NIN Frontman Trent Reznor to Grammys: ‘F*CK YOU’

Trent Reznor to Grammys: FUCK YOU

Some of the biggest names rock closed out the 56th annual Grammy Awards, including Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, Queens of the Stone Age, Dave Grohl and Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, but producers of the show began to roll the credits before the encore had finished.

Afterward, an upset Reznor took to Twitter to blast CBS and the show’s producers for pulling the plug on the all-star rock performance.

Several celebs in attendance, including Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and Macklemore, had also bailed on the rockers before the lights went up at Staples Center.

The Beatles duo Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, meanwhile, were some of the many honorees who stuck around for the two-song encore.

Watch video of the performance:

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    1. rocco jibraltar says:

      somewhere back in time, the exact, same thing happed to the chairman of the rat pack, ol’ blue eyes, none other than frank himself sinatra. don’t rememer the gathering, but i believe it had something to do with a lifetieme achievment award he was receiving at the gala affair. could even have been the grammys that time, too [and if i really cared, i’m sure i could google it and find out] but suffice it to say that trent reznor is in good company.

    2. BoiseInsure says:

      Awww c’mon where’s the video!?! My DVR shut off so I missed the entire performance!

    3. David says:

      What it comes down to is this and this alone. Beyond the disrespect and the absurdity of the show, networks are trying to make us less intelegent, ‘let us think for you, listen to this repetitive beat and re-used love song that has been re-done 90 times’. mainstream music leads us to that Rap R&B these charlitons of art have far less talent and artestry than the icons of rock and roll and alt than i have grown to love. That is music that makes you think and feel and remember and get amped, corperations cant market to people that dont fit that scocietal norm. it comes down to where is the money at. and it rests witht the ignorent. Long live Rock!!

    4. DOLLFACE says:

      Has it occurred to any of the angry posters on here, INCLUDING TRENT, that this was a local market/news affiliate decision. They are the ones who cut it and went straight to news, because GUESS WHAT??? I watched the entire Grammy’s until the very end…saw they entire final performance and even waited to hear the host, what’s his name, say thank you and good night. Nothing was cut off. I watched it in Los Angeles, CA on Time Warner Cable from 8pm-11:42pm and the local news came on afterwards, about 12 minutes cut off from the beginning of their show. Honestly, Trent looks like an ungrateful angry douche for blasting the Grammys! Do you know how many little starving musicians would like to be in your place? I don’t know, but I see a lot of them on Facebook trying to get there music noticed every day. SHUT THE HELL UP! It’s your local news director that did this!!!!!

    5. Leon says:

      Grow the F#$K up!

    6. DAVID SMITH says:


      • Nick Draeger says:

        Pretty sure that you are the idiot. They have been around since the 80’s. Have some fucking respect. Hell, I love metal and NIN. Fuckin a have some respect. But yeah, fuck Taylor Swift and Macklamore.

    7. Matt Nelson says:

      Yeah…what a load of crap. I would be pissed off, too, if I were Trent. If the producers of “The Grammy’s” knew they might be cut short on time, they should’ve not even bothered trying to book NIN, Queens of the Stone Age, Dave Grohl, or Lindsey Buckingham. Or maybe they should have cut out some of the other garbage that was on there, like Katy Perry, or Pink, or Robin Thicke. Trent Reznor is a real artist, and deserves so much more respect.

      • Dont forget Swifty in that pile of junk on the show. Also if they had stuck to music instead of turning the show into a wedding funhouse… The Grammys are a joke. I am done with that stupid show of attention seeking no talents. When they do have talent they disrespect them. Taylor Swift walking out early is so typical of her “once the cameras gone I am out of here” behavior

    8. Holly Greene says:

      That was a travesty. I talked with CBS local network program director he had no answers for this, he replied” I didn’t watch the end, and that I was the only one who had complained.” He obviously has not turned on the internet today. Our local programming had allotted 10 more min. for the Grammy’s, instead started the news early.

    9. ASH says:

      Grammys and CBS blocking the content is bogus. Journalism falls under fair use. Variety could challenge – YouTube provides a means – but they won’t because of industry politics. In a media landscape where print is dying and late-breaking insider info is king, the magazine probably fears blacklisting by CBS and the RIAA and losing future scoops to other trade rags, digital or hardcopy.

      • ASH says:

        PS this is just another example of a larger trend in big media conglomerates misusing the DMCA to erode one of the most basic of Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms: freedom of the press.

        Who really needs to stand up to this is not Variety, but Google.

