‘Noah’ Director Darren Aronofsky: ‘There Isn’t Really a Controversy’

Darren Aronofsky
Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

'I'm more concerned about getting non-believers into the theater,' the filmmaker says at exhibit

“There isn’t really a controversy,” “Noah” director Darren Aronofsky said just seven days after Paramount Pictures decided to add a disclaimer to moviegoers that the film is not exactly the same story portrayed in the Bible.

In February, Variety ran a story stating that the film may face some rough seas with religious audiences, according to a survey conducted by Raleigh, N.C.-based organization Faith Driven Consumers. Paramount criticized the story as “misleading.”

“The controversy is all about the unknown and about the fear of people trying to exploit a Bible story,” Aronofsky said Thursday at a Gotham art exhibit promoting the film’s March 28 release. “It will all disappear as soon as people start seeing the film.”

Titled “Fountains of the Deep: Visions of Noah and the Flood,” the West Broadway exhibit curated by Aronofsky featured the interpretations of the biblical story of Noah’s Ark by 50 contemporary artists and comic book legends.

“When I was in post-production (on “Noah”) and staring at my editor’s back for hours upon hours, I started daydreaming about approaching other artists to see what they would come up when thinking of the original story of Noah in the book of Genesis,” Aronofsky explained. “So I approached them and said, ‘don’t think about the movie. Don’t go on the Internet. Don’t look at stolen paparazzi shots of Russell (Crowe). Just go back to the original text and paint or create what you see and this exhibit is the result.”

Paintings and photographs of naked men and women as well as animals flying through Manhattan skyline were among the featured artworks.

“The film was made for believers and non-believers,” the helmer explained before guests arrived. “I’m more concerned about getting non-believers into the theater or people who are less religious. A lot of people are thinking, ‘Oh. I don’t want to go see a Bible movie,’ but we completely shook up all expectations and people will see that as soon as they sit down and watch the movie. That is kind of what this art show is all about.”

As for signing on to do a movie without final cut approval again?

“I come from a place where I have very limited resources and I keep making what I have better and better and better,” he said. “I think Paramount was about just trying everything that was possible. I’m very meticulous in my planning stage so I felt that it wasn’t going to fit together in different ways. The puzzle didn’t work that way, but you do learn things from the process (of not having final cut). It’s just a little bit painful. I’d rather just keep working on something and polishing it more and more.”

Studio re-cuts followed by test screenings of the $125 million pic made the 45-year-old director reflect on his next professional step.

“I love big movies and small movies and television,” he said. “I love storytelling, but I’m not going to make another (nine-figure budget film) tomorrow. I need a break.”

In terms of persuading Paramount to give an auteur all that money to make a film based on a story from the Bible, Aronofsky said it was a boat, not Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” which took in over $611 million at the box office that convinced the studio to back the film.

“I said, it’s at least the second most famous boat if not the most famous boat after the Titanic,” helmer laughed. “That was my pitch.”

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  1. I’m a Russell Crowe fan, but Aronofsky and the rest of the Captains of “this ship” dove it off a really high cliff. The movie “Noah” screamed HERESY, ANTIGOD PROPAGANDA, and even racial bigotry. Even from the very beginning the written captions were completely unsupported, misinformation and inaccuracy. I do realize that there is such a thing as artistic freedom/creative license, but when you’re dealing with this type of material, I suggest directors, producers and the like use wise judgement. The creators of “Noah” 2014 did not. I realize also that this version of this Biblical history was more of a “what if …”ficticious expression of film artistry, rather one than actually depicting an account based on truth, evidence, or supportable data. Maybe Hollywood should ask Speilberg or Fuqua to have a go with it. We would probably see a much better movie. Better luck next time.

  2. Margo says:

    It would have been nice if “non-believers” were able to see the true story as told in the Bible. If the movie prompts them to look up the story in Genesis, that’s great- but many may not and will then have a different story than in God ‘s Word.

  3. Casey Deborah says:

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  4. Defiant says:

    Good point…I’m a non-believer and I have ZERO interest in this movie. I’m fascinated with the bible…and Catholicism too…but NOT in Hollywood’s spin on the story…

  5. Noah is unimportant.
    We read the Bible for Jesus, not Noah, or anyone else.

  6. ragu4u says:

    It’s Aronofsky’s film. Let him do it any darned way he pleases. As far as Noah goes…..I think he’d had worn the “High & tight” haircut look had he thought of it back then but hey, hindsight is 20/20 and all that!

