CANNES: Robert Pattinson vs. Kristen Stewart in Battle of ‘Twilight’ Stars

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Kyle Hilton

After the vampire franchise, neither star has proven a box-office draw

Ever since the lineup of the Cannes Film Festival was announced last month, gossip sites have been salivating over an unlikely scenario: a red carpet run-in between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The “Twilight” co-stars and former off-screen couple both will be in attendance, although they likely won’t be posing for photographs together.

Pattinson arrives on the Croisette with a pair of anticipated films: the Hollywood-set drama “Maps to the Stars,” a competition title from his “Cosmopolis” director David Cronenberg; and “The Rover,” a midnight-screening thriller set in a futuristic Australian Outback, and helmed by “Animal Kingdom’s” David Michod.

Stewart appears as a supporting character in the Olivier Assayas drama “Clouds of Sils Maria” (playing in competition); has a market screening of “Camp X-Ray,” about a guard at Guantanamo Bay who strikes an unexpected friendship with a prisoner; and is attached to the project “Equals,” a sci-fi love story with an ambitiously crafted premise from “Like Crazy” director Drake Doremus, which will be shopping for a North American distribution deal. “What really stood out about her is that she’s really willing to put herself out there and take risks and want to grow,” Doremus says.

It’s been nearly six years since the actors delivered their star-making turns as Edward and Bella in “Twilight,” a franchise based on the Stephenie Meyer book series that paved the way for a new wave of girl-power actioners on the bigscreen with the likes of “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent.” While the five “Twilight” films amassed $3.3 billion in worldwide ticket sales, they also have posed a career-challenging quagmire for their young stars, Pattinson and Stewart, as well as co-stars, Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz.

Post-“Twilight,” Stewart has scored only one bona fide box office hit — 2012’s “Snow White and the Huntsman,” which grossed $397 million worldwide — but stumbled with a string of underperforming indies, including “On the Road,” “The Runaways” and “Welcome to the Rileys.”

Pattinson’s last two films, 2012’s “Cosmopolis” and “Bel Ami,” each made less than $1 million domestically.

“It kind of reflects their personalities,” says Keith Simanton, the managing editor of IMDb. “Stewart had the off-‘Twilight’ hit ‘Snow White.’ When she tries to hew closer to Pattinson’s way of thinking, which is, ‘I want to be in movies that might be really difficult for me and scare me,’ she ends up with the same box office as him.”

Lautner, who tried to make a run as an action-movie star, bombed with 2011’s “Abduction.” And Lutz didn’t fare much better with the campy dud “The Legend of Hercules,” which grossed less than $20 million domestically.

Only Anna Kendrick, who played the gossipy high school student in the “Twilight” films, has a varied resume, including “Pitch Perfect,” “End of Watch,” “50/50” and “Up in the Air,” which has found the right balance of artistic credibility and commercial success.

She’s a good example of what the rest of the class at Forks High School should aspire to be when they grow up.

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  1. Shivam says:

    so romentic i love this movie dil se

  2. gabii says:

    hahaha , that bit you in the a$$..both Stewart and Pattinson got great reviews

  3. Jordan says:

    Pattinson said he auditioned for Twilight because he felt he owed it to his agents who had never given up on him, even when he was ready to give up on himself. He auditioned for 3 other parts that week, too, and none of them had anything to do with KStew.

    Kristen never “helped” him get the role. He was Cedric Diggory years before Twilight. Summit went after him because they wanted the handsome boy from Harry Potter. After his audition, he met with the producers, who are the ones who hired him.

    And they hired him because he was the best for the part. Just because KStew started drooling over him the minute he walked through the door had nothing to do with him getting the job. A 17 year old unknown actress had no power to hire or fire.

    That’s the job of the producers, they’re the ones who signed his contract and paid his salary, He was the one who sold the tickets to Twilight, he was a star before the film even opened.

    Six weeks before Twilight opened in theaters, over 10,000 women were lining up at the malls to see him. No one knew or cared about whoever played Bella. She caused no riots at malls. That was all Pattinson. He was the breakout star from the franchise, and he did it on his own. He owes nobody anything, because he’s the one who delivered the audience. And she rode his coattails for as long as she could, but those days are over.

    • JR says:

      I’m curious… Did you write that with a straight face? Are you so obsessed that you can’t help but be ignorant? I won’t even point out the facts to you because I suspect you know them, but I do wonder what would compel a human being to write such bs. Seriously, Jordan… you really need a life.

