Sony Has ‘No Further Release Plans’ for ‘The Interview’

The Interview Seth Rogen James Franco

Sony Pictures Entertainment has chosen to stand down for “The Interview,” deciding against releasing the Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy in any form — including VOD or DVD, as U.S. officials reportedly link Sony’s massive cyber attack to North Korea.

“Sony Pictures has no further release plans for the film,” a spokesman said Wednesday.

The studio issued the statement a few hours after pulling the planned Christmas Day release of “The Interview” in the U.S. in response to the hackers who threatened a 9/11-style attack against U.S. theaters and moviegoers if the comedy were released.

By late Wednesday afternoon, the studio had removed any mention of “The Interview” from its official web site. 

The move could open the door for Sony to sell the rights to a rival distributor — though Hollywood is still reeling from Tuesday’s invocation of a possible terrorist attack on exhibitors if they screened “The Interview.”

Prior to the decision to pull the controversial movie, a Sony Pictures insider had told Variety that the studio was weighing releasing the film on premium video-on-demand. Such a move would have allowed the studio to recoup some of the film’s $42 million budget and tens of millions in promotion and advertising expenditures.

Sony’s nightmare began on Nov. 24 when the “Guardians of Peace” hackers disabled the studio’s computer system and began disclosing internal documents, email messages, film budgets, executive salaries and the social security numbers of thousands of employees.

“The world will be full of fear,” the group’s Tuesday message said. “Remember the 11th of September 2001. We recommend you to keep yourself distant from the places at that time. (If your house is nearby, you’d better leave.)”

In response, most of the country’s largest theater chains —  including AMC, Regal, Cinemark, Carmike and Southern Theatres — announced they would either delay showing the picture or would drop it altogether.

“The Interview” centers on an assassination attempt on North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

On Wednesday, several published reports said that federal authorities had determined that hackers working on behalf of the North Korean government were behind the hack attack. CNN’s Evan Perez said that an announcement is expected on Thursday that would “assign attribution” to the country.

“The Interview” has been scheduled for release in foreign markets starting in late January.

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  1. Your future President says:

    Benjamin Franklin stated those that give up liberty for safety deserve neither safety or liberty. By the way the U.S. Is not scared in fact all the U.S. Needs is a reason to use its bombs….not to mention say if the movie is ever realsed do any of you have a clue how much money would be made just because of the situation..? Also for those that say its a bad movie I do not think you can say the film is bad unless you have seen it. Do not judge a movie by its trailers.

  2. Little bear says:

    Everybody get ready to see a bad movie with some lame actors. What great publicity to draw crowds that otherwise would not bother to go see a this movie.

  3. Sandyshoes says:

    Well, Debbie Berg, since you’re so gung-ho (pun intended) about defending this stupid piece of clueless film-making nonsense, I hope you enjoy spending your money for multiple copies, and find it’s not even good. You can see anything you like. Anyway, I’ll pick my battles, and I’m not ready to go to war, so to speak, for this stupid movie. Maybe for “Lincoln” or “Dancing With Wolves” or “Schindler’s List” but definitely not “The Interview.” To each his own. Merry Christmas.

  4. Debby Berg says:

    I’m not boycotting them-I want a copy of this movie. Screw North Korea and that little dictator that runs it. That little douche doesn’t get to tell me what movies I get to see in my own country. Don’t know about many of you but I want a copy, not because it’s great comedy-in fact it’s probably not-but because it gives Kim Jong Un a wedgie that this movie is out there. Screw him.

  5. michelle hut says:

    boycott Sony

  6. Sandyshoes says:

    My first question on hearing about this movie was: In these days of terrorist attacks around the world, complete lack of privacy online and instantaneouls universal communication, what numbskull thought this was a great idea for a movie? And what industry giant brain decided to go with it, spend millions on such an ill-conceived “idea”. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech, it was planned as a dumb comedy with a cast of feeble comics. Nothing worth all the rage it has inspired, and even getting the President involved. I just hope Sony loses its shirt after this stupid move.