  7. Fred says:

    After a 150 days and night under salt water all the plant life would of been destroyed as God said he would do. “Destroy all life” . So when the Ark landed and open up every thing on board would of starve to death. You can’t grow anything on salted ground. You got to be stupid to believe a story like that.

  8. Jim Stensos says:

    after reading some of the comments here regarding this film I really think both sides need to lighten up. after all it is entertainment. how can anyone judge a film before seeing it? undoubtedly the storyline will not match up exactly with the Biblical account. as a believer in the literal account in the Bible I will not feel betrayed by a different portrayal, nor will I consider it a false gospel put out to mislead the people. its Russell Crowe, its entertainment. if you’re a fan of Crowe you’ll probably love it, if not stay home. I do not expect this film to have the same impact as “Passion of the Christ”, it’s a different kind of film. I found that most people who opposed that film had a strong dislike for Mel Gibson and would never be happy. sure, everyone has an agenda, mine is simply to be entertained by “Noah”, anything else will be a bonus.

  9. Ben says:

    I dare any of you who believe in the Noah story as literal to watch this debate between Bill Nye the science guy and Ken Ham of the creation museum.

    • Jeff says:

      Ben, thanks for the YouTube debate, I will watch it when I have the time. The fact is we will never know everything and this is the point of the book of Job, with its unresolved conclusion. Another thing is the modern Bible’s Old Testament is translated from Masoretic text, this makes it difficult or perhaps impossible to get everything correct, however in the New Testament Christ speaks of the flood as a real event, so I have to believe it happened and please don’t say that it’s a fact that it didn’t happen, because there is plenty of damage to the Earth’s surface that had to be caused by something, most likely water. At least this Movie gives prominent cause of this flooding by the Fountains of the Deep, the first statement in the flood story and rain being the second. This is an important fact because a great amount of water can be contained below the Earth’s surface. There is an article titled Water World in National Geographic that discusses a massive body of water that lies under China.

      I would recommend a book Titled “Talking with God” by Rodger D. Isaacs, that goes in-depth on the topic of how the Old Testament has been translated and how some things are probably wrong.

      I also read your statement above about 6,000 years, I don’t think this is settled either.

      I just have one thing to say about destroying the world, only someone who creates something can have the right to destroy it, the thing that is created has no say in this, and I absolutely believe that no man has the right to kill someone else in the name of god. This is what happened when Christ Apostles wanted to call down fire on a town that wouldn’t believe, Christ’s response was “Get behind me Satan” This should be remembered by anyone who thinks they have the right to kill, whether it’s for religious reasons or environmental ones.

      One last thing, please don’t tell me that Bill Nye has the answer for the Big Bang Space Time Singularity, or the answer for the origin of consciousness. Remember Evolutionist were against the Big Bang in the beginning that was explained by Georges Lemaitre (a priest) and Alexander Friedmann.

      Sorry I know this was long, but so is your video. Also I like to watch Bill Nye.

      Peace brother!

    • KP says:

      Bill Nye is an engineer and not even a Ph.D. He is not a biologist, chemist, physicist, geneticist or climatologist. Thus, his opinions are not arrived at based upon his own experimentation or observations. He is an entertainer, nothing more. Thus, his opinions on the origin of man are no more well informed than the average person with a bachelor’s degree.

    • Jim Crockett says:

      Life’s too short. I’m not going to spend more than two hours watching a debate on science by two guys with no graduate degrees in science. One represents only a minority of Christians and the other is a children’s TV host. They might be great guys, but no thanks.

    • Yes, because Ken Ham speaks for all Christians, and Bill Nye is a widely-accepted expert on all sciences related to evolution, geology, cosmology, etc., not to mention global cooling…I mean…global warming…oh wait….CLIMATE CHANGE….whew..finally got that one right.

      All people with deeply-held religious beliefs are now atheists. That’s how good Bill Nye is.

  10. Vikon99 says:

    Well, he’s a moron then. I’m an atheist but Christians make up the VAST bulk of the US which is more than 50% of the worldwide revenue. If you pass off your core market what else do you have? A 100 million dollar art film?

    • Wallace says:

      As a Christian I see your point, but I do think it will make money in the end, even if for the higher “popcorn” appeal than most other movies of biblical theme. Aronofsy has a pretty big core of fans who will see ALL of his work, and add to that some controversy regarding interpretation, and I think you have a healthy opening weekend and overall profit in the end. But this relies still on successful marketing. Curiosity alone has my interest, and worst case is I won’t like it. I doubt the director set out to make an “insulting” movie, just a unique one with cross-appeal.

