Comedienne Rebecca Corry Stands Up for Pit Bulls

Rebecca Cory Stand Up for Pitbulls
Dan Doperalski for Variety

Rebecca Corry is on a mission to stop pit bullying. The comedian and star of NBC’s upcoming sitcom “One Big Happy” established the Stand Up for Pits Foundation in an effort to end discrimination against Pit Bull Terriers (nicknamed Pibbles), a dog breed that continues to get a bad rap.

“I had adopted a pit bull named Angel six years ago, her ears had been cut off and she had endured years of abuse,” says Corry of her motivation to debunk negative Pibble stereotypes. She says that when walking the dog, she started to experience what Pit Bulls go through: “people running across the street to get away from us, people asking me, ‘Are you afraid of her?’ It was a combination of being exposed to the breed and being directly affected by the ignorance, and I realized that doing nothing was not an option.”

In 2010, Corry organized the inaugural Stand Up for Pits live benefit show at the Hollywood Improv, an event that has since spawned seven shows annually, including ones in New York, Washington D.C., Seattle and Salt Lake City. On May 3, Corry spearheaded the nation’s first One Million Pibble March on Washington, an event attended by an estimated 4,500 participants, and aimed at ending breed specific legislation and dog-fighting, and fostering safe communities for humans and their four-legged friends.

“That was probably one of the most amazing moments of my life,” says Corry of the resulting rally on the Capitol lawn.

On Nov. 2, fellow pit bull advocate and “Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting will host the Stand Up for Pits event at the Hollywood Improv. Corry will be joined onstage by comedians Whitney Cummings and Bill Burr with songs by Briana Cuoco at the two sold-out shows, featuring a pill bull adoption, silent auction and Pibble-kissing booth. Also participating are Orange County Pit Bull Rescue and Downtown Dog Rescue.

“Ending discrimination is a major priority,” Corry says. “We hope to save dogs and save lives.”

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  1. lee77 says:

    Rebecca Corry and other “celebrity” pit bull owners seldom interact with their dogs unless there’s a photo shoot. They pay other people to care for their pets and, therefore, have very little knowledge of the nature of the demon dogs they promote because they’re doing it solely for publicity.

    So far this year, 35 people in the US have been killed by dogs and pit bulls were responsible for 29 of those deaths — that’s 85%. Not a day passes that someone (usually a child or elderly person) isn’t attacked and badly injured by a pit bull and often the person is dismembered, eviscerated or scalped. I challenge anyone to cite a case in the US of a person above the age of 1-year who was ever dismembered, eviscerated or scalped by a dog other than a pit bull-type.

  2. Dawn says:

    Thank you Rebecca, Kaley and Briana. From all the dogs that need you and the people that love them.

  3. MANDY says:

    I agree with VICKI…I get really sick of hearing about ‘DISCRIMINATION OF PITBULLS’ ….there are stereotypes for a REASON.there is truth to it.ITS a rap culture mentality ….having THESE dogs has become glamorous to lower income people who cannot afford to take care or time with these PITS.They keep them locked up in TINY APARTMENTS with no release and then when they take them out or they get unleashed ..they can become vicious.THE RICH ACTORS AND COMEDIANS WHO HAVE PITS CAN AFFORD CARE AND DOGWALKERS AND HUGE YARDS.lower income people are not doing this so it is causing very unfortunate events….so glamorizing and making these dogs seem tame and easy is WRONG WRONG WRONG.

  4. shoshino2014 says:

    In these last 2 posts it is obvious that the irresponsible owners are at fault not properly socializing and caring for their dogs. I am sorry that you live in fear near such awful dog owners.
    Please do not judge all pits by your experiences! The majority of pits I know are well cared for loving family dogs.
    In fact, my 2 rescued loving pibbles who have both completed Canine Good Citizen training, are right this minute lounging on the bed with me and my 5 small dogs.
    Please do not condemn a dog because of appearance! You would not want yourself or your children to be discriminted against because of appearance! It’s appropriate to go after the irresponsible owner.

    • MANDY says:


    • Vicki says:

      i do appreciate you being a kind PItbull owner who is responsible and understanding.However ,its hard not to judge by appearance when this breed mauls children many times for no reason at all.Its very different when you say you wouldn’t want your children judged by their appearance …..because my 4 year old cannot maul and kill someone….a Pitbull has the potential to.I think it is not a good idea to make Pitbulls out to be shy and peaceful ..when its only SOME that are.Thats why children run up to them and get their faces ripped off ….You must prepare your children and be educated ….it is what it is.Its hard to go after the owner as you say….if the damage has already been done.The education comes first.You must educate that these dogs DO have the potential to be vicious …so people know how to handle it if they are off leash and charge you —-exactly what happened to me.My pregnant friend from norther california was mauled by her own pit bull.They Can AND do TURN.My friend was a responsible and caring dog owner. You must know this.But people should not be yelled at –as i was —by my neighbors –because i told them to get their dogs on a leash!what did they scream??DISCRIMINATION!!their very words. and yes i will discriminate if my four year old can’t play in our front yard …in a home i bought…i pay taxes and yes i should not have to worry about this.

  5. lisa says:

    i agree!!Pitbulls will be discriminated against because the owners are adopting and not walking them or running them and letting them of leashes……so they act out .Its not fair that our children aren’t safe playing in front yards anymore …my neighbors child just had his whole ear bitten off by a Pit off a leash.I do not think encouraging adoptions to people who cannot afford or take time to be a good dog owner.
    These actresses could spend their energy supporting peaceful causes rather than a breed that continues to prove why they are discriminated against.My neighbors with Pits have told me that i must protect myself by carrying a baseball bat in order to feel safe!!Like its my fault!!!Entitlement and selfishness is what i see in PIT OWNERS…THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THE AFFECT OF OTHER BY HAVING A POTENTIALLY VICIOUS ANIMAL IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD.PIT owners seem to need a dog that can attack so they feel like they as a person have balls.

  6. vicki says:

    its really hard to stand up for Pitbulls when my neighbors let theirs run free with no leash..and i have a four year do i know …as a non pibull owner …that thosePItbulls will or will not attack.How about standing up for non Pitbull owner neighbors who are forced to deal with potentially vicious animals? friend from northern california was killed by her own pet PITBULL.So do i feel sorry for this breed??NO I DO NOT.How about standing up for helpless peaceful animals?

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