Justin Bieber Charged with Assault in Toronto

Justin Bieber Charged with Assault Toronto

TORONTO (AP) — Justin Bieber was charged Wednesday with assault for allegedly hitting a Toronto limousine driver several times in the back of the head last month, just hours after his attorney entered a separate not guilty plea in Florida to drunken-driving and other charges.

Bieber turned himself in to a Toronto police station, arriving amid a crush of media and screaming fans. He was charged with one count of assault and is scheduled to appear in court in Toronto on March 10.

Police allege Bieber was one of six people who were picked up by a limousine from a nightclub in the early morning hours of Dec. 30, and there was an altercation while en route to a hotel.

Police said during the altercation one of the passengers hit the limo driver in the back of the head several times.

“The driver stopped the limousine, exited the vehicle and called police,” a statement said. “The man who struck him left the scene before police arrived.”

Howard Weitzman, Bieber’s attorney in California, said his client is innocent and declined to comment on the allegations against Bieber or any potential defense, saying it was now a matter for the court to handle.

Weitzman said he expects the case to be treated as a summary offense, which is the equivalent of a misdemeanor in the United States. “The Toronto Police Service requested that Justin Bieber appear in Toronto today to face an allegation of assault relating to an incident on December 29, 2013. We anticipate that this matter will be treated as a summary offense, the equivalent of a misdemeanor in the United States,” he said in a statement.

Brian Greenspan, Bieber’s Canadian attorney, did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

Toronto police said in late December they were looking into allegations that a member of Bieber’s entourage assaulted a limo driver who was ferrying the Canadian pop star and several others. Police said at the time it was unclear whether Bieber was involved. Bieber emerged from a black SUV wearing a winter coat and a backwards ball cap before being led through a throng of police and reporters. Many waited for his arrival for more than an hour in freezing temperatures. He spent about an hour and a half in the police station before leaving through a back exit.

It was yet another sign of the crazy lifestyle that has taken over Bieber’s image.

Earlier on Wednesday, Bieber pleaded not guilty in Florida to charges of driving under the influence after driving nearly twice the speed limit on a Miami Beach street. He also pleaded not guilty to resisting arrest and driving with an expired license.

Court records show that Bieber’s attorney filed a written plea in Miami-Dade County. Bieber already has an arraignment set for Feb. 14, but Florida law doesn’t require the 19-year-old pop star to be present.

Bieber and R&B singer Khalil Amir Sharieff were arrested last week in Miami Beach during what police described as an illegal street drag race between a Lamborghini and a Ferrari. Neither has been charged with drag racing, which is a crime in Florida.

The Canadian pop star lately has drawn more attention for his brushes with the law than for his music. His arrival at the Toronto police station was no different – the singer debuted a music video for his song “Confident” on Wednesday afternoon, just as news of his expected arrest was breaking.

Bieber remains under investigation for felony vandalism in Los Angeles County over an egg-tossing episode that damaged his neighbor’s home. Detectives searched his home on Jan. 14, and prosecutors have sought additional information before determining whether to pursue charges.

The cases have overshadowed the recent release of his latest album. Its reception has been far from the chart-topping success Bieber had after he debuted in 2009, with multiple platinum albums.

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  1. Pooja says:

    That is unfair!

  2. big daddy D says:

    there is no excuse for Rob Ford. He’s a grown ass man. He should have known better about 25 years ago.

  3. He had done stupid in Miami last month. He needs to calm down while appear in any court.

  4. big daddy D says:

    I disagree. I’m a grown ass man with a child older than this little twit…and while he may not be a saint..he knows enough that if you keep acting like an ass, you’ll get treated accordingly.

    • big daddy D says:

      I’ve got a curative for Justin’s behavior. ..KICK HIS PUNK ASS!! I WILL NOT tolerate/allow the “Beliebers” to monopolize the conversation. Do your homework, get your tween ass back in school..the grown ups are talking. Thank you

      • Your contribution to the conversation has been nothing but belligerent screams for blood and informing others how much more mature you are than them. You may physically be older, but your repeated insistence that you are more mature belies your self-professed “maturity”.

