Sony’s Amy Pascal Apologizes for Obama Emails

Amy Pascal
Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal has apologized for racially insensitive remarks made by her and producer Scott Rudin about President Obama in a series of stolen emails that were published online Thursday.

“The content of my emails were insensitive and inappropriate but are not an accurate reflection of who I am,” she said in a statement, adding that “although this was a private communication that was stolen, I accept full responsibility for what I wrote and apologize to everyone who was offended.”

Buzzfeed published a story late Thursday containing personal emails in which Pascal and “The Social Network” producer Scott Rudin joked about Obama’s favorite movies, suggesting he would prefer those about African Americans.

“Would he like to finance some movies,” responded Rudin, when Pascal sought his advice on what she should say to the President at a Hollywood fundraiser.

“I doubt it. Should I ask him if he liked DJANGO?” said Pascal, with Rudin replying “12 YEARS.”

“Or the butler. Or think like a man?” continued Pascal, who is a major donor for the Democratic party and President Obama.

“Ride-along. I bet he likes Kevin Hart,” said Rudin.

Rudin apologized two hours earlier for the comments Thursday in a piece on Deadline, calling them “thoughtless and insensitive — and not funny at all.”

Pascal’s other published email exchanges with producers and Sony executives include derisive remarks about top talent such as Kevin Hart, Angelina Jolie and Adam Sandler.

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  1. jmm124567 says:

    HOW IN THE HECK IS THIS RACIST? Amy is going to meet Obama so she ask Scott about some conversation topics. Wonders if she should ask Obama if he liked some films that are black films. That is not racism. The fact is these films have to do with Obama’s culture. I am white and if a non-white person said to me “your white so you most likely saw this film because it is mainly a white film” I would not find that racist at all. I think we are becoming way to sensitive of a society. Fricken PC. In a decade we are all going to be wearing blindfolds literally.

  2. Oscar Olga says:

    Why fire her fire her the man above her…this whole this is such bull shit… SoNy needed to shake up management and had a trashy film that delivered human resources the perfect vehicle to do it.


  3. Howard Beale says:

    So what would happen if an entertainment big shot mouthed off about Jews? Oh yeah, his name is Mel Gibson aka pariah. The first righteous calls for his head would be pascal et al. Hypocrisy thy name is Amy.

  4. whatsizname says:

    Now, what were the Obama’s saying last week about pervasive racism in our society? (ahem)

  5. jkvas says:

    Is she kidding? One’s true character is not revealed in public but in secret! Of course, these emails reveal her true nature. -Hers and Rudin’s! How come she gets the short straw to publicly apologize?

  6. Eric says:

    I’m black, and I don’t think the comments were racist, they were clearly joking. Kevin Hart has made more than a few outright racists jokes publicly.

    • Why do you feel a need to say you are black? Do you think it would make your view more believable that “they were clearly joking….”? Clearly, you lack an understanding what racism is. Read books – don’t let comedy shape your thinking!

  7. Pascal, Rudin and other Sony execs exposed — should be fired! I am appalled that these two Jewish people would engage in such “Shenanigans” when their peoples throughout history have reaped the hammer of racists intolerance and hatred, sometimes on the scale of black peoples. Have they not learned anything in this short life?

    You want to know why black men and women die at the hands of rogue racists cops? For the same reasons they hold incendiary racists viewpoints of blacks in their private chats and in the recesses of their cold-hearted minds. What falls out of ones mouth comes from the hearts.

  8. Mark Merta says:

    I don’t see any racism in those comments. AND she has a RIGHT to say whatever the hack she wants about whoever, because those are her rights as a US citizen.

    • whatsizname says:

      True that, Mark- but we have the right to disapprove, and to demonstrate our disapproval by calling for her resignation, or by boycotting Sony! See how that works? (BTW, I’m white, conservative)

  9. No Resecpt for office of president, like it or not he’s strill the President. I don’t think she want her employees writing about her in a negative way,what go around come around.

  10. Justaguy says:

    She is racist and I hope she loses her job because of this breach of security.

  11. Vern Berry says:

    The fact is, thoughts expressed in casual conversation or personal email IS who we are. I am becoming more and more aware of how deep seeded racial bigotry is in America, particularly in high places, such as Sony, where it affects thousands of lives.

