Woody Allen’s Adopted Daughter Dylan Farrow Details Account of Alleged Sexual Abuse

Woody Allen
Alexia Silvagni

Dylan Farrow, Woody Allen’s adopted daughter, has given a detailed account of the 1992 alleged sexual abuse by the director.

Farrow made the child molestation allegations in a first person account published in The New York Times.

Woody Allen declined to comment to the Times.

The letter was published Saturday on the Times website as part of Nicholas D. Kristof’s blog. Kristof has also written an op-ed column about the allegations, noting that Allen recently received a lifetime achievement award at the Jan. 13 Golden Globes.

Allen’s screenplay for “Blue Jasmine” is one of the five original screenplays nominated for a Writers Guild Award and an Oscar this year. Spike Jonze’s screenplay for “Her” won at the WGA Awards on Saturday evening with simultaneous ceremonies in Los Angeles and New York.

When the charges first arose in 1992, Allen was accused of touching the then-7-year-old inappropriately. Allen responded by asserting that the his ex-girlfriend Mia Farrow had made the allegations out of anger over his affair with her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Farrow Previn.

Prosecutors decided not to pursue charges.

Mia Farrow was awarded custody of the couple’s three children in 1993 by a judge who denied Allen visitation rights with Dylan Farrow.

Allen has never been convicted of child abuse.

Dylan Farrow, who is now 28, said that the assault took place in the attic of her home. “He told me to lay on my stomach and play with my brother’s electric train set,” she said. “Then he sexually assaulted me. He talked to me while he did it, whispering that I was a good girl, that this was our secret, promising that we’d go to Paris and I’d be a star in his movies.”

Farrow also claims in her open letter that she was profoundly impacted by the alleged assault. “That he got away with what he did to me haunted me as I grew up,” she said in the letter. “I was terrified of being touched by men. I developed an eating disorder. I began cutting myself.”

“That torment was made worse by Hollywood,” Farrow said. “All but a precious few (my heroes) turned a blind eye. Most found it easier to accept the ambiguity, to say, ‘who can say what happened,’ to pretend that nothing was wrong. Actors praised him at awards shows. Networks put him on TV. Critics put him in magazines. Each time I saw my abuser’s face – on a poster, on a T-shirt, on television – I could only hide my panic until I found a place to be alone and fall apart.”

Kristof noted in his op-ed that Allen’s defenders say he denies the allegations, has never been convicted and should be presumed innocent.

“People weighed in on all sides, but one person who hasn’t been heard out is Dylan Farrow, 28, the writer and artist whom Allen was accused of molesting,” he said. “Dylan, Allen’s adopted daughter who is now married and living in Florida under a different name, tells me that she has been traumatized for more than two decades by what took place; last year, she was belatedly diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. She says that when
she heard of the Golden Globe award being given to Allen she curled up in a ball on her bed, crying hysterically.”

Kristof questioned the wisdom of giving Allen a lifetime achievement award.

“Look, none of us can be certain what happened,” he said. “The standard to send someone to prison is guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, but shouldn’t the standard to honor someone be that they are unimpeachably, well, honorable?  Yet the Golden Globes sided with Allen, in effect accusing Dylan either of lying or of not mattering. That’s the message that celebrities in film, music and sports too often send to abuse victims.”

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  1. James says:

    Listen, this is not FACT. None of this is of the factual nature. So before you go ahead and tell people to get their “facts straight” for siding with Woody Allen, go ahead and repeat the 2nd grade. If only these peoples IQs were as big as their mouths. An allegation isn’t FACT. If this was factual, Allen would be in prison. So with warm regards, get YOUR facts straight.

  2. Phil Goldman says:

    All I can say is I have zero respect for Allen as a man. The fact Allen became intimate and subsequently married Soon-Yi Previn, the adopted child of Mia Farrow, who he was in a relationship with when he met Soon-Yi, screams of a problem with him!
    I could care less how “creative” he is… his legacy will be as a father / step father and he’s failed miserably at both.

    • Non-issue. Sinatra banged Mia when she was nineteen. I guess that makes Sinatra a pedophile and child molester, too, huh? Vanity Fair is well established to be in cohorts with Mia, and always has been. Learn. Study. Psychologists on Allen’s payroll??? Get real.

