Sundance: IFC Takes On Kristen Stewart’s ‘Camp X-Ray’

Camp X Ray Sundance

Distrib acquires North American rights to intimate war drama

More than a week after the Sundance Film Festival wrapped, IFC Films announced it has acquired North American rights to Peter Sattler’s directorial debut “Camp X-Ray,” an intimate war drama set in Guantanamo Bay starring Kristen Stewart and Payman Maadi (“A Separation”).

The film, which screened in the U.S. dramatic competition section, drew mixed reactions from audiences and critics. Stewart has a reputation for backing projects she’s passionate about, though her box office cred has yet to materialize on the indie scene post-“Twilight.”

Stewart received strong notices for her performance in “Camp X-Ray,” with Variety saying she “will surprise and impress those who know her only from the “Twilight” films.”

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“Maadi proves once again that he is a force to be reckoned with, and Stewart undoubtedly gives the best and most moving performance of her already remarkable career,” said Jonathan Sehring, prexy of IFC Films and its sister company Sundance Selects.

The deal was negotiated by IFC’s senior veep of acquisitions and productions Arianna Bocco, along with UTA Independent Film Group and André Des Rochers, Esq. of Gray Krauss Stratford Sandler Des Rochers LLP on behalf of the filmmakers.

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  1. Karen says:

    Gosh, why do you care about their relationship? If they have reconciled, what’s it to you?

  2. Lightbulb Moment says:

    So I just learned that IFC is run by the same people who run Sundance. That explains a lot. They picked up CXR to save face, so it didn’t look like they had made a mistake by allowing it to be in the festival, even though it’s Rotten on RottenTomatoes.

    Just remember On the Road, also distributed by IFC. Look where that ended up. It was also Rotten.

    Camp X Ray, coming soon to a cinema in nowhere land!

    • wronginfo says:

      Your information is wrong. IFC is not run by the same people who run Sundance. The two are completely different entities. IFC distributes 35-40 movies every year and as far as Rotten Tomatoes goes. The movie has a grand total of 9 reviews. If it gets one more positive review it is fresh on RT. It is too early to know where the movie will finish.

      • Lightbulb Moment says:

        Are you aware that IFC has a division called “Sundance Selects”? It seems to pick up the dregs of Sundance, give them what passes for distribution, and then they fade into oblivion, but they appear to have been “snapped up.”

        IFC has yet to pick a winner. I don’t think they’re broken their record this time.

  3. berti says:

    It’s time to pass a law to post comments under your name or kartochke.I take a penalty for insulting the actors, for invasion of privacy for rasprostronenie spleten.Protivno becomes live in such an environment. Now I understand why the birth rate falls.

  4. GG says:

    There is clearly one troll who has gone on a rampage here, posting under many different names. S/he goes on every site, every blog that has an article on Kristen Stewart, spewing vile lies and hateful bitterness against her. This troll literally copies and pastes the same crap. I have read it all hundreds of times, the exact same words over and over again. This troll is so consumed by this person s/he says s/he hates. It’s laughably pathetic, and yet frightening that someone so deranged is so obsessed. Ignore it and hopefully it will go away.

    • Lim says:

      Probably better not to respond. It’s clearly a deranged troll posting under multiple names, and variety should really moderate these boards better. KStew has her haters, but it’s clear this is the same whack job. Anyway, interesting looking film.

      • GG says:

        Yeah, the troll thrives on a fight. The movie does look interesting. Many people said it was a very moving film. It’s an interesting take on Gitmo — focuses on the microscopic view of the people there instead of a bigger political statement. Very character driven, and while the film seems to have its drawbacks, namely with length and certain middle scenes, the performances have received near-universal acclaim. Looking forward to it.

  5. Ab says:

    The “Fox” poster is mentally unstable and clearly unemployed. Meanwhile…. Kristen just came home from Paris where she shot a campaign for Karl Lagerfield and is on her way to New York (where she was just a week or so ago doing press for Balenciaga where everyone interviewing her said she was awesome and a cool girl) to shoot an adaptation of Still Alice, a New York Times bestseller with Julianne Moore, then straight on to another film with Jesse Eisenberg, then onto a Drake Doremus film with Nicolas Hoult. She received career best reviews for Camp XRay, a tiny one million dollar movie that would never see the light of day without Kristen’s involvement. On an article announcing it has been picked up for distribution a pack of angry hyenas descend to tell us that her career is over and nobody wants to work with her and she is difficult etc etc….

    Variety… can you please ban the trolls because this does not provide a good atmosphere for discussion.

    • Observer says:

      You don’t want a “discussion,” you want only praise. These comments prove what drama queens her fans are, creating something out of nothing. You simply can’t stand for anyone to have a differing opinion.

      • Amy says:

        We are here to talk about her movies, not her ex. No one cares about her personal relationships except bitter fans of her ex.

      • Observer says:

        And KStew fans act like he dumped them, not her. Why do you take things so personally? You’re not Kristen Stewart.

      • Amy says:

        No, you RPatz fans keep harping on her private life. It’s like she cheated on you. RPatz and her broke up but you are still bitter. No sane person can understand why.

  6. Amy says:

    Rob Pattinson’s fans went ballistic over this article? Why? They broke up, didn’t they? He must be awfully boring for his fans to be here screaming and yelling.

