Zack Snyder to Direct ‘Justice League’ Movie

Justice League Batman vs Superman

Warner Bros. is lining up a super-slate for the next few years, as it has set a “Justice League” movie to follow the Batman-Superman movie, the studio has confirmed.

WB has locked in Zack Snyder to direct, the helmer of “Man of Steel” and its sequel, which goes into production next month. The script for the third pic in the series is currently in development.

“Justice League” currently has no release date, though the Batman-Superman film is set for May 6, 2016.

Like Disney’s “The Avengers,” which brings together some of Marvel’s most popular heroes, “Justice League” culls the biggest superheroes from the DC universe. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are staples of the Justice League.

Henry Cavill will reprise his role as Superman in the Batman-Superman pic, with Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot tapped to play Wonder Woman.

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  1. Lois Holbrook says:

    How can you argue with a director who did the “300”,”Man of Steel”(which has beaten Captain America in the US already), “The Watchmen”(for the real graphic novel fans),the Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl 9/11 commercial-2002), the Jeep Frisbee commercial on the top of the mesas, and numerous other
    awards , including his first movie, ” Dawn of the Dead” ?. No, if you want to really root for the good guys to win, you stack your chips on Snyder……. and look at the modernization of Superman in Man of Steel
    vs Captain America’s relic costume that no one relates to. Oh well, let the critics and Marvel scorn the images that made America great…After all, aren’t all the Marvel characters just bast—- child— of Superman’s(and Batman’s) anyway? No contest with this woman!! Snyder and the Justice League all the way!!!……………………………..Best Regards, Lois H.

  2. bsbarnes says:

    Superman (1938) beget Batman (1939) beget Joker (1940) beget Wonder Woman (1941). These characters arrived in this popular cultural order for a sociological reason, and scrambling-up their arrival spoils their integrity. Batman is not “older and wiser” than Superman, General Zod is not an equivalent villain to Joker and Wonder Woman is not a sidekick like Robin (1940) was. The most important real estate in comics is Superman: making him morally inferior to Batman is simply wrong and will not unleash his as-yet untapped box office potential! This creative impulse to hobble Superman is the result of the success of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS graphic novel by Frank Miller (1986) , but Miller deliberately set out to unravel Superman’s mythology in favor of Batman’s backstory by making Batman the ultimate vigilante in a dystopian future, in which Batman uses ultra-violence to achieve his particular ends, which are, what? A Gotham without a Joker, a city no longer overridden by crime? So, basically, the same kind of big city that America has in abundance, today, already? Batman fights street crime like nobody’s business, yes, but Superman fights for truth, justice and the American Way! Batman operates on the streets of Gotham, Superman works from the clouds of Metropolis, while Wonder Woman resides and refreshes her spirit on the female-friendly island of Thymescira. But Superman came first in the superhero pecking order and has the larger heroic mission! To act as if Batman is the more self-actualized hero is historically inaccurate: Superman embodies the American Dream in ways that Batman never possibly can. Remember the Golden Age! Wonder Woman is a more aspirational figure than Batman, as well: she is a champion for loving justice, while Batman essentially wants to stop crime cold. The trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman form the heart of the Justice League, but Superman is the first among equals, Wonder Woman is the Prom Queen while it is Batman who is the Weakest Link. Only by understanding the Golden Age library of these great heroes can a successful telling of their Justice League adventures be achieved: indeed, the Justice Society was formed in 1940, while the Justice League was formed in 1960. Of the DC trinity, only Wonder Woman was present when the Justice League began its modern adventures, Batman and Superman were late to the party. During the Congressional ban of superheroes from 1954-1956, only Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman titles continued to be published, uninterrupted: that’s how popular they were, that’s how important Superman continued to be as the first superhero! The Fantastic Four were created in 1961: there would be no Marvel Age of Comics without Superman! Batman sells well, yes, but without Superman there would be no comic book industry! If filmmakers rely on the flashpoint of stories clustered from 1986 and moving forward, then the emotional intelligence of Superman and especially of Wonder Woman will be lost. Superman and Wonder Woman were at their best in the 1940s: Wonder Woman was the #1 selling comic during WWII, when comics were wildly popular. Batman did not hit his commercial stride until the 1980s. The Superman Cartoons from 1941-1943 should be the template for all future Superman projects, because it was in these Fleischer Studio cartoons; not in the newsstand comics; where Superman in fact first began to fly! If DC and Warner Bros. fail to remember the best of what the Golden Age brought out in Superman and Wonder Woman; before Marvel even had a superhero line to boast of; then DC will never dominate at the box office as they are fully capable of doing with their live-action superhero movies!