  5. L.MacMaster says:

    Ahhh i thought he might have punched Rob Ford!

  6. Marlboroliteman says:

    Don’t let your guard down people. Beiber turning himself in could just be part of his evil plan. Remember John Doe in “Seven” or the Joker in “”The Dark Knight”….it was just too easy, turning himself in like that.

  7. john v twigg says:

    Justin, take a break weeman ! dont burn yourself out, you have millions of adoring fans who are devoted to you ! you are in the spotlight all the time and with that comes responsability. take care and chill weeman see you sometime Twiggy in runcorn, near liverpool England :)

  8. Matt Slater says:

    He goes to a police station to turn himself in, yet his attorney said he was innocent?
    And, all this just happened to occur so that his new video was released at the same time as the news of this assault things comes out?

  9. this is pathetic. anyone else that wasn’t famous and in his shoes would’ve already been in jail. SAME PUNISHMENT FOR SAME CRIMES. stop letting people get away with shit just cause they have fucking money.

  10. Theresa Lewis says:

    Oh the poor young man, give him a break, he is still really 9 inside, in his head he actually believes he has talent and is so famous now, he will never lose his fans, his mummy is living the high life now, (Justin living a higher one) all he needs is a big hug, a pat on the head and sent to his room,

  11. hope they throw the book at him the scumbag , he has coursed trouble in every country he has been too so far

  12. steve says:

    why is this thing still allowed to breath

  13. adam says:

    dont send him back to Canada, i love it there hell just ruin it, i think he should be sent to those Russian sleep experiment scientists and see if they can incorporate him into there experiment, maybe be part of his community service

  14. Vicki says:

    If he turned himself, how did the “crush of media and screaming fans” know he was on his way????? Another stupid publicity stunt. He just there to party with their Mayor!!!!!!!

    • Who cares! says:

      Justine Beiber was the poster child for Proactive. If you read the back of PROACTIVE It says depression, mood swings and erratic behaviour. Roll it up with being a child star. Food for thought. Also if this wasn’t planned how it i that the Toronto police station had a crowd of fans how would they know what ever happened to confidentiality? All planed, all scams, maybe he and Mily need to get on the ball together. After all they both are attention grabbers and to boot they have the same hair do.

  15. Kathy says:

    Justin Bieber is a train wreck. He started out a young, unassuming, talented young man, and now he’s a spoiled, entitled, obnoxious little jerk who can’t go 48 hours without breaking another law. I sincerely hope they deport him back to Canada. Apparently he doesn’t realize that it’s a privilege to live in this country, and the people of the united States are tired of his atrocious behavior and his complete lack of respect for our laws. Go home, Bieber. We don’t want you here.

    • he isn’t acting any different than any american teen please stfu with that lack of respect for our laws shit as if teens here are any better…half are doing worse…i hate hypocrites

      • Helena says:

        Please don’t send him to Canada, we don’t want him back… lol I’m thinking Spain would be good for him :)

      • Katie says:

        Yes, Dameon, but the U.S. teens are ours to deal with – we do not have to deal with the trash from other countries.

    • Bob says:

      Justin Beiber was a sweet little kid from south west Ontario… Until he went to the US. Now you think you can just send him back here after you warped and Americanized him? No thank you. He’s your problem now. Apparently you have never been here, and don’t realize what a privilege it is to live in Canada. We are actually tired of your country’s ridiculous militarization, hyper paranoid media, violent behaviors, and uneducated masses assuming that just because you own a computer you’re entitled to believe you can dictate jurisprudence. i

      • Kathy says:

        Warped and Americanized him? He became extremely famous – not just in the U.S., but worldwide – and apparently he believes his own press releases. He got permission to live and work here; he didn’t get permission to drink while underage, race Lamborghinis down Florida roads, egg his neighbor’s house, urinate in wash buckets, or any of the other childish, disgusting, disrespectful behaviors he has engaged in. And here’s a big shocker: most American teenagers don’t behave this way, because Canada doesn’t have the market cornered on appropriate deportment. We don’t actually give a rat’s ass what you’re tired of. He’s your citizen; ergo, he’s your problem. If an American behaved this way in Canada, he would, quite rightly, be deported back to the U.S. And if Americans warped him, what’s your excuse for Rob Ford?