    • The fact his marriage to Soon Hi has succeeded spectacularly makes him a successful husband. Have you ever been married that long? If you knew the timelines and all the facts, then you would know Mia’s head babysitter refused to lie on the stand and quit. You would know of the interviews of the teenagers saying that in private, when Mia wasn’t around brainwashing Dylan, the other kids and the babysitter said that Dylan said no when they would privately ask her, when she was small. You are a small thinker and have a dirty mind. Mila so obviously wrote that letter for her brainwashed Dylan. She also wrote the note on Woody’s door accusing he m of being a child molester several months befire the alleged incident in her attic. All because of the relationship with her twenty two year old adopted daughter. Why would Mia then invite Woody to hang out at her house with the kids while she was out shopping? Because she was setting him up. Grow up, boy. I guess every man who desires young women are pedophiles? Sinatra impregnated Mia when she was nineteen. So he is a pedophile? Mia threw herself at powerful men and made it that way. Immigrants aren’t allowed to do the same? The marriage is so incredibly successful that it proves it was the right thing, to get her away from a mad woman. I saw tv interviews in the street years later when Mia apologized and said she overreacted to the affair … She fabricated it all. Do your research.

  3. Evan says:

    I wanted to read over my comment before responding but could not find it. If I misspoke, I apologize. I may have been distracted while writing — a lot was going on at the time. I think I was pretty clear that I believe Mia to be unstable. Although we can almost never be certain about this type of allegation, I believe Woody to be 100% innocent. Further, I believe Dylan & Ronin believe it bc they’ve had many years for these false memories to marinate.

    • john kneeland says:

      She fabricated it all, huh? It’s disgusting to see yet another male shilling for this guy. You better get your facts straight.

  4. keith singleton says:

    Just sayin’ technically it is far more likely that Mia is the one trying to make others lie, rather than Allen being what he is accused of. Especially when two nannies are saying the same thing, that they were being forced to lie. They quit their jobs, while being threatened with deportation if they did not go along with Mia’s lies. Technically, it is more easy to believe that Mia tries to make others lie, than to believe Allen is an actual pedophile. Pedophiles don’t want to screw 20 year olds. I know the point you were making, but it came out wrong, like these other jokers that can’t get their facts straight. The man’s rep is permanently tarnished to many because of these constant mistatements. If the last sentence was the only thing some people read, it tells them you think there is every chance of him being a pedophile as there is a chance of Mia being a liar. That is latently false. She flies overseas to protect Polanski, who is a confirmed child molester, and she led Woody to think her son was his. Mentally, Mia is MIA.

  5. Evan says:

    I agree with most of what you said, except for one factual detail. You said that because Woody never married Mia he could not adopt. I don’t know if he adopted Soon-Yi, but I do know that one does not have to be married to adopt. However, I agree that there’s no known history of Woody molesting children. It is very unlikely that he molested only one victim. Others would have come forth. I believe that Mia was angry & bitter. She drummed up the story about Dylan & coached her. Prosecutors said that the child’s statements were inconsistent, i.e., not believable. Just because Mia adopted a passel of kids doesn’t mean she’s stable/truthful or honorable. Some ppl adopt out of their own neurotic needs. It’s just as believable to me that Mia fabricated the whole thing as it is that Woody molested Dylan.

    • keith singleton says:

      Your last sentence is incorrect. All the evidence and testimonies from 2 nannies tell us the woman was scorned and trying to create a reality that did not exist. You agree he has no history of being with children, so therefore it is not easy at all to believe he is a child molester. She wrote that on a napkin and taped it to his door a few months before the attic story supposedly occurred. You see, she was already branding him as that long before the alleged incident in the attic. If she really believed him to be a real pedophile, she would not have left him alone with the kids at her house, with her going out shopping. Me thinks the haters are closet peds themselves. People tend to accuse others of what are in fact their own traits. They project what is inside themselves onto others; making them wear the hair shirt for them over it. Anyone who thinks Woody is anything but a wimp who likes legal age pusdy is a distorted pervert with a mind filled with sickness.

