Stan Lee Says He Will Cameo in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Stan Lee "Guardians of the Galaxy":
Rodrigo Vaz/Getty

Despite claims by Stan Lee that he will not appear in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” he said Sunday at Chicago expo c2e2 that he will indeed cameo in the upcoming comicbook movie.

In responding to a fan question whether or not he would do a cameo in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” he confirmed that the joke would live on.

“I did, already,” he responded to the question at his panel. “I can’t tell you what it is, but I can tell you I do not understand what it was or why I did it. It has me with a girl — a very pretty girl — that’s all I can tell you.”

Lee’s cameos in Marvel movies, including “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “The Avengers,” the “Spider-Man” movies and “Iron Man” movies, have become a long-running joke in the comicbook world. Many fans were disappointed to hear him say that he would not appear in “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Speaking to Dweebcast in January, Lee said that he would not be in “Guardians of the Galaxy” because he did not create the group.

“No, I’m afraid not,” he answered to the question of whether or not he would be in the movie. “That’s the one group I didn’t create.”

“I didn’t write ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ I’m not even sure who they all are. I can’t wait to see the movie.”

Lee is, however, credited with creating the character Groot with Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers, who is a member of the titular group. This could have been the determining factor in Lee deciding to appear.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” is set to hit theaters August 1.


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  1. the ken says:

    Marvel still owns the rights to the characters, Sony has the rights to make movies based on said characters. But Marvel can still have input as in the direction of the characters, sure they sign away some rights, but they (Marvel) still have Intellectual property rights.

    But all this aside, Stan’s only concern seems to me himself and how and where he can be put into each movie,

    And if Stan has no input he should, Ironman 3 was just bad, Captain America 2…, just love watchin my favortie heros get the crap beat outta them?

    Let me put it this way, do you like to watch your favorite hero’s kick butt? or watch them get their butts kicked?

    Cause except for the Avengers 2012 movie in which hulk beats the crap outta Loki, and made me laugh,, I’ve seen nothing but Super hero’s like Thor in his first movie gettin it handed to them as they action scene their way thru a movie, just to think of something in the last 15 minutes to pull it outta their butts.

    These are suppose to be the World Mightiest Hero’s!, and they come off like a bunch of wimps at times… well till the end..

    Come one, Ironman blowin up 100 amored suits at the end of 3?

    and that anxiety attack crap in the middle, talkin to a little kid? (can we all say over acting together boys and girls?)


    So in all your opinions ,its ok if Stan appears in movie after movie with badly written dialogue,

    thats important.., hell with the Marvel Universe, its only comics books after all, right?

    Jack Kirby, i hope you rest in peace, and cant see what Stans doin to your work.. you’d turn over in your galactic grave. Nothin but respect…

  2. Tyler says:

    Oops… replied in the wrong place! Much facepalming for me.

  3. the ken says:

    On and another point being that creators are now stepping up to the cameras and lime light, in movies and premieres As if they we’re the stars and not their creations, Stan Lee, J.K Rowling, Steve Jobs,(Sorry steve, you were a glory hound) and many more, unlike Jim Henson that knew to let the Muppets speak for him and stay under the stage where the creator belonged. I’m not against Stan, Hell I’ll thank the man for all the Characters him and Kirby created together. But I’m not a fan boy, I dont giggle in glee when I see him. I watch movies based on his characters. and from what I’ve seen lately, he can put them in a vault like Disney used to with their videos and keep them there, not worth watchin. NUFF SAID!!!

  4. the ken says:

    Sick of Stan Lee thinkin he’s the star when its the super hero’s of Marvel Comics that are the draw to the Movies. And I see a growing number of Super Hero movies suffer because instead of worrying about plots, character development and just plain good movie making, Stan cares what part he has. This last Spiderman, with more 3D scenes and less plot and reasoning. With the usual Super hero gets his butt kicked till last 5 minutes of movie is gettin old. real old. and So is Stan, apparently so old he forgot its Spiderman we came to see kick butt, not to watch Spiderman and Capt and all the rest get their well, you know handed to them while Stan smiles and delivers bad catch phrases.

