Leonardo DiCaprio to Speak at State Department’s ‘Our Ocean’ Conference

Leonardo DiCaprio Our Oceans ConferenceAxelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Leonardo DiCaprio is set to speak at the State Department’s “Our Ocean” conference Tuesday morning.

Secretary of State John Kerry will introduce DiCaprio, who will speak immediately after a video appearance by President Obama.

“I’m pleased that Leo DiCaprio is lending his powerful voice to our call to action to work together to protect the world’s ocean,” said Secretary Kerry.

Kerry invited the “Wolf of Wall Street” star to the conference because of the dedication that he and his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation have demonstrated in efforts to protects the world’s oceans and the environment. In February, the DiCaprio Foundation awarded the advocacy group Oceana a $3 million grant to protect the ocean habitat and vital marine species.

The two-day conference will be attended by government ministers, scientists and other advocates.

On Monday morning, Kerry announced that his own participation may be limited as he attends to the ongoing turmoil in Iraq.

More information on the conference can be found here.

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  1. California70 says:

    It’s commendable for Leonardo to help.

    However, if the powers that be at Our Ocean 2014 Conference truly wish to do something worth while, they should concentrate their efforts on why Japan has not been able to stop the nuclear fall-out spilling into the ocean daily from the Fukushima Nuclear Energy Plant in Japan.

    Nothing has been done about this horrible accident, and it is much worse than Chernoble and the media is not saying a word about it.

    All this Ocean Conference will do is only “make people FEEL GOOD about themselves”. Absolutely nothing more. It’s all “perception” no “substance”.

    until Fukushima has stopped pooring Nuclear waste into the ocean on a daily basis not only is the ocean in great danger but also the people on the West Coast. They are already warning not to go near the water in the San Francisco area!

  2. LEo is just trying to do whats right, he has stayed informened on on whats wrong ,the problem is outfits like Oceana are telling him what they want him to know which is total twisted BS. Jeff Shester from Ocea will wrire his speach as he has done for the Ca. legislators that are in Oceanas pocket that are trying to stop all commericial fishing in the USA. It will be a dandy.

  3. I am totally fine with Leo De Caprio making the opening remarks at the Oceans Conference. His celebrity brings attention to one of the leading issues of the day which is point of inviting him in the first place. We should be applauding him rather than criticizing him. He just gave $3 mill to Oceana. His generosity of that great organization should also be applauded.

    The people on that Yacht most of the posters seem so upset about may very well do more to save the world’s oceans than any similar group of less successful people on the planet. I wish I had been invited.

    Above this note on the VARIETY page is a picture of Steven Spielberg. You also have to love his 200+ foot yacht SEVEN SEAS…It is a beautiful thing too! Why not appreciate their success and let them enjoy the lives they have created for themselves. Get out of the envy business. It’s ugly.

  4. Jeff Crumley says:

    You guys have it all wrong. It’s nothing to do with environment. Check the “keyword” here, Oceana!! Leonard is in need of “butt-butter” just like the other “Starz”… Angelina, Sean Penn, ect… Or, even more descriptive, Ted Danson… self described “shill” – http://articles.latimes.com/2011/apr/26/entertainment/la-et-ted-danson-20110426
    The carnival barker for Oceana.
    It’s just a Hollywood thang!!!

  5. Sal says:

    Perhaps he could speak at the next meeting of neurosurgeons and then he can give his opinion on the latest research in astrophysics.
    What nonsense this is? He has no scientific training…..are we going to make economic policy (since the environmental movement has been hijacked by socialists) based on since Hollywood actor?
    What can you expect from a State Department that has turned foreign policy into a joke?
    God help us.

  6. Silly BS,,, Pop-Culture gone crazy. What was he in those “Oceans” movies so now he is an expert?

  7. Jasonn says:

    Not bad for a high school dropout, eh? Good actor though.

  8. Angela says:

    Folks, be honest that all of you don’t want to care about the environment but don’t want to admit it. It’s nothing to do with any yacht in Brazil. It’s just selfishness and indifference.

    • Gizelle says:

      Only a leftist would make derogatory and denunciating statement about a vast swath of the population without knowing anything about them. I for one find the stuff he will dump in the ocean on the world’s 5th largest yacht to be quite obscene and that alone should bar him from being a spokesman for clean air/water and preservation of any kind. I agree with many of the comments on here and yet we use solar power where we can etc.

  9. RedRyderz says:

    Is DiCaprio going to arrive at this conference by boat, fresh from his World Cup soccer trip to Brazil on the obscenely huge, twin diesel-powered, 482ft Topaz super-yacht, owned by the deputy prime minister of the UAE? Is that the ocean and environment-friendly DiCaprio they are expecting at the State Department? Most people are getting tired of these ignorant celebrity hypocrites.

  10. Rumpelstilskin says:

    Do as I say, not as I do!

  11. SandyLester says:

    And he’ll fly his 747 to the meeting to tell us his to live.
    Maybe you are correct people who pretend for a living start believing their own hype

  12. Paul Morton says:

    and how much pollution is being caused by the yacht he has rented for the world cup ? does the word phoney come to mind ?

  13. Jester says:

    Funny that he will be speaking at this conference after spending time at the world cup in brazil on the world’s 5th largest super yacht. Guess what those yacht’s do with their trash when they cross the ocean….that’s right, dump it in the ocean. What a hypocrite.

  14. Renny says:

    Another scientific expert for the enviro crowd. Is there a real scientist in there anywhere?