    • Mark says:

      I find it even funnier that the person ranting and raving about how KStew is the “worst person in the world” seems to be the same person commenting under different names. I hope KStew has a good security system, because bishs be crazy. Anyway, I thought these comments were supposed to be moderated–judging by this cess pool, obviously not.

      • Amy says:

        I think she has a bodyguard everywhere she goes. I’d be scared if these bitches harass me day and night. the funny thing is that she and Pattinson are not together anymore, but his fans still cannot let her go. It’s beyond creepy now.

    • Mark says:

      I know, it’s bizarre. I’m no great fan of KStew (came on because I’m interested in Payman)….but this is insane. And it’s fairly obvious it’s Pattinson’s fans, since they keep dragging up their relationship history and talking about him and know all these weird, creepy details about her films (and talking about gossip/ranting, too). I guess they got upset because Variety erased one sentence about her PR image problem resulting from that scandal a few years ago that may have affected her marketability. Not a big deal, if I was an editor I would have told them to take it out too—superfluous information for a article that is simply about a sale. So strange. Really, what a bizarre, hateful fan base—the seem like Trekkies almost.

      • Gem says:

        Do you realize how crazy you are? You are posting these multiple nasty comments under different names? There may be a few crazy people who do that, but i don’t trust anything you say. And I know there are more than a handful of crazy Rob fans who were harassing the underage Chole Grace Moretz on social media with gross sexual comments for daring to work with Kristen, harassing the director of her new movie, sending in false gossip reports about her to Radar and HL, making homophobic comments about Kristen, and more. However, both sides need to stop. Let go. There are crazies everywhere, even for Taylor Swift. Retaliating doesn’t work. And writing hundreds of disgusting comments is just low and nasty. Stop.

      • lol says:

        @Mark,you seem don’t know what her insane fans are doing to trash Rob.They tweet lying stories about him to the gossip press like Radar Online and others.They harash Dior and A24 producer of The Rover sending disgusting comments because they worked with Rob.They insult his every co-star accusing them of hooking up with Rob while being in relationship with stewart.They can’t leave him alone because he dared to move on with his life.

      • Amy says:

        Exactly. This kind of fanbase made him a laughing stock in industry. His co-stars are all aware of his crazy fanbase. I’ve read that Nicole Kidman joked about taking on his fans.

    • elizabeth says:

      He’s not the one who turned himself into tabloid fodder by getting caught hooking up with a married father of two on a public road, is he? People who are involved in scandals always attract attention, the same way a train wreck does.

      I don’t know why you’re surprised that people have differing opinions about her. She doesn’t seem to care. Isn’t her motto “Be healthy and fvck everyone”?

      • lol says:

        @Look at yourself bitter krisbian,lol

      • GG says:

        Copy/Paste troll, who says that same crap on every article written about Kristen Stewart — It must hurt that this film found a distributor, huh? Especially with the ranting and raving you’ve been doing about how it’s such a flop, it has no distributor. You also said there’s no way any festival would accept it. By all means, please keep doing what you’re doing. No matter how many times you cry all over the internet about what a trainwreck she is and how her career is done, she still owns your every thought. And every time you throw a tantrum that no one wants to work with her, guess what? She books another job! Stay pressed and obsessed! Your meltdowns are quite amusing. ;)

      • Amy says:

        What does her movie have anything to do with her private life? Last time I checked, this article talks about her movie. I understand she cheated on your idol, but you’ve got to let the anger go. She did not cheat on you. You need a shrink if you are still so bitter two years after the scandal. You RPatz fans are really crazy.

  7. Fox says:

    Here are just some of the films that found distribution: “Obvious Child,” “Whiplash,” “Wish I Was Here,” “I Origins,” “The Skeleton Twins,” “God’s Pocket,” “Calvary,” “Cooties,” “Land Ho!” “Dinosaur 13,” “Cesar’s Last Fast,” “Sepideh: Reaching for the Stars,” and “MITT.”

    “Obvious Child is a film about one of the most controversial subjects ever. So the lame excuse that CXR is too controversial is not valid. What CXR is is a boring, dull film with an uncharismatic lead actress. She’s one note, one expression, and dull. No one cares what happens to her in CXR. She didn’t cut it.

    IFC is no great shakes at distribution, and they don’t have a track record of choosing good films. This will play for 2 weeks and disappear, like all her other indies.

    • bxt says:

      The problem with Camp X-Ray is that it is a non-commercial movie. Distributors don’t mind controversy, they are wary of risk. This is why it took a while for the movie to be acquired.

    • APec says:

      @Fox , what on earth are you so het up over? I bet you haven’t even seen the film. Considering IFC picked it up, she got impressive reviews and has numerous projects on the go I think you are letting your bizaare hate skew reality. Go back to your playpen little girl, anybody readying our tirade is shaking their head at you.

      • bxt says:


        I have counted three bad reviews and over a dozen good reviews. How does this adds up to her getting “dreadful reviews” overall ? Even her bad reviews are the ones in which reviewers are obsessed with Twilight, ie., they are seeing too much Kristen Stewart in this role. This is the sort of statement that you can use to trash 90% of actors working in Hollywood today. There is too much Emma Stone in this role or there is too much Anna Kendrick in that role. There was always too much Jack Nicholson in every role he has played in last 30 years but none of the reviewers will dare to mention it.