  11. It sounds like they’re getting ready for a 125 million dollar flop. I haven’t noticed any advertising on TV for the movie. That would be at least another 50 million.

    • Sammie says:

      Of course it’s going to make money, the churches are all buying up tickets to assure that the theatres won’t be empty.
      Joel Osteen is one of the biggest buyers, (and fraud imo)

  12. Kalamere says:

    This guy is a moron. He clearly doesn’t know how to promote his film and the people who invested in it will lose a bundle.

  13. CJHames says:

    Ok … so this man thinks ‘non-believers’ are going to go see a movie about Noah? And he believes Christians are going to give their money to a man who grossly mis-represents God’s word? Me thinks he’s in for a very rude awakening, and an even shorter run in theaters. His Producers are about to lose an incredible sum of money

    • Tom says:

      most Christians are not into “inside baseball” and are not aware of the controversy over the “interpretation” that the movie spins on the Noah tale. Millions will probably go simply because they will think it is a movie about the bible. Rude shock awaiting, but money for the studio.

    • Wallace says:

      It seems unlikely this will be a loss. The controversy alone usually all but guarantees tens of millions in opening weekend gross alone. It won’t pull in over $80 million like the even more controversial Passion of the Christ did, but it seems reasonable Noah will recoup the $150 million price tag to make it.

  14. Chris Parker says:

    Leftists hate the right. They don’t give a crap about anything the right cares about. Leftists are the new Nazi haters of the 21st century.

    Hate, hate, hate.

    Intolerant fundamentalists all.

  15. Chris Parker says:

    Global warming stopped 17 years ago. Why are leftist fools still pushing this anti-scientific crap?

  16. Bob says:

    Unless he included Enoch as background, the story is Bravo Sierra. Who’s playing the part of Enoch? Who’s playing Aza’el?

  17. Solder de la Croix says:

    When Aronofsky warped the narrative of Scripture to force and environmentalist agenda down our throats, he guaranteed that this believer would not pay to see “Noah”. So, yes, indeed, there is no controversy. He is catering to people who will believe any tripe, up to an including nothing, and he is welcome to them. Let the environmentalist wackos, atheists, and other irreligious nuts fill the cinemas to see his story.

  18. bodge says:

    Oh deary me the old BS of gods and demons being pointlesly splattered all over the place by “god fearing” religiously insane fools. You have more chance of getting non beliebers (justin type) in.

    • paint101 says:

      I spoke with Barrie Schwortz who is a world authority on the Shroud of Turin at length in 2006. The Shroud defies science. The carbon dating was wrong. String theory predicts a multidimensional universe. Your insults were unnecessary to make your point.

  19. tom kocher says:

    Well, … if by some means it turns out the Ark has been found for certain .. it will become more important than the Titanic in one heatbeat. !! Thus signifying that Jesus wasn’t making it up as he went along about his Father being the one true God. And it is going to suddenly make a lot of universalist types squirm to think that there is indeed a day of reckoning with the God of the Old Testament. Believe me … if the Ark did exist, you better know you are not going to have it both ways !!

    • Actually, all carbon dating is wrong. It begins with the big bang theory, which was proven wrong once the hubble got a real lense. What, no one knows this? How can that be, it was in the news, for a micro second…

    • Philip Coon says:

      Even if the Ark were to be Found the alphabet soup media would bring out “ALL The Experts” telling us how it is not an Ark but maybe a Temple or Possibly a Boat but not near Large enough for all the animals!! What most people fail to realize is we have the Most Signifigant discovery Ever Right NOW, The Dead Sea Scrolls, go on youtube and Look up the Mystries of the Dead sea scrolls by Joel Lampe, these are the Oldest copies of the Original Old Testsment, Proving today’s Bible is Accurate and Dependable!!!

  20. Tommy Peters says:

    Keep an eye on the stars. Screen persona does not reflect real-life. Jet-Li was caught on film running away from a tsunami while others behind him perished. I’m sure Crowe will not hold a press conference to say he was unaware he was playing Noah and he will sue the director for misrepresenting his role, but safe to assume the Gladiator will bolt if he is stopped on the street and asked for directions, in Arabic.

