Zachary Quinto Thinks ‘Five-Year Mission’ Will Be Part of ‘Star Trek 3’

Star Trek 3 Includes Five-Year Mission

Director Roberto Orci has already promised that the upcoming “Star Trek 3” will head back into deep space and star Zachary Quinto has now teased slightly more about the plot.

Quinto told audiences on Friday at the Television Critics Press Tour that the latest installment of the rebooted franchise will most likely revolve around the five-year mission. As narrated by James T. Kirk in the opening to “Star Trek: The Original Series,” the five-year mission is “to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

“I think the five-year mission will be a part of this next film in some way,” Quinto said while promoting his new Starz docuseries “The Chair.” “We’re coming up on the 50th anniversary of one of the most iconic sci-fi series in entertainment history so it’s inherently an ongoing story. But I do think that we’ll feel some sense of evolution in these characters that’s been building through the first few films.”

The mission was an assignment given to Starfleet starships to explore uncharted space in the original series.

Quinto, who plays Spock in the franchise, also described new helmer Orci as a Trekkie purist.

“Bob (Orci) is definitely sort of a purist about the ‘Trek’ universe so I’ve spoken to him a number of times about his ideas and they’re really exciting and I’m really excited that we get to be a part of his feature directorial debut,” he said. “It’ll be a different world without J.J. (Abrams) on set every day, but this is a family and Bob is an essential part of that family and we’re all really excited to see where it goes. … The script is being tightened and polished and finished, and I imagine that the phone will be ringing in the next few months to see when we’ll go back into production.”

The sequel marks Orci’s directorial debut. Orci, who co-wrote the first two movies, will also help pen “Star Trek 3.” He co-wrote “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and the first two “Transformers” movies. Abrams will produce this third installment after directing the first two films.

“Star Trek 3” is set to hit theaters in 2016.

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  1. Kevin Propst says:

    to be honest, I had high hopes for the reboot, as a lot of us did. remember Abrams and Orci gave us the TV show Fringe. I liked that show, Walter was the best. How could these two who gave us such an incredible show like that, totally miss the point of what Star Trek was about? yet they did in a big way. Remember, Roddenberry’s vision of the future was about mankind, all grown up, reaching out into space to explore the cosmos in the 23rd century. Not only exploring space, but exploring what it is to still be human, and maintain our humanity while doing so in a super techno society. The character’s became Iconic in the world of television history… but NOOOO,.. what we got from Abrams and company, was a mockery of what many fans held dear for generations. Star Trek is not about SHALLOW storytelling, rehashed plot lines, lens flares, violence for the sake of ticket sales, big explosions, and banging alien babes with cat tales. the character’s in the new movies are even a shallow version of who they were. don’t even get me started on how they portrayed Kirk and Spock. it was ridiculous, and insulting to two of the most iconic character’s in tv history,.. they’ve missed the point entirely, and I believe generations of fans around the world have let them know it.

  2. Robert Gamble says:

    So here’s my problem with the 5 year mission. It makes no sense in the rebooted universe. The Enterprise was able to jump from Earth to Vulcan in minutes. It was able to do the same thing to Klingon space. In the original series and TNG it would take much longer to get from one place to other, so the concept of ‘deep space’ mattered. If by deep space they mean MUCH further away than Klingon space and Vulcan, then maybe it makes sense but is certainly not in any way equivalent to what the Old series did. Which makes Orci hardly a purist.

  3. stevenmillan says:

    What they ought to do with this soon-to-film new TREK film is not only have it take place within the fourth-to-fifth year of their mission(since we’ve already have seen three-to-four years of that very mission on both the original series and the Saturday morning cartoon series),but have Kirk and Co. come face-to-face with The Borg,unveiling some never known secrets about the origins of The Borg(and their Queen) and have them find a way to have Kirk and Co. battle The Borg and send them forward into the future(during THE NEXT GENRATION’s time era),which would make this a really rocking TREK film.

    • Oscar Olim says:

      That makes no sense. The Borg were introduced by Q, and there’s no reason to change that because of the new timeline. Q himself is quite a powerful entity that doesn’t seem like it would be influenced by the arrival of Nero.

      • Dan M says:

        Having Q correct the timeline would make for a great story. I remember an Episode of Voyager that had Janeway and crew helping the Q fight a civil war. What if the events of the reboot had a negative effect on the whole Q continuum? Like for example Janeway never gets command of Voyager which then means he never meets her during Voyagers first year and never gets to like her and ask for her help with the civil war. Young Q is never born and thus sets off a chain of events that threaten the Q continuum. Because they are Omnipotent beings, the changes that occurred in the Abramverse didn’t affect them right away. It only started to affect them the longer the Abramverse continued on its path.

