Sony Hackers Promise Large ‘Christmas Gift’

Sony Pictures Hacking Scandal

The Sony hackers released a seventh dump of files online Saturday morning and promised a larger “Christmas gift” that will “put Sony Pictures into the worst state.”

A spokesman for Sony had no immediate comment.

It’s unknown what exactly the stolen documents released on Saturday were but, according to Re-Code, they may have consisted of files relating to the video site Crackle and former Sony exec Jim Underwood, who now works at Facebook.

The FBI is investigating the massive cyber-attack that began Nov. 24 and continues to wreak havoc at the Culver City-based studio.

On Saturday, the Daily Beast published new emails from Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal in which she ridiculed Leonardo DiCaprio for passing on the Steve Jobs biopic.

“Was this about the deal…or did he just change his mind,” wrote producer Mark Gordon. “The latter,” responded Pascal. “Horrible behavior,” Gordon said, to which Pascal replied, “Actually despicable.”

Earlier this week, Pascal apologized for remarks made by her and producer Scott Rudin about President Obama in a series of stolen emails that were published online, remarks that have since been called racist by the likes of Shonda Rhimes.

“The content of my emails were insensitive and inappropriate but are not an accurate reflection of who I am,” Pascal wrote.

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  1. Isn’t publishing the content of hacked private non-governmental emails just colluding with the hackers? There is no public stake in Sony business practices or communications, these are not elected officials, they have no obligation to public accountability. There’s nothing illegal or nefarious being revealed, just salacious nonsense. I don’t think any of us could have all of our private communications examined and come out of it without something that is embarrassing.

  2. Harley Leiber says:

    People forget these are not geniuses. Pascal and Rudin are all about getting people into seats to watch whatever drek tests as marketable while at the same time consuming huge quantities of overpriced popcorn, twizzlers and 64 ounce sodas. Yes, Pascal is a hypocrite, coarse and shallow. And Rudin doesn’t want to waste time or money on stuff that will cost a fortune and not make a ROI. The lowest rung of the entire industry is the talent. They are paid well, some are better than others, some are educated and can read, others are little more than dullards with line runners. But it all works out. Their careers arc and there are tons more youngsters to pick from…Sony and Rudin will survive. Pascal?I doubt it. She is easily replaced. She’ll disappear and this will all be forgotten. Luckily their most contained in the LA cesspool and can be ignored for the most part.

  3. Jonah Kyle says:

    Actually a movie HAS been done about killing a president. Here is the link:

    Of course it was that evil person George W Bush. Had this president been Barack Hussein Obama, there would have been major, major investigations, news stories, Secret Service arrests, and more involved. But hey, telling Republicans is fair game, and will always be legitimized in the mainstream media as well as the liberal sites like Variety.

    • Pursuit of Happiness says:

      Here we go. As soon as Obama’s name is mentioned anywhere, the inbred conservative right rears its ugly Voldemort head and makes it about the “liberal media” conveniently disregarding the fact that most owners of said media outlets are, in fact, Republicans, but the type of Republicans who are embarrassed by these minions of idiocy who would call themselves the same. You are just bad people who don’t like people different from yourself and veil your own racism/hatred in a series of hypocritical rhetoric about how you’ve systematically been victimized by the thoughts, lifestyle and liberties of these people when it is you who have done the persecuting all along. That’s called a villain, baby. See you in Hell.

  4. Ralph carter says:

    It’s about time. If someone did a movie about killing our president how would you feel? Even if north Korea is bad why a movie on killing their leader? Even being a comedy you think its ok, NOT different culture which doesn’t have humor. Very disrespectful SONY for that reason your “Dead To Me” shark tank quote..

  5. Carly Santana (@VillaBlancUH) says:

    Shonda Sharpton, er, I mean Shonda Rimes needs to tell us when, where and why she last wrote a racially insensitive comment.

    Then she needs to let us read all of her private emails to make sure she’s telling the truth.

    Shonda is just begging to be hacked. Personally, I can’t wait for her reverse racist hypocrisy to be exposed.

