Universal’s ‘Birds’ Remake Finds its Director

The Birds Hitchcock

Diederik Van Rooijen will direct

After successfully remaking several 80s slasher films, Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes banner look ready to remake one of the master of suspense’s classic films alongside Peter Guber’s Mandalay Pictures.

Platinum Dunes, Mandalay Pictures and Universal have tapped Dutch filmmaker Diederik Van Rooijen to direct the remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.”

Bay will produce along with his Platinum Dunes producing partners Andrew Form and Brad Fuller with Guber and David Zelon also producing through Mandalay Pictures.

The original plotline followed a San Francisco socialite who moves to a small northern California town that is suddenly under attack from various types of birds. Plot details for this pic are unknown at this time.

Universal Pictures executive vice president of production, Scott Bernstein will oversee the project for the studio.

Van Rooijen is repped by WME and Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal LaViolette Feldman Schenkman & Goodman and is best known for his foreign film “Taped.”

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  1. Rick says:

    All this moaning about remakes. Hollywood produces up to 500 films per year. About 15 of those are remakes (look it up).
    I think there should actually be more remakes. Like an earlier commenter said: The best stories are told and re-told, again and again.
    A remake doesn’t take anything away from the original, and if done well, offers a new, fresh perspective, or in the very least raises awareness for the original and gives better insight in why it was great.

  2. A remake of “The Birds” doesn’t bother me… but Michael Bay? I get the feeling it’ll turn into Birdemic only with a budget. I can see it now, kamikaze exploding birds, a long winded speech, probably on global warming, GMOs, and the evils of man, and an unnecessary love story with the main ‘heroes’ of the movie.

  3. Ellie Wilson says:

    If a remake is to occur wouldn’t it be best to remodel the film based on the more apocalyptic original novel of The Birds by author Frank Baker written in 1936. Look it up and read it, it’s recently been republished and would avoid all this talk of ruining Hitchcocks version.

  4. Stan Heck says:

    Well to me the original was good not great. Always hated the ending!

  5. Chad says:

    I love seeing people complain about remakes now… obviously ignoring the fact that classics like His Girl Friday and The Maltese Falcon were remakes, and only a few years after their originals. At least they waited 51 years to remake The Birds, and yes – good or not – that’s enough time to re-tell the story for a modern audience who doesn’t care about watching old movies. The best stories are throne re-told… and they’re re-told over and over because they’re the best stories. See how that works?

  6. PETER SOLARI says:

    Leave THE BIRDS alone. Don’t they have any original ideas? A lot of good writers out of work, and no power players will talk to them, yet the money people have to mess with the classics. Next they’ll do SUNSET BOULEVARD and star Miley Cyrus!

  7. harry georgatos says:

    PSYCHO was a bomb and what direction THE BIRDS is going to take, my gut instinct tells me it’s not going to be that good!! I got nothing against remakes or old tv shows being rebooted to a new generation as long as they’re masterpieces. I can’t understand why Hollywood hasn’t adapted the iconic tv shows such as THE CHAMPIONS and THE PERSUADERS or THE PRISONER into sophisticated franchises? If Hollywood is looking at the box-office dud that was THE AVENGERS with Ralph Fiennes that’s because it was a horrible movie with a pathetic script!! With the proper development these much cherished shows, which have brilliant premises can find huge box office glory. Of the old tv shows that have found huge audiences such as THE FUGITIVE and it’s technically skilled sequel US MARSHALS with THE UNTOUCHABLES, MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE, THE A-TEAM along with the underrated MIAMI VICE and STAR TREK have found an audience that demand sequels in their own right! Of the new recent generation tv shows such as THE X-FILES, NOWHERE MAN, LOST, HEROES and 24
    are certain billion dollar franchises waiting and calling to be made into feature films!!!!

  8. Dori says:

    please god no

  9. Kilburn Hall says:

    Talk about a pile of bird shit. Why on God’s green Earth do these Gen Wuss directors continue to try and remake the masters? Like Pyscho- the remake sucked. It’s like copying the Mona Lisa in art school. Hitchcock was the master. No one, I repeat no one can do his films better than him. Thanks for the heads up. Planning the movies you can avoid seeing helps save me a lot of money.

  10. Greg Davis says:

    Absolutely agree, I am a struggling screen writer and no body in Hollywood wants anything to do with unsolicited material, it’s near impossible to get ur foot in the door. Everything in Hollywood is who you know, who you blow, and who you do blow with. All these remakes are just trash. Then u got people like zack Braff all the connections and then crowd funds what a joke

  11. equipment guy says:

    Great idea! NOT. Didn’t they try this with Psycho a decade ago and crash and burn. Oh well what the hell does it matter, might as well have Shia play Charles Foster Kane and get it over with. There actually are screenwriters in LA with good original scripts if the gate keepers weren’t so scared to take a chance.

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