Sony Hackers Reveal Seth Rogen and James Franco’s Pay for ‘The Interview’

The cyber-attack targeting Sony Pictures uncovered a few more confidential details on Wednesday in what’s quickly evolved into a publicity nightmare for the company.

Seth Rogen was reportedly paid $8.4 million for “The Interview,” according to new data obtained by Bloomberg, while his co-star James Franco earned $6.5 million for the comedy.

The film, which allegedly cost $44 million, also paid Britney Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline $5,000 for his cameo.

“The Interview,” about two journalists tasked with assassinating North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un, is at the center of a recent hack attack at Sony. Several new films leaked online as a result of the computer breach in addition to personal data and salary information about the Sony Pictures’ top executives.

The FBI is investigating the corporate hacking, which is one of the worst of its kind in history.

The hackers, identifying themselves as “The Guardians of Peace,” have claimed that more information will be released about the movie distributor in the next few weeks.

North Korea, meanwhile, has yet to deny its involvement in the computer breach, telling the media to “wait and see” if the country is actually retaliating for Rogen and Franco’s new comedy, which opens Christmas Day.

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  1. Mike says:

    Let N Korea get mad, that will give us a reason to blow their ash away.

  2. Billy Bob says:

    Wait, you’re telling me that famous Hollywood actors get paid lots of money? Thanks, hackers!

  3. Dwk says:

    No actor is worth that kind of money, especially these two lug nuts!

  4. Brian says:

    Anyone using Microsoft products and thinking they have any security are delusional. Worse, people think companies like Sony or Dell or Lenovo or HP are “computer companies”–LOL–they are not. They do nothing but put generic parts in ugly cases and slap on a copy of Windoze. Pathetic, really, but MSFT is never brought into question when in fact they are the source of most of these problems. Use Unix or Mac.

    • Rena Moretti says:

      Sad to see the old “I hate Microsoft because they’re successful” nonsense still alive with some people.

      Unix and Mac products are less prone to hacking because fewer people use them.

      When Mac sales inched up with the popularity of the iProducts, viruses started appearing even though we were told it was impossible to have viruses on Macs.

      As for who’s responsible, the fault is with the hackers, not the people making the computers or their operating system, which is why, astoundingly, the manufacturer of those are not taken to task…

      • Brian says:

        You are really reaching with this. If you don’t see any problems with MS, then or now, you obviously aren’t looking

  5. robertjm says:

    Like this is supposed to be a shocker? I have news for the hackers. Most people ALREADY know that actors are grossly paid for their appearances.

  6. Mike says:

    Why is Variety publishing information that was stolen from agents of the N. Korean government?! This publication is complicit as far as I am concerned.

  7. Joe Schmidt says:

    I dont give a fck how much Rogen and Franco make. I want to see this picture and I will when all this dies down and its on dvd or vod. As to how much they make: winners get paid, losers dont get laid. Thats life kids.

    • Rena Moretti says:

      Crass reference aside, you seem to be under the completely false impression that Hollywood hands money over based on talent or results.

      If that era ever existed, it is long gone…

  8. Tom says:

    North Korea escalating to terrorism against the U.S. SONY needs to be thanked publicly by the President of the United States. We should also give them some kind of tax break so they get their money back. The good guys are surrounded on all sides. Vote Republican and this will stop.

  9. Ben Cooper Stevens says:

    I can’t believe that the Sony Studio chiefs were so naïve ( stupid) to actually think that this was a good idea for a picture, given the present political world climate. They are simply greedy people who only care about the bottom line, which is always profitability. That is all they care about. Period. If they stopped the release of this picture, the threats and fear factor is definitely monumental and very serious. Unfortunately, money and greed is always the negative culprit, and our biggest downfall. And, it is this very greedy attitude that will one day hurt all humanity and backfire on us, particularly in this country. It is unfortunate, but Sony lost all it’s prestige and class, when it sold out, and decided to go ahead with this picture, knowing that the fallout could cause major damage, not just to themselves and their own employees, but to the peace keeping efforts of this country, it’s citizens, it’s armed forces, and it’s very basic safety. I, personally believe, that greed and power, usually the same thing, will eventually destroy all humanity.