  15. TruthHurts says:

    I wonder how much pollution he and his merry band of buddies have dumped into “our ocean” off of the yacht (the fifth largest in the world) that he rented for the World Cup. Party on, Leo!

  16. melvin says:

    No, I’m sorry it doesn’t work that way people. “Mr.DiCaprio, you and those who think like you, expect the unwashed masses to live like insects, while you tour on the fifth largest yacht in the world.
    Even if you took a private aircraft, the results would be the same.”
    The world is aflame with violence, destruction and the Sec.of State is enamored with celebrity gatherings?
    Its just so upside down and backwards.

  17. Dave says:

    So this is the same guy that just rented the world’s fifth largest yacht to take to Brazil so he could party and watch soccer. This yacht costs over $400,000 just to fill up, not to mention the residue from gas and oil that leaks into the water. What an hypocrite, he has zero creditability.
    And let’s not forget all his huge homes he owns.

  18. Macon Sense says:

    Hey, I remeber him! He’s the guy who took time off from making movies to fly around the world on private jets preaching about the evils of using fossil fuels. ROTFL.

  19. Jack Kan says:

    Is Leo still generating the carbon footprint of a small country as he warns,
    “Do as I say, not as I do”.

  20. Dave Mowers says:

    All while he parties it up with a thousand guests trashing the ocean off the coast of Brazil for the World Cup.

  21. The Bruce says:

    And just recently this twit was partying on the world’s fifth largest yacht.

  22. Cliff says:

    If I want a medical opinion, I go to a doctor.
    If I want a legal opinion, I go to a lawyer.
    If I want a structural opinion, I go to an engineer.
    Why on earth would I want the opinion of an actor on anything but how best to pretend to be someone else?

    • annie paper says:

      Because you won’t be here making comments if that’s not Leonardo DiCaprio. Every day lots of experts making the same speeches but how many people notice?

  23. peter says:

    Folks, please think before you all say something stupid. We are lucky to have a Leonardo to take his time, energy, celebrity to try to help our oceans. Leo’s been an informed environmentalist for years. He’s a smart, educated young man, and is sincere about helping our environment. It’s our oceans that are over fished and polluted. There is an Island of garbage as big as Texas floating in the middle of our Pacific Ocean. Leo is trying to help something that belongs to all of us, including your children and grand children and their children. Leo is trying to help conserve, protect what belongs to all of us. So stop sounding like shallow fools and give the guy credit where credit is due. We have something good and exceptional in Leonardo, so let’s stop badmouthing him but begin to support and praise him for his good deeds.

    • annie paper says:

      Well seems like a movie star must live a suffering life to gain a little bit of respect. Otherwise no matter how much money had you donated to help the environment, the only thing people remembered is how much money you spent to enjoy yourself.

  24. Mikey says:

    Everyone knows actors make the best scientist, its a scientific fact.

  25. Erik says:

    Yes, the oceans need saving from people like Leo and their enormous yachts

  26. Papagino says:

    Exactly what qualifies Leo to speak? Is he an Oceanographer? A Marine Biologist? Does he own a fishtank? Why are we paying attention to him at all except for “Catch Me if You Can”>

  27. Don says:

    I am just like MAR. Waiting for wise words from a high school graduate on the science of Oceanography.

  28. byeGeorge says:

    LD…things getting that bad…what next maybe soap, insurance, WalMart ads….or maybe pic of you on a Ronan noodles package…

  29. peter says:

    All you idiots should think before you open your stupid, uninformed mouths. Our oceans need saving, and we are lucky to have Leonardo attempt to help our environment. It doesn’t matter if you’re a movie star, liberal, or what. And a true conservative conserves our natural resources and environment also. Check out Leo’s history. This isn’t the first time he’s given his time and money to environmental and conservation causes. Look at the whole picture and stop playing politics. This is too important an issue.

  30. Tarantula says:

    Clearly an expert on the subject….

    • us10610 says:

      Leonardo may be sincere but he’s also a hypocrite. Otherwise, he wouldn’t sacrifice the waters by sailing around on a 420′ yacht.

      I’d say he’d get a lot more respect if he practiced what he preached. Just last year celebrities were stating that they’d be jetting around the world speaking about carbon emissions….geesh, how dumb does that sound? A lot like Leonardo sailing around on a yacht speaking about ocean conservation.

  31. longdrycreek says:

    I never bought a product promoted by a celebrity and took them as serious people. If anything, I consider them part of the silly set. The yacht and ocean show is nothing of importance. The Romans
    enjoyed bread and the circus; we get aging actors and actresses and mediocre politicians and expect

  32. Quilvviov says:

    This man walks the walk. His Malibu home is completely green and carbon neutral.

  33. commentarycat says:

    I’m sure his massive intellect and years of scientific study will assist in…Oh who am I kidding – he’s a joke.

    • Don says:

      LOL a joke? The man is a multi millionaire who has sex with supermodels and the french riviera. tell me what did you do last summer? Loser. He can buy your entire family and sell them on ebay, and thats before he turned 30

    • lulu800 says:

      What a dumb ass!

      • Don says:

        LOL lulu800…. you would trade 10 years of your life for one night in his . get back to work, the rent isn’t gonna pay itself.

  34. Cods Wallop says:

    Thinking Americans could not care less about what any actor thinks about anything, but Washington continues to insult the informed among the electorate with their sophomoric observations.

  35. Reg says:

    Will John Kerry repeat more of his stupid manmade global warming lies?

  36. Bruce says:

    John Kerry and other mentally tiny people feel a movie star is a power voice for protecting the oceans.

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