WB Announces 10 DC Comics Movies, 3 ‘Harry Potter’ Spinoffs and ‘Lego’ Sequels

Warner Bros Slate

Warner Bros. looks like it will have its hands full over the next several years announcing a new slate of tentpole films through 2020.

During a shareholders meeting on Tuesday, chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara unveiled the studio’s slate of tentpole features through 2020, including at least three “Harry Potter” spinoff pics based on “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” three “Lego Movie” follow-ups and two “Justice League” films directed by Zack Snyder, as well as a slew of related superhero movies. Also included in the announcement are separate Batman and Superman films, which are still undated.

The previously announced Harry Potter films, written by author J.K. Rowling, will begin in 2016 with a finale planned for 2020. Set in New York roughly seven decades before Harry Potter’s saga starts, “Fantastic Beasts” is based on the Hogwarts textbook of the same name and follows the adventures of its author, Newt Scamander.

Most of DC Comics’ Justice League movies had also been confirmed or rumored. The biggest reveals: Ezra Miller will play “The Flash,” Zack Snyder will return to direct a second “Justice League” movie (2020) and the “Wonder Woman” film, starring Gal Gadot, is slated for 2017. “Aquaman” and “The Flash” will both arrive in 2018.

Finally, the three Lego pictures will arrive in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Below are a list of all the films and their planned releases.

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  1. brianc2012 says:

    Please forget about The Flash with that horrible choice for the lead..So Stupid!
    The Flash should be a full grown man, not a skinny little Twink!

  2. Ugh, a Green Lantern reboot? Really?! Why don’t these comic companies take it on the chin for once and have a second movie, though recast, etc and just CONTINUE on with the story and not re-tell it. Or better yet, make the movie about the Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott.

  3. Randy Moder says:

    Do Warner Brothers and DC know what they are doing? I think not. They had no plans to put out a big-tent movie in 2015 and now they are scheduling a bunch of movies up to six years away. The Potter based movies will do well, given J.K. Rowling’s track record. The DC movies are completely shots in the dark. The Batman franchise is a unique animal because of the back story and the hero being non-super. Man of Steel was a wasted effort; despite the box office. The Wonder Woman movie will signal whether these companies can compete with Marvel properties. Just my opinion.

  4. Sandra Hill says:

    They’re doing it wrong.
    The actors aren’t good, and everything indicates that they are doing everything very fast.
    Man of Steel for example has a very poor script.

  5. JSintheStates says:

    I gave my money to JK Rowling and she’s a multi-billionaire. Probably about $200 for books, as much as $100 for some of the movies, and at least $125 for DVDs. Yes, I even bought the “fake” textbooks, but even hinting that they’re books is a joke! So, NO! She doesn’t need any more of my money! And I certainly don’t need 6 hrs of inane movie fluff for muggles! Move Along! Move Along! Nothing to see here!

  6. Rich Eletricity says:

    look at it from the other side. i mean who expected Heath Ledger to be a great joker?

  7. by part one and part two for Justice League i hope they don’t mean it’s one storyline with 2 years apart. that’d be ridiculous. and honestly, I won’t be watching most of these DC movies because of the cast choices. just like I won’t watch the new Fantastic 4 movie because all four of them are cast wrong.

  8. Nathan says:

    Let’s discuss the cockiness of scheduling a movie for a b-level hero played by a relatively unknown actor 6 YEARS ahead of time.

  9. cadavra says:

    Sad to see the studio that for decades led the way in ground-breaking motion pictures descend into a Marvel-esque factory churning out expensive kiddie fare.

    • Jerome Maida says:

      Get some therapy, will you? You’re about 20 years out of date if you think comic book films are only for kids.

      • supurrkat says:

        That is a wholly unnecessary response to one man’s opinion. Why would you go out of your way to court insult like that?

      • cadavra says:

        Never said “only.” But would the Warners of today make “The Public Enemy,” “Casablanca,” “The Searchers,” “Rebel Without A Cause,” “Bonnie and Clyde” or “All the President’s Men?” Don’t hold your breath.

  10. Stephen says:

    Cart ready, horses to be secured in ten years. Seems like their only plan is “Zak will do it” and “let’s get some known stars who aren’t too expensive yet whether or not they’re suited for scripts we don’t have yet.”

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