      • America didnt change him, fame changed him. This shouldn’t be fight over whos country is better or worse. I personally dont give a shit which country hes in as long as it’s behind bars or shuffled aside so we can all forget about him.

  16. Philip Isepy says:

    Did she hit someone with her handbag?

  17. AJ says:

    its probley a move (lophole) so he can return to canada b4 the charges where ancerd for in florda i would think the florda would make him stay in the us untill the charges where setteld could be wrong but i think im right because i do know they would make him do his time b4 being deported

  18. Jared says:

    LOL. Lovely, your the people that make are generation look like crap. This KID needs to get out of the US. We don’t want Punk-ass rappers thinking their better then everyone else when really their just another person. Never coming back to this page again!

  19. lovely says:

    Bieber fever!
    I agree with everyone here. JB you’re a legend! We love you to the moon and back, we all support you and can’t believe the US government and media are preying on you purely for attention! You’re a true inspiration to multiple generations and a talent we haven’t seen since Michael Jackson himself.

    Beliebers unite, now and forever! <3

  20. louise says:

    Thats proberly why he has turned to drinking booze and drugs life of crime to hell with the music get him to rehab or these people nor the parents will not have a son left

  21. louise says:

    I don’t like this guy but he is a brat but doing music from an younger age can mess with your mind and not being able to lead a normal life sorry but people ask to much of him and another thing what do you do with a kid when he has been arrested you take him home not to the pub that’s just showing yeah i can get away with murder cause im a pop star simple really

  22. Luluinhollywood says:

    Um- to the people that say he just needs a good old fashioned beating, or some teeth knocked out, or to be shot- WTF is wrong with you idiots?! Are your lives so empty & sad that you expend this vitriol on a 19yr old kid you have NEVER met??

    Not to mention the absurd hypocrisy- even though it may just be figures of speech- everything you’re suggesting is about 1000x worse than what he is ACCUSED of. Lets see… Drag racing is irresponsible & can be dangerous, but by varying degrees considering the location. It is illegal & should be addressed but is pretty damn normal for lots of teenaged boys. DUI is no bueno & celebs in general get off the hook way too much with that one. But again- he has not been found guilty, just accused. The toronto incident- well, if he is guilty that is just SAD. But it sounds to me just as probable that it could have been some other drunk partygoer out of the 6 (OR that no one hit the limo driver, there was a ruckus in the back seat & someone’s looking for a payday- all POSSIBLE). He has not been found guilty. Remember that whole thing we have over here called innocent until proven guilty?? Comes in handy when it’s your ass on the line, but I guess we like to forget that because it’s more fun to sit in front of our laptop & send out vitriol to a kid we don’t know, primarily because he worked his butt off at one point in his short life & accomplished more than we ever will. I say that not because I don’t believe others are capable of his kind of success, rather- if your pathetic ass is THAT consumed with snap judgement, vitriol, & hate for someone & something that has no real bearing on your life, I guarantee you never will.

    And lastly, are you serious??!? Felony EGG throwing?! Gimme a freakin break. Not only would this horrendous crime never ever ever make the news if he wasn’t a celeb, I highly doubt the neighbor would have bothered with the cops. I mean, it’s immature, rude, unthoughtful… But it’s like felony assault for a kid pulling your hair at school!! That should be a fine + pay for all the damage, + community service to send the right message to other kids looking to run out & commit their own felony egg vandalism lol.

    I am neither a fan nor a hater, I too couldn’t really pick his music out of a line up. This article made me sad for him more than anything (not sad that he’s in trouble, but this kind of acting out points to a level of unhappiness & self sabotage that’s… Sad)… And really sad for our society once I read all the ridiculous lynch mob mentality comments.