      • Folger says:

        All the reviews have not been added to RT yet. IndieWire, Entertainment Weekly, SPIN, the NY Times, Film School Rejects, the NY Post, lots of major players gave her bad reviews.

        “Camp X-Ray needs more depth and less Kristen Stewart.”— Filmschoolrejects

        “Kristen Stewart’s performance is dead in the water, the basic and uninspired juxtaposition between the two leads fails to work as some dramatic commentary and feels amateur, and the eventually uncomfortable focus on the emotional trials of Cole (over Ali) comes across as tone-deaf.” — Critic Kate Erbland

        “The reason she doesn’t fit in with them isn’t that she’s just about the only woman. It’s that they really seem like soldiers, and she seems like…Kristen Stewart trapped in Guantanamo Bay.” — Owen Gleiberman with Entertainment Weekly

        We Got This Covered: Admittedly, Stewart’s performance in Camp X-Ray is some of her best work yet, but that’s not to say she is astounding here. In fact, her performance feels almost inadequate when compared to Moaadi’s … Stewart does exceed the expectations of her naysayers, although it’s still difficult not to compare her to better performances from actresses in similar roles.

        Collider: Stewart has a little trouble with some scenes that require more range than she’s able to portray. The actress falls back on biting her lip or looking frustrated one too many times, and while she’s solid in many scenes, there are a few where I found myself wondering what another actress could have brought to the role. Stewart is stretching herself, which is admirable, but she’s just not able to tap into the raw emotions that the character requires.

      • bxt says:

        @ Fox

        The movie has mixed reviews with 56% on Rotten Tomatoes. There are 9 reviews and every one of them praises Kristen’s performance. I am sure there are reviews that are not complimentary of her performance but to say that her reviews are dreadful is just plain ignorance.

        Here is the Rottentomatoes link

      • Fox says:

        She also got dreadful reviews. The film is Rotten on RT, and about half the reviews for her performance were bad. So the critics were divided, but the audiences have made their opinion clear. All of her indies have flopped, big time.

        Welcome to the Rileys only made about $300,000 worldwide. That didn’t even cover the cost of the catering. I imagine CXR will do about the same. That’s nothing to get excited about, is it?

  8. Del says:

    Also, glad to see Payman making his way into the US market.

  9. Del says:

    What the hell? Is this deranged twi-hard central on here? Having read some of these comments, laughing at all of you from the insane Rob Pattinson fans who hare hating on her to the Kristen Stewart fans who are overreacting and responding to them.

    So who cares if they wrote one sentence about how she had PR problems and then changed it? We all know it, the girl had some scandal a year and a half ago and it was a big deal. Those kind of things can wreck a woman’s career, but not a man’s. It’s been forever though and people did move on, and this is a Gitmo film it wouldn’t have been made without a big name like hers considering the team behind it. So they probably removed it because of that or when proof-reading it had second thoughts because the Anne Hathaway’s film and several others haven’t been picked up either. It’s not a big deal, jeez. If you think her publicist is that powerful to get Variety to remove one sentence about her PR issue, you have to be beyond deluded.

  10. guest says:

    all these comments show how Robert Pattinson fans are pathetics, bullies and without a life. this guy has the worst fandom.. losers…

    • Mario says:

      Looks like her fans just can’t handle the truth. And neither can she, if she has to get Ruth to pressure journalists to censor themselves.

      • bxt says:


        I haven’t seen the financials of any of these movies so I don’t know if they made any profit or not. You do realize that indies don’t make profits in theatrical release. Don’t you ? If the producer of On The Road was so worried about Kristen being a flop actress he wouldn’t have cast her in Sils Maria. Camp X-Ray was made for $1 million and the executive producer David Gordon Green is on record saying that he is now making movies that cost so little that it doesn’t even matter if anyone sees them in theater. He was talking about Prince Avalanche but the point is still valid given the cost of Camp X-Ray.

      • guest says:

        and again, you here speaks about her. Lol you’re so pathetic sweet! maybe you love her and not drunk pattinson!

      • drake says:

        This isn’t a KStew fan site. Anyone can comment. And where is the lie? Which one of these movies made a profit?

        On The Road
        Welcome to the Rileys
        The Runaways

        None of them. None of the indies she stars in ever make a profit. Instead of being rude to people who speak the truth, why don’t you ask yourself why she can’t attract an audience on her own? She got the worst reviews of her life for SWATH, and Universal isn’t making the sequel. That alone speaks to how her brand is tarnished.

      • drake says:

        And now her fans start slandering her ex-co star, with zero evidence of anything. They show just how low and vile they are. She has the worst, most lying “fans” in the world.

        Kristen is the one with the addiction problem. She still hasn’t quit smoking, even though her dad has lung cancer. She brags about smoking weed, and she’s been photographed doing shots, drinking vodka at TAO in Park City til 3 am last week, and stumbling out of wine bars in Los Feliz with her girlfriend, Alicia.

        Odds are she’ll be the first to make the trip to rehab.

      • guest says:

        and looks like you cannot live without talking about her… so sad for you. Why don’t you just keep up with Drunk Robbie coke head?

  11. GingerHenny says:

    Wow, there are some prejudice & ignorant comments here. Camp XRay is a very sensitive & important subject. It took a lot of balls to make a movie like that & I’m hoping it brings some needed tolerance & understanding to the public, seems many on that comment section need it.

