Superhero Overload? 9 Major Comicbook Movies Planned for 2017

The Wolverine

While much has been written about 2015 as a perfect storm of tentpoles, including sequels to “Star Wars,” “The Avengers,” “Mission: Impossible,” “The Hunger Games,” “Jurassic Park,” “Fast & Furious” and “Terminator,” 2017 is shaping up to become a showdown of superhero movies.

Disney’s Marvel Studios, Warner Bros.’ DC Entertainment and 20th Century Fox so far have plans to release seven films featuring comicbook-based crime fighters combined that year, a record. Sony is developing an eighth that has not yet been dated.

Update: On Oct. 15, Warner Bros. updated its superhero plans, announcing three DC Comics-based films — “Wonder Woman,” “The Lego Batman Movie” and “Justice League Part One” — to debut in 2017. That brings the overall count of superhero movies planned that year to nine, up from eight.

None of the titles are expected to be small, either.

Marvel alone has three planned for prime dates in 2017 (out in May, July and November), including “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” on July 28; DC has dated three (two are in June and November); Fox has sequels planned for “The Wolverine” and “Fantastic Four;” while Sony is developing a Spider-Man spinoff revolving around a female heroine.

So far, the November dates won’t create another Marvel vs. DC game of chicken like the recent face-off between “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Captain America 3” in 2016 (WB blinked but will now actually release its superhero mashup earlier). That’s because Marvel will release first on Nov. 3, followed by DC’s Nov. 17 date. Both films are untitled so far.

Planting flags early on future release dates isn’t unusual for studios as they look to lock down prime moviegoing moments. But such planning for major tentpoles is also key for studios when working with promotional partners to create campaigns or with toymakers and other partners to design action figures and other merchandise to sell around their releases.

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  1. milojthatch says:

    I keep it really simple, skip the DC movies, skip the Fox and Sony “Marvel” movies and just stick with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. My movie money is precious, so I want to make sure that it goes towards the best, which is Marvel Studios.

    For what it is worth, I doubt the FF reboot sequel will actually get made. I expect the film next year will bomb so hard Fox will beg Marvel to take the film rights back!

  2. Richard says:

    I use to go see all the super hero movies and I heard that Captian America 2 and X-men where really good but I just could not find it in me to see another one, Iam kinda burned out of them. I mean do we really need Dr Strange and Ant Man movies. They are making just way to many of these films now and they just do not feel special anymore. The more they rush to make these the films will start to go down like Amazing Spiderman 2. I was so exicted to see the first X-men, now its like meh they made another.

    • Eric says:

      Your sentiment falls short in substance. Maybe what you meant to say was that starting with the first X-Men movie, you remember how exciting it was to finally see super hero movies that were memorable and worth watching since 1989’s Batman, especially since they were from the Marvel franchise. If that’s what you mean then I understand, but until these movies start to suck, then I will get burned out. I never heard of a comic book fan getting burned out on their favorite comic books. Why should the movies be any different. For example: If you liked the first X-Men movie then it really is a shame you didn’t see X-Men:Days of Future Past because it really was the best out of the four previous films and by far the most significant in plot as well as extremely well written. You may as well say you are easily burnt out on eating pizza or watching TV. If the movies are good, why stop making them?

    • Jerome Maida says:

      You’re ridiculous. You heard great things about two movies yet couldn’t bring yourself to see them? That’s too bad. Just because you want to feel jaded, doesn’t mean the rest of us have to follow suit. In fact, by all accounts, MORE PEOPLE are being excited by superhero films. Not less. The only things we “need” are oxygen and water, by the way.

    • JJ Watt says:

      You are getting tired of Superhero movies? Well, I guess you have been in a cave and legally blind and deaf since 2008. I don’t know about Sony or Fox, but Disney and Marvel Studios has been producing cinematic gold for 6 years running. We have NEVER seen the Superhero movies that we have seen Disney put out ever. Great directors, perfect (and I mean PERFECT) casting of classic heros such as RDJ as Iron Man, Evans as Captain American, and even Hemsworth as Thor, along with the best special effects ever seen.

