Thousands Protest Choice of White Actress for ‘Pan’s’ Tiger Lily

Rooney Mara
Steve Granitz/WireImage

While the casting announcements for Warner Bros.’ Peter Pan remake “Pan” have been rolling in, one in particular caught the eye of activists.

The studio cast Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily, and thousands have taken to a Care2 petition to protest the choice of a white actress for the Native American role.  More than 4,200 signatures, out of their stated 5,000 goal, have been received.

“This casting choice is particularly shameful for a children’s movie,” the petition reads. “Telling children their role models must all be white is unacceptable.”

Plenty of criticisms of similar ilk have risen in the past. Jared Leto, who won an Oscar for his role  in “Dallas Buyers Club,” was the subject of controversy as well, for being a man playing a trans woman. Before that, Disney was criticized for choosing Johnny Depp to play the Native American Tonto in “The Lone Ranger.”

“Pan” is set to release July 17, 2015, and also stars Hugh Jackman and Garrett Hedlund. Warner Bros. has not immediately responded to request for statement.

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  1. Raygirl says:

    Johnny Depp is Native American lol Rooney Mara is NOT.

  2. iwillseepanthisfall says:

    I think Rooney Mara is an amazing actress and she will do an amazing job as Tiger Lily! This movie looks great!


    The tailer looks amazing! Peter Pan is a childhood classic not a political piece about race!



  3. Steve says:

    Woah now. Did anyone see Disney’s original Peter Pan? It was rife with red-skinned brutes and dummies… with one demure, alluring, light-skinned girl who was around just so she could get captured so a white guy could save her. I applaud the decision to make the role “white” instead of bringing in a talented American Indian actress to play a stereotype. Now if they really want to make headlines, have an American Indian actress play a roll that isn’t “Indian”.

    • Raygirl says:

      So it is okay for them to disrespect J.M Barrie’s (the ORIGINAL author not Disney) vision? In his book he describes the tribe as Picanniny. If you know history, Picanniny back then meant DARK SKINNED. I do not applaud them for making an all white main cast and then acting like this is the prequel. A prequel would mean the beginning of the original story. But this movie is not in line with the original story. It’s another messy retelling. What is this the 1950s? Disney’s version had WHITE people as the voice actors. Which is the same mess as this movie. THE ONLY VERSION that was respectful to J.M Barrie’s book was the 2003 Peter Pan. That was the best version.

  4. I work for a recruiter of high-level, six-figure management professionals. The clients have strict requirements on candidates’ experience; VERY strict. Why should show-business be any different? With stakes so high, how can a producer trust that an actor with no name recognition or experience can be the return on investment they expect? Get with the program, kids, it’s a business.

    • RedMapleLeaves says:

      Janet you are bimbo. Trying to sound intelligent with you pretentious, condescending “get with the program, kids” – only you’re making a fool out of yourself.

      Show biz is VERY different, and you don’t need to work for a recruiter of high level management professionals (WOW!!!!) to figure that out. Funny how you brag about this, yet seem to lack common sense.

      Directors pick people out of nowhere with zero experience to play LEAD ROLES. New actors with no acting experience land starring roles ALL THE TIME. Everyone starts somewhere, and you know what? Some catapult to mega super stardom with their very first role.

      Your comment is even more offensive and ignorant with the underlying implication that there are NO native actors with talent to bank upon when “the stakes are high”. Newsflash – THERE ARE PLENTY, and a big budget studio has enough funds to conduct a very wide scale casting audition. Heck, they could even conduct a small-scale audition and be able to find a suitable native actor.

      It’s so obvious with this is about – they had no intention of considering a native actor for a native role in the first place. And that is just pathetic. Luckily, there are people acknowledging and calling it out for what it is and more people are becoming aware of this sort of blatant prejudice.

      So really, you along with other ignorant people had best wake up. Wake up, or get left behind.

  5. david acero says:

    Seeing Rooney Mara in the remake of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, good luck. I hope this turns out better than that did.