    • Randy says:

      Too bad it was picked up by IFC. They have a horrible track record, so it’s likely that fewer people will see CXR than saw On The Road, which they also distributed. The movie is Rotten on RT, a majority of critics didn’t like it.

      It’s not likely to attract any kind of audience, is it?

      • GG says:

        You are a deranged lunatic. Someone in the asylum let you loose and you’ve gone on a rampage here posting under multiple names. At least switch up your grammar. Oh, wait, you can’t — it’s all saved in a neat little file on your computer. We’ve all read these identical comments from you hundreds of times all over the internet. You are off your rocker.

      • bxt says:


        Kristen also has multiple movies lined up. They used her name to sell American Ultra at the American Film Market and it was one of the success stories of AFM based on what this very site reported. The movie is set to start shooting next month. I am not really interested in Pattinson’s career but if his fans are going to shade Kristen then they better wait until he lands a leading role in his post-twilight career. Every single one of his roles that you mentioned are either supporting or movies that may never get made (Mission Impossible).

      • Z says:

        Since you asked, Cosmopolis is Fresh and so is Water for Elephants. Rob has completed two films with respected directors, Maps to the Stars and The Rover. He’s working with the best in his field, and when he finishes Life in Toronto, will go on to a big budget studio film with Benedict Cumberbatch, The Lost City of Z. He will get to Mission Blacklist when his schedule permits

        He’s not the one who’s had five films fall apart, is he? Where are Cali, Focus; The Big Shoe, SW2, and Lie Down in Darkness? Elizabeth Banks confirmed that The Big Shoe was dead. Both she and Sturgess have booked other films, they’re busy now. And her pet project, East of Eden is getting made by Jennifer Lawrence, a true A lister who’s name alone can get a film funded.

      • A says:

        Exactly how many of Rob Pattinson’s films are rated fresh… just wondering ;)

        How is Mission Blacklist coming along? *tumbleweed*

      • Sarah says:

        Sounds like you don’t understand what an indie is if you think they are all destined to be flops.

        Silver Linings Playbook, The King’s Speech, Little Miss Sunshine, Black Swan, Sideways, The Artist were all low budget indies that made money and won Oscars.

        An indie can be a hit, get wide distribution and make a ton of money. Just not any indie Kristen Stewart appears in. Either she has lousy taste in scripts, or she’s isn’t being offered quality projects.

      • GingerHenny says:

        Unfortunately that goes for most of the indie movies, which is not a reflection of how good the movie is, but how dumbed down the audience is these days. When movies like Big Mamas House or 50 Shades Of Grey get a wide release, but important subject only limited, then it’s not surprise that people get more ignorant. Fantaststic movies went directly to VOD & got a great viewings there. The way indie movies get handled these days is a sad reflection on the public & Hollywood, not a a reflection on scriptwriters, directors, actors & whoever puts their soul into a great movie.

    • guest says:

      these nasty comments are from RPattz fans not real people.

  12. Rachel says:

    I guess everyone in the world is a Pattinson fan. No surprise, really, he’s talented, charming, a true gentleman and always good to his fans, standing in the rain for hours signing autographs and posing for pics.

    All his directors and co-stars do is praise him. And The Rover teaser got unanimously glowing reactions. He’s had two films outside the Twi franchise that showed a profit, something none of his other co-stars can claim. Can’t wait to see those Dior ads on US television during the Olympics. The next two weeks are going to be a treat.

  13. guest says:

    again… all these comments show how Robert Pattinson fans are pathetics, bullies and without a life. this guy has the worst fandom.. losers…

  14. mad world says:

    Twimoms and super loser twihards: what a sad life you have. I feel for you. Really.

  15. latetopay says:

    Variety got what it wanted. It made a provocative statement and we bit the apple of temptation and we are reading perhaps not for the article but for the comments but hits are hits so Variety will take the hits, I’m sure. I include myself in that because I obviously bit hard. But I am glad to see that this film got distribution. I’ve heard it is imperfect but still worth seeing.

  16. guest says:

    It’s not Twilight fans making these insane comments is the desperate looney loser RPATTZ fans. I’m sure he would be proud of you. Give it up and get a life.

    • Conner says:

      You’re acting like a scorned woman. He didn’t dump you, get over it.

      Her indie track record speaks for itself. Which one made a profit? Oh, none of them. This Variety writer was correct, he told no lies.

      Her fans just can’t handle the truth. I guess that’s why she needs to employ a full time PR rep.

      • Guest says:

        I could care less who he or she dates. I enjoy her movies as we as his but it’s his “fans” who are an embarrassment to him. Case in point all these lies & comments. If you don’t like her or her acting don’t say anything or look her up. We don’t care what crazy RP fans think. I’m sure he is embarrassed to have his name associated in ripping apart KS.

      • guest says:

        another loser rpattz fan

  17. DG says:

    Congratulations to the filmmakers, cast, and crew. By all reports to date, difficult subject matter delivered in a thought-provoking way. Very much looking forward to it.

  18. guest says:

    all these comments show how Robert Pattinson fans are pathetics, bullies and without a life. this guy has the worst fandom

    • Really says:

      Kristen is the #2 Most Hated Celebrity for the second year in a row in the Star magazine survey. Last year she was also the Most Untrustworthy Celebrity in a poll of a thousand people, published in Reader’s Digest.

      This is who she is. People don’t like her. Is everyone in the world a Pattinson fan?