    • Debby Berg says:

      Sandyshoes-Who cares what the plot was? That’s five miles from the point. The point is that all the theaters went potty in their shorts and didn’t stand up for their First Amendment rights. The leader of North Korea doesn’t get to dictate to me or you or my cat what we get to watch at the movies or in our homes. And knuckling under to their pressure for ANY reason is reason enough to me to pressure Sony into releasing this movie and purchasing copies for myself and anyone else in my family. In fact I want it BECAUSE of that very reason.

  7. Bill Car says:

    So you dont deal with terrorists and allow your citizens heads to be chopped off but you buckle to demands that read like they were written by a ten year old ( We recommend you to keep yourself distant from the places at that time ). Poor form, very poor form.

    • Debby Berg says:

      That was the theater owners that caved-not Sony or POTUS. So lets keep that straight. POTUS has been saying all day that he wished they would have talked to him before they did anything.

  8. John in Alaska says:

    I hope all Americans can boycott Sony. I will refuse to buy anymore of their products. I was planning on seeing the new Hobbitt movie but the reviews are only average and it would mean supporting cinemark or regal where I live. I’ll skip the movies this Christmas too. I’ll wait and see it at a 2nd run theater.

  9. Michael L Pellegrino says:

    You let N Korea get away with this and is Iran next or,……

  10. Greg Miller says:

    Ok I am just going to say that this is the most rediculous thing I have seen in a very long time, and I have been in Law Enforcement so that is saying allot. If we as a country are going to allow these few people to basically hold us hostage and dictate what we see when we see it then what in Gods name are our brave troops fighting all over the world for. If I remember properly it is our Freedom to do exactly that whatch what we want when we want and do all the things that make us a free country that is what they fight for. I know this a small thing in the grand scheme of things but this is where it starts. Tonight I feel sorry for all of us and even more for the great troops and the families of them who think so or not are fighting right along side of them for our freedom.

  11. Ramon Garcia says:

    Sell us The Interview,I will buy one movie for myself,and for each one of my four children. Don’t give in to these hoodlums,we are a strong people in this country. Please do not give in to these spineless animals.

  12. occultology says:

    Release “The Interview” next year on the Fourth of July! Since the movie got a negative review in Variety, use the extra time to re-cut, re-edit, shoot additional material and/or re-insert previously determined-to-be-offensive material back into the movie — after all, now there is nothing to lose for its creators — and go all out and turn it into a classic film comedy for all time. Fortune favors the bold, so fling an improved version of “The Interview” back into North Korea’s face on the Fourth of July 2015, and let’s bitch slap the “Non-Defecating” head twerp despot in front of the entire world. Then, as we say in Chess, “Your Move.”

  13. Cynical says:

    Disgusting. What a bunch of cowards. America used to be the “Land of the Brave”, now Americains quake in their boots at the slightest danger.

  14. kushibo says:

    Having lived for years with monthly warnings that North Korea’s military would turn my central Seoul neighborhood into “a sea of fire” for whatever the latest South Korean or American transgression was, I laugh at the threat to go 9/11 on American movie theaters if “The Interview” were shown.

    But a little hyperbole goes a long way. And it gave Sony an excuse to back out of releasing the film, but the real reason, I suspect, is that they fear the release of more embarrassing documents.

  15. kushibo says:

    If I can’t watch a Rogen-Franco movie of my choosing, why then, the terrorists have won.


    • joe says:

      I agree. I am boycotting all things Sony for years. I am furious at their cowardice because, unfortunately, it represents an American reaction to terrorist threats. I am sickened with Sony…they would have had my devout praises had they gone through with the release.

  16. niki says:

    going back to faxes, landlines and film prints

  17. zroc says:

    So apparently the United States DOES negotiate with terrorists?’

  18. Arthur Dent says:

    Bit extreme promo camp… Worth it?

  19. mike nielsen says:

    I guess America is ruled by terrorists. It will only get worse now that we have kowtowed to trash.

  20. DK says:

    So let’s say sony did release it and there WAS an attack on a theater and Americans were injured and killed, everyone would be upset at Sony for releasing it! They would say…”they were warned and ignored the warnings!” I can’t blame Sony for doing what they did.

    • Jolie says:

      Exactly. How many people griping here would turn back time to save the lives,of the people who died in the World Trade Center, if they could?

      Sony Pictures made a poor decision green lighting this project to begin with. They took a risk and lost, in ways they couldn’the have predicted.