    • Rena Moretti says:

      Sony thought making a movie with Seth Rogen was a good idea…

      That gives you an idea of their “brilliance”…

  10. Kim Jong-un says:

    All of the non-sense that is coming out of ur heads us funny. people trollin this post get a life

  11. If these guys are that good give us a real Christmas Gift – wipe out all of the student loan records, do something really useful…

    • Rena Moretti says:

      How would that me more “useful” than walking into a bank and stealing the money?

      There’s no difference between the two.

      I guess your point will be that students have been misled as to the future value of their degrees, but shouldn’t people spending all that cash have done their research?

      • Rena Moretti says:

        Thanks for the intelligent response Doodlefish.

        I’m not entirely convinced higher education should be free, although given how society is telling everyone they’re losers if they don’t go to College, I can see the logic behind saying public colleges should be free (and collages like UCLA could be if big donors weren’t so keen on paying for buildings as opposed to teaching).

        You make a great point that schools don’t teach about things that people need to know about like how loans work. Similarly, there is very little education about economics and even less about investing.

        I entirely agree with you on getting rid of subsidized loans. All they’ve done is make tuition higher and higher as universities took advantage, saddle students with debt the market value of their degree does not justify and create a ticking time bomb for the whole economy.

      • It should have been free in the first place. US citizens should not have to pay for US public higher education. Public universities could be tuition-free if we stopped subsidizing the private universities with low-interest loans that default 10% of the time.
        People don’t realize how much a loan really is when they’ve never had a loan in their life. Schools don’t teach the dangers of debt, unfortunately.

      • checkthetie says:

        TrOll seriously everyone hates u

      • Rena Moretti says:

        Thanks Hula! :)

        To Cosmic Castoff, I entirely agree with you it’s completely monstrous to ask people to re-imburse money they borrowed… What was I thinking? Next I’ll ask people to pay at stores and give a salary to their employees…

      • checkthetie says:

        Troll so hard

      • Hula says:

        Rena has a point.

  12. balashi says:

    Quick question for Variety and journalists everywhere. Do you believe what these hackers are doing is wrong?

    Because if you do, then you are equally guilty of the same crime by publishing the contents of the released documents. If it’s nobody’s business – if these revelations hurt Rogen and Franko, then you are just as guilty of disseminating the information.

  13. Louis Pascal says:

    So 1/3rd of the entire $44 million budget paid only two people’s salaries; who are already millionaires. It’s just sick. There must have been hundreds of people involved in the production. And if they still do release movie, despite terrorist threats at theaters, Seth and company will make a few hundred million at the box office, from DVDs, etc. I think SONY, Seth, James, producers, etc. are pretty much asking for this wrath and willing to risk other movie going sheep in order to make their profit to buy more power and influence.

    • There is nothing evil or wrong with prosperity, nor is there anything wrong with an artist being paid the market rate for their work.

      • Rena Moretti says:

        Agree with you generally. Absolutely noting wrong with people who succeed getting the fruits of their success.

        My problem is that Hollywood is NOT a meritocracy. It’s Cronyville-by-the-Sea.

        Seth Rogen is getting handed over millions, not because he’s uniquely talented but because he’s uniquely connected.

        Does anyone think there aren’t 10,000 people in Hollywood that could direct that movie at least as well as he and who’d do it for 1/10th of the price?!

  14. Brendan says:

    Hey hackers!
    Disney really hates North Korea… a lot.
    To get back at them, you should hack them and release Into the Woods on the pirate sites the way you released Annie.
    That would teach them to bad mouth North Korea… and save me money taking my whole family to the theater.
    …just saying.