    10. Dean Reedy says:

      so apparently they deleted the video, another classy move by “the Man.”

    11. i completely agree with trent! i was throwing things at the tv when that delta promo came on and then the credits started rolling. how disrespectful to the best performers (in my opinion) of the night!

    12. Noizy says:

      I knew this was gonna end in tears. Trent is too much of a perfectionist to have been happy with his set, no matter the outcome. He would have had to rip something about it. If it wasn’t being cut off, he was prolly gonna be pizzed about the hokey spotlight face guy, or the too loud singing Lindsey Buckingham vocals….Trent, chilly baby….it’s all good. You got your looks, we are still buying your stuff…have fun sometimes. Ride a freakin unicorn over a rainbow.

    13. Lisa Medina says:

      I was also a bit pissed off they did that.. Total disrespect if I say so myself..

    14. Johnny Garrett says:

      Did Madonna break a hip?

    15. Stephan Gilbert says:

      You deleted the video!!! #VarietyFAIL!

      • Ethan says:

        Um…considering that the video was embedded from YouTube, Variety had nothing to do with this. More like Grammy fail (again) and/or Google fail.

    16. Phil says:

      Other than Frank Sinatra being cut to a commercial midway through a song years back & that assclown Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift, this was one of the most flagrantly disrespectful things I’ve seen done to such an ensemble of great artists. NIN was great, but rushed & I don’t think Josh Homme even got halfway through before the credits starting rolling. This was actually the only reason I stayed up so late to even watch. F**k the Grammys indeed, Mr. Reznor. You guys got screwed over.

    17. Amy Claire says:

      How can the Grammys have a copyright on the video content of the closing act of last night’s show, when they didn’t air it to begin with? SHOW US the closing act, for Pete’s sake?

    18. Hoser says:

      NIN are still a thing?….crazy

    19. Extremely disrespectful the Grammy’s. Trent, Josh, Dave and the band should get full attention like every other artist who performed. All of those guys are so talented and deserve full respect. I’m so pissed off just as much as Trent. “F*CK OFF!!”

    20. I agree Trent…it’s a bit rude, and some people only watched any of the Grammys to see this ensemble…like me, for instance.

    21. Justin says:

      People are upset the credits are rolled early because its disrespectful. Yet, most of you complaining will gladly steal their music. Whatever.

    22. Kari Dale says:

      I loved Beonc’e and her husband. Who were those dumb so called robot’s anything for a buck. It was a waste of time. They alrady had THERE country music award. So irritating. I did not like it maybe a bit. Could have been Alot better.

      • ethanstraffin says:

        I’m having some trouble parsing this, considering that your grammar and spelling also could have been “Alot” better, but the “robot’s” won for best album and best record…what’s this about country again?

        • Calli Anderson says:

          Please sit down. Daft Punk has been around since the late 80s/early 90s.They have two albums –better than the award-winning one, that never got credit. Even though I don’t like the latest album as much as their first two,they’re still good musicians. It’s long overdue.

    23. Andrea says:

      NIN is awesome.. I’ve seen them at least five times. I do believe they saved the best for last but it was ridiculous how they started rolling credits before they were finished!! Everyone else got to play completely… Why couldn’t they?Also it was rude for ppl to be leaving before they finished but then again, they are losers and they probably had to take selfies for instantgram. Also I may as well mention that it didn’t sound so good, the way they combined songs together. Sounds NOTHING like that when you are front row at their show. Rock on NIN. There will always be haters.

      • Michael Anthony says:

        You talk about disrespecting NIN, yet you then toss in a gay slur. That’s hypocritical at best! And BTW, most of us love NIN and the rest who performed with them.

    24. Joseph says:

      exactly why i didn’t want to watch… i did watch, and ultimately was glad… there were some great moments… as there always is… but i love Trent and am in full agreement with him… that performance was the best part of the night… some of the best talent in the history of music all on that stage… then the credits and hotel and airline sponsor spots… i was really disappointed. So… yeah, Fuck You…

    25. cyndie says:

      Those artists that left early were not only rude & disrespectful, they were LAME too!

    26. Jim Gray says:

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~>” I’m Pissed Off ! ~ At how the networks Cut OFF ! the Ending of the Grammy’s !!! ~ If that was the last minutes of the SUPER BOWL ! ~ there would be RIOTS ! in the Streets ! ~~~ Bad ~ Bad ~ Bad ! TV !!! “~~~ ~(*Jim Gray*)

    27. The tempo keeps changing somewhere. Why train wreck the grammys?!

    28. Nishi says:

      Queens of the STONE Age. (>_>)

    29. Angela says:

      Ohh good, I was beginning to think I was the only one thinking that was crap too when I watched it. They couldn’t wait 1 minute to start advertising their sponcers and rolling credits? Lame!