    One last aside- this is Variety, not PerezHilton or US weekly. I don’t need to read about what he was wearing when he stepped out of his SUV, or filler pointless commentary about ‘yet another sign of his crazy lifestyle’… Please just report the news & move on.

  23. BioHazard953 says:

    May I just say that nobody with more than half a brain cell really cares so please please please stop plastering this crap all over the media. There are far more important things to focus on than an attention seeking moron.

  24. Larry says:

    I hate Bieber just as much as the next guy, but felony vandalism for egging someones house? Seriously? Wow. Just wow.

  25. Adolf says:

    I think Justin Bieber is a great role model no sarcasm. He is dank af.

  26. Amber says:

    Justin has really gone off the deep end

  27. joshua319 says:

    What have we made…

  28. Ian Miles says:

    Wuw,wuw this singer is too complicated., but Bieber has a POP wonderful life !! OMG
    now,,,,,I think he has to be careful when he’ll drive a car !! But Don’t worry anybody…is justin Bieber !!

  29. Lee T Mats says:

    So this is what happens when you give a 12 year old Canadian millions of dollars

  30. I really hope Bieber sees the inside of a Florida prison. His ‘gansta’ wannabe attitude will fade real fast. He’s a little punk who obviously never had the parental guidance he so desperately needed. That is by no means an excuse for his behavior and now is the time to teach him that there are consequences for his actions.

  31. Debbie Smith says:

    wake up people. the little bxtch has been thuggin’ on a kindergarten level for a few years now..throwing eggs at his neighbors houses..hitting people in anger when things dont go his way..admitted to driving at twice the speed limitand drag racing while under the influence of alcohol/pot AND narcotics..speeding up and down the neighborhood where he lives…he needs to put his big girl panties on and act like a grown woman..enuff beibs…you are officially now a disgrace to your profession..you gonna keep throwing them temper fits and somebody gonna blow your damn brains out. the sooner the better. he is useless to society. i cant name one good thing he has done in the last year. not one.

  32. drevulphd says:

    Canada you got him back please keep the little rat!

  33. Jimi Spier says:

    Kick this moron out of the country and out of the male gender. It is neither American nor male.

  34. Jessie says:

    I really hope this stuff in Florida puts him in jail. He needs to understand his actions have consequences. Not only will it send a message that celebrities do not walk on water and can’t buy their way out of punishment, it will also show these young fans of his that it is not okay to do whatever you want. If they let him free it just sends the message that it’s okay to do this stuff because Justin Bieber did it and there were no consequences. Next time someone might not be so lucky and he could kill someone. Driving intoxicated is not a small crime. Many people have died or known a person who has died from it. I hope they consider how much of an impact he has on the youth.

  35. Marion says:

    @Jonny, they don’t want him either

  36. jonny says:

    goddamit!!! sign that petition to get him deported!
    take him back canada!

  37. Yes he should really be deported because of all the crimes he has committed in this last month,we don’t need an extra celebrity messing up and doing all types of damage’s just to get extra publicly and he is a very bad example for all the younger fan’s,well I mean to all his fans,because they are all young he has no adult fan’s,we already have enough problems here in the US we don’t need an illegal immigrant causing more problems more than what we already have here in the USA,…SEND THAT TROUBLE MAKER BACK TO HIS HOME TOWN,HE IS JUST MESSING UP OURS!!!!! Avril Levine is also from over there and she has not created that much of problems like he has,and she has been her longer than him,and she does not act out like him and that’s cause she’s rock and he’s pop ,we would expect that from a rock star not from a pop star….my point is he is just creating problems,that we would expect from a rocker not a pop singer,so it’s so clearly that he just wants extra attention and publicly by messing around with our US!!!!!send him back please,at least Avril is a good influence on both young children and adults!!!every body loves Avril here,but now the whole US is out raged at him and his actions,and drug abuse!!!totally just not good for any reason,but doing a great job on teaching bad influence to the whole USA!!!!

    • Okay, your argument is absurd. The money he generates by touring in the US far outweighs any misdemeanor he may commit while he is here. Judging from your references, you’re too young to understand economics and too old to be a fan of Justin Bieber.