  4. vtrn33 says:

    People are right, you shouldn’t be stooping down to tabloid levels when writing these articles trying to pit one against the other. I’m certain that they both support each other’s careers and will do what they want. But wasn’t it Kristen who campaigned hard for him to get him the part of “Edward” in TWILIGHT? He was ready to quit acting. I’ll be happy for him if “The Rover” is a big hit. I’m already happy for her with Sils, Camp X-Ray, American Ultra, and upcoming films like Equals, and a new film that she has recently been attached to that will also star Robert Redford, and Ewan McGregor.
    They have the income, so support them in their choices now and not try to undermine them like a rag magazine such as tmz, us magazine or people. (I’ve never believed anything they’ve ever written because they don’t check facts before running a story. $ellebrity case in point.) Shouldn’t Variety be above them all?

  5. Dawn says:

    Cosmopolis and Bel Ami never was in theaters around the country. How could they make money
    when no one was able to see them? I have the movies and they are very good. I think that some
    one has it in for the younger actors. When I hear people like dicapprio and Clooney get praise
    for their less than adequate acting , it seems to me that there is definite jealousy coming from the
    older actors. Robert Pattinson has played such a range of characters, he has proven what quality
    of great acting he can perform. I believe that Taylor will become a good actor some day. So stop
    saying there is a battle of stars. ks can’t act her way out of a paper bag.

    • October says:

      You can’t be serious. Are your trying to imply that DiCaprio and Clooney are jealous of younger actors especially Robert Pattinson? In what world? My, my, Pattinson’s fans are grade A looney.

  6. Adele says:

    Kenneth Turan over at the LA Times has gone nuts over The Rover, and Pattinson’s performance in particular. I hope you do a follow up next week with all the fantastic buzz and reaction to that.

    The majority of the buzz this year has been about Pattinson having two films invited to the Cannes Film Festival, and now that he’s arrived, ALL the buzz will be about him and his performances.

    “The chilling ‘Rover’ presents actor Robert Pattinson in a searing new light.”

    “Pearce’s barely controlled ferocity as Eric is exceptional, but it is not as much of a revelation as Pattinson’s unrecognizable work as Rey, a damaged, unfocused individual who is the older man’s half-unwilling accomplice.”

    Chew on that for awhile before you write another silly piece trying to “compare” them. There is no comparison and there never has been.

  7. LA says:

    Well if Variety was looking for hits they definitely got them. But it looks like Variety has also ruffled the feathers of Robert Pattinson fans. Is this a fair comparison of their films to date? Nope. Its lazy writing. Even though the comparison is not necessary, their last two films were quite different. Stewart had a studio film so her domestic box office total was greater than Pattinson’s. Even if you include Remember Me and Water For Elephants, SWATH still had a bigger domestic box office.

    Good luck to Taylor though. He seems to be having a rough go of it.

  8. Brooklyn says:

    It’s not only “unlikely” that they will be posing together at Cannes, it’s impossible. Pattinson’s films premiere on the 18th and 19th, and then he goes to Paris for the premiere of MTTS there on the 21st.

    Stewart’s film screens on May 23rd, and he will have left Cannes on the 20th. So all this speculation about will they or won’t they be seen together is totally bogus. The Cannes schedule has been out for a few days, the briefest bit of research would have told you that there is no chance of them running into each other.

    And as if that wasn’t enough, Stewart’s attendance hasn’t even been confirmed by the Sils Maria producers. In fact, they’ve said that she won’t be there. She’s filming in New Orleans and evidently has chosen not to attend Cannes.

  9. More Numbers says:

    I’m so sick of this. Pattinson made TWO films outside the franchise that showed a profit, something none of Stewart’s indies have done. Both Water for Elephants and Remember Me made more than triple their production budgets, a profit by any definition.

    And they made just as much money internationally as they did domestically, showing he has an international audience. We can all check the numbers at BOM. So he has already proved that he can attract a non-Twilight audience and he doesn’t have to be in a big budget fantasy film to do it. And while Cosmpolis was not an earner, it did make as much as On The Road, yet OTR cost $5 million more to produce and was in theaters for months longer.

  10. Megan says:

    This is stupid. Water for Elephants and Remember Me made good money back for what they spent on it. The fact that you use SWATH when people who went and saw the movie saw it for Chris and Charlize just shows how one sided this article is. But, you only chose to compare Robert’s smaller films to a film with Charlize and Chris Hemsworth form Thor. The critics who reviewed SWATH all said how bad it was. They actually spent $170 million alone on advertising. So really how much profit did it make? Not much.