      MOVE ON. Get over it. Leave him alone. Trashing him isn’t going to get her more fans. Get that thru you’re thick skulls.

      • A says:

        Star magazine? OMG, that beacon of journalistic truth and class!!
        MOVE ON. Get over it. Leave her alone. Trashing her isn’t going to make her go away. Get that thru you’re thick skulls.

      • guest says:

        another sick RPATTZ fan Lol

  19. Would love to see/be directed to, comments made by those who have interviewed her, and found her to be “difficult”, or is this personal bias/opinion by the author, Mr. Stewart, that he threw in, for I have yet to see anything but the contrary from those who’ve interviewed her. Actually, I have seen countless times, interviewers remark in their write-ups, how, surprisingly she’s the opposite of what people like the author above, or her haters, make her out to be(especially in saying she “doesn’t smile etc.) Just recently, PopSugar Beauty interviewed her, and the interviewer stated in the article: “She’s undeniably charming, and as she earnestly answers all my beauty questions, I feel myself rooting for her.”…

  20. mary says:

    Why are twilight fans/haters polluting this cool post??! It could’ve been an interesting talk by serious people. You spoiled it now. Thanks a lot, you twilight brats!

    • average folks says:

      LOL. This comment section becomes a war between RPatz fans and KStew fans. let the bitch fight continue. Average folks are laughing at both groups.

    • guest says:

      twilight fans/haters are laughing stock. You cannot have a serious talk if they got involved. I won’t even bother reading any comment below.

  21. guest says:

    anyone who wants to control how Robert Pattinson fans are crazy, bullies and mentally ill, see the twitter of @Poopscoopstew_ ( she is the queen of RPattz Fandom. the guy has a sick fandom, full of bullies and desperate women

    • Cowboy says:

      You can point fingers all you like, but Kristen Stewart will always be in yearly lists like top celebrity cheaters, biggest celebrity scandals, top celebrity homewreckers, and yeah, celebrity with the vilest, venomous, most delusional fandom!

      They went around trying to hide the US Weekly covers with her and Sanders cheating on the covers in the summer of 2012, and then posted pics of themselves doing it online. How stupid. They were proud of trying to hide her dirty deeds. As if that made any difference.

      The pics are still all over the internet and she trashed her own reputation. Nothing is ever going to change that.

  22. guest says:

    Wow. RPatz fans become crazier and crazier by the hour.

  23. Hermosa says:

    She had temper tantrums on the set of Eclipse, so bad that during reshoots they had to shut down production one day, which costs a lot of money. Her reputation is far from spotless.

    There’s video of her berating a co-star in a hotel lobby, there’s video of her, unprovoked, telling a lone pap “I hate you,” in a lobby in Cannes, and he hadn’t said a word, he was just standing there with a camera. She’s flipped the bird in every country she’s ever had the priviledge of visiting, and she was supposed to be representing a film while doing it. She makes a lousy ambassador for any film, and it’s time more of the media told the truth about her. I guess that’s why she has to employ a full time PR person.

    • A says:

      Holy crap, what a liar and fantasist you are. Gobsmacked, really….

      Here you go little girl. Face some truth >>>

      ROBERT was the one who threw the tantrum, he is the one who showed up late and cost the studio money and access to an important location, HE is the one who David Slade didn’t like and thought a crap actor and Rob knew it and was butthurt over it and it resulted in a closed door meeting. Do you think everybody forgets that it was Rob?

      If she makes such a lousy ambassador then why have Chanel, Balenciaga signed her up as the face of their brand and a multitude of designers want her in their clothes? If she is so bad then why have IFC just bought Camp Xray when they have backed Kristen’s other indie films? Wouldn’t they avoid her like the plague if she was who you say she is? Gosh you people are gross. She hates paparazzi, everyone knows it, she’s not going to pretend to be nice to them just to please arseholes like you. What about Rpattz rough handling somebody who wasn’t even taking pictures of him outside a bobby Long concert? What about him practically living at cliché Hollywood hangouts that have less than stellar reps. Don’t pretend like he’s any angel. You insist he has no PR and is so different yet he had his manager Nick rush to gossip Cop to tell them that he had indeed been allowed into a Beyoncé VIP area when it was reported he was turned away. How pathetic and try hard is that??

      • @A says:

        @Lainey Gossip is a reliable source for you?Give me the link to her ”article” where she called out kstew for calling the paaprazzi when she needed them.Her lies are well known,like she reported that Carey Mulligan met with Rob in NYC to talk about the movie,but they never met,because Carey said it in her MTV interview with Josh Horovitz.What about KS and her cheating scandal,public apology sent by gossip magazine?What about her war with paparazzi and wishing them death?What about famewhhore friends publishing the private pics?This is the most cliche and Hollywoodish behavior.What had Rob done to her idiotic fans that they hate him so much?Did he say anything against her publicly?Did he humiliate her publicly?He’s living his life,spending time with fiends and working on his movies.Your comment about Beyonce is the most idiotic sentence I’ve ever read,what is the point of that?Rob met with her there is a pic of them together with the guys from Death Grips.