  3. WMK says:

    I think thats the idea behind the Batman inclusion he’s suppose to be a grizzled veteran Crimefighter and Superman intrigues him sees his potential I think in this case the vs in the working title is a red herring it should be tests imo so Batman can find out what he is up against there’s also the question of Kryptonite how does Batman get it because he’s going to need it lol then after the showdown some sort of agreement is made and the training or something like that gets underway but imo Affleck’s Batman should be very manipulative because this is what he’s like in the comics when it calls for this would be that sort of situation tbh I’d like to see Affleck’s Batman as a lighter shade of Hannibal Lector a master manipulator who will do anything to win but without the fine dining of course Affleck’s Batman is also a master tactican and Strategist things that Superman can learn so Affleck’s Batman is the key to this film whether we like it or not I personally do that’s why Affleck brought in Chris Terrio to script the film to make sure the films done properly and his part is scripted right this movie will be massive and JLfilm will be even bigger I won’t put it up against the Marvel Saga just yet but the potential is there

  4. Dan says:

    No Flash, that sucks

    • RR says:

      Flash is set to appear in the next debacle of Green Lantern. So I’m sure they’ll have him introduced/inducted at some point in the JLA movie.

      • dnno1 says:

        Flash is set to appear in his own TV skien. I don’t know if and when they will ever make another Green Lantern film. I am sure part of it has to do with when whomever owns the film rights gives that up.

  5. Oby says:

    I’d say the best way forward. This way they catch up with Marvel – well almost. They must keep the movie release dates close together though, no more than 3 years. Any longer, most people would have tired of the comic book movies.

  6. WMK says:

    Truth be told its the Avengers that is the “knockoff” of the Justice League from the comics In saying that the Joss Whedon Avengers is about to become imo the grossing movie of all-time after next year with Age of Ultron but imo JLfilm or it’s sequel will surpass it but opinions are just that and not cold hard box office which is what the Avengers is

  7. Paul says:

    I really think the industry is reaching Peak Superhero through the next few years. Given the long lead times on these films, they could very well be the zillion-dollar coal mine canary croaking to let the industry know time’s up.

  8. WMK says:

    This was bound to happen back to back films I’m actually thinking that there is a third film to be in a row whether or not that film is Shazam or a Bat or Superfilm not sure yet it could be the Wonder Woman movie that has been talked about but I’m glad they had the foresight to go back to back and get this show rolling even though it’s two years away

  9. Jo says:

    Headline should read Justice League Movie Announced to Widespread Indiffrence

  10. bsbarnes says:

    Jeremy Irons stated that although he has been cast that there is not a script for Superman vs. Batman, yet. Snyder is doing pre-production without a screenplay.

  11. Tracy says:

    The public is going to call this an Avengers knockoff lol.

    • dnno1 says:

      I don’t think so, Tracy. The Justice League is a more recognized brand than Marvel’s Avengers. I am pretty certain that most people know that brand goes back to the 1970’s and the Super Friends (arguably one of the most successful superhero cartoon series to date).

      • Alex says:

        Actually, peoples, JLA came before “Avengers”, obviously, and JLA was just the Silver Age revamp of the 1940s Justice Society team, whereas Marvel really had no precedent before this of super-tema up books, and, back in those days, had no desire to imitate DC/All-American, because their books weren’t selling astronomically.

        In the 1960s, Stan Lee created the Fantastic Four as a response to the success of the ultimate super-team book, the new JLA, and then proceeded to create the entire Marvel Universe. So, whilst FF, and therefore, the entire MU was a response to DC’s success, it only took a few years – maybe by 1966 or 1967 – for Marvel to take over in terms of sales, which worried DC. This led to the Carmine Infantion “goo-goo checks” period, when DC thought, “holy crap, their stuff is outselling ours, let’s try and do Marvel-style comics, with real characters, subplots and multi-issue titles, and superheroes you can tell apart from each other by their personalities, not merely by the colour of their tights”. Because most of the first few years of JLA comics, had totally disposable treatments of all the characters, whereas in “Avengers” – clearly an obvious inspirational rip off of both the 40s JSA and the 50s JLA, characters interacted, and really felt like a proper team, not just a bunch of heroes going off doing their own thing.