      • Actually… the events of Star Trek: First Contact had the BORG escape to Earth’s history in an attempt to change history and prevent first contact with the Vulcans… altering the timeline and allowing Zefram Cochrane to see the Enterprise-E just before his historic warp flight.

        The BORG ship was destroyed and it’s wreckage crashed to earth in the arctic….

        This wreckage and the bodies of several drones were then found by a federation survey team a short time after the launch of the NX-01.

        The crew of the NX-01 then engaged and destroyed the federation survey ship that had been assimilated by the BORG, but not before they could transmit a message to the collective…

        The actual change in the timeline for the Sta Trek universe in the JJ verse starts with these events.

        In the original timeline there was no NX-01 and there was never a Captain Johnathan Archer.

        Also… it was mentioned in an early write-up on JJ Trek that his USS Enterprise incorporated BORG technology that had been reverse engineered which might explain some of JJ Treks Scotty inventing things well before he should have been exposed to the knowledge that should have made it possible.

        But in the JJ Verse… it was the NX-01 the first engages the BORG in federation space, not the Enterprise-D.

  4. John Miller says:

    The first film was a fun riff on the “Trek” universe. The second came across like, let’s take “Wrath of Khan” and screw with it for two hours. The new series is batting .500. If this third is going to work, it would be best for Roberto “The Decider” Orci to subscribe to Netflix streaming, and watch some TOS episodes to see what “Trek” was actually about.

  5. Unfortunately, JJ is now screwing up the StarWars universe. Let’s just hope it won’t be as bad as his StarTrek efforts, as a lot of peoples hopes for the franchise is riding on this. Hopefully with Orci beign a purist, he’ll have the Enterprise looking like herself and not a huge water recycling plant.

  6. I have high hopes for this installment!
    They haven’t disappointed me yet and, I’m an old Fan from the Original TV Airings…
    I like how they have reintroduced Star Trek with a twist but without totally abandoning the underpinnings of the timeline…

    The New Actors are all great and I hope that years later they feel like they all got a fair piece of the pie as well…

  7. James Savik says:

    Like Al Davis used to say: “Just win baby.”

  8. I wish they would actually make use of the alternate universe they created. I wish they would look more closely at how the destruction of Vulcan has affected the Federation rather than act as if the absence of a WHOLE PLANET means nothing.

    • Hmm, let me see if i understand this..
      You wanted them to spend an Entire Film just covering the probably wide ranging changes that occurred due to the destruction of Vulcan? That is the kind of thing that will play out as time goes on throughout the film franchises history…

      Just as I could possibly write a book about what those effects might be, they’d lose and entire story to just that, when instead, it becomes a part of the fabric of the universe itself… As reality dictates that it should be…

  9. I was on board until you mentioned he wrote the first two transformer films. This is nothing anyone should claim with any satisfaction or pride, in fact they should be ashamed for their assistance in keeping Michael Bay employed.

  10. Dominic Parry says:

    As a life long Star Trek fan, I am very happy for Mr. Orci’s success and thrilled about his record of bringing many new fans into the Trek world. I am happy that the result will be more Star Trek for years to come. I admit to being a little slow to appreciate his style but I was won over by his endearing engagement with us (fans) on a twitter question and answer session after the theatrical release of Into Darkness. I was impressed with his solid awareness of his own vision. He was open to receive suggestions and quick to know how the suggestion fits into what he wants the story to be. I must apologize for the negative treatment to which Mr. Orci has been subjected by some ‘fans’ and wish him the best especially regarding the upcoming Star Trek film he will be directing. I will just share this. My girlfriend is usually bored and uninterested when I watch any Star Trek series or film, but she tolerates my obsession. I recently purchased Into Darkness on DVD and watched it with my dad and my girlfriend. She was engaged and on the edge of her seat the entire time. She was relating to all the characters and squeezing my hand all the while. This is Mr. Orci’s gift and I am eager for more of his success.

  11. Dan M. says:

    Maybe they could fix the timeline that they f$&ked up in the first movie. Maybe they come across a wormhole in deep space on their 5 year mission, that propels them to the real timeline that Gene Wrote all those years ago. Vulcan doesn’t explode, Nero doesn’t make his way to the past and kills Kirks father before Kirk was born (yes I know other stuff happened, this is just the gist of it). Don’t get me wrong, I like the new movies and the younger cast, what I don’t like is that they changed so much of the history of what made Star Trek Star Trek. In the first, couldn’t they have just done away with the whole ‘alternate timeline’ bs and just made it a stand alone movie with no ties to the original? If they had done that, I think the rest of it would have been fine for me, even the destruction of Vulcan and Kirks dad’s early demise.

