Queen Latifah, Madonna Marry Gay Couples at the Grammys

Queen Latifah, Madonna Marry Gay Couples

The show-stopping moment of the 56th annual Grammy Awards was the live nuptials of 33 couples, a mix of gay and straight, who tied the knot during a performance of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ same-sex marriage anthem “Same Love.”

Queen Latifah officiated the ceremony, while Madonna joined the crowd on stage for “Same Love” and a rendition of “Open Your Heart.” The moment marked a remarkably overt political statement for the Grammycast, albeit one for a cause that has broad support throughout the entertainment industry.

Grammy producers went to great lengths to pull off the live wedding, which focused on a ring exchange as the couples lined up facing each other on stage. Latifah had to go through the official process of becoming licensed to perform weddings by Los Angeles County prior to Sunday’s telecast in order to lend authenticity to the stunt.

As the couples filed off the stage, plenty of audience members at Los Angeles’ Staples Center were seen wiping tears from their eyes.

“This song is not a love song for some of us but for all of us,” said Latifah at the start of the segment.

“Same Love” has taken on a life of its own as a same sex anthem, with lyrics like “If I was gay, I would think hip-hop hates me / Have you read the YouTube comments lately?” Lewis told the New York Times that the weddings ““will be in our minds the ultimate statement of equality, that all the couples are entitled to the same exact thing.”

One of the couples married included Lewis’ sister, Laura, who was already engaged to her boyfriend Alex.

“A night that is already tremendous for me, for the music,” Lewis told the New York Times, “but to have my sister get married and my family there watching it — that makes it a whole other level of amazing.”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis took home four awards, including best new artist, best rap song and best rap album.

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  1. Dee Jamacek says:

    There is Logo also, they can marry people on there. They are coming out with a show “Mulaney” where Penny Marshall plays a lesbian. Anyway, I agree, I don’t watch ANY weddings. I didn’t watch Prince William either.

    • Dee Jamacek says:

      I don’t care if they get married, what I am saying is these Award Shows should be just that, Awards Shows. I am tired of all the politics. The sad thing about this is when Hollywood does this, it just
      makes the people against it even more angry but Hollywood will never learn.

  2. Randy Kaplan says:

    I’m in favor of gay marriage, but look what a short period of time it took to convert it into a crass display. I’m a fan of Queen Latifah, but is a woman who hid in the closet for years and years the kind of person who should preside over the first nationally-televised gay weddings?

    Bottom line: mass weddings suck. This was most reminiscent of the absurd spectacle of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon marrying a thousand-plus couples at a time. I really don’t think that silliness attracted a whole lot of people to the Unification Church, and I don’t think that the gay Grammy weddings are going to change a lot of hearts and minds when it comes to gay marriage. The subtext is: we have powerful connections in the entertainment community, and we don’t believe in God. Not a winner, I don’t think

    • Marion Jacobs says:

      Of course Queen Latifah is still the right kind of person to preside over the ceremony! Anyone who is gay, lesbian, or bi has surely had some time in there life where they have wondered or felt like they should hide it because of the stereotypes and treatment that people in today and past society have given them. There have been many long years of attacks and people being not accepting gays everywhere. Especially when the person is famous before being able to feel comfortable with how people will react to the news of them being gay just makes the pressure and difficulty worse. You need to think about it as if you were in that exact kind of situation to understand. A mass wedding is not a bad thing for this kind of situation either. In fact the message that they were trying to give is best displayed and noticeable just the way that they did it. Everyone on that stage that is getting married looks just as happy and just as in love as far as I can see from the pictures. I’m confident that what they have done will start to open more eyes and minds. I’m sorry that you do not feel the same and that you do not seem to understand but they deserve a huge “thank you” from everyone not just the people in the gay community. I for one support what they have done and the message that they are trying to get across to everyone all the way. Plus the whole thing had nothing to do with whether they believe in God or not. Some do and some don’t just like anyone else. I know because one of my best friends is gay and Catholic, I’m bi and a Christian, and I’m sure there are other people out there with other sexual preferences and other beliefs. Being gay has nothing to do with your religious belief. It has to do with your sexual preference. It’s people that talk the way that you do that make a bigger problem out of it all than it really is. Sorry for the rant but, that kind of thing gets me very aggravated each time I hear or read things like what you had commented. It’s obvious which kind of person whether open or close minded you are and quite frankly you are close minded.

  3. songnote17 says:

    WOW, that was a BIG DEAL!!!!!

  4. lucky says:

    The worse thing ever seen

  5. Dekota says:

    I love the comments talking about this being “in your faces.” It’s almost along the same line that the 700 club comes on every morning, on a children’s television station. Every broke bimbo is lining up to be the next contestant on the bachelor, so the can fall in love and marry someone is a season’s worth of episodes. Straight celebrities are being paid millions for media access to their nuptials. The icing on the cake, let’s not forget when every media station force feeding us the royal wedding and 9 months later their child’s birth.
    Don’t bitch because people who actually love each other and want to be married were allowed to. Don’t like it don’t watch!

  6. Just wondering why this occurred on the same night that Boobie Perry paid homage to satan in her performance…

  7. Molly says:

    Remember that we don’t all follow your path to “enlightenment.” My God is tolerant and loving. He accepts all people, unconditionally.

    I thought the performance was beautiful and touching. I’m not sure what the problem was.

  8. The Bible is a BOOK, written by MEN. Men teach, not God.

    • luca says:

      you are absolutely right. God loves everyone

      • Marion Jacobs says:

        That is true. God’s number one rule is to love others and do things in love as well so why does everyone try to keep that from certain groups of people? God wants us to love everyone as He loves everyone and that is one of the things that they teach in church. There is nothing wrong with people being even a little different especially when, if you think about it, there isn’t actually a such thing as “normal.” Everyone is different in one way or another and has different likes and dislikes. That is what makes the world so interesting and what keeps it going.

  9. Swoosie says:

    It was extraordinary! Loved the entire surprise of these weddings and being a part of it as a viewer at home. God Bless America.

  10. Dee Jamacek says:

    I wrote to The Grammys on Facebook. It may be Love but it was also In Your Face after Duck
    Dynasty star made his comments. This is suppose to be a singing show but they always turn these award shows political. I myself have gay cousins and gay friends but I told the Grammys pushing this will have negative results and more people will be upset and more will turn against gays. After reading comments on Yahoo, I was right. I wonder sometimes if these celebs want to start a riot……..

  11. George says:

    I don’t need to see this on public tv! What happened to unbiased programming!?! I am ashamed of our society, and Hollywood in particular.

  12. cxg says:

    You seem like a beautiful, loving and caring individual making a positive impact on this world. Do you always spread such beautiful light wherever you go??

  13. Frank Obamastein says:

    Who cares????

  14. MichaelZ says:

    Yawn. Overly scripted, played out. Done. Emotional impact of a right wing political meeting.

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