  6. laura says:

    Norm Lewis will be the first black Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. That character wasn’t originally written as black. Is anyone protesting that? No, as they shouldn’t be because he is a talented actor. Rooney Mara is also an excellent actress and the director has creative license to choose talent as he sees fit, despite your preconceived notions of the part. Let’s all calm down.

    • Raygirl says:

      To add, The Phantom of the Opera was never described racially in the original story. He was only described as a monster. He had a facial deformity.

    • Raygirl says:

      The fact is, there are not a lot of characters of color on the movie screens as it is. They white wash movie roles as if people of color don’t exist. Of course, MANY people have protested the Black Annie movie, saying it was wrong to make her black. No one likes it. Yet, Annie was more of a retelling, not a PREQUEL of the original story.

      The fact is, if this was a retelling it would be different. But they are portraying this as a PREQUEL which means it would somewhat have to be accurate to the original story. It’s not just people who hate the racial casting, it is also people who hate the inaccuracy to J.M Barrie’s vision that cannot take this movie seriously. If this is supposed to be how Pan met Tiger Lily…he never met a white Tiger Lily. J.M Barrie (the original author of the story) stated the tribe was Picanniny. Guess what Picanniny means DARK SKINNED. Therefore Tiger Lily was never white.

    • lin-z says:

      well said!

  7. David derby says:

    Kinda funny brings back to the old days white people with make up and feathers trying to look native not knowing how natives act or think. Thought those days were over. I guess if a team can still use redskin as their mascot. And white people can shoot black teens in Florida. What has really changed.

  8. Joey1013 says:

    If we are to get technical, I believe characters should have actors that fit the race of the character. I am for keeping characters to their original origin. Same goes for big name movies: white characters should be white, black should be white, native American should be native American. But I guess Hollywood just wants to make up their own stuff.

    • Jeff Levine says:

      The accusation: “But I guess Hollywood just wants to make up their own stuff.”
      The defense: “But I guess Hollywood just wants to make up their own stuff.”

      You can’t make THIS stuff up. No, really. That’s it. Everyone can go home now!

    • Joey1013 says:

      Meant all characters should stick to their correct origin. Sorry earlier post meant black characters should be played by black actors etc.

      • James says:

        A lot of stories have black characters written into them. A movie about ancient England has a black character … I wonder how common that was. Really, people need to stop promoting some sort of social agenda like this is so important.

  9. Bill says:

    So Native American actors should ONLY play native americans. correct?

    • Raygirl says:

      The Picanniny tribe in J.M Barrie’s original story are dark skinned. Picanniny means dark skinned. Even if it wasnt a Native American, they could have gotten any girl of color. People hate that the entire main cast is white. Today, all white casts are too common. And it is saddening to people who want an opportunity to show their talents, even though they are not white. Just like what they did to Avatar the Last Airbender. smh.

  10. JT281 says:

    This seems to be a theme in more and more shows. The peter pan show is just a small part. I have noticed that more producers are changing the race of the actors that have been historically white or another race to include more black actors. Just like there are more and more relationships being developed between white and blacks. The problem I have with this is that blacks only make up approx. 12-13 percent of the population so how is it that in a show that has three or four main characters that there is always at least one black person and they always seem to become romantically involved with a white character. Just like the news shows, there are normally two lead reporters and one of them is usually black. So how can that be when they only make up a small percent of the population that they make up 50 percent of the news. I know for a fact that they don’t make up 50 percent of all news reporters. I have even seen where a white reporter has been replaced by a black reporter so that the media isn’t considered racist. There are a lot more hispanic people in the population then blacks but you don’t see them getting the same amount of special treatment as blacks. I feel that a person should be placed in a position because of their merit not their race. Just like anything if you force something on someone they are going to start to rebel against it at some point. I feel that if the show requires a certain race to play the part then find someone of that race, don’t just put a person there so it will make the naacp happy.