    • Tatiana says:

      You’re right, Megan. Stewart’s last three films are Rotten on RT, and she got the worst reviews of her life for SWATH. The other really telling thing about her career decline is that Universal is not going ahead with a sequel to SWATH, even though they have the script and the film came out over 2 years ago.

      What studio drags its heels when they have a possible franchise? They’re all about franchises now, they’ve even turned Pitch Perfect into a franchise, and are going into production with that, and it came out 5 months after SWATH.

      • JR says:

        Poor Tatiana… Does Kristen’s success threaten you so much where you feel compelled to spew your hatred ignorance? So, when Universal does proceed with SWATH 2 – on their time table, not yours, will you come back here and admit you were full of crap? Your hatred for Kristen is unbecoming and you really need to let go of it. Go ahead and seek professional help – because wishing for Kristen to fail when she succeeds over and over again is surely going to cause you many sleepless nights.

  11. Julie soule says:

    Rob in – Water For Elephants- Was fantastic, by the way

    • Tatiana says:

      Lol at the idea of anyone being threatened by her “success.” What success? When a major studio refuses for 2 years to go ahead with a sequel to a big fairy tale franchise, that’s a failure. Studios are famous for rushing sequels, they know they have to strike while the iron is hot. I’m not holding my breath for Universal to proceed with SW2 with her as a part of it.

      They originally wanted the sequel to be about The Huntsman, and if they ever do go forward, the focus will be on Hemsworth, not on her.

      She has a small part in a foreign Juliette Binoche movie, and Chloe Moretz is the real co-star with the flashy part. Dumpy SecretaryStew will fade into the background.

      She’s a “Top actress” who had no work for two years and who still cannot land a lead role in a movie that anyone with talent or a future would ever want to be connected with.

      She’s the secretary or the girlfriend, she’s not getting the lead roles. She’ll never be Snow White or Bella again, those days are over.

      No studio wants to work with her since she trashed her brand by choosing to hook up with Rupert in public. That’s the bottom line for producers and the ticket buying public. She was never “America’s Sweetheart,” and now she’s the worlds image of one of Hollywood’s oldest cliches, an actress who slept with her director. You can see why it’s hard for people to take her seriously.

  12. Keira says:

    Why did not you tell about Rob’s few movies, which has a market screening in Cannes? Why did you tell about box office of Snow White in worldwide and box office Rob’s movies only domestically? Why article so unfair operates facts? What a fool compares box office of stupid blockbuster with box office of smart indie film? Everyone knows that the total mass of people is stupid and they like to watch idiotic movies. Should you be proud that you go down to their level? Could we talk about the art of cinema, and not about the money?

    • Benson says:

      In an interview with the LA Times, Stewart admitted that she was out of work for 18 months, not “by her own choice.” After her cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders was exposed, she dropped out of Cali, and Focus. She has been unable to get a big budget studio film since then, and it isn’t because she’s fielding offers.

      She’s taking these bit parts and supporting roles because that’s all she’s being offered now. Directors like Scorcese, Speielberg, Cameron, Herzog and Cronenberg are not knocking at her door. Studios are skittish, not trusting that the ticket buying public has forgotten about her cheating episode.

      She got her part in Sils Maria through Charles Gillibert, the producer of On The Road, Oliver Assayas just confirmed that in an interview earlier this week. Gillibert is also the producer of Sils Maria. And she got her part in Equals because it’s being produced by the same people who did Welcome to the Rileys.

  13. Julie soule says:

    They are all makin more money than you!

    • Adrian says:

      A fair comparison would be of Kristen Stewart, Anna Kendrick, and Nikki Reed. Kendrick is the clear winner, she’s had an Oscar nomination while Stewart has won two Razzies for Worst Actress. And Nikki Reed had three films at the Tribeca Film Festival this year, she’s making the same going-nowhere B list indies that Stewart is.

      The only exception for Stewart is Sils Maria, which she got because of her prior relationship with the producer of OTR, who also produced SM, and she’s not the lead, she’s a supporting player. The rest of her slate consists of small parts in small films with no pedigree.

      Pattinson can’t really be compared to Stewart or Kellan Lutz. The quality of the films he’s doing and the people he’s working with is far above the others. Cronenberg, Herzog, Gray, and Corbjin — these are directors that serious actors dream of working with.

      And all 3 of Pattinson’s post-Twilight films have premiered at Cannes, and at the age of 28. He has the career that any actor of his generation would envy.