  15. MNRC says:

    It’s pretty obvious that China and Russia would be countries that are unhappy about a film like “The Interview” and I am pretty certain their assistance to hack into Sony could have been easily obtained by North Korea. Unfortunately Russian and Chinese universities take top place every year at the international ACM Programming Competition, where the best student programmers in the world from bachelors to PhD level come together to compete for the title of best programming team in the world. Chinese and Russian universities consistently outperform American and European ones. When GOP says to Sony and the FBI that “you can’t find us”, they mean it; the FBI doesn’t have the domestic talent that can track down these hackers. I know because I am a graduate student of computer science at a top 25 U.S. university and my incoming class is about 90% foreign. While American universities lead the way in innovation, when it comes to sheer brainpower needed to solve difficult programming/tech problems, China and Russia dominate.

    • Rena Moretti says:

      Yep… Russia is well-known as an economy based on high-tech… oh wait, they’re based solely on natural resources and showing no sign of changing…

      Not to say anything about the talent of individual Russians of course, and I’ll add the completely off-topic note that we are so silly sending back home brilliant students who want to stay here and become the next Sergei Brin or Elon Musk…

      • Rena Moretti says:

        What gives you the right to call me names?

        You are free to disagree with me but is that supposed to get me not to say whatever offended you?

        By the way, how is it offensive to point out that Russia’ economy is not based on high-tech. It happens to be the truth.

        Or perhaps you were irked tat I said there were very gifted Russian people…

        Go figure…

      • checkthetie says:

        Lol ur a troll u have trolled every persons comment lol damn u have no life that sucks

  16. DG says:

    Rogen also has a writing credit… and he’s a co-director and producer on the film… Doesn’t that mean he’s supposed to be making a little more than others?

  17. Ned Klobbutz says:

    Newsflash – zionist bosses in Hollywoof now overpaying zionist actors – what a shocker!

  18. bob wire says:

    suddenly Seth isnt so funny anymore…he’s not one of us—not in that salary stratosphere…thank Kim, keep the details coming. We’re learning a lot about these frauds out there—all that hate they spew to all things Right and not like them, and yet they live lives like that, talk very badly about those different from themselves and make enough money to care for 50 families for 50 years…kind of shameful actually….go away now Seth—you’re part of this garbage…for that amount, dude, you’d shill for anything. More Kim, more—-suddenly NOrth Korea is showing the Truth to us. Close SONY down and then hack into Paramount and lets see whats going on there next…keep going….left liberals who have bashed the Right deserve every bit of it.

    • EJ says:

      “One of us” please, what are you talking about, the downtrodden proletariat? Get over yourself. Drive to LA and work if you want to make money, don’t be envious of someone else’s choices and success, you’ll never get anywhere that way. Right, left, blah blah, they’re just people, people who have networked and pursued a passion instead of whined and complained.

    • Rena Moretti says:

      To be fair, I’ve been saying for years that he wasn’t funny.

      For some reason, Hollywood just has to genuflect to people with influence (and therefore who are handed over money).

      The same could be said of that other untalented Seth, MacFarlane

  19. Jaybird says:

    Dear Hackers,

    please hack Obama’s college applications and grades. It’s the only way we get to see the truth. Thank you.

    • MNRC says:

      I think the hackers like that the U.S. has an African American president. Unless he does something like declare war on North Korea they are not going to besmear his presidency.

  20. Ken says:

    I’m glad to see this movie getting headlines.I know it’s under the guise of comedy but even though it’s a comedy it brings up a dark past of US government (CIA) overthrowing foreign governments ( 1953 Iran 1954 Guatemala 1972 Chile and others attempted )freely elected by the people of those nations. Overthrown because they where seen as close with then communist Russia and wanted to nationalize the nation’s natural resources. The message seemed if you want to take this action you would be making western powers upset (Untied States). This seems to be something the studio ignorantly overlooked.

    • Rena Moretti says:

      Maybe they ignored it because they spotted your version was coming from the Revisionist Left-Wing Slanted History of the United States…

      Seriously… You really shouldn’t go around calling people “ignorant” after writing this…

      • Rena Moretti says:

        Michael: You didn’t make a detailed analysis of history, but an ad-hominem attack, very much in the mold of revisionism (something I cannot stand as it is by definition, at best, just as bad as what it attacks).