    • Raygirl says:

      You sound stupid. First off, you’re only talking about American black people. But there MILLIONS of blacks around the world. Do you seriously think movies only cast Americans in movies? Why can’t productions cast more black people, not just in America but AROUND THE WORLD. And since when did this become a black issue? Nobody is asking Tiger Lily to be black. You just showed your underlying racist mentality. I’m Native American and I am sad that we never get considered for roles no matter how talented we are.
      The fact is everyone is asking for more people of ALL colors, Hispanic, Native Americans, black, Asian, etc to be given the opportunity to showcase their talents too. Is that so wrong? If the roles were reversed and you as a white actress never had a CHANCE to join a movie role barely, what would you do? But again, some (not all) of you white people can’t put yourself in another person’s shoes.

      The reason why more black people are portrayed more and more now is because they are actually SPEAKING UP about it. The other races remain the silent majority, even though we are all feeling the same way; that there is more appreciation for white people and their talents than for people of other ethnic groups.

  11. lin-z says:

    if they had cast a native american actress, then there’d an uproar over the costume and the stereotype and the list goes on…can’t people ever just quit bitching?! these groups complain if someone does then complain when someone doesn’t. sad truth is, it’s the cultural activists that are pointing out the difference between cultures and races and the generic public don’t even think about it because everyone is supposed to be equal. FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO COMPLAIN ABOUT!

    • David derby says:

      You sound very racist most white people think the world is perfect it’s to bad people like you couldn’t what life is really like being another race

    • Lisa says:

      So to counter the ‘stereotype’ they give the role to a white actress? Why would the activists protest the costume? And what’s with the caps?

      • lin-z says:

        you’re joking right? there was recently a big fuss made in canada over a university cheerleading squad dressed in cowgirl and indian costumes; kids who dress up as indians for halloween are making headlines-it’s getting out of hand. everywhere we turn, there’s someone or some group or both complaining and going to the media about this, that and the other and how it’s offensive to a group of people or minority. the caps is emphasizing that people need to grow up and find a better cause to focus their energies on.

  12. Lisa says:

    Again? There are plenty of Native American actresses who would be able to do a much better job at the part. Why does Hollywood keep doing this? Why would a white actress even take the part? No conscience these days.

    • lin-z says:

      it’s a small part…then someone would have complained that only the lead roles had gone to white people and minorities are being discriminated against. even in movies showcasing natives from the past, there’s still the whole “stereotype” complaining and how native actors don’t like it, etc. no one is every happy and just complain about everything to make it about race and ethnicity…it’s seriously become outrageous and annoying. only these groups think about this…the “average white person” seriously does not look at movies and think “a white person should’ve been in that role” when someone other than a caucasian is cast.

  13. Ladarron Williams says:

    so sad…who cares? Parents should READ THE BOOK along with their children to let then know of the children’s diversity, THEN tell them, not complain, about creative licensing and how big an influence the movie will impact their life: NO impact! Really? Really?

  14. “Telling children their role models must all be white is unacceptable.” The film isn’t telling children that, the protestors are.

    • lin-z says:

      TRUE! it’s never the “caucasian, english” that brings this stuff up or even considers “there should be a black/red/yellow/hispanic/white person in such and such a role” because we are now programmed not to think that way (when most of us never did to begin with!) just like the dirty “N” word–african americans are the ones who say it!

  15. bgp says:

    “It doesn’t matter”
    Until you complain about Nick Fury being black (which Fury is in the Ultimate Marvel Universe,go take a look) Until you complain about Michael B. Jordan playing Johnny Storm,or Jamie Foxx playing Electro.
    Those are fantasy roles and I see plenty of boo-hooing over that casting. Hollywood ALWAYS casts Europeans for the lead Native American/Semitic/Egyptian characters ever since there have been movies made.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  16. Smokey Willow says:

    I’m Native American and I don’t care. Acting is when you play someone your NOT. Besides, all they want are names everyone knows. As someone who wears sunscreen constantly, I’m not really that dark myself, just try to get her a tan and put brown contacts on and she’ll look more than okay for the role. There are plenty of native Americans that play their own race in films. This is neverland and although tiger lily is comparable to American Indians, it’s still a fictionous setting…

    • David derby says:

      You sound very racist most white people think the world is perfect it’s to bad people like you couldn’t what life is really like being another race

  17. laura says:

    Ridiculously one-sided. I didn’t hear WB tell anyone their role models must be white.. did anyone complaining actually hear them say that? Didn’t think so. Oh, and there’s this thing called creative license… Trolls.