      • Sandyshoes says:

        Jolie, I agree with you. The basic mistake was giving this dreck the go-ahead and actually producing it. Sony laid an egg.

  21. Sophie Edgell says:

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  22. Robert says:

    Time for the first straight to Internet movie release from Sony. Make it free and available to everyone including bittorrent sites. Let the hackers try to stop that. Can’t stop the signal….

  23. James says:

    I think that Sony needs to stop with movies and anything else they do bunch of cowards.

  24. occultology says:

    Every American Soldier who ever fought and died fighting North Korea has been made into a SUCKER by SONY and Columbia Pictures. Shameful Cowardice on a grand scale.

  25. biled says:

    Seth and James aren’t funny they are stereotypical California assholes.
    Their high school mentality is garbage

    • That’s why they are millionaires and you are posting on a forum right?

      • pamelala95 says:

        Does “posting in a forum” somehow preclude the possibility that he is every bit as successful? Are you under the impression that wealthy or successful people somehow can’t type or express an opinion?

      • occultology says:

        Is your main job to attack other people’s legitimate opinions, Vladdy? Because I don’t see any intelligent conversation on your part here.

  26. jared says:

    so will it come out on dvd cause I was totally looking forward to this movie ill just have to look for it online

  27. biled says:

    What a stupid idea for a film. I’m glad it got canceled.

    • Greg Miller says:

      Stupid or not it used to be our right as americans and living in what I thought was a free society to decide for ourselves weather or not we go to see a movie. This is a sad state of affairs when we allow another country to dictate what we see when we see it. I feel for everyone who fights now and who has ever fought for our freedom as well as their family members.

  28. Tony says:

    Apparently any one person in the world can threaten a movie release and get it canceled.

  29. Harley Leiber says:

    Who might really be behind the hack…..

    In April 1953, during the Korean War, a company of American infantry, led by Lieutenant Joe Clemons (Gregory Peck) are to recapture Pork Chop Hill from a larger Communist Chinese army force; they recapture the hill, but are depleted, only 25 of a 135-man unit are left. They prepare for a large-scale Chinese counter-attack which they know will overwhelm and kill them in vicious fire fights and hand-to-hand fighting while the Panmunjeom cease-fire negotiations continue.

    Higher command is shown as being unwilling to either abandon or reinforce the hill. They will not reinforce the hill because the value of the hill is not worth further losses. They will not abandon the hill because it is a point of negotiation in the cease-fire talks.

    The American negotiators come to the conclusion that the Chinese were pouring soldiers into a battle for a militarily insignificant hill to test the resolve of the Americans in the negotiations. The decision is then made at the last minute to reinforce the hill.

  30. daniel says:

    boycott these pussys

  31. druxmanworks says:

    The irony of this whole situation is that, had the terrorist/hackers done nothing, considering its generally negative reviews, THE INTERVIEW would probably have “died” very quickly at the box-office. However, now the film has been turned into a major news story and, should SONY release it VOD or DVD, there will be a huge “want to see” factor with the viewing public. What will the bad guys do then? Threaten every home that downloads it?

  32. John says:

    The Wyo Theatre in Laramie Wyoming will run THE INTERVIEW. No problem! Everyone in Laramie has at least one gun, and the police and Sheriff are right across the street.

  33. tommy says:

    Im not watching any sony movies next year because your cancling the INterview. You guys allow terror to rule over your life and decisions. Very disapointed. YOU guys suck!!!

  34. Olive Rott says:

    This is appalling and ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, the movie probably should not have been made in the first place, but it was. No matter how satyrical, a group of artists came together and created American “art”. Now, we are letting one of the worst countries in the world keep us from something, restricting our freedom. I don’t want North Korea to decide or influence anything in my life, especially after recently hearing what it is like there. A friend of mine just visited, taking the “tour” that all visitors take, sounded awful. Seeing brand new hospitals with all the latest equipment except with no patients. Having your passport taken from you when you arrive. Being tormented and almost getting a North Korean hotel employee arrested for exchanging money to use in a gift shop. Having countless taxi drivers tell you the North Korean military could take out the US, “no problem”. Being buddy buddy with China, only using their airline, which my friend said was about to fall out of the sky. Did you know that westerners are forbidden to talk to locals on the road to Tibet? In the chance that you may start an uprising. Tibetans treated worst then we treat our animals. What are we afraid off? That is my question.