        Also, this is a bad Seth Rogen comedy (there are no other kind of Seth Rogen comedies), not a left-leaning documentary…

      • Marain Onassis says:

        Seriously, these events are recorded history, not FOX fairy tales. You should try researching the real history of your bloody empire some day, Rena. It’s apparently too dark for you to handle.

  21. James Franco was paid for that?

  22. warrenscottfentress says:

    The $5K for Federline probably went a lot further than the $6.5 mil. Let’s see, $6.5 million divided by a 2 hour movie equals approx $55,000 PER MINUTE, or roughly $900 / sec. That means 6 seconds of James Franco is comparable to a film with Kevin Federline. I guess being famous isn’t just about being famous, you gotta be WORTH the fame.

  23. Joey Watson says:

    Who else in the world would be concerned about this movie other than North Koreans?

    • Rena Moretti says:

      Honestly, the story might be true, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Sony made it up to drum up interest in an otherwise uninteresting project.

      • Rena Moretti says:

        Thanks Jizzames!

        I do think at least part of it is true as I don’t think the heads of Sony wanted to be known as racists who look down on their key employees but a lot of this still feels manipulated…

        Then again it’s Hollywood where even bad news can serve a purpose: watch for the big “write-down” of the cost of The Interview, leading to a bad quarter that will be explained away and next quarter, a magical improvement as Sony will of course count of the press’ amnesia…

      • Jizzames says:

        actually the first thing that crossed my mind when I heard…Weird.

  24. Rogen and Franco are two self-important actors whose disregard for women as exhibited in their extended gang rape joke in “This is the End” make them completely worthless. They should donate their entire salaries to rape prevention organizations.

    • bridget says:

      Hey, its called having a sense of humor. If you don’t like then then fine, ignore it. Doesn’t mean you have to ruin the laughter for the rest of us! They’re hilarious, I love their comedy!

    • It’s douches like you that make the internet amusing. You should go back & rethink that scene. Tarantino films are much more offensive than that & are widely praised.

      • Rena Moretti says:

        But doesn’t that say a lot more about the people doing the praising than about the actual value of Tarentino’s movies (not a fan as you will have guessed).

        That said, I’d blame Goldberg and Rogen more than Franco (although he did agree to be in that movie).

        I blame even more Hollywood for making those crappy movies destroying the industry but that’s another issue altogether…

  25. Chuck says:

    Ummm… “The Japanese that own Sony ought to have a little more respect even if they don’t like North Korea.How would they feel about a movie that depicted killing Abe?” The commenter is saying that Japanese Sony execs wouldn’t like a film depicting the killing of their leader… #notalwaysaboutUS

  26. nurredin says:

    Does anyone remember when the British made that movie about assassinating George W. Bush? Even though I didn’t support Bush43’s policies,I felt that making a movie about killing a sitting President was completely out of line.Maybe the North Koreans feel the same way.I don’t think any real Americans would be happy about a movie killing a President regardless of who the President is.The Japanese that own Sony ought to have a little more respect even if they don’t like North Korea.How would they feel about a movie that depicted killing Abe?

    • bridget says:

      I think its hularious. Its called having a sense of humor. If you don’t like it then don’t watch it. Don’t ruin the laughter for the rest of us! Yes, they’re people who find this kind of stuff humorous, so please let people like myself enjoy this type of comedy :(

      • Rena Moretti says:

        Apparently you need other people to agree something is funny to find it funny.

        I mean, this isn’t all that rare, many people parrot when they read in the press about what’s good or what’s funny, but you should really decide for yourself…

    • Cody says:

      You forget something. He isn’t the President, he is only head of the Party and the Army. His father is still the President, who has been dead for more than 15 years. North Korea is a Necrocracy. That being said, comedy and satire hold no bounds. Everything is subject to satire, especially what we value or hold sacred. Also, comparing Kim Jong Il to Abe Lincoln is called a false equivalency. King Jong Il is seen as a reincarnation of his father, they are praised for everyday. Everything revolves around The Great Leader. All plays are about him, all music, all literature, everything on the tv and radio 24/7. Children march in his name everyday on their way to school. They are seen and worshipped as god, all day everyday. The idea that you think anyone, let alone Sony should have ‘respect’ for a totalitarian dictator is quite disgusting. I really don’t think you know what you are talking about.

