Watch: First Trailer for Edward Snowden Documentary ‘Citizenfour’

As the first trailer for the Edward Snowden documentary “Citizenfour” reveals, there’s nothing more chilling than a real-life thriller.

The teaser, which was released on Friday before the film’s world premiere at the New York Film Festival, where it received a standing ovation, features interviews with the now-notorious NSA whistleblower.

Director Laura Poitras was already working on a documentary about governmental surveillance in the post-9/11 era when she began receiving emails from “citizenfour,” who wrote, “I am a senior government employee in the intelligence community. I hope you understand that contacting you was extremely high-risk.”

Poitras headed to Hong Kong with reporter Glenn Greenwald to meet with the person she had been corresponding with, who turned out to be Snowden. Snowden ultimately handed over top-secret documents that revealed covert surveillance programs run by the NSA.

The doc, which is exec produced by Steven Soderbergh, opens in theaters on October 24.

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  1. Gary Close says:

    “Nora knew that what it was she and Weir had planned would unleash a storm not unlike that unleashed by Edward Snowden when he attempted to shed light on the NSA’s web of surveillance throughout the world. Of course she knew Snowden’s attempt to unleash the truth had been twisted and diverted to hide the NSA’s real mission. Snowden’s leaks had astonished the world. What she and Weir planned was exponentially more shocking. It would probably bring down a government. It would most certainly change forever the way the world looked upward at the stars.” Breakout: The Roswell Legacy

  2. Moore says:

    So the NYC crowd stands up and cheers. Where’s the jeering I’m wondering, for today’s Media coverups and their ongoing protection of the usual lies coming daily from the WH?

  3. mike says:

    Come back to the USA and get a documentary! For all the good he did exposing the spying on Us he did a s much damage revealing programs targeting enemy governments

  4. Goldie says:

    Death to the New World Order. Blow the lid open on the undeniable corruption and lies in the new reality that has gone far beyond George Orwell’s 1984.

  5. Chris Yeager says:

    Fine line…. There making a Movie>? Lest the paranoia may become a societal degradation Snowden might just as well work in Hollywood….. Between the Media and the leadership. Nobody has trust.

  6. I bet that some women have tried prior to Snowden to be similar whistleblowers, and I bet THEY were “given” the “go directly to jail, do not pass GO, do not collect $100.-card”, or they were mandated to go to a recruited, groomed, vetted shrink, &/o MD, or their families, employer, etc., set up a Dr. Phil/Judge Judy type bullying intervention, railroading “court”, etc. The only win/win whistleblower strategy, at least for women and others without power and or “luck” is to use political sarcasm through subliminal alternative “KOMEDY”! lol

  7. Bill Duff says:

    I presently hold Edward Snowden in considerably higher regard; than the combined congressional delegation and executive branch of my state.

    Bill Duff
    Houston, Texas

  8. Best way to send a message to Obama about our loss of freedoms is to Vote out all the Democrats in November! He is taking away our freedoms and this film shows it!

    • Goldie says:

      your vote is meaningless. the left/right paradigm is simply a game to make mind-washed American whore’s believe they actually have some control over the political process. You have no choice, no voice no control over this diseased system. Anyone who thinks voting republican or democrat will change things at this point in the game has no real grasp on the reality of the Orwellian nightmare that has become America’s reality. Death to the New World Order.

  9. SandyHill says:

    Very Brave patriot ! I shed a tear to think of his sacrifice he has given to Americans and exposed the monster that lurks within our Government. Sad , sad time in American history.

    • ItsJo says:

      I felt from the beginning that Snowden was a patriot who “Wanted the American People to KNOW what this corrupt regime was up to.” Many said Snowden should have stayed and took his case before Our courts…..Really? He HAD to leave to save his own life, as they would have found a way to “dispose of him and ALL his information.” Too many in the Clinton AND Obama corrupt regimes, have wound up DEAD…including Hillary’s Pal?, Vince Foster. I hope the other ‘whistleblower comes forward as well, and these things blow WIDE OPEN, and put the gov’t corrupt in prison.’ America IS IN PERIL folks- and we need to fight to Keep our Freedoms, guaranteed under our Constitution & Bill of Rights, that Obama/Holder/Reid/McCain/Boehner, etal ARE SHREDDING.

