve all seen the pics of the line waiting to get in. The film is so hot in LA, they added several Thursday night showings to try and meet the demand.

        You know, trying to trash Pattinson and his films will never make Kristen Stewart more popular. Her fans are very transparent and pathetic.

  4. peter says:

    So, Harry, who are you that we should care what you think?

    • harry says:

      Thats what these blogs/comments are designed for wanker. If you don’t like critical assesment then look elsewhere wanker!

  5. harry georgatos says:

    This film is a poor cross between the first MAD MAX movie and KILLING THEM SOFTLY. It’s a futuristic western, social-realist minimalist piece that becomes tedious as society is on economic and environmental collapse. Michod is not a theatrical feature film director but a better then average tele movie director at best. THE ROVER is full of predictability and cliches. In the hands of a better writer director this could have been special as there’s very little story and character exposition to draw the viewer into the story in a compelling nature.

  6. peter says:

    Guy Pearce is always good. Wonderful in THE KING’S SPEECH and should have been much bigger after his great LA CONFIDENCIAL performance. And good for Rob Pattinson. Best Supporting Actor nom and Best Actor nom, finally, for Pearce, please Academy Nominating.

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