  6. keith singleton says:

    Dylan was not his adopted daughter. He never married Mia. Therefore, he could not adopt. You have a dirty mind and will believe anything. Andre Previn was doing a lousy job of fathering, or rather step fathering, and this is why Mia wanted Woody to step in and go places with Soon Yi. All you jerks do is believe lìe after lie, even when the headlines are blatantly lying. I saw on the news the note stuck on Woody’s door several months before the alleged attic incident. Mia wrote that he was a child molester. Because of the news of the sexual relationship with a 20 year old that she happened to adopt. (Mia had sex with Sinatra when she was nineteen. It made her.) Why can’t her adopted daughter be allowed to sleep up, too? Anyway, the big question is – why would Mia have Woody at her house, with her kids, when she wasn’t there? It was all a setup. Get your head out of the gutter. Woody has no history of being around any kids he doesn’t have to.

  7. Evan says:

    I don’t argue with people who don’t have the capacity to make intelligent remarks, instead tossing insults.

  8. yup says:

    Allen took pornographic pictures of his daughter who he later married. That is incest.And you find it challenging to believe Dylan? Really? Has your brain fallen out or something?

    • I’m afraid you did not bother to check the facts before typing your comment. Soon-Yi Previn was adopted by Mia Farrow and Andre Previn (a man whom Farrow met and got pregnant by when she was 23 and he was 40 and married to another woman- Dory Previn, who had a nervous breakdown because of this and was hospitalised. And let us not mention Sinatra whom she met at 19 and married at 21 when he was pushing 50). Soon-Yi was never the daughter of Woody Allen, nor was she his step-daughter as Farrow and Allen were never married and never lived in the same home. Soon-Yi, who none of Woody Allen’s accusers cares to interview or ask, has often said that WA never groomed her, she never considered him other than her mother’s boyfriend and she never spent time with him as a child or adolescent. Andre Previn was her father and the one she considered her father.
      Do you know the meaning of the word ‘incest’? If you think falling in love with a father/mother figure qualifies as incest then a great number of humans have committed or are committing incest, including Farrow and Sinatra.

      Dylan Farrow is obviously anguished and suffering from trauma, but there is no evidence whatsoever that the cause of her trauma and traumatic memories is actual sexual molestation by Woody Allen.

  9. keith says:

    Both nannies told authorities, separately, that Mia was trying to get them to lie. That is proof she did the same with Dylan and friends. Nothing else matters below that on the Fact Tree. Mia is a confirmed liar. She probably wrote the letter for Dylan.

  10. Evan says:

    There are two, possibly 3 people who know the truth. There are a lot of angry women who’ve convicted Allen. I’m the first to say I don’t know. But here’s what I DO know: it’s ludicrous to say that kids always remember accurately or that they never fabricate stories. Or that Mia couldn’t have drilled that story into Dylan’s head. It’s ludicrous to believe that Mia’s a “saint” because she adopted a passel of kids. I know all of this to be untrue. My adopted mother was a successful physician who adopted me & 5 other kids for her own sick & selfish reasons. She was the pillar of our community, loved by all. She abused us, verbally, physically, relentlessly. When I was 7 or 8, my dad left her for another woman. She played the tortured martyr to everyone. She subjected me & my sister to daily brainwashing, telling us that he had sexually abused us. When you hear this in graphic detail for days, months & years you don’t know where truth & lies begin & end. By the time she was done with us, we were terrified of our dad & were absolutely convinced that it was true. I never saw my father again until I was nearly 40. My mother died suddenly of a heart attack. Once she was gone, things started to fall into place & my husband encouraged me to see a therapist. He had always suspected that our mother had put these lies into my head. After some hard work in therapy, which our father agreed to participate in, the truth came out & was verified by a letter sent to us that our mother had written shortly before her death. While in therapy I met other adults who were victims of parental alienation. I don’t believe that Dylan is lying, but I do believe she was brainwashed. Mia’s rage at the time Mr. Allen left her was very public. Pedophiles don’t molest one child; they are repeat offenders. No adult victims have ever come forward since Dylan’s original accusations became public, and now, 20 yrs later, still no other victims have come forward. If there were any, with Mr. Allen’s notoriety, it surely would have happened. Finally, the timing is specious. Why now? Why not when Dylan was 18, 21, 22, 23…..27? She decides to “come out” when he’s being honored in several arenas. This has Mia’s fingerprints all over it.

  11. Terri says:

    This is a perfect example of why children continue to be abused. Nobody wants to pull back the curtain and look at the awful truth because they may have to change their life or opinion. Instead children suffer and are in essence told they don’t matter and that people in power who should be protecting them can abuse them and there is no consequence. It’s disgusting that popularity can protect a grown man from accepting the consequences of his perversion while a child has to change her name and be called a liar. The same thing should happen to Allen that he has done to others (and I’m sure there were others, there always are) he has violated only his should happen from inside a prison cell.

