Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead in New York

Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his New York apartment on Sunday. He was 46.

Law enforcement officials said Hoffman died at his apartment in the West Village neighborhood of Manhattan. No cause of death has been determined but officials suspect the actor may have overdosed on drugs. Law enforcement officials said the actor was found with a needle in his arm.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the actor was found in his bathroom around 11:15 a.m. by a screenwriter, who called 911, the official said.

VIDEO: Watch One of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Last Interviews

Hoffman, who won the best actor Oscar for “Capote” in 2005, most recently appeared at the Sundance Film Festival to promote his new films “God’s Pocket” and Anton Corbin’s “A Most Wanted Man.”

He was also shooting the “Hunger Games” follow-ups “Mockingjay Part 1” and “Part 2” in Atlanta, reprising his role as Plutarch Heavensbee from “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death: Hollywood ‘Devastated,’ Stars React

Last year, the actor completed a 10-day substance abuse program for heroin. Hoffman later revealed that he had been addicted to the drug when he was younger but had been clean for over 20 years.

“We are devastated by the loss of our beloved Phil and appreciate the outpouring of love and support we have received from everyone,” his family said in a statement. “This is a tragic and sudden loss and we ask that you respect our privacy during this time of grieving.  Please keep Phil in your thoughts and prayers.”

With a devilish grin and rotund physique, Hoffman most frequently shone in supporting roles that made good use of his rumpled appearance and intense characterizations. He worked frequently with director Paul Thomas Anderson, appearing in films including “Hard Eight,” “Boogie Nights,” “Magnolia,” “Punch-Drunk Love” and “The Master,” for which he received a supporting actor nomination.

He also received supporting actor nominations for “Doubt” and “Charlie Wilson’s War,” as well as two Tony nominations for his work on the stage in “True West” and “Long Day’s Journey Into Night.”

He was deeply involved in the New York theater world, serving as co-artistic director of the LAByrinth Theater Company, where he directed several plays including “Our Lade of 121st Street.” Some of his New York stage roles include a role in Mike Nichols’ production of “The Seagull,” “Defying Gravity” and “The Merchant of Venice.”

Hoffman made an impression in indie roles such as Todd Solondz’s “Happiness,” “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” “Almost Famous” and “State and Main.” In studio features, he had roles in “Red Dragon,” “Cold Mountain” and “Mission Impossible III.”

He had critically acclaimed roles in “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead,” in which he played an addict who kills a heroin dealer; “The Savages”; “Moneyball” and “The Ides of March.” Usually a strong supporting player, he had a rare starring role in 2001’s “Love Liza,” co-written by his brother Gordy Hoffman, in which he hauntingly plays a man who huffs gasoline to deal with his grief.

Hoffman made his film directing debut with 2010’s “Jack Goes Boating,” though it failed to garner much recognition.

Born in the Rochester, N.Y. suburb of Fairport, Hoffman graduated with a drama degree from NYU and made his film debut in “Triple Bogey on a Par Five Hole,” followed by a role in “My New Gun.”

After appearing on “Law & Order” in 1991, he made an impression the next year in “Scent of a Woman.” Over the next few years he appeared in films including “Nobody’s Fool,” “The Getaway” and “Twister.”

He is survived by a his longtime partner, costume designer Mimi O’Donnell, with whom he has a son and two daughters.

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  1. sammiraj says:

    Why you apoligize when no one wrong. Just coz some others don’t agree with your opinons that doesn’t mean it be a disagreement. I believe in the Lord but i not get upset when other people dont. As far I see it you both have good points and should respect that. I think the family be happy that all people care. I get very upset to hear Mr Hoffman pass away and my emotion run very high. In the end I didn’t think his family read every site full of people saying we miss you. I don’t think they read here but is just nice for fans.My English not to good but hope you understand what I say here.
    Thankyou Mr Hoffman for all good movies and am very sorry for your family.

  2. E says:

    How people express themselves isn’t up to you. Nor is what they believe in.
    How insensitive you are!
    Wish you’d remained Speechless.

  3. Brian says:

    Rest In peace, i only knew you from HG but I wish your family the best in these hard days.

  4. Brenda French says:

    Please know that your family is in my prayers may God be with each and everyone of you as I pray 3 special angles remain with his loving children for as long as their hearts break and to his partner i pray you get through this tragedy God Bless

  5. G.G. says:

    “I’m never gonna know you know, but I’m gonna love you anyhow” E.S.