    • Raygirl says:

      Their actions speak louder than their words. They only portray white people and no people of color.
      In fact, I had someone who once worked for the company and she admitted that they are racially selective.

  18. Jeff Levine says:

    Please allow me to pile on. Alex – Does the President of the United States have to white or are only actors role models? Are all black and Hispanic actors better at acting than any white actors? Are they all better role models? Did you know that a few years ago, in an industry dominated by white people, a black man won Best Actor and a black actress own Best Actress (Denzel W. and Halle B.)? Who’s telling anyone that anyone must be white and who is obeying them?

    Are you paying the cost of making a movie or taking any risk? Don’t like movies that aren’t dominated by your ethnicity or skin color of choice? Stay home.

  19. JJW1412 says:

    “telling people their role models must be white is unaccetable” ok, so who told anyone that tiger lilly is supposed to be a role model? Role models are people who have acheived great things in real life, those are people who you should aspire to be. Not an indian princess kidnapped by a pirate in a magical land. She is a terciary character in a kids movie. Calm the fuck down

  20. Balzare Frozenhov says:

    Ridiculous arguments. The Hollywierd industry is dominated by non-white and gay entertainers.

  21. Just because “Peter Pan” was written in the 19th century doesn’t mean people’s attitudes about race should stay there. The reason people are outraged is the profound lack of roles available to non-white actors in the majority of Hollywood and television. When a non-white character part opens up and is filled by a white actor, it’s one more missed opportunity for a non-white actor to work. White privilege is a tired practice in film and television, and it’s even more tedious when it manifests in the willful ignorance of the average bystander who insistently rages on about reverse racism.

  22. Bob22 says:

    I agree this is ridiculous. It has always irritated me the incredible one-sidedness of the outrage over these things. Why is it okay to cast roles of non-traditional “ethnic” roles to “non-white” people but the reverse, such as casting Tiger Lily an apparently native-American to a Caucasian actress is racist and warrants outrage? If Mary Poppins was recast as Chinese or Middle Eastern would people just accept that?

    Finally, and I just have to say this once more because it’s mentioned in the article – JOHNNY DEPP IS OF NATIVE AMERICAN DESCENT! You wanted Tonto to be played by someone of Native-American heritage? Guess what? HE WAS!

    • Guest says:

      This comment eloquently illustrates the point. When there are already so few opportunities for parts for Native Americans, it is a missed opportunity that a part specifically written as Native American is not cast from this pool of people. It sends a message to this community that not only are they marginalized in Hollywood in the broader picture, they are not even considered to have talent capable to play a part specifically written for their own race.If the film industry was more inclusive as a whole, this would not be a controversial casting choice.

    • The reason people don’t get upset about non-whites cast in white roles is because it never happens.

      • Balzare says:

        Tom Jones is so correct….Green Lantern was originally white (Guy Gardner & Hal Jordan) but the character was “recast” (John Stewart) in the comics to make him black and Now The Rock (a Somoan) is rumored to be the next GL! And NO, there have always been black superheros in those books, Black Lighning, Black Panther, The Falcon, Storm, Luke Cage, Blade, Cyborg. All of these characters were and always have been non-white. No, there wasn’t an outpouring of outrage about Nick Fury, 99.9% of the time was a white guy in the comics. Just another example of the recism spewed by the “liberal” left? We don’t care, just make a great movie! But, if ignorance was bliss…

      • Nick Fury, Heimdall, Hephaestus, The Kingpin, Johnny Storm are all white characters that have been, or will be played by African-American actors. Most of these switches don’t make sense–Nick Fury’s dad fought in WWII with a bunch of white guys in Captain America, ignoring that the army wasn’t integrated at the time. Heimdall is a Norse God, seems unlikely that he wasn’t white. Hephaestus was a Greek god, most likely white. In the forthcoming Fantastic Four reboot, Johnny Storm is African-American, but his sister is white (played by Rooney Mara’s sister Kate). The Kingpin…well, given that his most striking features were his large size and bald head, maybe the late Michael Clarke Duncan was the perfect actor to play him.