  21. Calvin says:

    I want to get the non-believers into the theater….I guess he means people who don’t believe in climate change or radical environmentalism. He goes on to say that people are saying we don’t want to watch a movie about religion….really? Son of God and Passion of the Christ prove otherwise.

  22. I can’t stand watching these films, including Greek mythology. The have no link to the past. And like all left wing Hollywood propaganda, they’re more interested in getting their indoctrination to the uninformed, low information audiences.

  23. marine43 says:

    Typical Hollywood. We KNEW you couldn’t follow the Bible! Won’t see and will tell all that will listen to do the same!!!

  24. George says:

    And when it really happened it was the result of the sinfulness of mankind since all flesh had corrupted itself on the earth except for Noah and the world was filled with violence. And so the Lord decided to judge mankind and start over with Noah and his family. And would have taken anyone elce into the Ark of Safety if they would have repented of their sins and believed God and Noahs preaching . But most of them did not and so they perished in the world wide flood. And just as today , the Ark of Safety from the wrath of God on an a unbelieving and sinful world can be avoided if one will repent and believe the gospel in their hearts and trust the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord God. And that he came to die for their sins on the cross, shedding his sinless blood as the full atonement for their sins, being buried, and rising from the dead the third day, being seen of men, and going back up to heaven. And will save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him. And deliver their eternal soul from the punishment of their sins in hell eternally and take them to his heaven. But he wants us to change our minds about sin and then turn from them to Christ and pray and ask him for his forgiveness for our sins and to give to us his gift of eternal life by faith. This is found in the King James Version Holy Bible in John and Romans and 1 Thessalonians and other places. Sincerely ;

  25. wb says:

    nice line about the second most popular boat in history.

  26. William Ripskull says:

    When they say to “non-believers”, are they referring to atheists or people who don’t believe in Global Warming?

  27. JBSPuddintane says:

    There is certainly no controversy amongst believers.
    The film will be found to be wanting.

  28. Lee lomgchamp says:

    The bible has been around for thousands of years because millions of people see some truth in the stories. The movie is worthwhile as shown by the opinions, attitudes and comments here. Most haven’t even seen the movie. I hope everyone does see the movie. Then there will be the basis for some intelligent discussion.

    • nelson says:

      my thoughts exactly!

    • marine43 says:

      There is nothing intelligent about globull warming believers. They have their OWN religion!

      • Here’s the problem with christians or “believers”. Already bashing non-believers because of an article by the movie maker who is interested in getting non-believers to see the movie. I mean what makes you folk happy? Keep your beliefs to yourselves and let non-believers be. Is that so hard?? However, if you want to draw non-believers to your circle wouldn’t it be “christian-like” to display the very love that your jesus supposedly taught? Not judge others for their beliefs? jesus himself said that there will be those who will ignore him. what bible and faith are you practicing? get it through your heads. this world is full of all different religions and some care to follow your jesus beliefs and others don’t. your religion is not perfect by far so don’t get offended.

      • I disagree. We have seen plenty of examples of the left wing Hollywood types expropriating our myths and putting them to their own uses. And when you see a movie that purports to be based on real events, you know that none of it is true. Hollywood is just churning out propaganda. In the old days it was patriotic, now our values from the past are denigrated.

  29. Richard says:

    The sheer ignorance on this message thread about the Bible, its authors, origins, authenticity and historical accuracy is frankly astounding. I’d love to know where you get your lies and distortions from.

  30. Kevin Birge says:

    To be fair, I know the Bible story well. I can read it anytime. Films are films, not religious texts. I believe the Bible. That book is what it is and no film can depict it. I just want Noah…to be a good movie.

  31. Isn’t that approach a little like making a movie about Superman, but he’s really not Superman?

  32. Barb says:

    I think the director is more worried about “believers” in global warming than presenting an inspiring Bible story.

  33. Pastor Russ says:

    Don’t worry. The religious have already screwed up everyones thinking.

  34. 'Nother-Son-'O-Ursus_Rexx says:

    We are ALL entitled tour own beliefs…no one is entitled to their own set of ‘facts’!
    Consider the following ‘facts’ for just a moment…

    The zoos in ANY/EVERY metropolitan city, world-wide, REQUIRE a ‘24/7’ staff of several thousand, PLUS, MULTIPLE outside vendors…
    Specialist Vets, grocers, environmentalists, truckers, assistants, exploited graduate students, etc….merely to maintain the animals / exhibits in a ‘reasonable’ state of health, such, that they DON’T see the authorities shutting ’em down…and…

    That is as it should be!
    …Keeping even 1 lion/tiger/hippopotamus/giraffe/elephant/etc., (in captivity), is NOT like the cats / dogs I’ve hand – raised, over the past (nearly) 60 years!