    • Mr Furious says:

      Yep. I can’t stand when people do or say horrible things and then get in front of a microphone and say ‘I’m sowwy’ and people forget about it. They’re sorry they got caught and nothing more.

  12. It is unfortunate that people in these kinds of positions are so morally reprehensible, insensitive, immature and unfit for the position that they hold.

  13. Sallie Watson says:

    Amy Pascal is a racist. None of my friends or family joke like that. This is her legacy.

    • cpglen says:

      Pascal and Rubin were exposed for who they really are!!! Now the pubic can see the kind of conversations and trashy mentality that goes on behind closed doors.

  14. Mari Singh says:

    She was caught with her knickers down, but there is no reason for her to apologize. The inflammatory comments that she made, or the inflammatory comments that she received without addressing – showed her TRUE COLORS/her TRUE BELIEFS… There is no reason to offer mea culpa for being your authentic self. We see you, Amy. We now know who you are.

  15. Nicole says:

    I am SO sick and tired of people apologizing all over themselves when they get caught being a jackass (and that’s putting it nicely.) Even worse though is when they follow that up with a trite statement such as, “that’s not a true reflection of who I am.” Ummm…..yes, it’s actually a perfect reflection of who you are. At least show a little self respect and own up to the fact that you suck as a human being.

  16. Delia H. (@nadalotta) says:

    Amy deserves her criticism but what about Scott? He participated in the emails. Has he apologize here at Variety? (I see he made a statement on Deadline – I hope he’s getting the same thing as Amy).

    • gorbud says:

      How about calling Al “the criminal” Sharpton to ask for absolution. That takes the cake. What a coward and dumb a*s. She make a racially insensitive joke. You would think she had killed babies on national TV for God’s sake. Is king Obama that sensitive that he will b e hurt and cry because of shat some jacka*s said.

  17. Random1 says:

    What I don’t understand is why Ms. Pascal and Mr. Rudin didn’t consider the fact that any written communications on corporate email server are not private. I work in a corporate environment and would NEVER even consider writing any of the racist drivel displayed in those leaked emails. For the Co-Chairman of a corporation to do such a thing is unprofessional and unacceptable. Period.

  18. Listen, if you thought it and you said it, own it. I hate these faux apologies people make when caught in an embarrassing situation. They mean nothing and just make you look like a worse idiot than everyone already thought you were.

  19. MJGabe1 says:

    Yes, Amy….this IS exactly who you are. If it wasn’t, you NEVER would have wrote and/or made the comments. I expect you to apologize because you’re embarrassed, but (trust and believe) your comments were exactly how you felt.

  20. stylinred says:

    Its okay to be racist against black people when you’re not drunk, if you apologize, but if you’re drunk and bigoted towards jews your career ends regardless of your apology ~mel gibson

  21. KFAlSharif says:

    What’s wrong with Django??

  22. It is amazing how people attempt to portrait themselves as “color blind” in corporate America while holding titles as CEO or Chairman; however, upon one’s true character being exposed, an APOLOGY is supposed to be sufficient. Update: An apology isn’t necessary because obviously this is an accurate reflection of how you feel. Racism at this level is unacceptable and should be dealt with accordingly.
    Additionally, racist jokes made towards our Commander In Chief are very disrespectful.

  23. She is exactly like every other big name white executive in Hollywood. An ugly, mean-spirited racist.

  24. Manchester 123 says:

    Trash is trash. They are all the same. It does not matter what walks of life these people are from, a CEO, chairman etc. Forget what your ancesters had built, the legacy of the White race across the world is racism. Every white child is served this for breakfast. It is that cereal in a box that they get from mummy in the U.S. and then sold across the world. We should not expect any better. It is official.

    • pookie says:

      David Sterling isn’t white and neither is this woman. They appear white, but genetically a different race. The white legacy will be safe.

    • Manchester 123,
      I totally agree with your comment. It tends to amaze me how people portrays themself as “color blind” in corporate America while holding titles as CEO or Chairman; however, upon one’s true character being exposed, an APOLOGY is supposed to be sufficient. Update: An apology isn’t necessary because obviously this is an accurate reflection of how you feel. Racism at this level is unacceptable and should be dealt with accordingly.
      The jokes made towards our Commander In Chief are very disrespectful.