    The only thing worse than being plagued with a lifetime of lonely, morose thoughts and unrelenting addictions are the permanent goodbyes that they leave behind, so cold and unforgiving. ….and the demons win another round.

  6. Jackson says:

    Alright already, I think we get it. How many times does one have to post a link? Do you seriously think this is the appropriate place to keep posting that right now??
    If you’ve got nothing better to do, or post, take it somewhere else!!

    A Movie Fan!
    IMDb: a-movie-fan

    • Jackson says:

      Brenda, sorry to burst your happy bubble, but I was NOT replying to your ‘message.’ I was in-fact, replying to the person who keeps posting a link to a hotel room in which they say was where PSH passed away.

      Now that I AM replying to you, get off your high-horse. Who are you to tell anyone to “knock God” on their own time?! Good on you for being a religious woman… Bad on for you for expecting the rest of us to be. I do not believe in God but respect you do.

      You have no idea if his family believes in God, but if they do, I’m sure they’re happy for ALL fans (religious or not), to post their thoughts and condolences. I was wondering, do you know the family? I ask this as you state he was “such a wonderful loving Man, husband and Father…”

    • Brenda French says:

      I’m so happy you replied to the message yes I believe that was carried a bit much but my concern was speaking of God in a time such as this. I am a Christian woman and his family may be as well so lets go on here with love and concerns for the family of this wonderful man and knock God on your own time not in a time so needed by his fans loved ones and God if his family chooses Thank You…. All love prayers and respect to such a wonderful loving Man, husband and Father as well as a much loved character

  7. Shame on the Machine... says:

    And don’t forget Michael Jackson and Paul Walker, though I know Paul didn’t die from drugs!!
    I fear we may see more of this in the coming years.
    Studios need to put their foot down, drug test the actors and if you’re ‘using’ then sorry, but sit this one out and get some help. Look at Lindsey Lohan… how many chances can one person have and still be paid more than us minions will ever get?! I’m not saying I don’t feel for them, because I do and that’s why I think it’s time to draw a line in the sand.
    How many more have to die before this is taken seriously??
    The double standard is ridiculous. Men can age and get chubby but still have roles, while women have to be stick thin on screen. These actresses are fading away and at what cost?? We all know the majority of women don’t, can’t, get back into shape 6 weeks after giving birth!! It’s not realistic and it’s not healthy. I was under the ridiculous impression that you’re hired for your talent!! I don’t care what they look like, it’s their acting that draws me to the movie.
    The ONLY way to help save these people, is if studios get behind this and stand up to the drug and alcohol problem.
    I also think these people are paid way too much money, and as most of us know, money won’t buy you happiness, or fix your marriage, or gain you more work. They’re lost and lonely souls who live a life beyond the confines of reality. If people like Phillip Seymour Hoffman can fall into this trap, what hope have is there for many of the young ‘stars’ where so much is expected from them??

    Unfortunately, Hollywood is a money-making machine and I feel these people’s lives are disposable. If you can’t toe the line, don’t worry, we have a hundred others ready to step-up, even if that involves drinking to suppress the appetite, uppers to keep them working, downers to help them relax, etc.
    It is a fickle, fickle industry and it’s about time they took better care of one another. Someone would have know PSH was in a ‘dark’ place, but the studios don’t want to know, they just want you to show up, work and make them richer!!

    It is extremely sad and I feel for his family. Yet another family to have lost a partner and daddy. I hope, but doubt it will change anything and in the not-too-distant future, we’ll all be back here, sadly saying goodbye to yet another talented person who has kept us entertained for so many years. We know he’s not the first and we all know he won’t be the last.

    What a sad, sad, sad world we live in.
    Sorry to see you leave before your time.
    If God existed, he/she may have offered you an alternative. But he/she doesn’t so we have to seek help if we need it and help others where we can.

    PS – Why do people always mention God when someone passes? We, and we alone, are in charge of our life and destiny. It’s sad you don’t have more confidence in yourself and your own capabilities.