    We’re supposed to believe that, (perhaps 10-12-50-100…), neolithic-people…

    People with the same level of ‘cultural / scientific’ development as the folks who created, (…England’s), ‘Stonehenge’ could, somehow…construct a (‘Noaic-Flood-Worthy’), ship, then load an overwhelmingly complete & hostile group of ALL the ‘flora / fauna’ on earth, despite the fact that these, (herbivore), animals DON’T take kindly to hangin’ with their, (overtly), ‘carnivorous’ homies??????

    Is there enough ‘L.S.D.’ to make such a mass hallucination…

    I live in the NYC area.
    We have an exhibit called the “Intrepid Air-Space Museum”…
    I served as a paramedic, covering the Intrepid, a few times…It’s HUGE, but…
    Ironically, the U.S.S. Intrepid, an (‘Essex-class’) attack aircraft carrier of ‘slightly, post WW-2’ vintage, is roughly the same size, (give or take10-20%), as Noah’s Ark (allegedly) was…

    While there is some scientific / anthropologic disagreement as to exactly how long a cubit is/was…
    800 CUBITS works out to ‘800 x ‘18.something’ inches, which, in turn, works out to, (very) roughly…
    1200 feet;
    Slightly larger than Intrepid’s 872-length x 147-beam x 43 feet draft…

    Have you seen Caesar Milan, (The Dog Whisperer’) assisting imbecilic yuppies re their dogs?
    Tens, to hundreds, of thousands, of large and small plants, herbivores & carnivores occupying, what?
    …Cages, all cramped together on Intrepid’s hanger deck…?

    While the ark is jostled, ‘round, like (the equally fictional), S.S. Poseidon? …For days, weeks, months???
    Sorry, but…
    That’s a ‘Monty-Python’ calculation!

    • troyhofeling says:

      Yeah – what an unbelievable concept this is? The God that created all life would not prepare a way for Noah to comply with His commands. You must either make your argument that there is no God or concede that if there is a creator then it follows that He could make this task possible. Since I am quite sure you fall into the “no creator” camp then I would suggest that your explanation for your own existence must require as much if not more faith than the story of Noah.

    • Augustine Thomas says:

      You feel so smart and you don’t realize what an idiot you’re making yourself out to be. You really need to stop getting your information from anti-Christian, leftist conspiracy websites written in all caps and bright colors..

      The story of Noah doesn’t assert that all the creatures in the world were on the ark, nor that all the world flooded (only fundamentalists and atheists who want to make Christianity look unbelievable for their master Satan, say that)!

      The story suggests that all the mountains in the region where Noah lived was flooded and all the people of God were killed (because the rest of the world was full of Godless heathens). Similarly, Noah collected all the creatures from his locale that would have been destroyed by the flood–the actual number of species isn’t given.

      Furthermore, do you bitter atheists not realize how ridiculous you sound when you suggest that the Being which created the Milky Way is incapable of keeping animals alive on an ark or even creating the world in seven human days..
      Who are you to put limits on the Being that created the Milky Way, average Internet Atheist that you are?

  35. Robert says:

    You won’t.instant flop

  36. Shaniqua Braxton says:

    What kind of foods they be havin on
    the boat ?

  37. sktuc says:

    don’t worry about non believers seeing the film. Hey, they think they are Trekkies and other made up Movie characters.
    It will be a Block Buster except in Islam.

  38. pvsheridan2 says:

    Anyone that has studied these subjects KNOWS that the hebrew and later jewish version of this story is a matter of plagiarism, which occurred thousands of years after the fact, and was based on texts that predate Babylon! The source(s) of this epic predates the existence of “hebrew” people, let-alone “jews.” So, this begs the questions: What does this Ukrainian jew want us to “believe”? Probably that the character Noah was jewish? We do not, because he was not. But can you say “Propaganda”?

    • amyg says:

      Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Noah was a Jew. Where do you get this stuff? Have you ever actually opened the Bible and read about Noah. Try actually knowing what you are talking about for a change.

