‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Caught in Web of Mixed Reviews

Amazing Spiderman 2 Mixed Reviews
Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

It looks like Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker isn’t just battling villains in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” — he’s also facing the worst reviews of any Spider-Man pic as the film gears up for its opening weekend in the U.S. 

With a current rating of 56 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, the film has already fallen far behind its predecessor (which held a 73 percent rating on the site) as well all three movies in Sam Raimi’s original live action “Spider-Man” franchise starring Tobey Maguire. 

So far, the critics have had mixed reviews for the Spidey sequel. Variety‘s Guy Lodge noted Garfield’s welcomed contributions of “wiry charm and a streak of goofy humor” in his interpretation of Parker, but still maintained that the film is “less successful” than 2012’s “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

Leslie Felperin of The Hollywood Reporter acknowledged that the film’s plot “gets itself tangled up in multiple villain strands,” but still deemed it “emotionally weightier and more satisfying than its predecessor.” 

Indiewire’s Oliver Lyttelton also pointed out discrepancies between helmer Marc Webb’s two films and asserted that the new installment “manages to undo some of the good qualities of the original.”

While the impact of these reviews on the domestic B.O. remains to be seen, the sequel grossed nearly $5.5 million on its opening day in four overseas markets and scored the largest single opening-day gross this year in each of the debut territories. “The Amazing Spider-Man” grossed over $752 million globally in 2012.

Sony’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” swings into U.S. theaters May 2.

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  1. Merv M says:

    Worst superhero movie yet. Bad cgi, BAD cinematography, BAD script. Then see an article for more spider man movies… Wow, this is one franchise I will not be following after this Pathetic effort. 2+ hours I will never get back.

  2. Mojz says:

    I think this is a very good movie. Probably the best spiderman movie ever seen and they’re following the comics closer than never before.

  3. John says:

    There ain’t no way this film reviewed worse than Spider-Man 3! Just about everyone HATED that movie!

  4. Spidey says:

    I dunno why this is getting bad reviews, I think it’s honestly the best one yet.

  5. mcrazie says:

    Check out my article and tell me who you think did Spiderman better! http://moviepilot.com/posts/2014/05/03/which-spidey-did-it-best-1396593#!HJQBx

  6. Martin says:

    As a fan myself, I must admit that I hated how they gave Rhino a very little time in the movie but the rest of the movie is great but as for Rhino, Who knows? maybe Mark Webb has other plans for Rhino because if he is smart enough. He knows that under-emphasizing Rhino is a real disappointment to any Spiderman Fan

  7. ROM,
    I completely agree. You said everything.
    Webb’s saga is too much complex for simple minds. It’s nature version. Reimi movies are very funny, but for kids.
    Respect to Garfield ‘ s and Webb’s work, as for all cast and crew.

  8. ROH says:

    If the clarity and simplicity with which the villains are used in Amazing Spider-Man 2 is considered too “complex” or hard for some of you to follow, I’d suggest sticking to G-Rated films. The two villains (rhino is in this for literally under 5 minutes) compliment each other very well, and there is nothing convoluted about it for viewers with an above-50 IQ level. I get the feeling that people want to just dump on the ASM franchise due to some silly pre-conceived belief that they aren’t necessary. I guess some people think it’s easier to just dismiss the movies altogether than to start fresh mentally and learn to enjoy them.

    What is so preposterous about this idea is just how awful the Raimi films are, especially when you go back and watch them now. The casting, the dialogue, the camp–the old films were just a terrible way to present what is honestly one of the better overall characters in the Marvel universe. They didn’t even take themselves seriously. Even the best parts of the mysteriously-lauded Spider-Man 2 can barely keep up when the ASM franchise is at its heights. These films–and this second installment in particular–are a welcome breath of fresh air, and are so much truer to the comic (especially the Ultimate universe) than the previous iterations. It’s really not even close.

    I really enjoyed ASM2. It’s honestly one of the better superhero films to date.

    • Roshelle says:

      Bravo! Well said! I couldn’t have said it better. The ASM franchise is way better then the previous movies by Raimi. I honestly don’t even understand why I liked them now. The new franchise is a lot more serious and I love that.

  9. peter says:

    Waaww..”What kind of movie all those sell outs (critics) had been watching?” First time ever I have seen “Spidey” behave just like in comic books. Psychology of characters, acting, action with special effects, fights against villains are a great combos of this sequel.Director and Marvel made finally right mix of substance and action scenes. Once again I got hungry and excited for more web slinger adventures that first movie reboot, almost instantly killed off.

    • d@d.com says:

      LOL the acting was atrocious, how can you defend this tank of a movie?

      • Acting was atrocious? Get out of here. Kristen Dunst doesn’t even have a career anymore and Spider Man 3 was a bomb of a movie. It might as well have been a musical with all the random dance numbers in that movie. I enjoy how Emma Stone actually plays a character who is strong-willed and smart. All Dunst’s Mary Jane did was run around screaming and then get captured by all the villains whether Doc Ock, Venom and Sandman, or the Green Goblin. Raimi’s series was super repetitive. I did think they wasted Chris Cooper’s Norman Osbourne. He died too quickly, he could’ve had a big impact on the ASM series.

  10. TommyBoy says:

    “While the impact of these reviews on the domestic B.O. remains to be seen” If this was 1982, then maybe that comment wouldn’t be incredibly stupid. Audiences are smart these days, they will go and make up there own minds.

  11. mandie says:

    This movie is my favorite spidey movie yet. I’m not a big Spiderman fan but my gawd this movie was incredible! Andrew, Gwen, and Jamie all did amazing jobs in their rolls and I’m actually excited for and Amazing Spiderman 3.

    • Josh says:

      Gewn and Jamie? You talking about the characters or the actors? This movie was terrible. We need to stop making Spiderman origin movies! We all know how it happened!

