‘The Interview’ New York Premiere Canceled

The Interview Seth Rogen James Franco

A spokesperson for Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema has confirmed that Thursday’s premiere of Sony’s Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy “The Interview” has been canceled in the wake of the ominous message sent by Sony hackers on Tuesday morning. The message threatened a 9/11-style attack on theaters showing the film.

The duo attended last week’s Los Angeles premiere, which was a low-key affair at which interviews were not allowed. Earlier Tuesday, they canceled media appearances including a Buzzfeed Brews conversation, Rogen’s Thursday appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and an interview with both of them on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Wednesday.

Earlier Tuesday evening, Carmike Cinemas said their theaters would not play the movie which is set to open Christmas Day. Sony has given theater owners the option of deciding themselves whether they want to play the film, and it’s likely Carmike is just the first of others to opt out.


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  1. rob says:

    this is an attack on our freedom of speech

  2. jack says:

    This is bullshit!! Letting terrorist dictate our lives is letting them win. I will gladly risk my safety to keep them from changing the way we live anymore. Grow some balls Sony!

  3. Fran England says:

    I certainly don’t want no one to die over this movie, but terrorist are winning. A policeman has resigned his job. Theaters have canceled the the movie (Interview). We can no longer call this the land of the free. This would have been like every other movie, some would believe it some wouldn’t, but everyone should be all to see it, if they desire.

  4. I still can’t believe how one movie is causing all this mess. Who will remember this movie next year. This movie should have gone into DVD sales and forgotten.

  5. rupert says:

    Haven’t gone to a theater in years. I may go to this one on Christmas.

  6. czmonki says:

    Before you start on the freedom of speech and before you get all gung-ho to get into a war with North Korea, remember there were decency, common sense and the understanding of other cultures to be considered. There is a Whole wide world out there, outside of Beverly Hills, like someone just noted.

    • Janet Gorman says:

      Agree with above..hollywood should stop making such disgusting movies..I dont feel sorry forvthem

    • Up says:

      It’s not OK to threaten people’s lives over speech. Your comment would have been perfectly reasonable 2 months ago.

      • Dachfi says:

        Monto your comment with respect to Sydney was ill advised as what happened here was the desperate act of a man who was clearly disturbed and suffering mental illness. My own thoughts on this is to never give in to these folks but carry on life as normal ( sure beef up security ) but never let it change fundamenatlly what we do and how we do it. These guys are cowards pure and simple and we should not be bullied into subserveance by them.

      • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit says:

        That’s how the erosion of our freedoms begins, Monto: little by little, bit by bit. Perhaps you shouldn’t carelessly take our constitutionally protected rights for granted. Stop glibly blaming the victims (Sony and the filmmakers) and sympathizing with the brutal dictatorship of North Korea. The irony is that North Korea has given the filmmakers a publicity bonanza by going after it in such an over the top manner. Boycott Carmike Cinemas for caving in to threats: https://www.facebook.com/groups/500224090119115/

      • Monto says:

        Lots of brave words from the mouth breathers, but I don’t think it’s right or courageous to risk the lives of innocent movie goers to make a dubious point about freedom of expression. What happened in Sydney could happen in any theater in the world. By all accounts, the movie is a dud, but the project was ill-advised from the start. It’s past-time for Sony to voluntarily cut its losses.

    • IreneSharda says:

      Then, shouldn’t North Korea have the “decency, common sense, and understanding” of American culture and rights, and that they have no right to terrorize and bully others simply because they don’t like what they show?

      • czmonki says:

        No, they shouldn’t, why would they? They didn’t make a movie in which president Obama’s head explodes and the pieces of flesh visibly fly all over the screen. It was SONY that made a bad judgement on this one, so bad the Japanese head of the parent Sony company had to intervene for the first time in 25 yrs. And for what we know, North Korea may not be behind these threats after all. Both the HS and the NSA are clueless as who’s behind this. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out one day a disturbed teenager with above-the-average IT skills did it as a prank, or a bitter former Sony employee did this as an act of revenge for being unjustly treated by the studio.

        Just because we don’t like them, we shouldn’t be declaring war on them; at least not over some empty threats.

  7. Amanda says:

    I’m sure this is just the start of the eroding of our freedom of speech. We’re free to speak, so long as we don’t involve other countries whose citizens have no qualms about censoring us through the use of cyberterrorism and threats of violence. Unfortunately, it appears that it’s worked this time.

  8. Guest says:

    That’s a win for terrorism

  9. Hilary says:

    this is such bullshit.

  10. IreneSharda says:

    This is ridiculous and horrible. They are letting unknown hacking terrorist dictate what we can and can’t see? Deplorable.

  11. Spike says:

    serves the sony bozos right. what a stupid idea to do that film. they should have seen it coming. it’s write down time, folks.

  12. Aaron Kelley says:

    By cancelling the premier Landmark Cinema has allowed these terrorists to win.

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