Box Office: ‘Think Like a Man Too’ Dominates With $34 Million Opening

Think Like a Man too

Kevin Hart has struck box office gold once again.

Hart’s “Think Like a Man Too” opened Stateside to $12.2 million on Friday and is on track to gross $34 million this weekend. The studio is projecting a slightly more modest $32-$33 million launch.

The Sony/Screen Gem comedy edged out newcomer “Jersey Boys” and last weekend’s sparring sequels, “22 Jump Street” and “How to Train Your Dragon 2,” for the No. 1 spot. This marks a record-breaking ninth consecutive weekend that a new release has topped the U.S. box office.

If the estimate holds, the sequel will match the original “Think Like a Man” — an adaptation of Steve Harvey’s self-help book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” — which surprised with a $33.6 million bow two years ago. The pic, with an ensemble cast that includes Jerry Ferrara, Gabrielle Union, Michael Ealy and Regina Hall, is on track to repeat its predecessor’s $96 million domestic haul.

Despite poor reviews (23% on Rotten Tomatoes, A- CinemaScore), this is solid start for “Think Like a Man Too,” which cost an estimated $24 million to make.

Moviegoers skewed female, with women making up 63% of the audience and 41% under the age 30.

Hart plays a more prominent role in the Las Vegas-set comedy following his recent slew of hits. “Ride Along” opened to $42 million earlier this year and went on to reel in $134 million stateside, while “About Last Night” debuted to $26 million on Valentine’s Day weekend.

Clint Eastwood’s “Jersey Boys” came in fourth on Friday with $4.6 million. The Warner Bros. pic is on track for a $14 million Stateside launch.

Mixed reviews (55% on Rotten Tomatoes) haven’t helped the movie — an adaptation of the Broadway musical of the same name — which primarily targeted older audiences with its marketing. Moviegoers who came out this weekend were likely fans of the hit stage version.

“Jersey Boys,” which cost an estimated $40 million, is playing in 2,905 locations.

Holdovers dominated the rest of the top 5.

The comedy sequel showdown continued between “22 Jump Street” and “How to Train Your Dragon 2.” Still hot from last weekend’s victory, Sony’s “Jump Street” came in second with $9.4 million, while Fox-DreamWorks’ “Dragon” trailed behind with $7.6 million.

The Jonah Hill-Channing Tatum-starrer is en route to $30-$32 million and an impressive $110 million-plus cume. Only in its second weekend, the pic is already on track to overtake “21 Jump Street,” which earned $138 million domestically.

Meanwhile, “Dragon 2” is headed for a $25 million weekend, which would mark a 50% drop and raise its Stateside total to $95 million.

Angelina Jolie’s “Maleficent” rounded out the top 5 with $4 million on Friday. The live-action Disney reimagining of “Sleeping Beauty” looks to earn $13 million in its fourth frame to raise its domestic cume to $186 million.

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  1. Kesha Virge says:

    I saw this movie on Friday. It is well worth a watch and sad that it hasn’t received better reviews. I’m not sure why such negative reviews exactly, other than the fact that it’s a comedy based on four black couples in Vegas. I LOVED this movie and would recommend it to be seen and that’s saying a lot. To spend an arm and a leg at the movie theater I usually walk away feeling raped for my money by the lack of genius on screen and the movie prices themselves. Go see this movie. You won’t regret it, I promise!

  2. james says:

    I just want to respond to those unfairly criticising jhs’s comments. Like it or not, the sad truth is that African American films – with the exception of those films that deal with slavery and civil rights movement, often released during the awards season – do not do well outside of the North American market, otherwise, we would have far more African American films being produced. Given the limited exposure of African American history and culture outside of North America, such films, sadly, will not generate huge interest, which in turn, will not make much money, which is all that counts for big studios.

    • In defense of idiots and kind of you says:

      James, what exactly is your point and how do you propose to solve the dilemma of whether African Americans should be prohibited from making films because they do not do well outside of the North American market? I know….send all the African Americans back to Africa, Then you and “your kind” will not have to be disturbed by the successes or falures of the likes of Kevin Hart or anyone like him. In the meantime, we can only hope those slavery and civil rights action flicks keep coming!

  3. Julienne says:

    JERSEY BOYS is a great movie…with great music…and great actors…what more could you ask for. I knew Eastwood began his life as a musician, but I didn’t think he would do such a great job with a pseudo-musical. Great job Mr. Eastwood! And there was so much Jersey humor!!!

    I’ve never seen the musical, but I gotta tell you, if you love 60’s, 70’s & 80’s Frankie Valli songs, your eyes too will adore this movie… and your ears… and your heart… and the entire rest of your body.

    It was heartbreaking at times…and I got chills several times while finding out how they came-up with some of their songs…like the death of his daughter. But, it was also very insightful into the lives of kids with dreams and how comitted one has to be to make it in the music industry.

    If I could give this movie a higher score I would. Our theater was packed-full and everyone clapped afterwards like we were watching a living bio-pic. I even saw a few people with tears in their eyes from being so deeply affected by the beautiful music and memories in this movie….so many great memories…that the songs take you back to.