    As for Pascal, her comments WERE racially insensitive. And she will likely be forced to resign. But the hacked emails were PRIVATE attempts at humor which no one should’ve ever seen (other than evil douche Scott Rudin).

    Hollywood hypocrites like Rimes are almost as despicable and divisive as their Washington counterparts. It’s time they are all fully exposed. Hopefully the next round of hacking will do just that.

  6. Seymour Bunz says:

    I hate people who hack, but I just LOVE this story. The elite, holier-than-thou leftists in the sewer a/k/a Hollywood, exposed for their backstabbing, greed, racism and pettiness. Almost as gratifying as the Madoff scandal where many of the criminals of Wall Street were duped by one of their own.

  7. Alex says:

    Damage beyond repair has already been done, whatever they release around Christmas will just be twisting the knife. Major changes at Sony will have to be made because talent will stay away.

  8. Steve Evans says:

    Reuters is reporting that the hackers also have the script for the next Bond film, Spectre, which the news service says was confirmed by Sony and Eon Productions. The project is still moving forward with production, which began about two weeks ago.

  9. Bring it on Hackers. While I feel bad for the employees who don’t make the overly extravagant amounts that the big wigs do. I really don’t feel bad for the corporate heads of the companies or the celebrities they get paid FAR too much anyway and have enough cash to survive anything. Bring it on Hackers do your worst.

  10. TOM says:

    These email leaks are the Christmas gift that keep giving.
    ‘Annie’ is being released by Sony? My family won’t be supporting it.

  11. blip says:

    Back to the world of the corporate inTRAnet, anyone…? At least then those grammatically inept loser slobs doing the hacking would have to get off their pasty fat backsides to do their dirty work– and we’d all get to enjoy the eventual You Tube security-cam leaks of the morons re-enacting Tom Cruise’s ceiling-dangle scene in “Mission: Impossible.”

  12. Su Yu says:

    Movie about killing N Korean leader,……bad idea….

  13. not included says:

    What will Guardians of Peace give Sony for Christmas? Leave your comments! Will the information released be groundbreaking or mediocre?

  14. J.K. says:

    Why is the media continuing to publish these emails? They are feeding right into the N. Koreans program. They are as criminal as the hackers.

    We must now accept the fact that the whole concept and meaning of “PRIVACY” is extinct. From the outrages in the media, from individuals, from groups, from your ‘whoever’, I can only surmise that not one person who so self-righteously is pointing a finger, or articulating some form of verbal character assassination towards Amy or Scott has ever made an unattractive comment or joked about someone they know, or ragged on someone in the most politically incorrect terms – IN PRIVATE — EVER! Wow! I’d like to meet those saints and get their blessings.

    What is being lost in this ‘omgthatawfulamyandscott’ fiasco is the real crime that was committed, that by the hackers. And now perpetrated by the press.

    The mind reels!

    • Jackadullboy says:

      Ah, to be able to unwrite those emails. Alas, we can but shoot the various messengers…

    • Chris says:

      Lol. You expected privacy on the internet? What fantasy world did you live in? I needed a laugh.

      • Joon Joonie says:

        Sony Pictures is that you? If you are a studio trying to pretend to be a random commenter you need to not be so obvious. You guys got had… Deal with it

  15. Jonah Quinn says:

    “The content of my emails were insensitive and inappropriate but are not an accurate reflection of who I am”

    Actually, the way you speak in private when you think you won’t be held accountable for your words is a totally accurate reflection of who you really are. Pascal is finished at Sony, guaranteed.

  16. AngryBird says:

    it’s not a “Culver City-based studio”, go an tell that to everyone that was “shipped” to Vancouver. Once again, think 2 seconds before you write.

  17. nuus maan says:

    “The content of my emails were insensitive and inappropriate but are not an accurate reflection of who I am,” Pascal wrote. In private I am such a good person. But my public persona as a prickly jerk is how I want people to think of me.

  18. David says:

    The point that seems to be missed here is that Sony is supposed to be an international media/communications corporation. They have been hacked before, and were either too stupid, lazy, or cheap to take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their employees

  19. Bob King says:

    Now that the worlds media are exploiting this outrageous violation of privacy ! A Great opportunity exists to move forward and help change the global perspective of Hollywood.
    In that business prudence can manage creative affairs with new investors as Sony Corp Japan should exit!