  39. metamatician says:

    Who gives a rat’s ass. Why would any director who considers himself an ‘auteur’ do a movie about possibly the lamest story in the bible, whatever his spin on it? Make up a new story if you’re so creative.

  40. ChrisGC says:

    Probably because he is more of a “helmet”. ;-)

  41. LostInTranslation says:

    Lol, I had no idea what a “helmer” was until now. I was reading this article and thinking “who the hell is ‘helmer’ and why does he spell his name in lower case”? So I looked it up. If “helmer” means “a film director” why isn’t Darren Aronofsky referred to as “a helmer”?

  42. Brian says:

    According to Spiritism, create by Allan Kardec in 1857, when he published The Spirits Book, the Bible, according to the spirit world is not to be taken literally, the information was given to the people of the time according to their capacity to comprehend it. The spiritual message, of love and understanding, is constant. Also, do some discovery on the writings of Chico Xavier, medium author of books told to him by spirits. We are here on earth to learn and those that do wrong on earth, like those TV ministers who only want money, will pay for it in their next life.

    • Neil Huff says:

      That is just the point, isn’t it? They don’t believe in an afterlife and a judgment! They make their living pretending to be something they are not. Just as actors do. It is an easy way to make a lot of money. In both cases the more convincing one is, the more moola rolls in.

    • Neil Huff says:

      I’ll be sure to look him up, Thanks!

  43. WilliamPenn says:

    By this time next year, I’ll be like Wayne and Garth: “Didn’t see it!”

    • Neil Huff says:

      Please share your enlightenment. I’m always ready to learn something new. Simply calling me names without any helpful references is just wasting time: your’s and mine.

  44. Neil Huff says:

    Ninety-nine percent of all priests, preachers, rabbis and Perfect Masters would run screaming in stark terror from their temples if ever for one solitary second they truly believed in the existence of the bloody, crazy, ferocious god they publically profess.

    • amyg says:

      Perhaps you missed the part about the New Testament. They would not go screaming anywhere, because they understand the sacrifice that Jesus made. Try talking to a Bible-believing Christian. They will fill you in on the Good News that most libs lie about.

  45. Mike says:

    I’m a non believer, but am going to see this movie. I love fiction.

  46. Neil Huff says:

    Exactly! Those are the ones who didn’t know in a recent poll that the earth circles the sun, that Big foot doesn’t exist and crop circles are a man made prank… No film maker will go broke catering to these folk.

  47. Neil Huff says:

    Precisely! That is what I have been writing to all those who profess Christianity without knowing exactly what that entails. They know nothing of the real tenets of their bible and dogma of their faith but only what the preachers consider the least offensive, least insane version of it.

  48. SRF says:

    In addition to being a genocidal maniac and acting in a manner reflective of a schizophrenic disorder, the monster deity of the Bible is the staunchest of misogynists, a prominent ally of rape and slavery, the most enthusiastic promoter of child abuse and mass murder, the sower of racial hatred, sanctifying the use of fear to force compliance to a rigid doctrine requiring the hideous requirement of human sacrifice for salvation, a conveyer of superstition and backer of thought crimes, plus the loudest voice of anti-reason and enemy of rational discourse; all the while displaying a vainglorious and vindictive need to be loved while threatening those who don’t to eternal torment. The pathological god of the ‘Good Book’ also seems to condone the holy parasites of financial scam artists in the form of televangelists and others, as he fails to keep such cynical deceivers in check, or provide relief to those victimized by religious fraud. He knows where all the missing children are, yet does nothing. Allows millions to starve in Africa, does nothing. Satan himself, if he existed, would cringe at the bloodlust of god’s wrath as described in the ‘holy’ books of the world.

    • Renny says:

      I was about to say the same thing, but you got there first. I’m sure all directors would rather have only 10-20% of the nation at their movies instead of the vast majority. What maroons these doofuses are.

  49. Neil Huff says:

    Mary was an add on, I think around 200CE. The earliest writings didn’t mention her or a virgin birth. But several pagan deities did feature a virgin birth for their god so the writers of these fictional tales decided to give their JC a virginal mama to increase recruitment of those for whom this was important.

    • Jim Crockett says:

      Reply to Tom —
      Matthew was Jesus’ disciple and he wrote about the virgin birth.

    • Tom says:

      perhaps, Jim, but isn’t it interesting that Jesus NEVER mentioned a virgin birth in any of his preachings, and no one that followed him while he was alive appeared to know anything about it. One would have thought it important, no?

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