      • I never repeated what you said. And I never called you a moron. I might question your reading comprehension, though.

      • Brett ur just repeating what I’m saying,……and ur calling me a moron !! For speaking my opinions that I’m entitled to!! Seriously I have no time for you smack talking to me!! It was going well when we were just debating,but once you use bad language on me ,that’s when I’m done debating with someone who gets hurt by words ok ,..i didn’t disrespect you but you did,so I’m done with you!!!!

      • No, Marion, but I am saying that people screaming that he should be deported on the grounds of endangering the moral fibre of today’s youth are more full of hyperbole than they are of sh*t. What do you think the penalty is for drag racing?

        And who said he was getting away with it? The justice system is arranged – for better or for worse – that you either pay the fine or do the time. He will be able to pay the fine. That is abiding by the prescribed punishment in accordance to the law. Our law. Our American law. Societies get the legal system they are willing to work for, pay for and ultimately deserve.

      • I don’t care what you think about my opinions,and ur the absurd one,…obviously you love people messing with our own country,and maybe your just his fan and don’t want him deported,…but it’s clearly to all the he should be!! And money will only get you so far,..but it will eventually end ,especially with his acts,and spending it on all types of attorneys,just because he’s famous,does not put him above the law!!! And he’s wasting money right and left just to stay here,and he’s pleading not guilty,when they already have all types of evidence on him ,..so don’t be sad or mad when you see on TV that he will eventually have to pay for what he has done,either with money or jail time!!😉

      • Marion says:

        So what your saying is that as long as you generate money for the US, you can do what ever you want and get away with it. That is absurd. If he wasn’t famous, he would already be in jail. I’m sick and tired of famous people getting a slap on the wrist, while others have to go to jail for the same crime.

  38. Melissa says:

    Honestly,I’m surprised so many people took the time out of their day to sign the petition to deport a 19 year old celebrity.Don’t you all have better things to do than that?

    Besides,the kid screws up,but many others do as well.We don’t deport them.Why not help them rather than make them some other’s “problem/burden”? What does that* say about our citizens and society?

  39. what the hell is wrong with him?

  40. will says:

    need to be put in jail for good. he only causes problems for everyone and thinks cuz hes a singer now and got money he can do wat he wants and get away with it. they never should have brought him on stage firsty,secondly the whole world sees him only as a threat only causes proble in every state. hes only a wannabe little punk and thinks hes kool,wants to show his so called stuff and cant even run his life right.

    • He’s nineteen years old. He isn’t doing anything other kids aren’t doing. The only difference is that he has nicer cars, more money, more women and more talent. I could understand why that would piss you off, so let’s call an apple and apple and an orange and orange.

      • Luluinhollywood says:

        @Curtis Corse- it seems you’ve got an awful lot of assumptions going on in your comment…

        From my reading of the text it does not mention that the car was moving, or that Justin Beiber repeatedly punched the driver in the back of the head while he was driving.

        It even sounds rather murky that the driver is clear on WHO hit him. It sounds more likely from the article above there was a drunken fight in the back & my suspicion is the driver was hit more unintentionally- by someone. But who knows. Do you really read one article, make up between the lines stuff & actually think you know what happened? I don’t. Not to mention news reports notoriously get stuff wrong or twisted or have an incomplete story.

        And to those saying turning himself in points to his guilt? Uh, No. This was a delayed charge, I guarantee you the police contacted Beiber’s people & coordinated him coming down to the police station to be *charged*. People need to take a breath, & STOP collapsing being accused, or being charged with being convicted, or necessarily being guilty. If it were that easy we wouldn’t have a court system or due process.

        I am *not* saying this kid is a saint. I *am* saying I am neither in a position nor privy to enough info to feel I can judge.

