Creed Frontman Says He’s Broke, Living in a Holiday Inn

Creed: Scott Stapp Broke, Living in
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Creed frontman Scott Stapp, whose Grammy-winning band once led the Billboard album charts and played to sold out crowds in the late 90s, posted a Facebook video on Wednesday revealing shocking details about his current living situation.

“Right now I’m living in a Holiday Inn, by the grace of God, because there’s been a couple of weeks I had to live in my truck,” he said in the new video. “I had no money, not even for gas or food. I went two days without eating because I had no money and ended up in an emergency room.”

The former rock star said that a personal audit revealed that money had been stolen and royalty payments had not come through.

“When someone can have all their money taken out of their bank account and no one’s held responsible, when someone can get targeted by the IRS because of a clerical error, when someone can get completely slandered and lies made up about them and post it all over the Internet and there’s no consequences for those people, there’s a problem. There’s definitely a problem. This is not the country that I grew up believing in. This is not the America that I want for my children and their future.”

Stapp also denied taking drugs or alcohol in the video, saying “I’m sober as can be. Once the rumors started coming out I began getting blood and urine tests once a week just in case someone called me to the carpet on it, I can prove it.”

Creed, who have sold over 28 million albums worldwide, are currently on hiatus after a brief reunion tour in 2012.

Watch the video below:

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    1. n.c. says:

      I hope he can solve his problems ,i got myself a lot of problems and his powerful songs helps me a lot

    2. BJ says:

      This guy has money. He just is on a drug enduced paranoia. The media is once again not following up. Guys 2 to 3 months ago he was with his wife in bocca. Living in a mansion. She is divorcing him because he is off the grid for the last couple of months and has files an marchman on him. To get him in to rehab. Sheesh. This is stupid crap shock value.

    3. Scott Stapp has been targeted for take-down. The spin is to try to convince the public he isn’t of sound mind, but we know better. Satan never comes up with anything new, and it’s the same ol’, same ol’. Thousands are targeted in exactly the same way as Scott. It’s only slightly different as the pre-genocide activity in Nazi Germany. Anyone who had a mind of their own was “disappeared” by labeling them insane and throwing into mental institutions. No doubt many paid govt. trolls will be assigned to this article to post very negative comments to sway public opinion against Scott. Be aware that one troll may have several accounts and what looks to be 10 different people posting ugly comments is only one person with 10 accounts. No doubt they will attack anyone who posts anything supportive of Scott. Stand firm with Scott and refrain from taking troll bait. Refrain from getting pulled into arguments with them. Rule Number One: Never, ever get into a conversation with a demon. Edward Snowden leaked documents proving “Paid Government Trolls On Social Media, Blogs, and Websites”…/27/snowden-paid-gov-trolls/

    4. I highly suspect mafia involvement. The mafia exerts great influence over the music industry. They control accountants, lawyers, etc… I believe something similar happened to Courtney Love. They will steal from anyone that doesn’t have the wherewithal to fight back.

    5. Jack T says:

      It’s obvious you hbe fallen on difficult times. But if threats are beig made name those people. And money has been stolen file charges. Make your fight very public and record everything (conversations) and post it online. Otherwise, it may be difficult to find re allies you will need in the media.

    6. Abel says:

      Wow to some of you people, have you never fell on hard times before. You are short on pointingthe finger and fast with words. No one can not say youve never been in a spot that you didnt make mistakes or had things happen to you also. Ive been in the shows hes walking in, ive had bones broken, ive had someone steal my money, take my kids from me and not one person would help, not the police not even family, i had to do everything alone, all i did was get out of a bad situation and it made things worse, pressure can make people fall into bad things, scotts being up front an honest he isnt denieing anything hes just asking for help, as i did when things happen and a person put my 2 kids in the hospital, the person who put me and my kids in the hospital is still out walking around, its so easy for alot of you to say scotts crying wolf, ive been in his shows, not completely but i have been there, its a hard fit, and it doesnt look like hes on drugs. You all judge so fast. Just by the looks of a video. I have been looking for help myself and legal help because no one will do anything, you do what you have to for help. And by the looks of these comments only the negative and blamming him ones are being shown, that right there shows something is going on. How many of you have not needed help and couldnt get it because youve screwed up and other people say all these nasty things about you also. Christian or not he is a human being we all are, we all make mistakes, why judge someone just because you read or hear about things, when you really have no odea what the truth is, like scott im looking for legal help also and have thought of doing it as he did. Because how else will anyone listen even if you speak to them face to face and they tell you, we will look into it and then you check and nothing has happened. So many of you people are heartless, but you wouldnt understand what any of its like cause youve never been in those kids of shoes. This world makes me sick. How come the person who put my kids and i in the hospital are still walking around. Is that my fault? And im sure if this gets posted alot will have nothing but garbage to say and you dont know me either. When no one wants to help you have to find a way to fix a problem even if it over the internet. Just because you can easily point a finger and say those things doesnt mean everything you hear and read in a book is true, even here you judge an blame, im not a star or anyone important but im waiting for justice to those who hurt me kids and me, and many otjer things but yet has anyone done anything.