      • JR says:

        Adrain, It is you and the rest of the Kristen Stewart haters that have a serious problem. Why do you attempt to come off as objective and then focus on your warped view (supported with fabrications and intentional ignorance) of the actress? Get over it already… and before I leave Variety, for fueling and entertaining bs, I swear each and every one of you haters are in serious need of a shrink. Go for help!

  14. Dela says:

    There is no contest between them. She far out shines him in talent. He is having a hard time standing on his own. There are plenty of flops to his name. Keep that up and he is toast. What he did to her was far from gratitude and love. He can try all he wants but I wouldn’t waste a dime on his films. There is little talent in humping an actor old enough to be his mother. He is gravitating toward p0rn movies. No talent just a huge EGO.

    • Keira says:

      Stewart has no talent at all. And besides she is amoral personality. You can not compare them. This is terrible.

      • Harper says:

        There really is no comparison between them at this point. She derailed her career when she chose to cheat with her married director. Pattinson has never been involved in a scandal of his own making and he’s not the one who turned himself into tabloid fodder.

        She’s more of a celebrity now than a serious actress, whereas Pattinson is working with the most talented and esteemed directors in the industry. You don’t get to have two films invited to be in the Cannes Film Festival if you’re untalented or unaware. Pattinson is carving out exactly the kind of career he’s always dreamed of, and doing a terrific job of it.

      • caroline says:

        and you both are so reasonable with your comments you should be proud

  15. Taylor says:

    what a cheap Article. after all the indies are the best movies.

  16. Mara says:

    Interesting issue, but the article assumes that the 2 principles from Twilight are starting from the same place as Kendrick, and share the same vague, broad goal; i.e., varied career, box office success. Not sure that’s entirely true for either of them (think there’s more specific trajectories in mind for both), and definitely neither of them are coming from the outside as Kendrick.
    I’d also have to contend the idea that Stewart would ever hew to Pattinson’s way of thinking — by his own admission he’s very cynically strategic and careerist in his motivations, and Stewart, by turn, the opposite, all gut instinct. If anything, the dude has been copying her. (Bit sexist reasoning there on your part, sorry.)
    As far as Snow White, I liked that movie. It’s one of those watch-every-time-its-on films I never tired of. Movies packed with amazing character actors like Bob Hoskins and Ian McShane, et al., are always pure win.

    • Jordan says:

      Sorry, Mara, Pattinson isn’t copying anyone. I guess you’ve forgotten that he made indies like The Haunted Airman, How To Be, and Little Ashes before he even met Stewart. He’s said that growing up, his favorite films were the French indies made by Godard and Jacques Audiard.

      It was never his plan to become the break out star from the Twilight franchise. He thought he was making a little vampire indie that on one would see, given that indie director Catherine Hardwicke was at the helm. He did the film for the paycheck, and it turned out to be more profitable than he ever dreamed. He was the engine that drove that $3 billion franchise, and he can afford to pick and choose among the best scripts and directors that the industry has to offer.

    • Guest says:

      Neither is copying the other. They both had indie aspirations prior to Twilight and continue in that direction. The only difference, they are now known. They wouldn’t be getting the attention of the type of directors they are if they had nothing that appealed to those directors outside of the Twilight box office. These are auteurs who were able to get their films funded before R and K and will after. Sure it helps, but, It is hardly all that went into the casting choices.

  17. gabii says:

    I thought these two broke up years ago why are they always in one sentence , how annoying , why not Pattinson and Kidman …whats going on

    • Dali says:

      Pattinson hasn’t even been seen with her for a year now, this continued linking of them in the media through some slim connection with past films is transparently baiting their fans.

      And the illustration is horrible. What are they supposed to be doing, climbing out of a dumpster? A better illustration would be her sitting on the beach while he sails off to Cannes.

  18. bjsmith says:

    I do not let critics dictate to me what movie I should or should not see. I have enjoyed Robs movies and some of Kristens. Let me be the judge of what I think is good or bad. It’s my money. I get so tired of these critics telling me what to like. They are very hard on young actors and actresses. They usually only like actors who are dead or do not act anymore. We have not seen Rob’s or Kristen’s new movies and they are bad mouthing these young people and their movies.

  19. Kevin says:

    Snow White was a horrific film…

  20. anna says:

    Pattinson appears as a supporting character in Hollywood-set drama “Maps to the Stars” too

    • Get it straight says:

      Maps to the Stars is an ensemble piece. Pattinson, along with Cusack, Moore and Mia W. all have star billing, with their names above the title. He is not a minor player.