  23. sdcameron says:

    This is ridiculous. Imagine if a Latina woman was cast as a white woman, would people be up in arms? Of course not. Rooney is a fantastic actress, give her a break.

  24. troublemaker says:

    I never knew Native Americans cared so much about Tiger Lily. Shouldn’t they consider her a disgusting racist caricature and ignore the whole mess? Since when is “Tiger Lily” a Native American name anyway? Sounds more Chinese or something. Check out this little ditty:

    • followthesky says:

      I think it’s more that this could have been an opportunity to give the character more nuance and respect. But any positive reimagining of the character is going to mean much less if she’s portrayed by a white actress because it’s minority actors who are constantly getting caricature roles and nothing else.

  25. chris says:

    it doesn’t surprise me, but it still saddens me. representation matters and nothing the film industry has shown appears that they care.

  26. It is called acting because one “acts” a part, one need not be that race, religion, gender etc. to play a part

    • Balzare Frozenhov says:

      Yep….that’s why Nick Fury, a traditional white guy in comics is played by a black guy in the movies?

  27. Callen says:

    In the book, Tiger Lily was only referred to as either “the daughter of the chief” or “redskin” (chapter 8), she or her tribe was never referred to as “Native American” or “American Indian”. Neverland is a fictional place, so I don’t think that authenticity is required or owed for the sake of “representation.”

  28. Jo says:

    The funny thing is that while all us adult are arguing over who should or shouldn’t BE playing Tiger Lily , the young kids who actually go to see the movie will be none the wiser regarding what ethnicity Ms. Rooney Mara is or isn’t.

    So should we really be making a fuss? When i saw it on TV as a kid Peter was a woman dressed as a man! Talk about controversy.

  29. aryastark says:

    All these people saying “who cares!” and comparing this to Michael B. Jordan playing Johnny Storm are most likely white.

    For those who are completely ignorant to this topic, the uproar stems from the idea of REPRESENTATION. There’s already little to no Native American representations in Hollywood films, and so when a role comes along where a Native American girl is needed, people are excited to see what she can do. But unfortunately WB casts another white actress to play her (don’t get me wrong, I love Rooney Mara). White people dominate Hollywood films (and basically everything else in the media, but let’s not go there) and their stories are always green-lit more so than any other race. The reason why Michael B. Jordan was cast as Johnny Storm was for this reason exactly. All these superhero movies show all these white people saving the world. Well what about people of colour saving the world? we are capable of being hero’s too. Other than Halle Berry, I can’t really think of any non-white superhero. That’s why Michael was cast because there’s a LACK OF REPRESENTATION of people of colour, so they’re trying to bring some colour into the game. This is also why Quvenzhane Wallis was cast as Annie, because it’s an alternative version of a classic tale where the young black girl is the heroine for once.

    • Lance says:

      I get representation, but I think what I and most people on here who are in the “Who cares” crowd get annoyed with is calls for over representation. You’re talking about an ethnic group who makes up less than 1% of the population of America. How much can they really be shown and how many stellar actors can you reasonably expect from a sampling size that small. I’m just saying I think the studio has an argument in this particular case that hey, maybe we just couldn’t find someone in the demographic who was as good as the Oscar caliber white girl. Agree with your points in general though, even though I think when they made Johnny Storm black they should have made his sister (Oddly enough played by Rooney’s sister Kate) black too, that would have been more representative and killed the accusations of stunt casting.