  10. Justin Case says:


  11. Margaret says:

    This story and what Snowden revealed is important. I will probably watch the documentary. That being said, a whistle blower goes to Congress. A self – seeking traitor goes straight to the press. It’s not what he revealed, it’s how he did it that makes him a traitor. You don’t bypass the process to keep national secrets safe unless you hit a roadblock. He never even tried.

    • happybidr says:

      Really? And who, exactly, would you trust in Congress not to pick up the phone to the FBI? Plus, who knows what some Members know already? No, certain, specific senior reporters are the only ones to trust.

    • ItsJo says:

      You think Snowden had ANY chance of going before Congress? You are a gullible fool-he would have been STOPPED BEFORE EVER making it that far, and this crooked regime would have done so. Do YOU recall, the Benghazi Scandal of LIES from Obama, Hillary, Rice, Biden, etal….”Blaming it on some unknown producer of a web video they blamed THAT ON, and the Producer was “SILENCED BY BEING PUT IN PRISON FOR ALMOST A YEAR ON SOME OTHER TRUMPED UP CHARGES?”
      The traitor is NOT Snowden, look to the Whitehouse if you want the Real Traitor to this Republic, and Wise Up.

      • ItsJo says:

        BTW: Do You also recall Clinton’s guy, Sandy Berger going to Our National Archives to STEAL VERY INCRIMINATING PAPERS on the Clinton’s by stuffing them in his pants and socks- HE got a slap on the wrist and some fine….but he’s a DemoThug, who was sent to “Cover the Clinton’s Ineptness regarding their Lax Actions AGainst Terrorists here in America.” NOTHING HAPPENED TO BERGER, AS HE WAS GIVEN “A PASS”…..You need to do some Fact Finding and Not come here with Dem-B.S. who Always COVER THEIR BUTTS.

    • Goldie says:

      A whisleblower goes to Congress in this day and age following the rules they simply never see the light of day again. That is a fact and well documented. Happening to anyone that dare confronts the powers that be with this level of damnable evidence. Forget this corrupt institutions rules and laws regarding whisleblowing, completely besides the point. Edward is a patriot and held in higher regards than the congressional delegation and executive branch to most American’s seeking the truth and looking beyond the BS.

  12. Mike Jones says:

    What kind of trailer was that? There was nothing compelling me to see the movie.

    • Rob says:

      I agree he could not go to congress, they would have said this is a classified hearing and it would have been buried the media would not pick it up hell they will not look into where obama was during Benghazi. He is letting the American people know that we are now in the 1984 book or movie, next they will be picking up the people that call them and make waves. Hell they want our guns you think they will stop?? obama already agreed to the small arms treaty fro the un.

      When will the American people wake up this government is not so big they can do what ever they want. I do not just blame one party it was ALL of them when they get wheeled out with a sheet on them on a stretcher or in a wheel chair they have been there to long. They ALL spent 17 going on 18 TRILLION Dollars who is paying that back?? And obam has done so much damage it will take years if it can even be fixed. And to think they all take an oath to obey the constitution and the laws of this country and what did they do?? They made a department that has rules ONLY for congress. They passed the bill so they could not do insider trading, then they decided they did not like it so they got rid of it and then 12 days before the crash in 2008 they ALL took their money out of the market. Then they go their little 2 minuet speeches and talk about the greedy people. I lost everything and they take their money out days before the crash. Boy does that make me happy they did not lose any money.

    • awthrawthr says:

      Interesting. My reaction was just the opposite.

    • Golfendude says:

      And by the way he did TRY!

    • Golfendude says:

      Do you actually think that if had gone to congress we would have heard about it… They would have disappeared him in a flash. Many have met that fate in this country… WTFU

    • Justin Case says:

      It is about an American hero, a true hero. The kind of man whom our founders would have held up and cheered for. What have you done for America? What have you given up and don’t give us some BS about serving (paid employment) in the military.

    • stonehillady says:

      Obviously, your not aware that you take you can have your life taken away if you expose criminal or unconstitutional acts. People will do anything to protect or prevent their wrong doing including having whistleblowers executed.

  13. So far it actually looks good. If they actually try to keep to facts, and not glorify or excuse the current regime, and of course the country still exists, I may go to see it.

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