  12. keith says:

    I and millions of others saw Mia Farrow over fifteen years ago recant her stories. She finally admitted they were made up to get even, and she was even apologetic to Woody. Why don’t the media remember this! I saw her on TV actually say it.

  13. keith says:

    Woody’s marriages were to grown women. Mia for example. Pedophiles are not attracted to women. She was a woman. Soon Yi was an adult when he started getting any private time. That was Mia’s idea because Previn, the real stepfather who adopted her, wasn’t being adequate. Honestly, if you are going to bash a man who made you happy early in life, you may as well bash most grown men who are attracted to 20 year olds. Sounds to me like a serious case of ingrateful bashing, over what is nothing. That marriage to Soon Yi has lasted longer than most marriages to day. That is proof it was good and right. Be jealous all you want.

    • You must be uneducated to believe that a pedophile would never marry an adult person. I work in healthcare and I get to listen to stories about peoples lives. Some have mentioned being married to a pedophile, not knowing at the time until the predator was accused.

  14. Rena Moretti says:

    Personally, I find him so repulsive that I can’t watch his new movies. they are of no interest to me. They may be great, or not, the idea of watching them makes me uncomfortable (not because of the pedophilia allegations but because of how he conducted himself throughout his life). Even his old movies I used to enjoy, I really can’t watch any longer.

    As for giving him awards, the Hollywood Awards machine is a complete joke anyway. Awards are bought and sold with wild abandon and the Academy’s occasionally foray into pretending it’s against campaigning are just embarrassing.

    When you give awards to untalented people like Jean Dujardin or Charlize Theron (to name but two of the recent ridiculous acting awardees) or on TV’s side Jon Hamm, you really don’t have anything of value to bestow.

    • keith singleton says:

      The big joke of it all is that Frank Sinatra had sex with a nineteen year old, too. Only he got Mia pregnant. Why isn’t Frank accused of being a ped then? Seems to me the cheating affair with Sinatra and subsequent birth eeds some resolving itself. I cannot think of better revenge than sex with her own adopted nineteen year old. Heh. What goes ’round, comes around, eh? The fact the marriahe to Soon Yi has lasted decades is pretty much proof it was true love, for the first time in Woody’s life, The rest all used him for careers. You people have dirty minds.

  15. Intheknow says:

    Could everyone please stop distorting the facts to suit their own agenda. First, Soon-Yi (and yes, I know this is about Dylan’s accusations) is NOT and never was the adopted daughter of Woody Allen. She was the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and Andre Previn, with whom Mia had an affair and got pregnant with another child while Previn was still married. Second, Mia Farrow and Woody Allen were NEVER married. Third, they were never common-law partners. Fourth, Allen passed a lie detector test with flying colors when all of this was first alleged with regard to Dylan. Fifth, Soon-Yi was of legal age when she began dating and subsequently married Allen. Sixth, Mia was enraged by the fact that Allen dumped her for her adopted daughter (who again, was of age), and though I don’t blame Mia for being angry, I think 20 plus years is a bit long to carry such a hatred. And Mia hates with a passion, it’s clear. Every holiday both she and Ronan (who she intimated might be Frank Sinatra’s son, publicly embarrassing his widow, Barbara Sinatra, to whom Frank was married when the conception allegedly took place), go out of their way to trash Allen on Twitter and anyplace else they can. Now it seems, she has got her hooks into Dylan yet again. The judge at the bench trial over two decades ago found no credible evidence to charge Allen, and a couple of child psychologists testified that they could not agree whether or not Dylan was telling the truth, explaining that it seemed very likely she’d been coached. And finally, the molestation allegations were made by Mia only after she had been dumped by Allen for Soon-Yi. I think Mia is still raging with anger if you want the honest. truth.

  16. keith says:

    I saw Farrow on TV over fifteen years ago apologize to Woody for making it all up. It was a spontaneous street interview. People forget that. I made it a point to always remember i saw her lips, in closeup, admit this. She, like her daughter, are confirmed liars.

    • johnkneeland2016 says:

      Allen passed a lie detector test administered by his own lawyers. He refused to take a lie detector test when the police requested him to. Yet another one of the shams being peddled by people trying to excuse his behavior.