      • gorbud says:

        If you want to see the character of these corporate phonies just look at the schools they send their children to, their list of close personal friends that they invite to dinner, who they marry, who they date and many other indicators of just what type of individuals they allow into their personal lives. All white, rich and “upper crust” fakers just like them.

        The working class and blue collar is where real integration takes place. People who work together, go to school and socialize together is where the rubber meets the road.

        Rich snobs and over educated liberals are the face of hypocrisy when it comes to social interaction. ANYONE who is not like them is excluded except of course when money can be made from interaction with those “others.”

  25. Ray Arlen says:

    You can determine the true character of someone by how they act when they think they won’t get caught.

  26. Ray Arlen says:

    No thinking person should be surprised to learn that high-visibility liberals are closet racists. The liberal agenda concerning race has never been about respect. It has always been about pandering and lying to garner votes.

  27. Denise says:

    “But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known. Accordingly, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in the inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the housetops”. Luke 12:3.

    This was spoken to the Pharisees in the days of Jesus. It still applies don’t you think? Behave like a hypocrite and you will be outed as one.

    • Lauren Elise says:

      Here, here & Thank you @Denise. It never ceases to amaze me… On any given day we ALL are blessed to even have a life. To be afforded the opportinity to bring light and exact positive changes in this world is an awesome gift that keeps on giving. Yet there are a few that seem to routinely downshift into the lowest form of oneself. A sad reminder… there is no true decency in the ignorant, arrogant and brutish that dwell amongst us. The remedy is prayer. One Love, People ♡ ONE L-♡-V-E

  28. J.E. Vizzusi says:

    No, its exactly who you are. When you send a private email, its essentially a message reflecting your personality, your private thoughts and actions. You can be sued for slander and defaming a person or business from a email that may be seen by a party not intended for. Its you, your words and from her power in the Industry, could reflect her intention of bias as well.

  29. Jim Schad says:

    She forgot to include eating watermelon and drinking malt liquor. Coward and hypocrite. She had no qualms going after Mel Gibson. Wonder is she was intoxicated?

  30. Jim Schad says:

    Stupid infantile comments. More is expected from a head of a major studio. Idiots who hired her.

  31. 1favored says:

    You show who you are when you don’t think anyone is watching or listening or reading your genuine thoughts. Telling us who you think you are means nothing. You are two-faced. You may even confuse yourself given “The content of my emails were insensitive and inappropriate but are not an accurate reflection of who I am,”

    Ms.. Pascal, maybe your mirror is broken., making it impossible for you to see who you really are.

  32. nate says:

    Somebody give them the yoga flame and fire them already. I’m sure incompetent use of email is good enough. I’m tired of people apologizing for what they really feel, only after others hear. The apology makes it worse bc they want you to think this isn’t their natural tone. When I want to say something insensitive or thoughtless, I ‘say’ it, never write it. So they should also be fired for being dumb. There are too many people who want their job for an idiot to have the seat.

  33. Mary Garcia says:

    Sounds like these folks don’t have any respect for obama. He gave them the sword..

  34. Sherman O says:

    Fire her sorry ass. Apology NOT ACCEPTED. Liar.

  35. aberdeenvet says:

    When you truthfully express what you have come to believe of others based upon your evaluation of them, they, and only they, must be the ones to prove to you that you were wrong in your judgements before any apologies should be forthcoming.

  36. Peter says:

    Why should we accept her apology? She was the one who went after Mel Gibson after his drunken tirade, telling the Los Angeles Times “It’s incredibly disappointing that somebody of his stature would speak out that way, especially at this sensitive time” and vowed never to work with him again. What she said is just as bad as what Gibson said and she wasn’t even drunk at the time.

  37. Penny M. says:

    LOL… oh, that is EXACTLY who you are.

  38. Wrenchman says:

    Funny how no one is “Who they really are” when they’re caught speaking the truth! Typical Liberal back peddling – Sickening

  39. Confucius says:

    Why do you feel the need to apologize for something you beleive?

    Why does anyone?
    – Because they are afraid to offend people.
    – They are conformists.
    – They are Sheeple.
    – They are cowards.

    You better get over that and start offending, our society needs it.

    Have a nice day…

  40. preuser says:

    funny jokes , FWIW whites tell jokes about everybody including other whites,blacks tell jokes about everybody including other blacks ,Jews tell jokes about everybody including other jews and so on and so forth get over it already!

