‘Team America’ Screenings Canceled in Wake of Sony Hack

'Team America' Screenings Canceled: Screenings Pulled

“Team America: World Police” won’t strike a blow for freedom of speech after all.

Alamo Drafthouse defiantly replaced “The Interview” with a Dec. 27 screening of the 2004 satire after “The Interview” was yanked from screens over a terrorist threat. However, Paramount Pictures, the studio behind “Team America,” will not offer it for exhibition.

“We can confirm that the screening of ‘Team America’ was canceled as the film was pulled from release,” Alamo Drafthouse said in a statement. “We are issuing refunds to those that purchased tickets.”

It’s a sign that Hollywood may be wary of further stirring up the politically charged situation surrounding “The Interview.” The film centers on a television talking head who gets roped into a plot to kill North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Distributor Sony Pictures pulled the film from theaters after hackers released internal company documents and threatened to attack theaters that played the film and moviegoers. North Korea has been linked to the cyber-attack.

“Team America: World Police” is equally provocative. Kim Jong-il, the late North Korean dictator, is impaled on a Pickelhaube at the end of that picture, so it’s probably not a favorite in Pyongyang.

“Team America’s” cancellation comes after New Regency canceled production of a North Korea-set thriller that was set to star Steve Carell.

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  1. John Shea says:

    And Paramount’s excuse is?

    • Susan Pettibone says:

      That you, John?! Paramount is probably anticipating being in same position as Sony, who had little choice but to withdraw the film. The legal implications alone are astounding. This cyber-attack has revealed the technologically vulnerable underside of not only Hollywood and the media, but banks, government agencies, etc. Can you imagine the cries of “foul” if they’d gone ahead with the premiere and some bomb goes off in a theater, or a copycat lunatic tries to do one like that guy in the Colorado movie house all dressed up in body armour and armed with several big guns? Cheers – Susan Pettibone)))

      • John Shea says:

        I’m John T. Shea, Elizabeth. I understand your points and many agree with you, but I still don’t. But Merry Christmas indeed to you and yours and my near-namesake!

      • Susan Pettibone says:

        John, Dear! (are you John V. Shea?) What I mean by “legal implications” is meant to include liability…The nightmare that has been revealed, and there’s no denying it, is a bonanza for ambulance chasers and class action lawyers, should any function relative to THE INTERVIEW or theater be violently attacked by terrorists or lunatics. The losses to Sony or Paramount could mount into billions and might well put them (or anybody else) out of business, and they are, first and foremost, businesses, with ethical and practical responsibilities to their customers and investors and employees. Don’t forget – it was first the theaters scheduled show THE INTERVIEW who refused to show it, due to similar fears, primarily motivated (to take a slightly skeptical view) by a hard look at their personal and business liability. Sony had no choice. Their decision was not the result of a desire to placate terrorists; I agree with you: that NEVER works. In this case, it is an unfortunate and unintended consequence. Sony’s decision was, I believe, the only one they could make. Any other decision would make them rightfully vulnerable to indignant accusations of greedy, capitalist cynicism putting the almighty dollar before the lives of many innocent people, etc, etc, should something horrible happen. Sony gets it coming and going, no matter what they do, don’t you think? In any case, it will take a while for the chilling potential of this act of cyber-terrorism to sink in. Merry Christmas, and best to you and yours, John! Susan P

      • John Shea says:

        What you fear is indeed possible, Susan, as are an almost infinite number of other atrocities, but we could only avoid them by retreating into individual bomb shelters and giving up life as we know it. I might be tempted to agree with Sony and Paramount trying to placate these terrorists, except I know that will not work.

        Fear of loss of life and limb is one thing but fear of ‘legal implications’ would be a truly pathetic excuse for them. Both Sony and Paramount and others had and still have plenty of choices. As always, those who would give up their freedom for a little safety deserve neither, and will get neither.

  2. Ezzy says:

    Guess Paramount has no sense of humor.

  3. occultology says:

    Gee, I guess we all won’t be able to watch reruns of “M*A*S*H*” anymore either!

  4. prompterbob says:

    Although it’s currently streaming online, I bought a DVD of TEAM AMERICA (uncensored) from AmazonPrime for $6 in case the weasels at Paramount decide to pull it. I bet the remaining copies will sell fast. Put THE INTERVIEW on VOD.

  5. Samuel Gould says:

    What a pathetic stance the executives at Paramount Pictures are taking on this situation. There’s a word for those people, kapo. Rather than presenting a strong stand for free speech and creative freedom Paramount capitulated to baseless threats.

  6. Seen it says:

    If you haven’t yet seen the great classic, Team America World Police, then you have been living under a rock.

  7. WTF Guy says:

    I will be screening it at my house. Screw Paramount.

  8. Paramount Employee says:

    America! F**k no!

  9. James says:

    American bravery is officially dead.

  10. cardmarc58 says:

    Wow, another company with no guts. I wonder if they have been paying attention to the backlash that Sony has received over their lack of courage?

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