      • Abe says:

        He was referring to Shinzo Abe not Abe Lincoln you illiterate phuck.

      • Michelle says:

        Yeah I was actually strictly referring to your comment about Abe Lincoln vs Shinzo Abe.

      • Cody says:

        No Michelle, he wasn’t talking about the Japanese Prime Minister. He directly mentioned Kim Jong Il as President, which he is not. There is also the problem with him saying people should respect Kim Jong Il, which is absurd.

      • Michelle says:

        I actually don’t think you know what he’s talking about– Shinzō Abe, current prime minister of Japan. Cause I’m pretty sure they have made movies about someone trying (and succeeding) to kill Abe Lincoln…

  27. Rena Moretti says:

    So now the whole world can find out how bad that project is before it’s released… Sony’s worst nightmare…

    Not that you had to guess since it’s a Seth Rogen project…

    • GKN says:

      Holy cow. Don’t any of you know that Abe Lincoln WAS assassinated? By a crackpot furious that he freed the slaves? Of course there are movies about it. Every single movie about him ends with that. Go see one of them.Good Lord.

  28. Roger Wabbit says:

    what a colossal waste of money. Seth Rogan is worth $8.4 mill? Really?

    • Col.Kurtz says:

      Yeah, because their movies together don’t make money. Right? Rogen makes profits as an actor, director, producer and writer of which was was all for this film. Seems to me Sony got a bargain.

      • Rena Moretti says:

        How do you know they make money? Because Sony tells you that do?

        Be serious. You can’t really believe in those jacked-up Box-Office numbers…

    • Rena Moretti says:

      Well, it’s “reportedly” so it’s probably a lot less and yet still way too much for a non-entity both artistically and commercially.

      • Rena Moretti says:

        Bony: I just don’t buy any of those movies were “hits”.

        Serth Rogen’s story is one of a Hollywood insider being handed gigs and lots of money in spite of his very obvious lack of any discernible talent.

        In that his career is similar to that of J.J. Abrams, a man who keeps flopping making bad movies and TV shows and is handed over ever more money because not doing it would be admitting that the industry has no clothes.

        Going back to the Sony hack, the heads of Sony are wrong to think that Angelina Jolie is not talented (she is as she showed when she was younger), but she has been hacking through her movie roles for years giving barely passable performances (perhaps she didn’t care about all those bad movies and just wanted the money).

        The Sony executives were, surprisingly, partially aware of the problem (and the fact that because of those mediocre performances she really isn’t much of a draw except for the press) but kept handing over big fat fees for her to sleepwalk though another movie…

        That is the sad way of today’s Hollywood.

      • Bony Hurdle says:

        Looks like it’s win-win for you, Rena. Someone points out that his movies make money, and you say the numbers are inflated. What about his flops? Why weren’t those numbers “jacked-up”? Neighbors, This Is The End, Pineapple Express…big hits. Guilt Trip, Green Hornet, Funny People…bombs.
        Did Seth screw your sister and not call her back?

  29. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww little fat boy is running and telling his mommy that we are picking on him. OH WHAH WHAH!!!!! BOO HOO!!!!! the americans are picking on me……. yea how about this north korea…… SHUT THE HELL UP AND GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!!!! IT IS JUST A FREAKING MOVIE NO NEED TO BE SO BUTTHURT OVER IT……. YEA I SAID IT. guys don’t worry about crybaby kim……. as dave skylark said He’s peanut butter and jealous

  30. Kenmandu says:

    Kim may get the last laugh if the film is anything like the trailer…

  31. That pathetic Kim Jong Un is so full of himself and the way he uses threats and intimidation to control the people of his country that he thinks he can get away with trying to control the rest of the world.

    Release the movie and tell the loser to go fuck himself.

    • Glenn C. says:

      Agree! What a fat little boy he is! He eats so well to fatten himself while most of his country starves! HE should be the one fed to the dogs! Lots to eat!!!!

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