      I don’t know about you but I am excited about the future for Marvel (specifically Disney) superhero movies. Get on the bandwagon, and stop watching Spiderman, please.

      • Richard says:

        No I have been here long before 2008. Is it to hard to ask for a little something diffrent or should all summer event movies be geared towards you nerds. If you think these movies will be rembered like raiders of the lost ark, star wars, jaws ect. then you are the blind one. And NEVER seen the superhero movies that disney put out? Well I guess that means Tim Burtons Batman and the Richard Donnor Superman where Crap right? They had a lot more substance then the Avengers. As far as Spiderman goes I will not watch the movies because they are played out- not for the fanboy reason of wanting to see Spiderman movies made by Disney for some shared Universe.

    • Tyrone says:

      Ummm, yes we do need Ant Man, and Dr. Strange. These are not the typical punch and kick superheroes. With these two guys, especially Dr Strange, stories unlike anything we’ve seen before (looking at u Spider-Man).Dr Strange is a mystical / horror category. Just like blade was horror / monster category. and look at the actors that we are getting for these roles now. I mean who ever thought we would get Michael Douglas to play Ant man (who is an original member of The Avengers by the way). As long as the quality keeps going up and up or at least stays at the current standard, I’m all down for it. and besides, say if we get five or six a year… many weeks are there in a year? You guys act like there’s no other room for original stuff to come out. We had a lot of very good independent films and documentaries come out this year so just cut the crap out. And besides I’m more tired of the young adult book adaptation craze happening. Most of those movies are failing horribly. Hunger Games is really the true best out of the bunch. If we get more of that quality then I’m all for a that also.
      so again, if you don’t want to see them, then go watch “Into the storm” or something. Otherwise, we still have at least 46 weeks in the year for other great movies. I do fear that one day The superhero craze will start to die off, but I think we’re still a good 15 years away from that….. or at least I hope so!

      • Richard says:

        I am glad you like these movies and many people agree with you, thats why they are making them but I do belive they should not be making as many a year as they are, people will get bored. I live in small town usa with one 2 screen theater which played Spiderman for three weeks, Cap America 2 for three weeks X-men for 2 weeks and now is running Gaurdians and TMNT with kids movies often in the other screen so it does limit what I get to see unless I want to travel to see one like I did with Godzilla. To me making a ton of young adult movies is no diffrent then making a ton of superhero movies, If studios think it will sell they will keep making it until they kill it. But like you said If they make them well that will go a long way to keeping it alive. I just feel that if you realese 7 in a year your going to get some stinkers in that bunch.

    • Joe Strike says:

      ” I mean do we really need Dr Strange and Ant Man movies…”

      Dunno about Ant Man but I have been waiting OVER 40 YEARS for a Dr. Strange movie since a college friend turned me onto Steve Ditko’s chiascuro* original issues in the early 1970s. The 1978 TV-movie was okay, but with the budget and efx they can do nowadays, I know/hope they can put a killer version onscreen. (It doesn’t hurt that Marvel Studios has a knack for hiring directors and writers who are able to humanize their heroes and make them more than superpowered cardboard cutouts.)

      * – Tom Wolfe, “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test”

      • ScreenPhiles says:

        Why would people get bored? You’re implying that just because a movie involves superheroes that they’re all the same, when that’s furthest from the truth (especially in the case of Marvel Studios, that has been churning out a lot of interesting product for quite awhile now).

        For instance, just because I like dramas, so do that mean that studios should stop making them because of some sort of (imaginary) audience fatigue?

        Marvel is doing so well because they’re producing movies of substance and quality (as well as fun, something Warner Bros could learn a thing or two about). It’s secondary that they revolve around superheroes.

    • Actually the two movies you mentioned are excellent.

      Capitan America 2, well Black widow steals the movie and its way better than the first one.