    • Nanea says:

      Eclipse reshoot shutdown because of a temper tantrum? You guys really are lunatics with shoddy memories. Kristen and Taylor did their scenes because they showed up ON TIME and were ready to go. It was Pattinson who wasn’t ready and the reason for the delay because he delayed his arrrival to go to a burlesque show/”fundraiser”. But this does highlight how bad behavior from someone else often got pushed over to Kristen. If her publicist really was good at her job, she’d have shut it down but her publicist is mediocre at best. Which is why Ruth probably had nothing to do with the word change. That would require effort on Ruth’s part.

      • latetopay says:

        @Nope: Your accusation regarding Kristen is pure gossip. Sorry but he was expected there the same as the other two. His bodyguard was in town and Rob didn’t show up and everyone knew it. That was the chatter as it was going down before the cover up stories came out. Taylor and Kristen did their scenes and the tent scene reshoot was delayed because Rob came in late. Mind you, Kristen was also sick during this re-shoot and also due to go to NYC for the Met Gala and the film’s premiere was little less than 2 months away so they were on a tight schedule so if you want to repeat the gossip version of “She just wanted him there early and got mad!” or the Summit version of “He wasn’t late; he was only needed on this day”, you’re welcome to pick your cover-up version. But it wasn’t Kristen’s fault. She was just the easy scapegoat to re-direct from the fact that he was late.

      • Nope says:

        Please explain why the production would want him to arrive on Monday if he wasn’t needed for shooting until Thursday? I’ll wait. They would have to pay him for 3 days when he wasn’t needed on set. No producer is going to agree with that.

        He only had one short scene to shoot, the tent dialog. He wasn’t needed for the other THREE scenes that KStew and Taylor had to shoot first.

        So, simply from a practical standpoint, explain how he could be late if his scene wasn’t scheduled to take place until Thursday? That doesn’t make any sense. He arrived exactly when he was supposed to arrive, and she blew up because she wanted him to arrive earlier, when she had to be there. She was pissed off that he would rather stay with his friends and family in London than be with her. That was the problem.

      • latetopay says:

        @Nope: You’re too funny. And wrong. You’re the one who is repeating the ‘cover up’ story. Rob was expected on same day as Taylor and Kristen. His bodyguard was even in town. He was the one who made his own schedule. Everyone else, including Lainey, provided the cover that either (1) he wasn’t needed or (2) they had an argument on set. Take your pick. But the real reason was Rob didn’t show up when he was supposed to. Either way, it morphed into ‘Blame Kristen’ when it wasn’t Kristen’s fault at all.

      • bxt says:

        Kristen just worked with OTR producer Charles Gilibert again. OTR producer Roman Coppola mentioned her as the star who he would like to work with the most. Everyone who has worked with Kristen praises her work-ethic. Dogs are “joy” to work with. Competent humans have great work-ethic.

      • Jillian says:

        Everyone who’s ever worked with Rob has said he’s a “joy” to work with, the total opposite of a diva. The proof is that they work with him again. You don’t see a director every hiring Kristen Stewart for a second film, do you? Actions speak louder than words.

        He’s never disowned any of his films. Too bad her fans have to lie about a decent man, just because he doesn’t want her anymore. They act like he dumped them instead of her.

      • Nope says:

        You repeat Lainey gossip as if it were fact. It isn’t. Rob was never late for anything. He wasn’t needed, he showed up exactly on time. He was only needed for the tent scene, she and Taylor had 3 scenes to shoot, and he wasn’t needed for those.

        She was just pissed that he didn’t come EARLY. He went to a charity event at a London nightclub instead of dropping everything to dance to her tune. She was pissed off when he arrived, had a temper tantrum on the set in front of everyone, and Slade shut down the production for that day.

        Ruth fed Lainey the lie about Rob to cover for KStew’s tantrum and production shutdown. That’s what she gets paid for.

      • bxt says:

        Exactly. RPattz has been known for his diva behavior and throwing entire productions under the bus. He is the guy who disowned every movie that he did before his Cronenberg collaboration and refused to do press for Bel Ami. Kristen has never badmouthed any of her 30+ movies.

    • guest says:

      Another RPattz fan tks tks tks….

  24. guest says:

    Dear Variety and Mr Andrew Stewart, these nasty comments are from Robert Pattinson fans who spread hate on Kristen Stewart every single day. they tweets every industry person, associate & friend with her. they are stupid idiots obsessed with her.

  25. Nanea says:

    Oh my god. Some of you are lunatics. In fact, some of you may just be ‘one of you’ who keeps posting over and over. Stewart isn’t Miss Warmth on the publicity trail but she’s hardly difficult. Many journalists have acknowledged that so the wording that the author used was uncalled for and therefore changed.

    • mary says:

      I think the problem is, that the author didn’t stick to his original post, making it seem like he was forced by Stewart’s team to change it, like he never shared his original idea. He could have edited it differently, keep the original comment and then add sth like, after more consideration or info..etc, etc, sth like that. His edit just makes people -me included- think it’s suspicious,mainly because that’s how Hollywood works, it won;t be a first for Stewart.

      • latetopay says:

        Oh please. Her publicist is Ruth who does only the minimum work required. It is a straightforward change and likely because it wasn’t necessary nor was their evidence to back it up. If anything, it is seems more likely that wording was used to provoke discussion which it did. That is a known tactic to drive traffic to sites. As noted by the amount of comments, it obviously worked.