      • Unknown says:

        You know what other group comprises 1% of Americans? Jews. And yet Jewish actors are everywhere.

      • Nicola says:

        That’s bullshit! Devery Jacobs, a Native American actress, flew out to London to audition but was told that the producers were not looking for a “Native American.” THAT IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT! They were specifically isolating Native Americans from the role, so that is not an excuse you can use!

      • nimportequoi says:

        I highly disagree. There are quite a lot of American Indian actresses who could play this role. There are even casting directors who focus solely on casting American Indians, so everything you just said is bases on ignorance. I know – I work in the film industry.

  30. They should change it. I hate all the ignorant people in the comment that say who cares. And why does it matter. It matters a lot. Sorry you are just too ignorant to understand.

    • Lance says:

      Before calling other people ignorant sweetheart you should realize since it originated on the London stage at the turn of the 20th century Tiger Lily has been repeatedly played by white actresses, many of whom are of much less stature than Ms. Mara. Explain to me in your divine wisdom how exactly you get a “Native American” to a place that’s clearly not America. This is just the latest talking point for people with nothing better to do than point these types of things out and try to raise a stink out of them. This is a story based on a play famous for having a woman play the lead male role. Get over it people or at the very least suggest someone who you think can bring more to the role than Rooney Mara, oh yeah, said person does not exist unless all that you’re looking for them to bring is skin tone.

  31. I understand their point, but acting is just that- acting! An actor tailors his/herself to a role & creates the character called for. John Wayne was not a cowboy, Buddy Ebsen (Jed Clampett) was not a nouveau riche hillbilly & Valerie Harper (Rhoda) was not Jewish. I think a movie company has a right to hire actors they feel will give them the best portrayal of the character, attract the largest audience & make them the most money. I also think priority should be given to ethnic actors every time it’s possible, but it’s called show ‘business’, not ‘support social causes’ business.

    • Jeff Levine says:

      Wait – Valerie Harper not Jewish? That’s just WRONG. Kidding.
      You’ve got it exactly right. It’s not easy being sensible around here.

  32. LaFawnda says:

    Seriously who the hell cares?

  33. Malan says:

    What a bunch of hypocrites on here. I guess you all agree with Fox that Santa Claus is and always has been white.

    • jeff Levine says:

      Got to assume you’re kidding about Santa Claus, what with his legend being of Dutch origins which would make him just about as white as you can be and still have a circulatory system oh wait he’s not real never mind. Anyway what’s the hypocrisy part? This is fun!

  34. Glenn C. says:

    It’s typical. It’s all about the box office return. NAMES! They want NAMES! Who cares about really getting it right?!

  35. jeff Levine says:

    When will this inane discourse end?

    Not enough women in film. Not enough blacks in film. Not enough Latinos in film. Not enough Asians in film. Don’t cast anyone of any ethnicity or gender unless they’re really that ethnicity or gender. No acting.

    Are there enough paintings by Jewish Americans hanging in the Guggenheim?
    Are there enough Asian American animated Sunday cartoon directors?

    Good grief.

    • Xybernauts says:

      So then when they cast a black guy to play in the next Superman or Batman movie you won’t have a problem with it right?

      • Raygirl says:

        Everybody would have a problem with it. Just like the black Annie movie.

      • Jeff Levine says:

        Are you replying to me? If so I don’t understand how your comment has anything to do with mine, but no – I wouldn’t have a problem with that casting from a racial, ethnic or social standpoint. I’d just think it was a stupid idea.

      • Lance says:

        Batman no, Superman maybe, only because the odds of a black alien baby travelling billion miles through space and happening to be found by a black farming family in Kansas seems to stretch probability beyond disbelief already assumed inherent with Superman. Would love to see Steel and Superman’s supporting cast utilized more though.

    • kerzondax says:

      It’s not nearly as simple as you suggest. There should be a balance of interests. Sadly, there isn’t any balance.