      The last X-men is the best one of all so far. The story line, the action and once again Mystic steals the movie. Jennifer Lawrence is great at playing the younger Mystic.

      These movies are great entertainment and far from being redundant like you think.

      I was in the same mood but i saw them and i was surprised as they really pushed the envelope to watch a blockbuster should be ;)

      I do agree about Spider-man, i never understood why they had to redo them. The first ones where darker, thats what i loved. The new ones well , suck lol

  3. Joel says:

    It’s like the Bollywood films; no matter what kind of film it is — action, comedy, thriller, sci-fi, romance, etc. — it’s still a musical.

    Except in Hollywood, every kind of movie — action, comedy, thriller, sci-fi, etc. — is a superhero movie.

    Even films not billed as superhero films, like the “Twilight” romance films, were actually superhero films (author/producer Meyer said they were inspired by the X-Men series).

    It’s only now that more people are noticing.

    I say: Bring it. Each hero has their own story to tell, in their own way, in their own genre, with their own tone. America loves heroes, because we see ourselves as heroes-in-the-making.

    And these days, boy, America could really use more heroes.

    • sabretruthtiger says:

      That’s the whole point of making them. It’s basically to keep the masses believing that you need superhumans to save you and that individuals banding together can’t make a difference. It also helps satiate the masses as the viewer fantasises that they’re in the hero’s shoes and are defeating evil by proxy, it makes the viewer feel like he’s won a victory even though real life injustice marches on and amplifies.

  4. AverageMovieGoers says:

    Let’s just wait, and HOPE and see WB/DC will be able to stick to these schedule and not suddenly change dates. It’s not like they’ve changed BvS two times already, right? And remember Green Lantern 2 that we have never even heard anymore until now? Hmmm….

    • ScreenPhiles says:

      You’re talking that analogy way too far. I don’t know of anyone who just because they watch a superhero movie suddenly thinks that all is well with the world. What they do bring life to the characters that some of us grew up reading and have waited–literally a lifetime–in some instances to see in movies with the incredible technology that we have today.

      By the way, I would argue that sports do more to make people feel that they are somehow satisfied with their lot than any comic-based movie, yet you neglect them for some reason.

  5. SusieQ says:

    Ehhhh, 50% of these movies we don’t have to worry about… because their franchise won’t make it to 2017.

    I’m looking at you, DC.

  6. Dude, I’m so psyched for Marvel 14. It’ll be so much better than DC 4, but not as good as X10.

  7. David says:

    I don’t suppose asking nicely would get you to stop making these movies, would it? No? I didn’t think so.

    • jshutt1 says:

      I see you’re too much of a snob to have fun with a superhero movie. Just quit whining and enjoy them for what they are: popcorn films that are entertaining

      • JJ Watt says:

        X-People? Yes, Apocalypse has never been done in a Superhero movie. Truly original content, must-see.

        Another Thor? Thor 3 is supposedly going to feature Thor: Ragnarok. But they must get rid of Natalie Portman and have Thor stop visiting earth. Earth so boring, Asgard and Surtur in Muspelheim. Yes, must-see.

        Another Spiderman? Tobey McGuire’s Spidermans was great cinema. Andrew & Emma killed the genre.

        Bottomline, Superhero movies have evolved so much since the late-90’s early 2000s to a point where each new installment (specifically Disney / Marvel) is a guaranteed success. If you are getting tired of them, go watch Divergent.

      • I'm No Snob But... says:

        …I think what “David” was politely suggesting was genre overkill. It’s not that he – and I – and many others can’t “have fun with A super hero movie” on occasion; it’s just that our local cineplexes are becoming increasingly overloaded/dominated by this stuff, at the cultural expense of other kinds of true original creative expression. Sure, I’ll go see the next AVENGERS (because that’ll be a true EVENT flick)…but does the world really need to be bombarded by more X-People and Thors and Spideys and Batguys?

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