  4. Richard Thomas says:

    Hey Kevin, good job. You are the prototypical reason why black people are respected and given such cerebral roles in Hollywood today.
    Whether it is “paying off” threats like Cube and others with film roles (the same one’s) or getting one’s like you to act the fool, it is all the same.
    Thanks again.
    The really sad part is someone like the NAACP will be honoring you for it at some point.

    • Just Bite the Dust and Save Humanity from Your Mindless Blather...Please says:

      Richard Thomas, you are more likely the reason why black people are so often disrespected and NOT given cerebral roles, job and oppotunities in Hollywood or anywhere else in this country. Your negative and racist mindset is, hopefully, not contagious and is terminal. Please vaporize.

      • You're exhibiting the signs of child abuse you experienced in your trailer says:

        I’ll bet you’re a fan of Larry the Cable guy and you think its is perfectly fine for him to portray an idiot. No “pot calling the kettle white here…..” Probably liked Benny Hill too!

      • Richard Thomas says:

        OK, you are right. I accept the blame for everything both past and future. Your “mindset” has nothing to do with any of this.
        Life and reality are so unfair huh.

  5. Rizz says:

    Jersey Boys great movie enjoyed it. The only one thing I have to say is that one song my eyes adored you was not the proper song for one of the scenes. I know the words by heart yrs it was cut but still not expected for such a heartbreaking scene! Yes movie awesome ! Great job to all

  6. MzLadyp says:

    Think Like A Man Too was funny. The police mug shot scene of the cast was HILARIOUS!!!! Especially Kevin Hart!!!!!!!! I almost wet myself laughing so hard. Go see the movie.

  7. Thinking White Hollywood Really Likes the Green Money of Successful Black Films.....Cough. Cough says:

    Hollywood continues amazed at the zillions of dollars it has missed out on by being racist, discriminatory and exclusive. Black people are suddenly “talented and worthy” because they produce and star in movies that are lucrative. Amazing, quaint and now “the flavor of the day.” Nothing personal. It’s just that MONEY TALKS and although Hollywood may not want to live next door to or dine with Kevin Hart and his cinematic entourage, it does appreciate the ability of blackness to generate green profitability. Too bad this was such a long time coming, but then there is a lot about Hollywood that is….too bad.

    • jhs39 says:

      When I responded to a commented almost identical to this after Best Man Holiday opened (and I was called a racist by multiple people) I predicted that Tyler Perry’s deal with Lion’s Gate would not be renewed because Lion’s Gate was in the blockbuster business now (Hunger Games; Divergent) and would no longer be interested in the modest profits that Perry’s films generated. People said I was racist for even suggesting such a thing. Guess who turned out to be right?

      Every time somebody says something you don’t like that doesn’t make it racist. Sometimes it’s just a matter of people like you not being willing to accept the truth.

      • Jane Sterling says:

        Oh no! Are you saying Kevin Hart and all his associates will not be renewed because of modest profits? What a shame if that happens! That would be a sad truth to accept. I hope you are not right, racist or not.

    • jhs39 says:

      If the 96 million dollars final gross holds that would mean an estimated 48 million dollars profit for Think Like A Man 2 based on a 24 million dollar budget. Black movies do not play well outside of North America, so what it grosses here is likely all it’s going to make. Now let’s look at some other recent movies.

      So far Neighbors has grossed 233,587,000.00 on an 18 million dollar budget. 38% of that is international. That translates into an approximate profit 224 million dollars.

      So far X-Men: Days of Future Past has grossed 673,425,285.00 on a 200 million dollar budget. 68.5% of that is international. That translates into an approximate profit of 273 million dollars.

      So far Godzilla has made 441,925,000.00 on a 160 million dollar profit. 56.2% of that is international. That translates into an approximate profit of 121 million dollars.

      The original Think Like A Man made 96,070,507.00 on a 12 million dollar budget. 4.7 percent of that was international. That translates into an approximate profit of 72 million dollars.

      The studios don’t avoid making black movies because they are racist–they avoid making black movies because they don’t make enough money. The studios are in the blockbuster business but black movies can’t become blockbusters because black people only comprise 12% of the US population, audiences who are not black largely avoid them and they do not play at all outside North America, which has become a much more lucrative market for movie studios these days then the domestic one. Every time a studio makes a black movie they know they are essentially kissing the entire international market goodbye.

      People write the same why are the studios ignoring back audiences crap every time a black movie opens but the answer to that is always the same–the profit ceiling for a black movie is much, much, much lower than the profit ceiling for movies that appeal to a wider audience.

      • Smooth says:

        You don’t sound like a racist, you sound like an idiot. If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich? Now get lost.

      • jhs39 says:

        I’m racist for pointing out how much profit black movies make? If black artists like Tyler Perry and Spike Lee and Kevin Hart want to make more black movies they should stop complaining about the studios and put their money where their mouthes are–they should pool their resources and create a modern version of United Artists (which was originally created by silent movie stars who wanted the power to produce their own films) and make their own movies. The major studios aren’t interested in the comparatively modest profits that black movies generate and they aren’t going to make more back movies than they already do.

      • Good for Kevin Hart and Everyone Associated with "Think Like a Man Too" says:

        Profit ceiling? Oh. That explains everything. It will probably be best if NO MORE BLACK MOVIES ARE EVER MADE IN THE FUTURE. After all, what could be more important than the international market and profit ceilings. You are full of crap, and a racist to boot.

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