    • lucyDeye says:

      It’s well known that some fans of her ex are lunatics. js

  26. guest says:

    Poor Robert Pattinson, his fans are more interested in the career of his ex….. so sad…

  27. mary says:

    btw, it feels a bit sad, the verification that nothing and nobody is as they seem in Hollywood and they are all conceived by and controlled from a publicist’s office. changed their story completely, as it seems, because they were obviously forced by Kristen Stewart and her team, to supress any unflattering words. This reminds me of Beyonce’s publicist’s attempts to vanquish B’s unflattering pics from the Super Ball last year.
    So it’s all fake. Not only the characters they play on screen for a role, but also the character they pretend to be off screen. All manufactured in a publicist’s office.

  28. guest says:

    These loser (RPattz Fans) really are hoping by commenting on every blog, that can hurt Kristen career.

  29. kstew says:

    Little KStew seems to be a huge hollywood player according to her haters. Bode well for her.

  30. guest says:

    these nasty comments are from Robert Pattinson fans, the guy has a crazy fandom, full of desperate housewives who spread hate on Kristen every single day, they don’t have a life.

    • Nothing to brag about says:

      And the positive BS, “rainbows fly out of her ass,” comments are from her deluded fanbase.

      Too bad you don’t back up your worship of a proven liar and cheat with your money at her films. All of her indies flop, she has such a tiny shrill fanbase that is only interested in her private life. They sure don’t show up at the box office for her.

      So CXR got distribution? It’s IFC, and they’ve never released a hit. Ever. They pick losers. They were responsible for the horrible distribution job on On The Road. So why you celebrate this new is beyond me. It’s like the Good Housekeeping seal of Failure to be associated with IFC.

      • A says:

        Sorry, who was the distributor for Cosmopolis? I thought Robert is the Brando of his era nad has mountains of fans? He even asked all of you die hard fans to go see it 6 times each and it still made little. Wake up, you can’t go around dumping on Kristen’s films when your own fantasy husband’s indies have failed… Jesus, what even happened to Bel Ami? It made about 50 dollars.. even Pattinson was too embarrassed to do much promo for that. Stop being a hypocrite

  31. Tell the truth says:

    Ruth earns her money, she proved that today. Too bad there’s video of Kristen Stewart booing the professional photographers at the photo call in Cannes when she was being paid to promote her bomb, On The Road. She had already pissed off the French when she flipped the double bird upon arrival in Nice. Surprisingly, the invitation to appear on the popular French TV show, LeGrandJournal was withdrawn after her misbehavior. I’m sure Walter Salles was thrilled by that insult.

    And there’s also video of her wishing people would “Freeze to death!” on the sidewalks of Paris, on the same day that a horrible cold wave there had killed over 100 people. She lacks a sensitivity chip, that much is clear. Hi, Ruth! You can’t stop everyone from telling the truth about her.

    • bxt says:

      She was booing photogs who were booing her for not agreeing to solo shots. You see the photogs/papz wanted solo Kristen shots at On The Road premiere but she only agreed to pose with her co-stars. She was right because she had a supporting role in the movie. She dislikes paps and everyone knows it. Big deal.

      • bxt says:

        No, it wasn’t. Most Cannes photo-ops are team shots not solo shots. Kristen was absolutely right and the fact that she has backing from people like Charles Gilibert, Roman Coppola and Walter Salles to this very day proves that.

      • hannah says:

        And it was her job to do solo shots, as Walter Salles informed her.

        Kristen Stewart got a b*llocking yesterday for flicking the finger at photographers in Cannes during the official photo-call and bringing negative attention to the movie. The 22- year-old actress was told in no uncertain terms by her director Walter Salles to pull it together for the press conference and ‘act professional’ and not to be ungracious and upset either the big money suits or the festival organizers.

        “Walter’s known Kristen since she was sixteen and he told her the publicity and the buzz about it from Cannes is important for the film and not to jeopardize it by flipping off photographers and looking surly in the photos,” says a source. “She apologized and he told her he knows she hates paparazzi but she can’t behave like that and she played ball and managed to pull it together.” Well, she’s an actress so wouldn’t be too hard for her to ACT like she’s not a brat, surely?

        Sam Riley pretty much confessed he smokes weed at the press conference yesterday and so did Jack Kerouac (who he plays) so that served as the hook that helped get him into character. And a source says that the cast of On The Road have been trying to get some weed while they’re on the French Riviera.

    • mary says:

      didn’t they break up when she cheated? Oh,are they still mad about that?

  32. mary says:

    omg Variety was bitch-slapped by little KStew! #LAME and mega hilarious!

  33. angry robsessed says:

    I see angry Robsessed are here. I take that RPATZ is not doing so well. LOL

  34. bbcream says:

    Sorry Mr Andrew Stewart and KStew’s angry PR machine, the original post was already seen. Too bad Variety and Andrew Stewart himself are pousies!
    Variety’s original post read as follows: “Stewart’s attachment may also have played a factor in the film’s delayed sale since the actress is known for being difficult in the publicity circuit”

  35. ok says:

    LOL. Either Kristen wholly backs projects she’s passionate about or she is so powerful that she can make Variety say whatever she wants. I’ll take either one.

  36. jim says:

    Mr Andrew Stewart, I hope at least you got to keep your job, since you were forced to change your original post. Too bad cause it was way more entertaining than this kiss-a s s apology :/

  37. Megan says:

    lmfao at this. Kristen is not known for being great on set. Girl is known for sucking up. She doesn’t back the films she’s in at all. While other actresses stayed for more than one day at Sundance Kristen left right away. She doesn’t care. All she cares about is taking money from those idiot fans she has. Who stop at nothing to bash and ridicule every other female actress, and those who don’t like her online.