    • Evan says:

      Does anyone know at what age Dylan Farrow was adopted?

  17. Melanie says:

    I hope that Academy voters decline to reward Woody’s movies in any respect at this year’s Oscars and that in particular Cate Blanchett is not given the Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Woody’s picture. Her statement today reeked of calculated damage control.

    • Intheknow says:

      How dumb of you to say this. Blanchette has no more to do with this than Alec Baldwin or Diane Keaton, etc. This is a family matter that does not include them. It is not up to Blanchette to do “damage control.” Actually, Allen was cleared over two decades ago and if you read my post up at the board here, you may realize that Mia herself may have coerced Dylan into the molestation charges. Seriously, don’t blame others who were not and are not remotely involved.

  18. Whilst most of us can agree that accusations of Woody Allen sexually molesting his adoptive daughter raises questions of moral and legal culpability perhaps the greater question is whether we should care that sometimes a great film maker can be just as distorted and purportedly devoid of moral acumen as the subject matter of the films he so often specializes in. Which is probably why the films are so good in the first place, cause no one knows blood and gore better than an axe murderer, metaphorically speaking….

    Which raises the ultimate question, should we as an audience veto a filmmaker because of his purported moral and legal behavior? Or at the very least decline to celebrate him with honorary awards….and the further denunciation of women?


  19. Now that his daughter has made it public in her own words, does the law require he be arrested?

  20. terry Tijerina- Milam says:

    I’m sick that woody allen gets to walk around guilt free.

  21. Helene Thompson says:

    . . . And this is why victims stay silent.

    • keith says:

      Uh, both babysitters told police that Farrow was trying to get them, and Dylan, to lie. Even Dylan said at that time, “I like to make up stories.” Do some research, jerks.

  22. GKN says:

    Geez. Apparently not one of you even bothered reading the Daily Beast article below, written by a man who actually knows some of these people – unlike all of you. ‘Course that might make you face facts instead of fantasy, and you wouldn’t want that. Like I said, this accusation works every time it’s used.

  23. Y K says:

    Gary Glitter, Jimmy Savile, Woody Allen – you f*cking pedophiles should rot in hell!!!

  24. jonathonbrooks1989 says:

    Look, the reason the allegations are dubious is because they have such strong motives to stain his public image. It must be very strange to have your father run off with your sister/daughter and then see him get awards for being a genius the same year. All kinds of rationalisations would happen. And “I’ll take you to Paris to be in my movies” doesn’t sound like Allen at all.

    • jonathonbrooks1989 says:

      You just answered your own question. BECAUSE he married HER adopted daughter.

    • Dennis, I am biased. And when the only evidence that presents itself is anecdotal how could anyone not be? When I say that it doesn’t sound like him, I’ve seen all his films, documentaries, read his books etc, so it’s obviously intuitional, but then again, if you think it does sound like him, your guess is as good as mine. I think you should stop asking people if they have children too, this is the old logical fallacy ‘argument from age’. We all have people we care about, and nobody in their right mind doesn’t think these charges are serious. On top of this, false memory syndrome is rife with people undergoing psychoanalysis, something all of the Allens, engage in. It seems believable to me, that if your father left your mother for your sister, every memory would be tainted with him a dirtiness, easily reframed into the worst possible light.

    • jj says:

      doesnt sound like woody allenat all, and THAT is why your opinion is worth less than zero

      • Jason says:

        Doesn’t sound like Allen ? How would you know ? You his buddy ? Jesus this country is so quick to defend anyone that looks or seems innocent.

      • jonathonbrooks1989 says:

        Less than zero! Wow that’s pretty low! Lol

        You obviously don’t like the guy, fine though, human bias is totally natural, we all have it.

  25. Felix Krull says:

    I don’t watch his movies and I don’t like him, but you have to be very careful with such allegations. Apparently, Dylan has had many therapy sessions and at a time when the received wisdom in child psychology was that traumatic memories could somehow be totally suppressed, a notion that has been severely discredited since. She might (or might not, of course) be victim of false memory syndrome.

  26. Diana says:

    On the legal side of things: Throughout all of this, Woody Allen has NOT been cleared of any charges, by any court of law. Acting Justice Elliot Wilk of New York State Supreme Court ruled against Allen in his effort to wrest custody of his three children from Farrow. Wilk criticized Yale–New Haven’s findings, stating that the hospital’s team had not interviewed Dylan, declined to testify at trial except via deposition, and destroyed its notes on the case.