  8. Neil cunningham says:

    A person may not realize within oneself being blessed with a gift… But his own greatness shines within others who realize the gift of talent is a blessing and rare hearted to find… Even if its blind or unknown to that person his act of greatness clears the path for others who wished they had the god giving gift that makes that person shine even if it’s unknown to himself …. By Neil Cunningham RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman…… 7/23/67 to 2/2/14

  9. Meredith Basinger says:

    My heart is breaking at the thought of Philip Seymour Hoffman no longer sharing his amazing work and beautiful presence with us..He had such empathy and sensitivity towards his characters. He actually helped & encouraged others who struggled with addiction during his life, so it’s terrifically sad that his own addiction&pain overtook him today..his family and friends are in my prayers today. I appreciate the comments by Luluinhollywood,Jackson and Jack Lendon. It’s easy to judge isn’t it, when we’ve not walked in another’s shoes..M.

  10. C.Eg says:

    Tragic! May he rest in peace; And may God be with his family at this very difficult time.

  11. Some have wondered if the actor’s passing had anything to do with the recent split between himself and his long term girlfriend and mother of his children, although one is wanton to wonder if the split was a result of the actor ‘acting’ up to his demons. Yet ironically it was the actor’s incredible ability to tap into his dark that made him a Hollywood staple. Acting for the actor was simply ‘torturous’ on stage as he once told and one suspects offstage as well.

    At present cops are trying to trace who his drug dealer may have been as the empty envelopes of heroin with purple hearts have not been seen on the street since 2008…

  12. Sarah says:

    This is so sad. He was a fantastic actor and he seemed like a nice person. My condolences to his family I hope they get through this rough time. RIP Philip

  13. oliver says:

    Very sad news. He was a talented actor in my (and many others) opinion. It is sad that he could not win his battle with addiction.

  14. Daniel Kane says:

    A posthumous Oscar nomination in 2014 for ‘A Most Wanted Man’? A Heath Ledger repeat?

  15. Leo Slocombe says:

    Sad loss for us all, especially his family. He was so talented and so much more to give. No one has ever gained a life by using drugs of any kind.

  16. Richard H says:

    RIP Phil :( My condolences to his family & friends.

  17. Eyvonne says:

    I must confess that I am quite shocked, yet I felt concern for him in a interview on Leno I seen some time ago @ X-MAS time a few years back when he talked about spending the quiet holiday with his young daughter.Somehow I sensed all was not well with his life, or at least at that moment. I personally fell completely in love with him as an actor immediately the very first I seen his work in the movie ” Sideways”. I knew without a doubt that what the entire world was witnessing was nothing short of absolute brilliance!! I am totally devastated as I write this , I loved him dearly and will miss him always. Also, I wish to send my deepest sympathy and regards to Philips wife and their three children.My prayers are with and for you all only.I somehow hope you can all heal a little in time, although I know firsthand there is no such thing as closure when you love someone unconditionally, so I will not ever use that ignorant and insensitive term.I respect you too much for that.Please, if you wish in your own good time let me know if this was received if you are able to and wish to reply

  18. Asi Lo Creo says:

    RIP, my friend, may you continue to act in heaven so that when I get there I can enjoy to see you act again –

  19. Sam says:

    It’s very sad that many actors abuse drugs. If they keep it up they will ultimately end up dead and before you know it there will be no good actors left up to see on the big screen. It will be a huge loss to all of us who love movies and its actors. HOLLYWOOD WAKE UP! You film studios and etc., need to start taking better care of your actors with their “problems” instead of treating them like dispensable cattle in the film industry!

    • loco73 says:

      I feel so sorry for this! First James Gandolfini and now Phillip Seymour Hoffman! A great actor, soo talented and passionate! Every movie he was part off was elevated by his presence and his performance! I really can’t believe he is gone…wow, what a loss! As both a person and as a moviegoer, I’m soo skry for his passing!

      My heart goes out to his family and his loved ones! Rest In Peace Phillip, may all your demons be still and silent now!

  20. Rj Petrucci says:

    20 years of sobriety gave us his great performances – sad it had to end.

