Jim Carrey Ribs the Dalai Lama at L.A. Luncheon

Jim Carrey Ribs the Dalai Lama

Lupita N’yongo, Jim Carrey and Naomi Watts — and everyone from politicians to philanthropists and astronauts — were among guests at a Wednesday luncheon for His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

Sharon Stone (pictured) introduced the spiritual leader of Tibet, noting he is a Nobel Peace Prize winner and calling him “a man for all seasons.”

Others dining under the space shuttle Endeavour’s wings included Christina Hendricks, Jeremy Renner, Anna Kendrick, Adam Shankman, Rosario Dawson, Eva Longoria, Gray Davis and Kathy Bates, who said she didn’t exactly know why she had been invited. “I’m lucky to be here and I can’t believe I’m here. I’ve followed the Tibetan people for years,” Bates said.

Shortly into his hourlong talk, while explaining adults are misguided when they only think about money and a materialistic life, saying “I, I, I and me, me, me is outdated,” Carrey stood up, briskly removed his jacket and good-naturedly ribbed him that there was nothing wrong with that mindset.

The 78-year-old spoke about topics including Desmond Tutu, breastfeeding and running from a dog when being chased. Questions were asked by Ann Curry from audience submissions.

Q: What is the No. 1 moral principle to teach children? A: Use common sense, along with gentleness and compassion.

Q: Do you want to travel to the moon? A: Not yet.

Q: What do you carry with you? A: Chocolates (which he gave to Curry and Stone); a toothbrush; 11th century clay statue of Buddha carefully wrapped

Q: Can a woman become the Dalai Lama? A: Of course.

Despite his many Hollywood followers, the Dalai Lama doesn’t spend much time pondering who’ll win at the Oscars. He told the Huffpost Live Wednesday, saying, “it’s really bad for my eyes and also it’s a waste of time.”

“In the early period, yes, I watched [Hollywood movies]. Over the last 20 years, not much. Only I listen to BBC, radio, that’s my informer. And sometimes, CNN also,” he told Huffpost Live.

Prior to the Q&A, Eric Benet and David Foster led the crowd in a “What the World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love” sing-along, with Larry King and His Holiness holding hands as they sang.

Sean Lourdes, chairman of the Lourdes Foundation, a charitable org for disadvantaged youth that hosted the event, said, “It was an exceptional honor to host His Holiness in our great city. Our belief is that fundamental change in our global community begins with change within oneself and one’s own community and that change can come through a better understanding of the messages of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The more people who hear the message of peace and compassion, the more positive impact it will have on creating lasting change.”

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  1. M.Burns says:

    To the Western Shugden practitioners and Chinese like Chris Chandler, the fake ex-buddhist monk …
    Great articles!

  2. This man us a Holy Man, I am amazed that anyone would degrade a pure being as he is. Why throw stones at someone that you have no idea about. His being are compassion, forgiveness, kindness, every word and thought that is loving. So sad to me that people would be unkind towards him. He would have nothing but caring and prayer for you. I am not a Tibetan nor a Buddhist, he is pure love and could care less what people thing about him, would have sadness that people suffer. Look at what the Chinese did, maybe you will have a different view. God Bless.

    • “We need to be aware of how religious fanaticism can blind the basic wisdom of human beings and make us do unthinkable things”

      Like burning yourself up for your Kundun ? Who still doesn’t say the one word STOP?

      Still in the cult of the thought control of the Dalai Lama after a thousand years.


      The New Bumper Stickers for 2014

    • Rose says:

      Unfortunately Janet, he has created an continues to enforce serious persecution against those who don’t agree with his religious beliefs – no ID card, no travel papers, violence, etc. No one asks him about these policies. This video is a small summary but I also have a friend who lives in the monastery that was built by outside donations for those monks that the Dalai Lama ordered thrown out of all of the monasteries. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0jQpQlUGJ8

  3. Rose says:

    Just don’t ask him about the lives of his people in Tibet in Exile or the policies of religious apartheid and persecution he continues to enforce and encourage there: http://youtu.be/BHn53XGESiA

    • M.Burns says:

      Yes, Rose. I have lived in India and now i go back every year. I was in Gaden monastery in 2008 when the monks were asked to “pledge their allegiance” to the Dalai Lama. When they didn’t they knew that they would have to leave. (Many lied, too and got caught afterwards)
      The point that no one ever mentions is that after this historical moment the monks divided the money and the monasteries in both Gaden and Sera. The Shugden practitioners got their half of the their khangsten’s money and were able to build new khangstens while others took over their khangsten and the non-Shugden practitioners moved out.
      If you don’t believe me, go to these monasteries and ask.