      • I’ll agree with you that some of the suggested punishments are unusual and don’t necessarily fit the crime. However, he is what is known as a repeat offender-whether or not those offences are in the same state. Bieber is potentially facing felony charges in California, felony charges in Florida for DUI (not sure if drag racing is a felony or not but that’s a moot point considering he hasn’t been charged with drag racing) and this new charge out of Canada. Repeatedly punching someone in the back of the head while they’re driving a car may be a misdemeanor (or its equivalent) but it’s criminally negligent and just plain idiotic. If he wants to kill himself and his friends by beating his driver while the car is in motion, that’s his business but it’s putting everyone else on the road in jeopardy. Bieber is a menace of the most irritating kind and something needs to be done sooner rather than later to teach him a lesson. I’m fairly confident that even if Bieber is convicted of every single charge he’s facing, he probably won’t serve a single night in jail. That would be a pity but the criminal justice system in America tends to let the real criminals walk and often puts victimless criminals behind bars. I don’t believe Canada is any better. I think that most of us can agree that something needs to be done before Bieber ends up doing something so monumentally stupid that it gets an innocent person killed.

      • That’s clear. I have never personally heard his music and if I have, I couldn’t pick it out of a playlist of ten.

        I assume he must be talented based on the assumption that he makes 100 million dollars a year while we are stuck washing dishes and going to school.

        Thank you for making my point clear, though. Those of you demanding that he get a fair punishment have missed the bus entirely. Their intense dislike of the guy has them not demanding fair punishment – but rather harsh and irregular punishment.

      • Marion says:

        Not sure where you see the Talent, but if you say so. Yes, he is only 19, and yes other kids are doing things too. The difference is they are smart enough not to get caught and if they do get caught, the get the punishment they deserve. He gets caught all the time (not that smart). Can you tell I don’t like the little prick

  41. Jake says:

    It’s not so much about what he’s done…it’s about how he’s treated the situation… He messes up in one country/city, flies to the next to avoid it all and have a good time, messes up in that country/city, flies to the next to avoid it all and have a better time, messes up yet AGAIN, acts like it’s nothing, and flies to yet ANOTHER country…damn near another CONTINENT to TAKE A BREAK?!?! from his slap on the wrist, riding ATVs and giving 5s to fans when 99.7% of us would have been staring at cement walls from the get… And now he turns himself in to the Toronto police (again, another country) because he sees all the backlash and now wants to paint himself as someone who is sorry for what he’s done… I call his bluff… The innocent, hair swooping, childhood crooner image has long been gone and he can’t expect us to hold on to that. He’s an adult, he continually trips over his own shoelaces, and it’s time he realizes that his behavior and actions just can’t continue like this anymore.

    “We could be homeless, we could be starvin, we could be broke…” If any one of us “normal” people would have caused half the mess he has, that would be us…no doubt…no “could” involved…

    Time for him to GO!

    • jen says:

      what rankles with me is that everybody calls him a ’19 year old kid’ because he has a pretty face and he’s rich, like that is some kind of magic that keeps you free of all responsibility. Meanwhile REAL kids in middle school and younger elsewhere in the US are getting sent directly from school to jail for ridiculously minor things, like playing with plastic silverware and pushing each other on the playground, and people are talking about THEM like they are adults who ‘should have known better and deserved what they got’ even though they aren’t even old enough to get their learners permit to drive yet. Guess it’s good to be rich- it keeps you a ‘kid’ forever, no matter what you do.

      • Paula says:

        This whole “being rich” comment is a bit lame. Let him do his time but do we need to stop the presses and report on his EVERY move? I’m sure you’ve done things you’re not proud of. I’m sure you don’t need that on the news 24/7 overshadowing any good you’ve ever done in your life.

  42. It’s painfully obvious that he’s experiencing mental health issues. Hopefully, a judge will recognize this and force him to seek help. This kid was vilified long before he started acting like a jerk. Little wonder he’s gone off the deep end. Here’s hoping one of these judges finally makes a ruling that will help rather than just punish.

  43. jen says:

    everyone who actually believes this article is real is dumb. there are no news of this ANYWHERE in Toronto. fake fake fake fake fake.

    • Really Jen??? I’m from the USA,and the news we get from Canada is by the internet news, and we have a couple of channels that gives us Canada’s news it came out on the news today and also just a little while ago ,so im amazed that they are not showing this over in Canada!!do ya’ll get news from us??