    7. J.E. Vizzusi says:

      You must be responsible for your own actions. Homeless shelters in turn sub acute mental health counciling leading to stability is the key here. The talent will always stay with us. I suggest this, the vagabond motel life and using social media to beg for friends is no way out of a crisis such as this. There are millions of homeless in America crying out this Thanksgiving. We as a people together can end the crashing down of lives caused by greed, unscrupulous business people and hard drugs. Its a sad but much too familiar tale.

    8. auriculum says:

      Well, damn. This is officially the second most depressing story I’ve read all day.

      Sorry to hear about your monetary troubles, SS.

    9. Erin says:

      Scott, If by the grace of god, or the power of attraction of the universe you do read this, get help man!!! Go to an AA meeting, get some support and help from others who won’t judge. Maybe they can help with lawyers, etc. From someone who is a huge fan and wants to hear more of your god given talent, get help in the right places, not from a posted internet video…peace and love sent your way

    10. Jim says:

      Don’t judge a man till you walked a mile in his shoes dont worry man just eat sleep and stay clean it will all come back around.

    11. Elody says:

      You are amazing and we miss your music!!!! Stay Strong

    12. He should give thanks he is not living in a van down by the river.

    13. Jason_Elser says:

      It’s an after effect of meth. Even if you’re not on it at the time it is a common after effect. I’ve got several friends that were hooked on it a few years ago. They still do that today even after being clean for over a year.

    14. db says:

      what’s with all the lip smacking he does? nervous tic? tourettes? never noticed before

    15. J says:

      He’s not broke. Otherwise he’d be staying at a Motel 6 instead of a Holiday Inn

      • Thank you! Holiday Inn’s cost anywhere between $85-$130 A NIGHT… Use that money, get a job, ok.. it may not be touring.. but hell man do something other than whine on the internet. Write some songs in your spare time while you bag groceries, or get a job at a music store, but don’t whine. I had enough of your whining in the 90’s.

    16. Tim says:

      Hey Stapp, there’s no such phrase as “millions for your thoughts”. You overpaid.

    17. The whole blaming everything or others when you’re down and out really gets old with this whole christian spiel. Always the persecuted victim. I think it would be cool if he took some responsibility and said “hey i screwed up with managing my money and allowed someone to steal from me. I trusted the wrong people and allowed this to happen. But Im gonna fix this mess. ” Man up and take a hold of mistakes made. Then the lesson is learned and life will flourish again. No. Instead all he is saying that he is being attacked yada yada yada. “what is done to me” ” im being persecuted” “those doing this to me”
      Wow christians always push so much attention away from their own faults. Quit whining. Grow a pair. And show gratitude you are in a Holiday Inn and more doors will open.

      • jay ess says:

        this view is frankly a shock, am sure never heard this before, that being Christian is synonymous with feeling ‘persecuted’, and blaming others (On the contrary, we Christians try to be hopeful in our trials, and try to stay realistic as to source of problems, ties in with honesty) Without judging Scott and his group, their creed [pun intended], I mean if a ‘Christian’ label it could be just show-biz hype “Wow christians always push so much attention away from their own faults. Quit whining“ I say Wow to this, nothing short of prejudice and complete ignorance of a faith-community’s real beliefs

        • Bea Ess says:

          You haven’t heard of the ‘war on christianity’ that is supposedly going on in the US? You haven’t noticed the constant stream of ‘being persecuted for being christian’ nonsense that has driven a lot of political decisions / actions? Seriously?
          It should not be made as a blanket statement, since those are dangerous at best, but it should be no surprise some folks feel like this.

    18. Jim says:

      Was worth $10 MILLION and now…..

    19. JC says:

      This dude is obviously very sick. His wife just divorced him for going on month-long drug and alcohol benders, completely ignoring his family and kids. Read this article about the craziness his wife has said he has text her recently.

      He’s mentally ill, and this “world against me” paranoia probably needs treatment before it’s too late.

    20. SS says:

      Hmm….some things don’t add up here. I highly doubt that he is taking drug tests every week just to prove a point. I bet that would be expensive for someone who is broke. Sounds like a court ordered act to me. Also, wow, how unlucky can one person be? Tax problems, money gone, and it’s all some else’s fault. It could be true, and if it is that’s horrible. But it sounds like someone who is blaming his problems on anyone or anything but himself.

    21. Steve says:

      Sorry Scott, Ive had very similar problems with the governments my way or the highway mentality. Ive always enjoyed your music and hope for a speedy resolution to this problem your having. Im in Wisconsin but if I could Id be happy to help you out in any way I could. Steve

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