Justin Bieber Arrested in Miami Beach for DUI and Drag Racing

Bieber Fever Outbreak Sweeps Cable News

Singer Justin Bieber has been arrested in Miami Beach, Fla., for drag racing and DUI, according to police.

The Miami Beach Police Dept., in a post on its official Twitter account, said Bieber was arrested Thursday morning after he was drag racing.

Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez told the Miami Herald that a test showed that Bieber was under the influence of drugs. Martinez also said Bieber was incoherent, had his hands in his pockets and resisted arrest without violence.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ, the arresting officer “immediately smelled an odor of alcohol” on Bieber’s breath, along with bloodshot eyes, slow deliberate movements and “a stupor look on his face.”

Bieber also told police that he’d had beer, pot and a prescription drug.

Bieber was arrested at around 4 a.m., after police stopped the 19-year-old Canadian pop star and another driver. Police said Bieber, who was driving a rented yellow Lamborghini, was taken into custody after he failed a sobriety test. The second car was a red Ferrari, and that driver was also arrested, police said.

Last week, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. searched Bieber’s Calabasas home to investigate a complaint that eggs were thrown at a neighbor’s house, causing thousands of dollars in damage. One member of Bieber’s entourage was arrested on suspicion of drug possession.

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    1. Smith says:

      Well, The News release kind of weird. But That thing is somehow like he break up with selena gomez. Kind of suprice

    2. Cherie says:

      “Singer”? He deserves to have the book thrown at him. He is not above the law of the land and if I were to do the exact same things he has done, I would be in jail and in big trouble. He will buy his way out, but his sponser’s are getting smaller and smaller. He needs to be in a drug facility for a Long while, he is hooked on prescription drugs and the doctor who prescribed them, should be punished as well. Another “flash in the pan”. Can you say “Has Been”? His parents are to blame for encouraging his behaviour and should be buggy whipped!

    3. Laugh all you want Bieber boy!
      1 more DUI could send him to state prison for up to 6 months in some states, then let’s see him laugh when his prison cellmate wants a little bit of Bieber boy’s backside.

    4. Mauri Tenney says:

      This kid is spiraling out of control. A month in jail, treatment and community service might help. His associations shows his real character. His future in in his own hands. Lets hope he opens his eyes before its too late.

    5. Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI While Hanging Out with DeSean Jackson’s Crazy Hot Ex-Girlfriend (Pics)
      Click Here to See http://www.tollywoodsargam.com/2014/01/justin-bieber-arrested-for-dui-while.html

      • Big Daddy D says:

        Looks like the cops may have exaggerated on the police report. The little twit only had a .014 blood alcohol level. That’s almost nothing. Beiber deserves to get his ass kicked, BT it won’t be this time. I think his charges will be dropped.

    6. YourAverageJoe says:

      Can we just deport him now and be done with this pimple faced little punk?

      • Cherie says:

        Big Daddy, He was over the limit and was high on pot and prescription drugs. The law should apply to him as it does to everyone!

        • big daddy D says:

          @cherie….014 isn’t over the limit..it’s almost negligible The pot and his mom’s prescription drugs are another issue altogether. And by limit..you mean speed limit? From what I’ve read..there’s discrepancies with that too. I can’t stand the little twat..but there is reasonable doubt.

    7. big daddy D says:

      So was David Cassidy & Danny Bonnaduce. Your point?

    8. Jhon says:

      Leif Garrett was supposedly pretty cool once too.

    9. Lucy C says:

      Hope JB get it together, I hate to see Justin like this, this is not like him at all:/
      still a belieber x

    10. Naeem says:

      How arrogant still smiling in the mug shot, presume he’s still high.

    11. MariettaGator says:

      “Rented Lamborghini”? Hahahahahaha!

    12. Chloe Herva says:

      That pretty girl w/ Justin is Chantel Jeffries check her here http://dailyentertainmentnews.com/?p=25121, lovely girl

    13. big daddy D says:

      About fucking time!

    14. Flagrante Delicto says:

      DUI in Canada is a felony, even if convicted in the US. I certainly hope the SAO doesn’t fail the community by cutting a deal for a lesser charge when they have him dead to rights.

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