  35. Anthony says:

    Make the movie freely available or do a U2 and force it out to every iTunes Account. Let’s see them attack every venue that show’s it then

  36. Tom says:

    This could be a genius move by Sony. Say all this then release it….ppl like me would go see it just to spite N. Korea

  37. Steven says:

    Terrible precedent has been set by Sony here for caving into the hackers and same for the movie theaters too.

  38. jen says:

    I think its total garbage that they pulled it. I had zero interest in watching it originally but I’ll do what I have to, to see it. Screw north korea

  39. Nick Graddo says:

    We are really going to let some third world communist hermit kingdom on the brink of starvation tell us what we can and can’t watch here in the US?

    WTF? ! Show me where it’s playing, I’ll go just to make a point to that squishy donut of a communist king they have.

    Give the hackers my address, give them my name. I am not afraid of North Korea. They fear US, we don’t fear them.

  40. Awesome, why not give into the demands of terrorist on this one? After all it’s not like our number one export here in America isn’t “entertainment” or anything, and I’m sure those radical zealots with extreme religious beliefs aren’t taking note or anything. I can see the job posting now:
    Wanted- an experienced hacker, has to have some familiarity with Islamic views and an extreme hatred for basic freedoms. Familiarity with an Ak-47 and explosives a must but not necessary. Must be willing to relocate at a moments notice….

  41. D'oh says:

    Best revenge against the hackers: put the movie on torrent. “Whoops, it got leaked”.

  42. Don condition says:

    I would not let them tell me what to do. They should go kill the dum ass leader. Sony did not ask us if we wanted the movie cancelled. We the people want to see the movie, we are not afraid of them. If they think the terrorist can do anything, I’ll be waiting for you to come after me you chicken shits.

  43. Neo says:

    If only they had made these threats against screening the Phantom Menace…..

  44. Ravi says:

    Spineless cowards…

  45. Vanessa says:

    I’m appalled that in America we are letting North Korea dictate our free speech. I understand pulling it from theaters for the safety of theater workers and movie goers, but why not at least release on dvd or on demand? What is Kim Jong-un going to do? Attack everyone’s homes who watch it? I thought Americans didn’t negotiate with terrorists?

    • I’m appalled that you think this is about free speech when it is actually considered corporate espionage. You wonder why people laugh at the intelligence of Americans. This folks right here is a prime example of why!

    • Alex says:

      This really doesn’t have anything to do with free speech. The First Amendment would only come into things if the US government prevented the film’s release. That said, it is shameful that Sony and theater owners are caving to these bullies. Show the film. Call their bluff.

  46. How pathetic for Sony to cave in to terrorists. The best thing they could have done is give free theatre screenings to the public on opening weekend. This sets a very bad precedent.

  47. Erik says:

    This is what I posted on the facebook pages of Seth Rogen and James Franco:

    A few threats and #TheInterviewMovie is not released at all? A victory for terrorism and North Korea.

    Better solution: Give away the movie for free. Release it now on all torrentsites and in newsgroups, give it for free to all TVOD operators, to Y|outube, Vimeo, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, allow broadcasters to air it for free etc! Make it the most watched movie ever.

    And last but least, airdrop 1000’s of DVD’s above Pyongyang. Come on Seth/James, you can finance this stunt ;-)

  48. AJAY says:

    The stupid movie should have never been made and this is the only decision Sony got right in all of this. I’m very happy with the outcome and not because I support that lunatic in North Korea, but because it was all in very bad taste.

  49. Lauren says:

    Terrorists win.

  50. Brendon says:

    Backing down to these people is not how you achieve anything. This is terrorism and worse yet, it is idle terrorism. They showed the worst they can do, they can mess around and play with computer systems and release private emails. If I was Sony I would release the movie full steam ahead, we’re the citizens of the United States of America, and all they are proving is how truly and utterly unworthy they are of holding that title. The only people in this story who are bigger cowards than the people who perpetrated these acts are the executives at Sony who backed down like a scolded, whipped dog.

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