        So, by the 70s, all DC titles soon became hard to tell apart from their Marvel counterparts, something which continues even to this day. So whereas the basic concepts may have come first from DC, Marvel was always doing its’ own thing, never just imitating trends, like post-1969 DC titles did. And the point of this whole story is, that whilst you may say that JLA is better known than the Avengers, which, incidentally it definitely isn’t, the new concept for this movie will be as “An Avengers-style movie”, because this is WB basically thinking, hey, we’ve got a whole bunch of licenced super-hero properties, let’s do a film like Marvel is doing. The JLA movie is, indeed, a knock-off of the Avengers movie, which broke new ground and proved that a superhero team-up movie was a feasible, and finacially profitable option. Now, they’re cashing in on it.

        Oh, and by the way, it’ll be rubbish. Just saying.

      • RR says:

        That statement, though it carries weight, will be DC’s problem. They are approaching this film series as if people are already familiar with a good portion of DC’s characters. Yes many people know Batman and Superman, but they have also been the only DC characters pushed in recent years as far as movies, not counting tv shows, cartoons, etc. So for the general public, and especially teenagers born this century, many people are going to have mixed reviews about throwing all of these characters in a movie. At the very least Marvel had solo films for Avengers and linked them all together, most notably in Cap 2, where Black Widow and NF are present throughout the movie, but also common elements like the tesseract that brought them all together yet stilll appears in solo films.

        So aside from Supes and Bats, WW might be the only other person the general public may recognize (and Flash) but at the same time they will have no familiarity outside of, ” I think that’s such and such….but I don’t know what they do.” Most DC fans are familiar to the story and will not understand from a general public perspective that familiarity is needed to define roles. I mean look at why they had to retool Batman movies because they were throwing in too many characters with little to no story behind them (Batman & Robin – Poisin Ivy, Freeze, Batgirl) and poor character development. So making Man of Steel 2, aka Batman vs Superman a pre-JL movie without the official title is going to take some really creative writing…let alone the fact they are pullin LL back into the mix….I really wish they would get beyond LL in Superman films. I understand that LL is iconic…but too many films with him…not like Joker has been in 5 Batman films.

  12. therealeverton says:

    I can see why people would think this is a bad idea. Whilst I thought the writing was key in Man of Steel becoming poor after the first act. (A character who spent his life saving people suddenly finds himself choosing to star fights in / or worse take them to populated areas, when he had empty / near deserted areas right next to the place(s) he was. (The miles of farmland he flew Zod over before stopping in the centre of Smallville and gloating rather than getting the hell away from people and property (let’s not get into flying Zod away to protect his mother/ chastise him for attacking her, but leaving her alone with other baddies!!). Or the ocean he flies over to get to Metropolis but chooses to ignore in favour of fighting over Metropolis. Yes he had a choice and he did again whenin space and they come back to fight In Metropolis again. )

    A problem that is just perfect to ask your newly found space dad AI about, but you decide not to bother?

    This one us WB fault. Thanks to Snyder. & Co mistakenly believing their films we’re to stand alone we have a film that threatens the destruction if the entire planet that somehow Batman and the entire Amazon race (assuming Wonder Woman isn’t being retooled as a person gaining powers outside of being an Amazon etc.)

    The convenient costume isn’t explained in the film, either in being there and the right size, or it’s colour scheme being so unique.

    The death of Zod. As well as his turning from misguided rebel to genocidal maniac never really getting the time it needed, it was illogical for him to insist on wiping out Earth for no reason. There other planets to try, even Mars was just a matter of hours away with their tech, so why bother? Senseless killers is not how they were written in Act 1.

    There’s more, but we’ll see if things improve.

    Of course the childish, arrogant and financially stupid move of WB moving the batman/Superman film onto a date already claimed by Marvel Studios doesn’t inspire confidence either. Knowing that it’s Captain America 3 just makes it all the worse. That film has been far better received than MoS, by critics and audiences, and it sets up several plot threads that audiences want to see play out. That’s without the boost that Avengers: Age if Ultron could give it as well. For the non comic book/cartoon audience there’s a clear fav here, and it’s the sequel with unresolved plot details, characters they have grown to love from scratch and who are part of a series of films that have been well constructed to form one big universe. All Batman/Superman can really count on is the DC fans and that number of people from the “we actually liked Man of Steel” pile who also prefer it to the MCU. I don’t see that as a large enough group. (Especially when Winter Soldier out grosses MoS from far inferior release date and has far, far bigger success internationally to fall back on as well.