    On the subject of J.J Abrams and Star Wars. If he uses his signature solar spot special effect bs I’ll walk right out of the theatre and demand my money back. I’d sooner sit through a 2 hour movie about Jar Jar Binks then see that stupid effect that he way over uses.

  12. Ena says:

    No flares please!!!! Or keep them to a minimum :)

  13. Mike Fulton says:

    It’s hard to take the statement that Robert Orci is a “purist” regarding Star Trek seriously.

    I can accept certain things like Spock’s relationship with Uhura. This is a younger Spock than we’re used to… more like he was in “THE CAGE” pilot (where he was noticeably more emotionally animated) than in the main series. But there’s a lot of stuff that was changed that can’t be explained away by differences in personal relationships or personal experience, or by the timeline reboot in the first movie, since that only affected things which happened from roughly the time of Kirk’s birth forward.

    If he’s such a purist, then was JJ ABRAMS responsible for all the horrible conflicts with standard ST lore and continuity in the first two movies? Are we claiming Orci got it right and then had Abrams overrule him about all these things? For example:

    1) Warp drive becoming hyperspace where all ships supposedly travel at the same speed until it was necessary to the story for Admiral Marcus’ battle cruiser to overtake the Enterprise on the way back from Kronos to Earth. Then of course, it could go faster.

    2) Kronos and the Klingon Neutral Zone are apparently only a few hours way from earth via hyperspace. (I’m not gonna call what they were doing WARP DRIVE… just ain’t gonna do it.)

    And yet… when the Enterprise is knocked out of hyperspace much earlier than they should have been, they’re only a short trip away via the shuttle they take down to the planet…

    3) Phasers becoming pew-pew lasers

    4) Starships firing what appear to be AMRAAM missiles instead of photon torpedoes.

    5) The Enterprise engine room looking like it was pulled out of a 20th century ocean liner in the first movie, and then just a hot mess of … whatever… in the second movie.

    6) Sensors have apparently gone away… at least external sensors.

    6a) Scotty was able to fly his shuttle across the entire freakin’ solar system right up to the front door and then INSIDE the “secret” base where Admiral Marcus was building his secret battle crusier without even being noticed.

    6b) Khan was able to fly a … well, I’ll call it a helicopter for lack of a better term, but I’ll bet somebody could build one today, he flew it right up alongside ST HQ and started shooting. And the only way to take it out was by Kirk throwing a firehose into the engine intake.

    Apparently they don’t have any defensive capabilities at Starfleet’s main HQ. Despite the wars with the Xindi and the Romulans in the previous century.

    • Terminus says:

      Yes, the continuity and logical discrepancies in the plot and details were staggering. You have only stated a few. It was the first ST movie that I actually *hated*. I was angry leaving the theater, and the more I reflected on it, the more I hated it. Mind you, I was terribly disappointed in ST V, but didn’t actively hate it.

      • Dan M says:

        By first Star Trek, are you talking first as in original or first as in the reboot?

        I actually didn’t mind ST 5, it was 3 I hated the most and the only thing worse than their contrived story on resurrecting a dead crew mate, was how they did it in Into Darkness by needing to make sure Khan didn’t die so they could use his blood to resurrect Kirk. So why Khan’s blood? Why not one of the other 172? I asked this in another thread and the answer I received from another poster just said because maybe Khans DNA was different from all the other augments.

    • Dan M. says:

      Thank you, someone else who gets it lol.

  14. John Barelli says:

    Okay, pausing to clean up my screen after reading that the movies “don’t hold a candle to any of the TV series in terms of depth” (I love Star Trek, and I watched the original series when it was first shown, but that comment was definitely worthy of a spit-take) I think some of the more “enthusiastic” fans need to be reminded that many of the plotlines for Star Trek were laugh-out-loud awful.

    Seriously, who can forget (no matter how hard they try) such “classic” TOS episodes as “Spock’s Brain” or “The Way to Eden” or “Elaan of Troyius” or “The Omega Glory”, to name just a few.

    For its time, it was amazing television science fiction, and even more, it led the way for other, even more sophisticated science fiction shows. At its best, it rivaled The Twilight Zone, and was miles ahead of its on-air competition (Lost in Space? Danger, danger, Will Robinson!)

    But it was still pretty cheesy at times, and those “bests” were far less common than the episodes that were merely a bit better than the competition (meaning that they were pretty bad).

    Finally, for those “purists” that cannot abide any changes to the “classic” series, I would give a bit of advice from another (technically sci-fi) television program: “Repeat to yourself ‘It’s just a show, I should really just relax.'”

    • John Miller says:

      It’s the difference between doing 25 episodes a year vs. one every four years. There should be a bit higher demand for quality in that one per four years.