  27. Diana says:

    Don’t really have a stake in all this, but by god if I don’t find myself believing the word of the young lady with nothing to gain over that of the powerful Hollywood man with everything to lose.

    That same man who had sex with a 17-year-old girl, Mariel Hemingway, when he was in his 40s. Same man who married his 19-year-old adoptive daughter when he was 56 (“But he wasn’t very much in raising her!!” Please, honestly, for the love of all that’s holy, just don’t). Same man who put sets in his screenplays describing posters that say ‘incest is best’ and has scenes of dialogue where a grown man recounts a 13 year old being sexual suggestive to him.

    We the public love to go on about our vicious contempt for child molesters and pedophiles, but the moment a young man or woman dares to come out as a victim we demonize them.
    You need only to read through some of these comments to appreciate why what Dylan Farrow’s done is so outrageously courageous.

    • Except that Soon Yi was MIA FARROW’S ADOPTED DAUGHTER. Not Woody Allen’s. And if we’re going to put people on trial for their actions, let’s not skip over Ms. Farrow, because there’s quite the list there as well.

    • Brett Campbell says:

      I agree with Diana completely. Hollywood should not be giving him the benefit of the doubt just because they think he makes good movies. If I knew a guy that had done all the same things Woody had done, and that guy expressed interest in working with me, I would pass.

  28. Joe says:

    I’m sorry but he looks like a child molester. I’ve never seen a Woody film and probably never will. If he did it they’ll be a special place in hell for him.

    • Paul B says:

      Joe, that’s like saying ‘Gee, he doesn’t look like a child molester’ if it happened to be someone like Alec Baldwin or Tom Cruise. The point is, no one knows what pedophiles (or serial killers or rapists for that matter) ‘look’ like. And for those condemning him based on allegations, whatever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’?

    • GKN says:

      Woody did have a thorough investigation done, Dennis. All you people who “know” while refusing to read what the police, social workers and psychologists concluded, from ‘spiritual discernment’ and the like (meaning, that you simply don’t like his films or his looks) are as terrifying as a lynch mob. You maintain ‘guilty till proven innocent’ over and over, even once (or 10 times) proven innocent. Frickin creepy. And I hope to God you would be disqualified from any jury, since facts mean nothing to you at all. You don’t even want to hear them. Look to your own karma and may you reap what you sow.

    • Andy Derksen says:

      He simply “looks like a child molester”…? I hope you’ve never served on a jury.

      • I know what you are saying Joe. It is called spiritual discernment. Obviously, people like Andy Derken don’t understand that concept. Andy, just because a person uses an instinctual approach to judge a person’s character doesn’t mean he is wrong. It definitely would not disqualify him to be on a jury either.

  29. alexis says:

    Woody’s wife now was also his adopted daughter. She was a minor as well when they started their affair. Mia dumped him when he had started molesting their adopted children. Of course power and money have suppressed the truth. The true horror is that we raise woody up even though he has serious issues, and has never apologized to Mia, and Dylan. He really thinks because of power and money, he’s untouchable. Wow pal, I truly hope your Karma smacks you up side the head in this life, and not your children, or grandchildren. Because if you do not first admit and then beg for forgiveness your bloodline is screwed. Remember in the children suffer the sins of their parents. I wonder why that phrase has survived so long?

    • Dani says:

      Ok, two common misconceptions:
      a) Soon-Yi was not his adopted daughter. She was Mia Farrow and Andre Previn’s.
      b) She was not a minor, she was 19.
      Creepy? You bet. Illegal? Nope.

  30. sorry but one thing has nothing, NOTHING!!! to do with the other. especially when there have never been any charges. just coincidentally when he is being honored there are sudden out burst. I’m not saying that they are lying but where were they in 1992? where were they in 1994? Where have they been since then? There are no statute of limitations on child abuse if it indeed occured. he is being honored for his work in movies, which has been invaluable. they ink, or cyber space, that the Farrows are recieveing is their right, but everyone else should shut up about the family squabble and remember what the facts really are. So, if they want to label him a child molester then charge him. if not, then let it go.