    • Nine_Spades says:

      OK “the ken” you are spouting complete and total nonsense. The movies are not built around the 3 second cameo of an old comic book writer. Stan Lee does not have creative control over how the movies are made, although I’m sure he has an opportunity to provide some input. Most of all though, you are weirdly fixated on your desire to have a movie with invincible hero’s, which (1) would be boring, and (2) shows you are not a comic book fan, and especially not a Marvel Comics fan. Comics like Spiderman, the Avengers and the X-men have explicitly been about imperfect people overcoming the odds for over 50 years now. That means they don’t win every fight, that would be super boring.

      • the ken says:

        Oh and as Stan was always fond of saying, and wearing the hell out, “NUFF SAID!!”

        that is all

      • the ken says:

        win every fight? they win none!, just the last battle, and no I’m not saying make them invincible, just let em win once in a while, and without that Robert Downey cry baby bullshit.

        Avengers 2012 did, they mixed it up, had a killer movie and it was great, like i said, the scene where Hulk Calls Loki puny God, and they processed to kick his ass is funny as hell.

        Oh and as for knowing comic books? i was born in 1959. I owned Amazing fantasy 15 along with other great comic books, My mom threw them away one day when i was 15 and at a friends house ,because she said they were all over my room.

        so dont lecture me on comic books knowledge my friend. I’ve been reading comic books since probably before you were born, I even had the issue or Spiderman where Gwen Stacy first died. So please stop now, you have no idea what the hell youre talkin about.

        And as for Stan lee having no rights, sure he does, its like sayin Nintendo has no rights as to how Mario is portrayed. Oh and can we talk suits, falcon, black leather and horrible, the new green goblin, or whatever he’ll be call, sad lookin, yea, that face scared me, not!

        ,But hurry!, run! and buy those tickets, you’ll get to see a bad movie in 3D, I said “3 DDDDDD!!” hurry hurry, you’ll miss the boat, aww too bad, it took off without you..

    • Tyler says:

      Wait… have you honestly been under the impression this entire time that Marvel movies, whether made by Disney, Fox or Sony, are in some way affected creatively by Stan Lee’s opinions and input? Specifically, as regards a role being written for him? How exactly do you imagine movies work?

  5. Steven says:

    In detail, at C2E2 Stan Lee, in his packed-house main hall panel let leak – in two separate segments – that he will not only be in Guardians of the Galaxy, but will be a hologramed image (perhaps a CGI figure) featured in a scene with a woman. Stan was repeatedly counseled by a representative not to give away too much information, so the conclusion was the result of two ‘slips’ inspired by a question as to why he no longer had a mustache.

    • the ken says:

      I know exactly how movies work, I also know Stan Lee owns his characters and without his say-so, nothing would get done, I’m other words, he would have last say on how Spiderman for example is presented to the world, on the Big Screen. And he could alter the plot to include scenes not showing spiderman gettin his ass kicked all over the place, and capt, and that sad stupid ending to Ironman 3. Or are you also happy with the 95 minute butt kick super hero with last 10 minute pull something outta his ass plot too? I’m sure you are. Or maybe your right, maybe we should let an old man ruin what took a life time to build? what was Ii thinkin?, new Ideas in Hollywood such as hero’s actually winning in a movie? how dare i think such a thing???

      • ajedscorn says:

        Stan Lee does not own the characters, they are owned by Marvel. He has little to no say so in the plots of the comic books or the movies, and certainly not Spider-man which is owned by Sony and not Marvel. He gave up his creative and executive rights years ago. There are no contracts requiring him to do a cameo, he is asked to do it by the directors and producers. It’s just a tradition done since X-Men. And there are some Marvel films where he does not appear (X2, both Wolverine movies, X-Men First Class, all Blade movies, both Ghost Rider movies, both The Punisher movies, Electra). He is basically the Queen, just a figurehead, while other people make the decisions.

    • Tyler says:

      Thanks for helping me make that distinction clear, ajedscorn. I would also like to add that a character going through trials before triumphing in the end is commonly referred to by us fiction fans as a ‘plot’, not as ‘ruining a franchise’.

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