    • Big Daddy D says:

      Put down the kool-aid, little girl. Check out CP24.ca. He turned himself in Wednesday afternoon at 52 division in Toronto. Feeling stupid now, belieber? Now..go do your homework. Stupid children!

    • a says:

      are you dumb??? there’s been heaps of articles on this already

  44. After all the idiotic things he’s done to endanger society and not give a damn about it… a pathetically obvious attempt to show his “good” side.

    I wonder if Canadians can do the same as what the Americans have done with the petition.

  45. Laurel says:

    I can’t believe all the people with such negative remarks. Yes what he has been doing is wrong, but for you to want him deported over it is ridiculous. He’s not any worse than Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Charlie Sheen, Chris Brown, Michael Vick (who is the scum of the Earth) & you people still support them in what they do. Hell my Mexican or Cuban neighbors 18 year old son has done worse than JB but I don’t want him deported. Now if we were talking about murder that would be totally different. My 7 year old granddaughter is a huge JB fan & so am I.

    • ezekial says:

      He is just a kid caught up in to much fame, drugs, and money…much of which has been escalated by Americans…its kinda sad that a kid with everything isn’t ok with himself

    • Big Daddy D says:

      Here’s your sign, grandma

    • JustinBieber says:

      Your poor poor daughter – she never had a chance. Can’t choose your parents… too bad.

    • He needs to be deported, why???….because there a lot of people here who happen to be illegaly and their only crime is to be here seeking for work so they can help their families. This kid thinks he owns the world and can do whatever he wants because he knows he can get away. He needs to get away for a while, gather a good group of people who will not take advantage of him and stay away from the limelight, he can be young and have a lot of fun without hurting other people and not putting people in danger for this erradic behavior. he can be saved and so his carrer. But no special treatment he needs to see reality and remember where he comes from, a very humble family

    • Alanna says:

      Take off your belieber glasses please and try to look at the situation with some logic. He’s not any worse that LIndsay Lohan and the rest? So that makes it ok? Your neighbor has done worse and you don’t want him deported? What is wrong with you? I bet you’re one of those people who think everything is fine and dandy until it happens to you and you scream bloody murder why wasn’t anything done about this before. Shame you were allowed to reproduce.

  46. miles says:

    bullshit put him in jail no special treatment for the rich

  47. Nick says:

    @paula If you re-read what I wrote i wasnt calling you a belieber i was saying that you are arguing the same sorry excuse that they use . Even if he is 19 its no excuse for him to be a complete idiot. Justin wants to act like he is a hardcore badass kind of guy thats why his mug shots had such a smug look when they took the photo. This is also why over 100,000 people have gone to the lengths of signing a petition because they want him to be deported. He is doing things a normal 19 year old would be arrested for why should he get special treatment just because he’s famous? I know for a fact if any one of my friends who is the same age did the exact same thing they’d be sitting in a jail cell right now just like he should be. Maybe if he spent some time with people who are actually bad like he wants to be it’ll knock some sense into him. and i think he should be deported because he doesnt deserve do be in America if thats how he wants to act while he’s in our country.

    • Paula says:

      @nick don’t you think it’s sad that 100,000 people signed a petition to get a 19 yo deported, meanwhile we have so many egregious crimes being committed everyday that don’t get any attention? Read up more, you’d be shocked at how we are blatantly being mislead with what’s important so that the real issues can be overshadowed. Be angry about the deaths, the state of our economy, murderers getting nothing near a life sentence, sex trafficking, meth use. Get outraged for that. Let’s see someone petition for those issues. Do you think we’ ll get 100,000 people to do that? No because we’re all worried about a 19 yo being a bad example. Be a better example and start a different movement bc I’m sure as heck that Justin’s life isn’t affecting my life personally, in the long run.

  48. beatleboy says:

    put him in jail for a while and let him see that just because he is big hot shot, he should not be able to get out of it just like all the other big name people in Hollywood.

  49. AnonDickSucker says:


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