  21. Alexander Hofmann says:

    Phil Hoffman and drugs?! What the hell?! He was one of the very few people who still seemed to care about what they put out into the world, still often doing small(er) movies and theater. I would’ve thought that he would’ve had the depth/intellect to not fall prey to something like drugs. He was the only actor whose career I still followed, unlike many others who started out starring in profound movies but then went mainstream in much, much bigger ways than the occasional blockbuster Hoffman did. Damn, even one of my pseudonyms (also used here) is an homage to him because he used to be one of about three people still alive who seemed to me to posses great integrity. Maybe I was wrong. Or maybe he was facing issues in his life I can’t know about. Still… to resort to drugs…

    • Luluinhollywood says:

      Ugh- Addiction is NOT about intellect, depth, good, bad, or really even integrity. It is complex & affects all social classes, all levels of intellect, inner city, suburbs, people from good families, people from broken homes, selfish people, altruistic people, lazy people, hard workers….. If this was a heart attack brought on by poor eating habits would it mar his character in your eyes like this?? Too many people got indoctrinated growing up in the arbitrary religious morality of things that mostly have nothing to do with being ‘good’ or ‘bad’.
      He was a talented man that struggled with addiction. He beat it out for 20 years but unfortunately lost his battle. Have you ever been tested like that? I think not, otherwise you would know there is no way to be able to judge the character of someone you do not know based solely on something like that.

      • Filmfan says:

        addiction has very little to do with intelligence. If you knew some history, you’d know that many brilliant people- many were artists of one sort or another- have fallen victim to addiction.

  22. mary jo conibear says:

    So said to see another star who has to do drugs to think he or she will make them happy only to take there blessed lives

  23. Tyler E. says:

    All those celebs who say “keep him in your thoughts and prayers” are Hypocrites, especially those who were close to Hoffman.. Where were you during his latest drug relapse? Did you choose to go the tough-love route or did you condone and ignore? Or worse yet enable? An extremely good actor is now dead and anyone/everyone who was directly involved in his life who simply stood by while he downward spiraled is to blame

    • James D says:

      Tyler, no they are not. Mr. Hoffman is to blame. Period. If you will notice, it appears he was hanging out alone and doing drugs. Addiction is a lonely existence and the only person who is responsible for their using or not using is the user. Friends can say all they want to the user, but until that person wants to stop and takes the steps necessary, nothing will change.

      This is not meant to be harsh toward Mr. Hoffman; this is me talking from experience. But to blame anyone who was directly involved in his life with his death is foolish and not correct at all.

  24. Dave says:

    this is terribly sad, a great actor and such a shame he had to battle with drug addiction, RIP

  25. O says:

    R.I.P. Phil, I don’t know whether to be devastated or furious. How many more of our great actors are we going to lose to drugs and poor decisions? It’s all on you now Paul Giamatti please don’t go doing anything stupid.

  26. Dear Variety,

    Thank you for amending the article. Much appreciated. For anyone reading my above post, this referred to the article previously before being updated and edited.

    • Luluinhollywood says:

      Yes. Thank you. The amended article is much more thorough & thoughtful, & i appreciate the quick turn around. Though it seems now to have left out the information that Mr. Hoffman had revealed he had a problem 20 years prior & had been clean & sober for those 20 or so years. As far as reporting a complete picture, I think that is as relevant as the needle in his arm today. It speaks to his battle & maybe helps others see this as more than just a ‘dumb choice’. The more the we understand addiction, hopefully the more we can as a community help prevent these tragedies.

  27. changed person says:

    This is to A MOVIE FAN… THANKYOU.

    I was thinking some of the same bad things as others here UNTIL I read what YOU wrote. Now I feel very bad for thinking like I was. You are right, very right and even tho its a sad time I wanted to thank you for opening my eyes. You are very smart and to have 6 children and all be ok you must be a good parents. I really like Mr Hoffman but as you say, he has left us lots of good memories from his movies.
    Thankyou agin for opening my eyes, I wont ever judge like I did before because you make very good points. More people should be like you. Are you a teacher?

    I too am on imdb and just looked at your pages. You seen over 6000 movies, that’s incredible. I will look more later and make comment.

  28. Living the Geek Life says:

    Reblogged this on Living the Geek Life and commented:
    This is so shocking! I wonder how much of his work on Mockingjay was completed. So tragic!

  29. Jack Lenden says:

    I’m in AA since 25 Years. I knew people they were 30 years sober. Then they drink again and 3 weeks later they are dead.
    Just for today only 24 hour. Thats only save my life. Nobody knows exactly what going on inside the head of PSH. It takes 10 seconds maybe, and you make a bad decision. Change your hole life.

    This disease has 4 components: mental, physical, spiritual and social.

    It’s hard to understand for not hardcore addicted like PSH what that means. 23 sober is still a great job.

    I pray for him, maybe he find the peace that he not could find here in this cruel world.

    I also pray for his family, they have lost his father and husband and much more….

    Maybe we should learn, he only make his job good. He was not a superman, and for some people the hollywood lifestyle isn’t good for very sensitive people.