  13. bsbarnes says:

    Is there a screenplay yet for Superman Vs. Batman? Until there is a script for that and for Justice League, Zach Snyder does not have a lock on either movie!

    • therealeverton says:

      They’re already making the Batman/Superman film.

      • therealeverton says:

        To clarify there’s no way Snyder isn’t making the bat film, it’s in pre-production and everything is being set up to his design. Now if it also makes about 10c box office profit on a $225m+ budget, maybe he’ll get kicked from Justice League. However unless WB are stupid enough to keep their daft date bluff going and it loses out to Captain America 3.

  14. Manuel says:

    Warner/DC Comics should have put the DC Animation Division in charge of making DC live action movies. The DC Animation Division understands how important story & character development are.
    Regardless, I’ll see future Warner/DC Comics movies depending on how my Friends opinions.

  15. Sam says:

    Has anyone see man of steel???? It was like watching a video game with no concern for character or history

    • Aníbal says:

      Agree with you, Sam.
      Just like every movie from Zack Snyder.

    • Ryan says:

      Do you really think that two of kryptons finest are just going to throw a couple punches and the it’s all over dude they’re superpower beings for Christ sake they’re not going to care what gets destroyed during their battle quit being closed minded about Man Of Steel it the best Superman Movie to date

      • therealeverton says:

        Do you really still think that the only problem people had was the damage done and not the WAY that the damage was done. In other words the choice to fight in a manner that caused deaths and in locations you could have altered. Smallville is wasted because superman takes the fight there, not the bad guys. Metropolis because he chooses to stay there despite leaving once and having the ability to take Zod away.

        Killing Zod may have been his only option (debatable) and Christopher Reeve’s Superman did it, but it certainly wasn’t the only way to save that family (who he suddenly cared about again, despite killing untold masses whilst dealing with Zod) just fly him away Man, fly him away.

  16. Jack says:

    Warner Bros. you dopes, why all this trust in a guy who screwed up Man of Steel?

  17. Shawn says:

    The only chance DC/ WB at a real credible chance of giving us something of value and truly entertaining was with Christopher Nolan but obviously they couldn’t entice him enough. Now they’re stuck with Snyder who failed at Man of Steel (just watched it again on HBO hoping the 2nd time would be better but
    nope). At least we still have The Dark Knight Trilogy.

  18. Steve says:


  19. Jacob F Keller says:


  20. John Daker says:


  21. Television does a better job at doing DC features. Looking forward to The Flash, love Arrow, but Zack Snyder I leave to the under thirty fans. He ruined Superman for most of my generation. Maybe senseless violence and video game graphics do it for the current generation. The Marvel Team at Disney seen to have gotten it right for theatrical features, where they need help is on the television side.

    • Jason says:

      Your “generation” was obsessed with the Silver Age Superman (ver. Reeve’s was based off of) which has been dead in the comics since 1988. Maybe if you read a comic within the last 25 years then you wouldn;t have had as much of a problem with it as you did.

      • K Plan says:

        I’m from that same generation (and an avid comics fan), and I don’t care that Superman’s personality was changed. The idea of a Superman w/out a solid moral center is intriguing. But they just didn’t do it well.

        What was so embarrassing for WB was that the storytelling in the film was so poor that most people over the age of 17 found it utterly ridiculous. It was a perfect example of bad filmmaking — the laziness of designing a Krypton that looked like something from a bad 1970s issue of Heavy Metal mag, the inability to give Superman a sensible arc, the complete lack of sense from scene to scene, the truly awful dialogue, the lack of motivation for characters, the senseless choices the characters make. Nothing in this movie worked…save for the guy who played Supes.

  22. Living the Geek Life says:

    Reblogged this on Living the Geek Life and commented:
    This isn’t a huge shock, given we’ve been assuming this was the plan, but here’s confirmation.

    It looks like WB is putting all their eggs in Zack Snyder’s basket. I’m not sure that’s the choice is have made, although there were a lot of good things about Man of Steel.

    What do you think?

    • WMK says:

      I’m help o p sure Snyder will be OK this time around in that Terrio is scripting and the recklessness of MoS was in part to imo set upfor BvS in terms of what Superman lacked as a superhero and what Affleck’s Batman will bring to help Superman through what are his formeritve years the master and apprentice scenario

      • Living the Geek Life says:

        A master/apprentice scenario is an interesting idea! I’d be interested in that.

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