    • A says:

      Keira Knightly left after one day too…. anything to say about that?

    • bxt says:

      Kristen has always backed every movie she has been a part of. A couple of her old movies were released in theater after she became a big name and she did the publicity rounds for them. Name a single that movie she has ditched or disowned. You can’t.

    • mm says:

      Please post a direct quote of Kristen ever saying a negative word about another actress!! Kristen promoted On The Road heavily during the premiere of the last Twilight movie. She may be shy in interviews, but no one can say she does not promote her films.

      • Hazel says:

        She lacks the sensitivity chip, and is famous for making stupid statements she later has to apologize for. She compared being photographed to being “raped,” for which she had to issue a public apology. She wished people on the streets of Paris would “Freeze to death!”

        And she dissed other actresses for donating their red carpet clothes for charity auctions. Then she turned around a couple of years later and did that very thing. She’s a massive hypocrite if nothing else. She also says she loves fashions but dresses in dirty jeans and raggedy tee shirts like a 14 year old boy. She’s a giant fake, poser and liar. She has a horrible reputation, after she was caught cheating with a married man. She’s her own worst enemy, and at least one reporter at Variety knows it and isn’t afraid to tell the truth.

  38. leavebritneyalone says:

    eeeekk! looks like Variety plssed off KStew’s publicist and had to run off with their tail between their legs!

  39. jonah says:

    wait a moment, is KStew such a huge hollywood game player that she intimidated Variety to change their story? When did that happen? Was I asleep or sth?

  40. maria says:

    WOW! Variety got a major b*tching call from KStew’s publicist and changed their original story tosth completely different!
    Btw, originally they said this >>> “Stewart’s attachment may also have played a factor in the film’s delayed sale since the actress is known for being difficult in the publicity circuit”
    Actually, I kinda hope this gets noticed even more now, because it shows one thing, no media publication is free to post what they want, they all obey Hollywood publicists. I mean, the original post was very sincere, but it had to be shut down, because a publicist demanded it.
    I have to say..this is very disappointing. Freedom of opinion my @ss

  41. nika says:

    Why did you EDIT that post Variety??? I guess KStew’s people screamed at you! tsk tsk tsk…

    Original post of Variety read:
    “Stewart’s attachment may also have played a factor in the film’s delayed sale since the actress is known for BEING DIFFICULT in the publicity circuit”

    All the above was changed to this KISS A$$Y comment:
    “Stewart has a reputation for wholly backing projects she’s passionate about”???????
    WTF Variety???
    You know what is majorly disappointing? The fact that the one and only Variety is scared of a starlet’s publicist…

  42. Abe says:

    Why i want to see this film?
    1. It is an interesting film and intrigue by it,
    2. Kristen stewart and also the talented casts

    Bring this to asia please

  43. Larry says:

    I see that backtracking edit, Variety. Got a call from Stewart’s publicist I take it.

  44. James says:

    Thank you Inexplicable & diana- exactly “Many interviewers have praised her for her openness and forthrightness.”

  45. Zoe says:

    Her “box office cred has yet to materialize on the indie scene post-”Twilight.” This is the 1st film she’s had released post Twilight so that’d be difficult to do.

    • Taylor says:

      On The Road flopped, Welcome to the Riley’s flopped, all her indies flop, it doesn’t matter when they are released.

      Camp X Ray is Rotten on RT, a majority of the critics slammed it. You can quote the good reviews all you want, but there are just as many bad reviews, no matter how you try to avoid them. This distribution deal doesn’t mean much, the film won’t show a profit. She can’t attract an audience on her own, she’s proven that.

      • Abigail says:

        @Taylor…KS movies/acting are not reviewed the same as other HW actors movies imo. She got tons of positive feedback from critics regarding this performance in this movie. I noticed the negative ones almost always brought up Twilight and their preconceived ideas about her disposition as if they know her personally. They should review everyone under the same microscope. I personally never see 30 headlines regarding any other actors performance in a movie. It is remarkable if you think about it. She brought you here so I rest my case.

      • bxt says:

        99% of all Indies flop in theaters. Frances Ha was a success and it only made $4 million. If IFC Films were that worried about OTR flopping they won’t be distributing two of her movies this year.

  46. Abigail says:

    She is highly respected in the acting community for her stellar work ethic check your facts Variety haters. You should really hire people that can think for themselves instead of doing the same ole same ole. What happened to the reputable, interesting Variety of the past? Variety is not a rag mag.

  47. Your comment about Kristen Stewart “is known for being difficult on the publicity circuit” is complete BS. What she’s known for is being honest and not assuming a false identity. Many interviewers have praised her for her openness and forthrightness.

    • diana says:

      ITA with you. Kristen has always been the best in promoting her movies, case in point is her total involvement with the promotion of ON THE ROAD which was a passion project for her much like with Camp Xray. I totally challenge Andrew Stewart to prove his claim that “the actress is known for being difficult on the publicity trail” which we all know is BS and is meant to throw shade on an actress who has worked so hard in promoting all her movies and shown graciousness to all the fans spending hours signing autographs and happily posing for pics with them.

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