      I don’t think that anyone would get this upset if the Pope decided (after meditating and documenting himself) that some historical figure in the Catholic church was actually more a demon than a saint.
      The big deal is that China has been able to jump onto this wagon and help increase the scission … really a sad, sad story!

    • “I am not a Tibetan nor a Buddhist,” as you say Rose.

      In other words you have no idea what you are saying and are repeating the 20 years of corporate media programming ‘memes’ , of the American Public, who can count on most of the U.S. not even being able to find Tibet on a map,

    • M.Burns says:

      Sorry Rose, but he does speak to Shugden practitioners. He just doesn’t give initiations to them.
      You need to come to India to see the nice Khangstens (housing) where the Shugden practicing monks live in the monasteries. Instead of just blasting, why don’t you go to India and see for yourself?

      • Rose says:

        Yes, outside donors built a separate monastery for the Shugden monks. I have a friend, Lonsang Tenpa, who lives in that monastery and teaches English there. Have you actually visited India? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0jQpQlUGJ8

      • Comment meant for Janet, sorry Rose, You do know what you are saying, and are one of the more informed about the Dalai Lama As the corporations and the Dalai Lama ‘roll out their plans’ for the rest of us to put the U.S. futher to sleep, it will become more and more obvious who these Lamas are and what their real intentions are, They are known by the company they keep. That video of the Dalai Lama speaking righteously to that nun who questions him? is just the tip of the iceberg of who he really is. . In Old Tibet he would have ‘cut out her tongue’ only 60 years ago, when the 14th was the religious despot in charge. Wake up west before you let corporatism , with its new medieval priestly religious ‘arm’ dumb us down completely .


  4. M.Burns says:

    It’s really hard to believe that you are who you say you are. You are probably Chinese and like most Chinese, angry that HH the Dalai Lama is able to make people understand that materialism is not the path to happiness.
    Sorry, but your blog is full of BS, Made in China!

    • M.Burns says:

      The source of your video is from the Shugden followers. So now I KNOW that you are a fake ex-monk! You can only hope to fool people who know nothing about HH the Dalai Lama.
      Any and all of us who study Buddhism can pick you out in a crowd. Sorry Mr. BS, Made in China!

      • M.Burns says:

        To “Chris Chandler” aka “BS Made in China”:

        Maybe you were born in the US, which I doubt, but you are Chinese and NOT an ex-Tibetan monk. Possibly you are not one person because you are always on line, ready to bash HH the Dalai Lama.
        Only the ignorant Chinese slam HH the Dalai Lama the way you are doing.

        You have absolutely NO IDEA what you are talking about … you are just reciting what the Chinese Regime tells you. I repeat that you are NOT an ex-Tibetan Buddhist monk.

        Your lies smell all the way through the internet!
        Luckily most people have brains and can see through your ignorance. You keep harping on the “corporates” and working 80 hours a week.
        HH is all about the fact that money does not buy happiness. So what you are saying is the typical Chinese NON-SENSE!

        So sorry for you … but it’s your karma. Do and say what you want. What goes around comes around. Don’t forget it!

    • By the way, the narrator, is part of the Dalai Lama’s pseudo-science Mind and Life Institute that is bringing ‘meditation lobotomies’ to business and corporations. The Mind and Life Institute is pushing emotional intelligence over reason and scientific reason, to water down the culture and academic integrity of the west, and is bringing ‘meditation practices’ to corporations to tolerate 80 hour work weeks.
      See Leon Wieseltier on Google and mindfulness meditation in the work place:



  5. Fargin Bastiges says:

    Why is the California Science Center hosting a religious leader? I seriously doubt that they would host Billy Graham with the same amount of respect.

  6. Does the Dalai Lama speak with poor people and have their questions put in print along with his answers?

    • M.Burns says:

      Yes, he really does! Poor, rich, young, old. To the Dalai Lama we are human beings first … Come to Dharamsala, India sometime and see with your own eyes.

      • Rose says:

        He speaks with anyone as long as they aren’t one of the four million Shugden practitioners in Tibet in Exile and they don’t associate with Shugden practitioners and as long as they don’t question his policies of religious apartheid and oppression against Shugden practitioners. ttp://youtu.be/BHn53XGESiA

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