      • John says:

        You do realize this wasn’t a Spider-man origin film, right? That was the last one. A plot line from that one (which was not in Raimi’s version) carried over. And give them a break! They made a mistake! Maybe they forgot Emma Stone’s name.

  12. Ralphie says:

    I personally have mixed feelings about. Some parts were really good, others really sucked. (SPOILERS)
    Gwen and Peter: good. Great, actually.
    Harry Osborne pre-Goblin: good.
    Harry Osborne post-Goblin: bad.
    Pre-Rhino: Corny and cheesy with an accent on Arnold Schwarzenegger levels of bad.

    Rhino: Somehow even worse. Clumsy looking suit, ridiculous CGI, and Giamotti’s head looked so out of place in the middle of that giant suit. Not to mention that thing is built like a tank with twin machineguns, and he manages to kill NOBODY while shooting at cars that long should have been perforated, and the people behind them at least injured.

    Electro: Here’s what bothers me about Electro. I thought Jamie Foxx did a good job creating this lonely, down on his luck guy who gets pushed around all the time and then gets covered up when he dies on the job. Then he comes back and while he was never all that there to begin with, when he comes back he’s still misunderstood and doesn’t really want to hurt anyone.
    When he first encounters Spiderman, he only goes berserk when a sniper shoots at him. Obviously Pete puts him down so he can’t hurt anyone, but then he gets locked up and tortured and experimented on, and when he gets broken out, he wants revenge obviously. Now, I’m not saying Peter shouldn’t have stopped him, obviously he had to or people would have died.
    But considering how Pete shows a bit of remorse to every villain who dies in the Raimi trilogy, and how he shows more care for Connors the Lizard who just killed Gwen’s dad, the way he acts after killing Electro (by cheerfully overloading him and blowing up) just seems cold, especially since he met him before his accident and told him a lot of stuff about being his friend and whatnot. Pete doesn’t show one hint of remorse for this guy who all in all was pretty much a tortured soul, and he shows more concern for Harry Osborn, pretty much a rich kid gone crazy who just tossed his girlfriend off a roof.

    The only reason I take flack with it is because in Man of Steel, everyone was up in arms about Superman killing Zod, who was an unrepentant murderer willing to commit genocide. But when Kal kills him, they at least show that the event upsets him. It’s pretty much the exact opposite with Electro. How do you build up a villain like you do with Electro, and then cut out any emotion from killing him off? It just didn’t sit right with me, especially because of past examples.

    Other than that, it’s not on a Dark Knight level, but it’s far from being Batman and Robin…although more appropriately I’d say it’s not on a Spiderman 2 level, but it’s far from being Spiderman 3.

    • Nick says:

      In Man of Steel SuperMan makes out with Lois on the corpses of thousands of dead in the crater of Metropolis. I don’t think Spider-man not immediately crying after exploding Electro quite matches the level of misplaced emotional content that Man of Steel has.

      • Mike says:

        I didn’t see Spider-man cheering after he defeated Electro. And Electro didn’t “die” – the cast/director have said many times that you can’t kill electricity…he’ll be back in The Sinister Six

    • John says:

      Only thing about Spidey’s reaction to Electro’s defeat, he doesn’t have much time to really react because Goblin shows up.

  13. John says:

    I think it’s a decent film. Some good action. Great effects! And Garfield and Stone are really good together in this! Also they finally figured out the proper way to write dialog for Spidey in action!

    It does however suffer the same problem Raimi had with his third movie, there is just too much going on in one film. You have the Peter/Gwen storyline, Peter trying to find out more about his parents, then Electro, then the Osborne drama, and Aunt May. Then intertwine Rhino’s brief appearance wrapped with Peter conflicting over a promise he made in the first film. It’s a lot to absorb in almost 2 and a half hours! However Webb does a slightly better job juggling the storylines than Raimi did. Plus no dance sequences!

  14. Luis Archundia says:

    I totally agree with glyn. Reboot the reboot, Reinvent Spiderman and make it a great the great Marvel superheroe he is. Sell the franchise now to Disney. That way we’ll see crossovers in the Marvel Universe.

    • Ralphie says:

      Cracked.com wrote a pretty good article on why even if Marvel owned all their characters, you aren’t likely to see them crossover so much. They barely do it in any of their individual movies, save for cameos.
      A lot of money would have to go to actors, and the trade would be less money goes towards CGI and special effects, which is what these movies are full of.
      Case in point: the more money RDJ costs, the less we see him in the Iron Man suit.

  15. glyn says:

    too much love story, when spiderman is around and that isn’t much he is good . garfield nails the spiderman role but there isn’t enough, sony please let spiderman go back to marvel you are killing the character.

  16. James Kolber says:

    Slow and plodding, almost a super hero romantic tragedy… Green goblin looks like a hobbit and people actually fell asleep during the movie, sevrial also walked out… I myself will not suffer through a third Inedible…

  17. John Smith says:

    I can’t believe they killed Gwen (she dies at the end). Best part of the movie, and now dead.

    • Vince Yim says:

      Spoiler warning, I guess…but then, considering that Gwen Stacy’s death is one of the defining moments in the Spider-Man mythos, it would have to be done at SOME point. Still didn’t enjoy the movie as much as the Raimi trilogy (the first two films, at least).

      On a side note, official comics lore also indicates that Spider-Man is indirectly responsible for Gwen Stacy’s death. Even though he stopped her fall with his webbing, the sudden shock of stopping caused her to break her neck.

      • Ralphie says:

        Prepare for some amazing accuracy, buddy. It was actually one of the strongest parts of the film.

  18. Vedang says:

    A review on such a big site – TRULY TRASH talk ! Worthless review !

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