      • John Barelli says:

        A reasonable enough point, but one that does not change my post. Remember, the point being refuted was that the movies “don’t hold a candle to any of the TV series in terms of depth”.

        Yes, I do expect better quality in terms of production values from a movie than I do from a weekly series. Somewhat less so in terms of scripts, as there were many talented writers working on scripts for Star Trek, and no single writer was expected to provide 25 quality scripts per year. I doubt that anyone disagrees that the production quality on any of the movies is vastly better than on the weekly show. (Okay, there are probably a few that would, but those people still live in their mom’s basement and refuse to wear red because they’re afraid that they’ll be killed in the Starbucks line.)

        Bottom line, the movies are pretty good. No, not perfect, and no, not Earth shattering. Just good entertainment that also conveys some positive values.

        Not bad for eight bucks.

    • Talentless Hack says:

      The cheesiness made it endearing. It was the 60s. All of TV was cheesy back then.

  15. I hope that the powers that be release a new tv series based on the old, heavily involved in the sciences mixed with the occasional battle. I think that is why star trek endured for so long. The only problem I had accepting was seeing a starship under the ocean. Something just didn’t seem right about that…

  16. Yeah. Orci is a purist. Sure.

  17. Josh Lee says:

    The new Trek films are fine for what they are. Popcorn movies. They don’t hold a candle to any of the TV series in terms of depth but how could they? 2 hours is just long enough to get in and get out and entertain people. Both films do a super job of that. Recasting the most iconic TV cast ever is still a mistake but those casting directors did the most amazing job they could. It was almost impossible and they pulled it off beautifully. These actors are really terrific; they just aren’t the originals, nor could they be. The Spock/Uhura thing MUST be ignored from here on out. It was a tremendous mistake. Also, Karl Urban needs to be more important than Zoe Saldana. Sorry. That’s how it is in Star Trek. I don’t care who the bigger star is. McCoy is part of the Big Three and Uhura isn’t. Also, it is vital that this next film tell a NEW story with no reused elements from the series. They’re just taking old parts and making a new gizmo. The old parts are the cast and the ship. Everything else needs to be new…and strange. ;) As for the lens flare, it’s just a style. Kinda sick of hearing about it but I just HAD to mention it. It’s what J.J. will be remembered for. Just kidding. He’ll be remembered for the upcoming Star Wars flicks. That’s his real cup of tea, anyway. Actually, we owe J.J. a great deal for keeping Trek alive and lucrative. It would be doing a fat lot of nothing without him. Oh and keep Michael Giacchino. He does a great job with the scores. I look forward to the next film but I really look forward to seeing Trek back on TV where it belongs.

    • rocky-o says:

      i truly appreciate you saying that ‘bones’ needs more screen time…he is ‘one of the three’ and the casting was spot on with his character…but how can you say that 2 hours is only good to entertain people…have you seen ‘star trek VI: the undiscovered country’…that movie was brilliant…or even perhaps ‘star trek VIIII: insurrection’…a great homage to the ‘storytelling’ aspect of trek…these reboots have been lame attempts at CGI and twisting old plot lines into disasterous results…and as i have stated before…the biggest problem with these movies above everything else is that they feature kirk and company…we already know their history…we already know what happened with khan…we saw spock die to save his shipmates…and we have even seen them grow old together…if they had simply created new characters, we may have been a bit more forgiving…but these movies have less in common with trek than the old saturday morning cartoon series did…and when it comes to kirk, sorry, but that ain’t chris pine…and when it comes to spock and uhura or vulcan or any other ‘mislaid plans’ that have arisen in this farce of treklore, it should not be, and probably will never be, accepted as part of the true canon…

  18. I am getting so tired of these nit picking purist fans who hated the new refit versions of Star Trek. Deal with it already!!!! Change is a part of life! I love the new Star Trek, I think it brings the classic original version back to the way Roddenberry intended the show to be like. Unfortunatley back in the sixty’s the studio couldn’t afford to do all things he( Rodenberry) wanted to do. Now we finally can! I look forward to seeing what the 5 year mission will end up being like. I would like to see some different takes from some of the original episodes. Like the Doomsday machine for example will they run into that thing again? How will Kirk deal with that planet killing machine this time?

    • Sean Blythe says:

      I’m glad you’re so accepting of the new interpretation. I hope you’ll be just as accepting if the new Star Wars formula turns out to be pure space romance. If not, then you should probably just be okay with fans having the right to their opinions

  19. nerdrage says:

    Why is this news? They said they were going on the five year mission at the end of the last (completely terrible) movie. Hopefully Abrams’ departure will improve the quality of the movies. At the very least, lose the idiotic romance plot between Spock & Uhura if all it produces is juvenile bickering when they should be doing their jobs.

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