  30. Jack Lenden says:

    I’m in AA since 25 Years. I knew people they were 30 years sober. Then they drink again and 3 weeks later they are dead.
    Just for today only 24 hour. Thats only save my life. Nobody knows exactly what going on inside the head of PDS. It takes 10 seconds maybe, and you make a bad decision. Change your hole life.

    This disease has 4 components: mental, physical, spiritual and social.

    It’s hard to understand for not hardcore addicted like PDS what that means. 23 sober is still a great job.

    I pray for him, maybe he find the peace that he not could find here in this cruel world.

    I also pray for his family, they have lost his father and husband and much more….

    Maybe we should learn, he only make his job good. He was not a superman, and for some people the hollywood lifestyle isn’t good for very sensitive people.

  31. Jackson says:

    I agree with you ‘Luluinhollywood.’

    Addiction is ruthless and does not discriminate! It does matters not if you have two dimes to your name or two billion! It saddens me to see the lack of empathy some posters have here. What you just don’t get, is, addiction controls your life, simple as that. You don’t have a choice with this drug; it owns you and it does not care about you; all it wants is to continue to feed the cravings the body is screaming out for.

    I have never taken drugs; have six children who have never taken drugs; nor have I known anybody that has. However, this has no bearing over my opinion of PSH or anyone else struggling with addiction, any addiction. Some of you who have posted immature comments, be thankful and hopeful you never have to deal with something like this. It’s just a shame you don’t have the maturity to understand real life addictions. We do not have the right to judge him or anyone else!

    You, we, have no clue as to what his life is like, where is at in life, or what his demons are. Whether he was sober for 20 years matters not. The fact is, something drove him to this point (if drugs were involved, that is), and for that I cannot help but feel sad. It proves, it doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you have, where you live, what you’ve achieved… it can all disappear in an instant.

    As with Paul Walker, it is another very sad loss, another life taken far too early. My sympathy goes out to his family and friends. No-one deserves to die alone.

    Sorry to hear you’ve gone mate! You’ve left us with many great memories and through them your spirit will stay with us.

    **If you want to complain about all the starving children in the world… complain about your Government. I feel very sad for all these children, but it doesn’t mean I can feel as equally sad about someone who has entertained me for so many years. Grow up!!

    A Movie Fan
    IMDb: a-movie-fan

    • Luluinhollywood says:

      And yes Jackson- you say all I was trying to say much more eloquently & gently :) take care.

      • dawn f says:

        TO A MOVIE FAN, thank you, i was getting very angry at a couple of the folks who think you can be too “smart” “intellectual” to be addicted, trust me I have friends, it has nothing to do with IQ , addiction does not discriminate..

    • Luluinhollywood says:

      Thank you! Also, it seems as if Variety is CENSORING comments & threads- because in a previous post I chastised someone spewing ‘he deserved it’ type comments & in it I said “And I bet you call yourself a ‘Christian'”. Apparently I offended 2 posters who misunderstood my meaning. As I was attempting to reply (Variety has a problem now with thoughtful debate?), I will leave it here for whomever may have been following that now missing thread:
      Um- seems some are pouncing on my ‘Christian’ comment because they are misunderstanding. I was not slamming Christianity. Rather, many that call themselves that but then proceed to not live by their own professed beliefs. Mainly- loving one another & not judging others. But I just as easily could have said “and I bet you call yourself a ‘good person'”

      My intention was not to strike up a debate about christianity (please god, NO thank you) rather steer the convo back to something more humane. Also, i don’t really think it’s anyone’s place to try & moralisticly decide if Mr. Hoffman is going to heaven or hell… Nor do I think his loved ones would appreciate.

      He was one of a kind, an inspiration to many, & loved by many. My condolences & thoughts go out to his loved ones.

  32. Glenn C. says:

    It just shows you never know behind closed doors. He was a great actor. Didn’t know he ever suffered from drug abuse. DRUGS! How they ruin so many!

  33. Luluinhollywood says:

    Um- seems some are pouncing on my ‘Christian’ comment because they are misunderstanding. I was not slamming Christianity. Rather, many that call themselves that but then proceed to not live by their own professed beliefs. Mainly- loving one another & not judging others. But I just as easily could have said “and I bet you call yourself a ‘good person'”

    My intention was not to strike up a debate about christianity, rather steer the convo back to something more humane. Also, i don’t really think it’s anyone’s place to try & moralisticly decide if Mr. Hoffman is going to heaven or hell… Nor do I think his loved ones would appreciate.