    It’s obvious and no surprise the demo rat hollywood limousine liberal fund raisers and donors don’t have much love for Obama . ( why should they he is only another liberal tool (hired help of the limousine liberals )

    Hollywood liberals back him because they think they can use him . In the end they only let him in the front door because they think he can use him !.

  41. Joe Blow says:

    Boycott Sony……..Don’t buy their products….boycott their movies….hit them in the pocketbook!

  42. Oscar says:

    Yes that is who are you hypocrite. You are what you do and say when you think no one is watching.

  43. Mark says:

    Is this what PC America has come to? Now, you have to apologize for suggesting a black man might prefer movies with black characters. In todays America, you would have to apologize to a straight man for suggesting he preferred straight porn over gay porn.

    • aslean says:

      And futhermore if this is not who she is then where in the hell did those remarks come from? does she have a split personality that person number 2 takes over at times and then she has to apologize for that nasty beast. It is so strange to me that all these people has a second voice that nobody has ever heard until something dont go their way .then here come (thats not who I am) You finding out who you really are put you in a state of shock

  44. truthpatrol says:

    Ladies and Gentleman
    Just like being Grubered

    please welcome the real racists to the party…the politically connected Elite Liberal….
    Revealed before your eyes for who they really are…

    thank you Kim Jong Un

  45. Alienbrother says:

    Oh please . . . Yet another completley blown out of proportion situation. Are we even allowed to NOTICE the colour of a person’s skin anymore? It seems to me that America is in high school, getting all up in arms about this kind of ridiculous joking, ‘he said this’, ‘or she said that’, as if some kind of major crime has been committed (and all because it was a famous person that you just can’t wait to defame next simply for the sake of it because its what you love to do, has said such thing) and then Americans all jump on the moral bandwagon, whether its a comment about Angelina, or about colour.

    You have much bigger problems to deal with ‘merica.

    Regardless, how many times have I heard a black stand up comedian roast ‘honkies’, or whatever names they call white people . . . And no one ever cares? Its funny then . . . No? I think so. Mind you, for a country, that gets by on being false about every little thing they EVER say in public, yet the public absorbs the lies like a sponge, its hardly surprising.

    Once again, the American public, being so upset over absolute ridiculousness like this, is pathetic. Get over the belief that your’e persecuted because you’re black, black America, its you, largely, who keeps that myth going. There are plenty of whites who get treated the same way. Any civilized person, could give a sh!t what the hell colour you are.

    The Greatest country in the world . . . Phhh . . . who actually said that . . . An American? It’s only you lot that think that, the rest of us, when we see constant infantile situations like this arise from your country, just personifies why you are probably one of the worst. I can’t believe I ever considered immigrating there, and most certainly glad I chose a different country. Brainwashed, ignoramus automatons, for the most part. That’s what you are.

  46. So I guess she isn’t a racist just inartful…

    • Rick James says:

      I’m sure you’d have that same nonchalant, excusing attitude if these were emails of Tea Party people, huh? Yeah RIGHT. You liberals are such disgusting hypocrites.

  47. Mike Jefferson says:

    Absolutely, these comments are indicators of who these wealthy elite liberals really are; racists and haters. Stop the charades already.

  48. Brian H says:

    Donald Sterling fiasco anyone?? Sounds like the same situation to me. A private conversation with content that sounded racist or bigoted or at least insensitive to the Black race, that was illegally or unknowingly made public. As I recall, no one accepted his apologies or attempts to make amends. In fact, the NAACP returned his money and free game tickets! But what’s different about Ms. Pascal? Could it be that she’s a Libbbberallll, change-the-definition-of-marriage type … a supporter giving out big bucks to the DNC and the Prezi. Maybe that has something to do with it, ya think?? Hmmmm? Does anyone care about the hypocrisy here? And this is just 0.05% of the hypocrisy that the Left lives by. Its disgusting to me. Anyone else????? Also wondering: is the DNC gonna return her donations?

  49. John Smith says:

    Hollywood and DC are completely Gruberized, filled with elitist pretenders of a Gruberian nature … deceitful, self-absorbed, self-rightous, and when the light shines on them, completely conformist to the status quo politically correct script … there is not a fraction of what comes from Hollywood or DC that isn’t complete fiction …

  50. kenny says:

    “Not who I am”, translation : “Not who I want people to think I am.”

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