    30. NoPCforMe says:

      Fuck all those “artists” that left early.

      • Michael Anthony says:

        It doesn’t matter whether one enjoyed their performance or not. The point is, no one else was cut off. The performers are what drives the ratings and they all deserve the same respect. Worst of all are their fellow performers who exited while they were playing. No class!

        The poster who slams Daft Punk have no clue about their long career and how they have influenced dance music around the world for the last 2 decades. “One More Time,” which is about a decade old, us considered one if the too dance dongs of all time. While their fellow noms were deserving, none will have long term influence.

        The only unanswered question us what in the world happened to Taylor Swift’s head during her performance?

        • Calli Anderson says:

          Daft Punk’s first two albums are still in rotation on my stereo after a decade later. Still some of my favorite albums. The only thing I wish..even though I’m glad they got recognized, is that they hadn’t gone mainstream.I still love them, though.

        • equipment guy says:

          Yes Michael, LOL. I got nothing against her but I’m thinking she’s throwing here head back like she’s singing a heavy metal song. I’m actually worried for a minute her thin little neck is gonna get whiplash, not a hater just worried about this very talented very beautiful woman.

    31. nurredin says:

      Maybe no one wants to listen to “musicians ” who only know three chords and don’t play those three very well.

      • JPH says:

        Obviously you have no idea what they have meant to the evolution of music as we know it. NIN have always been ahead of their time and quite meaningful and groundbreaking for many. they have influenced multiple generations of artists as well as musicians. Your comment is rude and uncalled for. Bottom line is they were disrespected by their peers and they deserve better. You sir are quite misinformed.

    32. cadavra says:

      You guys must not see a lot of awards shows. This happens all the time. One of the most shameful such incidents occurred years ago when the Tonys gave Elaine Stritch a lifetime achievement award. They started playing her off after barely 30 seconds and went immediately to a commercial.

      • Joseph says:

        …the minute we just say “oh well, it happens all the time”, we instantly become part of the machine and no longer an independent, free thinking individual… if art and artists are not respected then we are all doomed…

    33. Queens of the Stone Age, not Stoned Age

    34. Frank M. says:

      Trent Reznor tells everyone to F**K OFF. The corporation that backs him only allows him to say a couple of words that are monosyllabic. Music has been dead for many years.

      • Yeah but the new pop is a problem. It’s just the fucking same notes played in different sequences. Its all the fucking same!!! Not saying all of them but definaltley most like katy perry, nicky manaj, justin gayber and shit. Art is being creative and new not the same shit all over again.

      • Trent has been releasing music under his own label for the better part of two decades. He understood everything that was wrong with the music industry long before many others had and he did what he needed to get our from under them. He’s long railed against the recording corporations and mainstream music for their purely commercial goals. Swift, Mars, et al are talentless hacks foisted up by a system that mass produces singles and radio noise for mass consumption. Very little art is being made these days in the realm of music.

    35. Trent, I have followed U from Chicago to the W.C., but that gig was NOT working. NO loss. Much Respect always.

    36. Cydney says:

      As a viewer I was in dismay when I saw the Delta Airlines advertisement appear on the TV right in the middle of the performance of this outstanding collaboration musicians…..wasn’t this the performance that the Grammy’s had been touting all evening throughout the show as the “Grand Finale”?
      – Wasn’t this as viewers what we all had been waiting for?

      When will any us ever get to see Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl (playing drums – again :-) + Lindsey Buckingham + Queens of Stone age on the same stage making music together????

      It was rude and distasteful for the Grammy’s Producer to do this to the viewer…..BUT what about all of those musicians who took time away from their families + their busy schedules to share their talent with us???

      I agree 100% with Mr. Reznor!
      Shame on you Grammy’s for snubbing the best performance of the night… have totally “sold-out”

      • PS says:

        “BUT what about all of those musicians who took time away from their families + their busy schedules to share their talent with us???”

        Huh? It’s their f-ing job. They get handsomely paid to do that. So that isn’t an issue. Cutting them off and artists walking off is an issue though.

    37. Jg says:

      Yeah.usic is officially dead.

    38. Even more upsetting? Daft Punk winning….ANYTHING.

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