CNN, TMZ and Gawker Fall for Justin Bieber Hoax

Justin Bieber

After rumors swirled that Justin Bieber was considering making a move to Atlanta, a local radio station pulled off the ultimate hoax, duping the likes of CNN, TMZ, Gawker, Time and the BBC, among other media outlets.

According to CNN, a morning show on Atlanta station Rock 100.5 called “The Regular Guys” created a fake neighborhood group and convinced a total of 33 international outlets that the “Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition” was protesting against the pop singer putting down roots in Atlanta following his recent trouble with the law.

The hoax reportedly generated a whopping 45,000 news stories.

Tim Andrews from “The Regular Guys” played the role of Harold White in the interviews with major outlets such as the BBC and pretended to be the face of the fictitious protest.

Speaking with CNN, Andrews (as White) said, “We’re concerned he’ll bring the wrong type of element into a quiet, residential area. It is our position that a person with his means could certainly find a neighborhood more suited to his eclectic lifestyle.”

Following the protest, which took place in front of an on-the-market mansion, the show’s host Larry Wachs admitted Monday that the whole scheme had been a hoax and called the prank “a big win.”

Bieber’s reps have not commented on the rumored move.

Here are just some of the outlets who reported the story via (most of whom have yet to update their story):

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  1. How could CNN, out of all networks, fall for this hoax? They’re based in Atlanta…

  2. Smooth says:

    You need to take your crappy political opinions to CNN or some other political information site, since you’re obviously too stupid to live without politics. This is Variety aka Show Business, now get lost you political idiot, you made a wrong click.

  3. big daddy D says:

    Ball’s in..god damned auto correct!

  4. big daddy D says:

    My comment was for Bob…and to grad, work degree. What’s on your resume, Sparky? Care to elaborate on where I failed on basic reading comprehension? I’ll be here all day to rebuff/rebuke/disprove your claim. Ballston in your court, junior.

  5. big daddy D says:

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. I get sick and tired of all the Obama haters out there who think he’s the 2nd coming of Stalin. Gimme a freaking break! Sure..He’s not perfect, but can anyone say he’s any better than that bumbling idiot Dubya..and all the crimes he’s responsible for?? Talk about your WMDs!

    • Arthur says:

      Bush (Dubya) was definitely not a good president, but bid daddy D you lose credibility when you say “all the crimes hes committed” because in that sense you are trying to make him out to be stalin-like (when your whole purpose was to call out the other guy for making obamsa out to be stalin-like). And you are definitely right to criticize that guy for the stalin-like comparison, but you then cannot make a wacky conspriacy claim bc youre nuts if you think obamma or bush conspired in things like bengahzi or 911

  6. gooojooo says:

    Fox was not fooled, go figure

  7. tkkontos says:

    Our lame stream media will fall for just about anything… “Warheads found on pier in Jamaica” was one I personally debunked in no time at all…

  8. Nancy Pelosi says:

    And for Biebers next hoax…
    Justin Bieber found dead in his Hollywood Hills home.
    Shot seven times.
    Investigation reveals worst suicide ever.

  9. Brandigo says:

    No pity for embarrassed media. Journalism/reporter/correspondent no longer respected occupations to me. More like the oldest occupation in the world, tbh I actually respect prostitutes and lawyers more to be honest.

  10. mikemora says:

    Absolutely hilarious. Well done.

  11. jeffkeyz says:

    Good job TRG and Tim!

  12. This clearly shows that the media has been reduced to couch potatoes with smartphones.

    Way to go, Regular Guys!

  13. Congrats to CNN! Just what they needed to shore up their credibility as a serious news organization. I bet Piers Morgan was clamoring to get the Bieb on his show. What, no more Piers! Maybe Bieb can fill in for him. C’mon CNN, you can do it.

  14. Facepalming says:

    Maybe we should let the FCC babysit these idiots afterall 0_o

  15. Maxwell says:

    What’s great is when these News outlets elaborate on the limited information and just make things up, when Jimmy Kimmel tricked the Media into believing a wolf was roaming the Olympic Village, CNN’s Robin Meade reported that the ‘wolf has since been captured and removed from the building” …when in fact it was never there.

    • Jack Thompson says:

      Actually, Robin Meade was correct if that was a direct quote. There was a wolf in a building (just not in the Olympic village) and it was captured and removed. I’m pretty sure that was a real wolf Kimmel used.

  16. djw663 says:

    Way to use each other as a source to prove the story. what happened to fact checking, oh yes the mainstream media does not print facts they print what sells or what O tells them.

  17. sabo says:

    Investigative journalism has taken a back seat
    To tabloid journalism…..

  18. Fatbastard says:

    Suckers all. That’s what they get for having any concern about what that moron does. The plight of the low information journalist.

  19. bob wire says:

    Between this and the fake JImmy Kimmel set up story about a wolf roaming the halls of the olympic village, complete with film—-might be time to start following the old journalism adage, “check your sources, even if its your mother”…

    This isnt reporting anymore, its entertainment on steroids.

  20. joecorea says:

    Rediculous. Seriously does anyone bother checking into anything anymore? Iliked this stunt only in that it further discredits the main stream media. Don’t beleive it until you see it.

  21. Miguel says:

    Just shows the quality of the information we get from the media and how little trust we should have in them.

  22. big daddy D says:

    So, it’s Obama’s fault?? Get a life, dude!

  23. Likky says:

    “Journalists” are now a what’s the story?

  24. Bob says:

    The world is on crack.

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