      Sarah Gadon, Evan Bird and Olivia Williams are the supporting actors, according to the billing on the poster.

  21. Sam says:

    Terrible, terrible article with no substance and no purpose other than disrespect the actors. I think Stewart and Pattinson are doing great in their careers considering the scrutiny they endure. They have chosen diverse movie roles that appeal and matter to them. This whole Cannes debacle by the tabloids is pointless, and they will be at Cannes supporting their movies because they are professionals.

  22. if they made a movie together, it would be a blockbuster…. it’s an unfortunate reality that no matter what they do separately, it won’t matter to anyone.

  23. Breezie says:

    Shame on you for writing this piece of garbage. Thank God many of us know the truth and don’t rely on your shoddy reporting. Rob had hits with RM and WFE Kristen’s last movie, SWATH, was a hit. Period. End of story. Pfffttt.

  24. I would love to see Robert Patterson an Kristen Stewart in more movies they made twilight a giant success what’s wrong with casting them in good movies seems like it’s more who knows who they are as good as Julia Roberts (who is so great) because she goofed up looks like they forgot her

  25. Guest says:

    Why the title pitting them against one another? It only baits the crazies as the comment section, I am sure, will soon reflect. They are both doing a decent job making their way through solid projects. It shouldn’t be a competition.

  26. Fan says:

    Terrible, terrible baity article with a poor analysis of each of their upcoming film slates. Since Twilight, BOTH have been filming numerous movies. They each have a handful of movies to be released over the next couple of years. Most of those films are indies. They seem to want to be honing their craft and taking some time away from the spotlight, where they are known more for their tabloid personas than their work. It would be better to revisit the analysis AFTER there is a greater body of work post-Twilight, not that it’s even necessary to pit them against one another more than they already are.

  27. JR says:

    Can the OP be anymore bias? Ignore the facts in order to support your agenda. The fact that you get paid to write your unprofessional crap blows me away. Indie films are a more miss than a hit breed. To measure one’s success on Indies and ignore the obvious is reflective of one’s character. SWATH was the only film Kristen can be measured for… and as you said it – it was a hit. No sane person would use the other three indies to measure one’s potential. But here you emphasize the indies and downplay the lone wide release film. Shame on you. I know you’d like to feel otherwise, but Kristen Stewart is going to be in this business for a very long time. Give any film she has a major role in a wide release and it is going to draw an audience. Seriously, the OP should be ashamed of himself.

    • Madison says:

      Stewart has already proved that she can’t attract an audience. None of her indies since she made Twilight have made a profit, even though she had Twilight name recognition and a lot of promotion. And WTTR was so bad, it couldn’t even get international distribution.

      She’s never been in a profitable film that wasn’t part of a fantasy franchise where bigger stars brought in the audience. Either it was Pattinson in the Twilight franchise or Hemsworth and Theron who brought their own fanbase to SWATH.

    • Keith says:

      “Give any film she has a major role in a wide release and it is going to draw an audience.” I agree entirely, She is a movie star with actorly integrity that draws an audience the way the best do. However,distributors seem to pre-ordain failure of many movies by ridiculously restricted releases. Basically, small movies not allowed, complexity forbidden and in this particular case it’s a great pity as Stewart draws a genuinely varied age and gender audience/fan base (don’t mind the whiny trolls living on the net). I’m disappointed that Variety is following the E!News criteria for movie success; only common denominator movies funded in the endless corporate credit loop can be a success story. What’s next, TMZ for news? Variety editors beware; you’re slipping.

      • Dirk says:

        Where was her audience for ON THE ROAD and THE RUNAWAYS? She was the central focal point in each movies and each failed miserably. SWATH success can be equally attributed to visual effects and Chris Hemsworth of THOR fame as a lead. He actually had more speaking lines than Kristin Stewart. I’ll give you this, put Kristin Stewart as part of a love triangle in a fantasy movie and she does adequate work. Most of her movies are financial and critical flops of the highest power. There are much stronger actresses in her age group, including Anna Kendrick, who are booking the better gigs in Hollywood.

  28. caroline says:

    are you serious with this article? as a fan of both I find this annoying , those are two really good actors, trying to make different movies , is it really necesary to put this articles, both have supporting roles in the upcoming movies and I am sure they will both have great career oportunitties

    really shame on this article

  29. lol says:

    To pit fans agains each others?You forgot about Remember Me and Water For Elephants’ box offices.

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