      • jeff Levine says:

        Nope. It’s just that simple. A balance of interests? Whose interests? What business is it of yours or anyone’s who gets cast as what in which movie? Unless you’re paying for it, none. The filmmakers make the film, you watch it. Don’t want to watch it because an Asian was played by a Latino? Stay home.

  36. Shae says:

    How many Native American actresses who fit the ‘look’ and ‘age’ auditioned for the role? Out of curiosity? Did they have much choice there?

    • justsaying says:

      how many were invited to audition is the real question. Look, maybe some of you don’t understand how hollywood works. It’s not open to the public. The days of open castings are long gone and few and far between. Production gives a description to the casting office, casting puts out a casting call. So by this point, it’s already been filtered through a number of people what they are looking for. The only people who get to audition are those with agents and a reel showing previous work. They come in, audition, and choices are made. And if they can afford one, they will offer the part to someone with a name any time. There are thousands of wonderful actors out there from all kinds of backgrounds that will never get the opportunity to be in front of a big casting agent for a real role. It’s just how it is. So anytime anyone suggests that the best actors get the job, they are being ignorant. The most visible, well-represented, tenacious ones get the job. The entertainment industry (and acting in particular) is one of the hardest (if not THE hardest) professions to break into. It has nothing to do with training or skill and everything to do with tenacity and luck, networking and appearance (look). And, yes, I’m in the industry. I’m speaking from experience.

  37. Rebecca Eves says:

    Maybe they just picked her because she is a good actress and pretty…. Does it really matter what colour her skin is?

    • Naomi says:

      Shouldn’t it matter more on the how she acts? I don’t mean to sound mean or anything, but its based on acting ability isn’t it? Tiger Lily is Native American, yes, but what about content of character and not color of skin? What if they had cast someone of Asian descent or African descent? Would it have really mattered…? I don’t think so. Whoever was the best choice based on acting ability should get the job.

    • Franki Webb says:

      Yes, it does. Because she isn’t Native American. You wouldn’t cast her as a black person would you? White people don’t look like Native Americans.

  38. Mark Pirro says:

    That’s right. Make sure that everyone you cast is the real thing. Cast a mass murderer in the next Hannibal movie. Cast a real pedophile when the script calls for it. And definitely cast a real AIDS victim the next time you remake Philadelphia. Enough of this just hiring actors.

  39. Elliott says:

    This is so stupid. How is this racist yet a black “annie” isn’t. GET OVER IT IT’S CALL ED ACTING. IT’S A MOVIE. teach kids about role models with REAL PEOPLE .

  40. Also, last night Natives took to Twitter and reached nearly 4million people with the hashtag #NotYourTigerlily. PressRelease

  41. Brandon says:

    Well it is Warner Brothers doing the casting, so obviously they have no idea what they are looking for. Lately they seem to be making awful casting choices probably just to get attention for the movies. Same thing with batman/superman movie. They don’t care about getting the right actor for the role, they just want to pick someone completely wrong for the part, just so they can be different.

  42. Andrew Charles says:

    Tiger Lily isn’t Native American — maybe she’s Native-Neverlandian?

  43. hipocrisy says:

    I hope these protesters also signed a petition when Idris Elba was cast to be a norse god in Thor.

  44. Valerie says:

    Not really the same thing. Hollywood doesn’t have a history of making white characters black do they as they do in whitewashing ethnic characters. And until there is a balance between white actors versus non whites cast, people have a right to see this as just another example of whitewashing.

    • James says:

      It seems to me that almost every television show has an “ethnic” character. There are so many shows which have one of the main characters cast as black. Whitewashing? The complainers really just have a need to feel indignant about something!

      • Raygirl says:

        Why is it when people protest they assume it is about black people? We are talking about Native Americans, here! How many of them are portrayed in movies, hm? Hardly any! Even black people only make up a small percentage in Hollywood and they are usually an extra or a minor character in stories. All lead heroes are usually white. Look at the statistics of how many minorities play lead roles or are casted in any movie role. This is the 1950s all over again.

  45. Smile More says:

    Wonder if they are the same ones protesting the casting of Johnny Storm. 😁

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