  34. KK says:

    What about “Patch Adams”? He was spectacular.

  35. Lecia says:

    God bless you and thank you for everything. :-)

  36. Luluinhollywood says:

    the Oscars are supposed to celebrate talent & achievement in film. Not be a moralistic courtroom. And again, there are too many people who want to see things as just black & white. Good/bad. Humans are complex beings. Addiction is profoundly complex.

    • Luluinhollywood says:

      To anyone perplexed by my barrage of comments- they were replies to somewhat mean-spirited & assinine posts by some others lol- not just a one sided rant by yours truly!

      But thank you Variety for leaving mine up! I try really hard to be thoughtful & respectful no matter who I am talking to. Take care.

  37. Sabine Ludowigs says:

    A terribly sad, incredible loss! Thank you for an astounding, wonderful body of work that should be an inspiration for many years to come and will continue to be appreciated by everybody who enjoyed every moment of screentime he had. I deeply regret not having been able to see him on stage.

  38. Brad says:

    Probably one of the best actors of our generation. A true method actor and chameleon. He will be missed..

  39. Craig says:

    First of all, Rick, screw you. The man is dead, show some goddamn respect.

    Secondly, if you know anything about addiction, you’d know it severely screws with your mind and your body. To suggest that he was being selfish is an insult to anyone who’s ever struggled with addiction. They don’t intentionally put their addiction before everything and everyone around them, the drug alters their state of mind to make them feel like they need it to function.

    Additionally, a quick search will tell you that Hoffman had been clean for about twenty years before relapsing recently and then going back to rehab, before apparently relapsing again. Clearly, he had been making an effort to curb his addiction

    So in conclusion. it’s clear from the tone of your comment that you’ve probably never known anyone who struggled with addiction, and that you’re an insensitive twat. Good day.

  40. Marius Telemacher says:

    As a celebrity, your life isn’t your own. You don’t get privacy, solitude, peace of mind. The money sounds like they get it all but project work comes and goes, and the expectation of the Hollywood mindset is that actors need to dump time and money into their craft even if nothing is coming in from finished work or residuals. If you never get recognized, every day that you don’t wrap a project is every day you’re headed closer to the end of your career.

    And when you do find accolade, like Hoffman has, you simply get pushed into harder and harder work, and drugs are a respite or a crutch to get that intensity or depression needed for a role. It’s easier to use them than to “be in the right frame of mind” when so much else is going on and so much pressure to perform is mounting on your day-to-day work. Drug use doesn’t make better acting possible (same goes for music), but it does make the real world matter less and that’s all that is needed to seduce creative types in the first place.

  41. Tom says:

    What a clueless, ignorant, most likely young person you are. You really don’t understand what this is all about.

  42. Laura Combs says:

    I’m so disappointed, angry, and upset. What a huge waste. I’m so sad for him, his family, friends, and fans.

  43. Joshua f says:

    Awful. Just so sad. The film world has just lost a true luminary. And to his family and friends, there are no words of condolence strong enough. R.I.P Phillip. You made the world a better place through your truly moving and humanistic portrayals.

  44. Amos says:

    R.I.P PSH. You were the greatest screen actor of your generation.

    (Oh, and Kevin… shut the fuck up.)

  45. Otis Hamilton says:

    Great actor. Article forgot about his supporting role in “Scent of a Woman”.

    • Luluinhollywood says:

      How so..? And I really am asking. The poster may or may not be. I don’t know, which is why I worded it not as fact but a supposition. I’ve just seen time & time again on talk shows, comments, etc- often people who claim to be Christian spewing some of the most hateful & judgemental commentary. Not all of course. My POINT was that if you do consider yourself one (or most religions for that matter), a point of view like that goes against the most fundamental of teachings.

      How is that bigoted & ignorant?

  46. evelyn says:

    Words elude me. The world’s loss of a fantastic talent. RIP Mr. Hoffman.

  47. Marius Telemacher says:

    Speechless. I knew of his drug addiction, but still a shock. He will be missed.

  48. Knox says:

    He was also nominated for Death of a Salesman

  49. Dani says:

    this is so fucking saaad!!!!!

  50. It’s called addiction. So sad to see people without sympathy for others. Not a nice way to be.

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