  31. George Zitis says:

    While one does not want to jump to conclusions,miss Farrow’s words seem sincere. Denial and obfuscation are common victimizer responses, while victims often suffer PTSD and repression

  32. Tony Dodge says:

    ms. farrow’s brave letter completely refutes the attempted spin in the daily beast.
    i commend her courage and her refusing to let abuse define her life. brava.

    • keith says:

      What is more common is ghostwriting. My friends ask me to write their online profiles. What I am saying is the author of the letter was not Dylan, but rather an actual abused friend.

  33. Jerry says:


    Woody WHO??? I NEVER go to his movies. There are too many other movies by people that may/may not have the best of morals, especially committing sexual acts/perversions with children as Woody Toad has allegedly done, that I prefer to see.

    It seems that he incriminates himself in having committed these type of acts partially by his marriage to his adopted daughter so… who’s to say HE is not the Liar/Child Molesting Pervert? Maybe???

    Jerry R, in California

    • Ravi says:

      You’ve just filled your comment with a load of “maybe maybe maybe” and at the same time condemned the guy.

      Use your head

    • Wayne says:

      Except for many things including that he is not married to his adopted daughter.

      • keith says:

        And also, Soon Yi was not Woody’s adopted daughter. You people are filthy minded jew haters. Peds seek out children. Woody never went anywhere they congregate. With Mia, he had to be around them on occasion. He was never alone with Soon Yi until she became of legal age. He is a great man who has achieved greatness. The rest of you are transitory specks in the universe and will be forgotten.

  34. D Ruth says:

    Great Article by Robert Weide: The Woody Allen Allegations: Not So Fast – The Daily Beast – http://s.shr.lc/1esoPZB …..the otherside of the allegations

    • GKN says:

      Excellent article in the Beast. Thank you for the link. Polanski also has some interesting recollections of Mia and Sinatra’s rather twisted relationship during the shooting of ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ in his Autobiography.

      I can’t believe people are still such suckers for this type of smear campaign, whatever the facts. Nothing’s easier, and it never fails, it seems. DSK’s ‘rape’ also springs to mind, which clearly had far more to do with his spilling the beans on Goldman Sachs and others in “Inside Job” – the documentary on the 2008 crisis that won an Oscar a few months earlier. He had just announced his candidacy for president (would have made a FAR better one than Holland) and told a friend before he left for NY that he was ‘probably going to get accused of raping someone in a parking lot’ before he left. I see he knows how things work in America pretty well.

      • jj says:

        interestng that you believe what is said about mia but totally dismiss what her daughter says about woody.
        and those so called revelations about sinatra and mia have never ever been repeated or given any weight in any of the 30 books or so I have read regarding frank sinatra.
        your bias is contemtable..

  35. Laura Cella says:

    Adapted for adopted. Ex-wife for ex-girlfriend. Seriously?

    • keith says:

      Uh, Mia just came out and admitted she cheated with Frank and that the blue-eyed guy is Frank’s son. Where have you been? The fact that she flies to Europe to defend Polanski, an admitted child molester, yet acts like Woody is the bad guy, is hypocritical and stupid of her. Bimbo. Model/actress/bimbo whatever. The letter was penned not by Mia’s daughter, but by friends of theirs who actually have experience in abuse.

    • GKN says:

      Contemptible, jj. And where do I say I totally dismiss what she says? I was only referring to the police reports cited. They concluded, after months of investigation at the time, that the daughter contradicted herself repeatedly. She constantly lost interest and her responses seemed coached. The tape Mia made was obviously edited… and the testimonies of the kids two nursemaids who both resigned in disgust at what they saw Mia doing. One swore the daughter was not out of her sight 5 minutes on ‘the fatal day’ – not nearly long enough for this tale to have happened. Plus, what revelations are you referring to re Sinatra? That’s awfully vague.

    • danny furious says:

      I don’t presume to know the truth here. honestly I hope to God these allegations are false for my own selfish reasons i.e. I love his work deeply, Mr Allens films and humor /views on life have given so much laughter and pleasure over the course of his directorial / acting / writing career. If these allegations prove true then all the pleasure is sour milk and my heart would certainly go out to Ms Farrow.

      • Steve Scott says:

        Mia Farrow has been on a crusade to ruin Woody Allen for spite. Dylan is known to have emotional problems. She also received “past memories” treatment that has been proven to be bogus (think McMartin Trial). Weeks before the Academy Awards, Dylan has her publicist release this story. Stinks to high heaven of Mia getting revenge through Dylan.

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