  20. bluestar says:

    we need more help on this earth. the info they have can silence the world for a very long time

  21. Bill says:

    Funny that the organizations so horrified by the nude photo hacking are so ready to print and reprint this hacked data.

    I guess stolen is in the eye of the beholder and hope Sony sues all media outlets that reprint it.

  22. bluestar says:

    GOD not happy

  23. bluestar says:

    yes to reveal what they really are. oh it’s going to be more then just trivial embarrassment. evil

  24. no says:

    Payback for the “Sony BMG CD copy protection rootkit scandal of 2005–2007”.

  25. ron rondle says:

    I hope that they catch these hackers and string them up. Privacy is worth protecting and these idiots deserve massive punishment. Pretty sure they’ll be caught regardless.

  26. srvwp2013 says:

    Go Hackers! Let the waters of the floodgates burst as never before and contribute to the drowning mess that is presently and finally the Los Angeles area. Water is a cleansing agent and a restorative. These hacking waters should bring down all of the “entertainment industry.” If it should rise like a Phoenix, it will. If it should permanently die as a toxic, cancerous, pollutant then let it begin here and now!

  27. Lisa says:

    Hahaha and hohoho! Don’t know why I’m laughing, but it all seems so ‘divine retribution’.

    • kate says:

      it is amazing how little the posters on this Variety site know about how the entertainment industry works. so Leo DiCaprio changes his mind, so they say it’s despicable, so what. That is just business as usual and they move on. There’s nothing snarky about that, it’s just an aside that happens all the time. Leo still works, Amy still hires him, they all still hug.

      And shame on Variety trying to make something as insignificant as this sound nasty. You people are supported by this industry and now you’re helping blow this up to something much bigger than it should be rather than a huge crime perpetrated on a huge corporation. And a great executive, who is not racist. Ok, go crazy on me.

      • AG says:

        Let’s not forget that Amy Pascal also led the charge to blacklist Mel Gibson about his racists comments when he was drunk, now she wants people to have mercy on her for her own racist comments. Puh leez, frankly I don’t care how the emails got out. It’s out there now, Karma.

      • averagejoe says:

        Kate…most know how Hollywood works. Sadly they pick and choose, and promote at the highest levels not based upon ability, but based upon bigotry, cronyism, and favorite ethnicity, with first dibs always going to members of their tribe instead of providing a workplace open to equal opportunity for all.

        The system has been rigged by insiders where compensation paid is much more than actual worth. If I watch 10 random movies, 6 need to offer a money back guarantee, and 3 should actually pay the public for lost time. The free money must be siphoned from taxpayers to make up the difference, just as it is for professional sports.

      • joe grinm says:

        she is a racist pig.

    • Lisa says:

      I guess it’s because for ten years I’ve been working my butt off, just to have to listen to comments like, ‘Oh, I guess you just woke up one morning and said today I’m going to write a screenplay, eh?’ Meanwhile I studied film in university, I research my scripts for months, and write as well as the best of them (men). But, yet another Steve Jobs movie is getting made. Another Star Wars is getting made. Same old regurgitated crud. God, when will it stop? It’s not like these executives are even happy with what they’re doing or happy with themselves. Step aside already, and let the filmmakers who WANT to make films get through.

      • blip says:

        Chris, film adaptation of novels and short stories has been a tradition in the film industry– worldwide– for as long as there’s been film. (Especially in the case of short stories: MGM, for example, had a team of “readers” who would comb story collections and magazines looking for material– concise, tightly plotted, with solid characters– that would lend itself to adaptation.) Sure, there have been lousy adaptations along with the great ones, but to discredit the entire process as “unoriginal” is pretty lame– not to mention shortsighted.

      • Chris says:

        There has never been originality in movies. Even in the 40s and 50s, many movies were based off a book or an adaptation of a movie from another country

      • Daniel says:

        Read the script for “Taxi Driver” — it’s all there on the page. Directors are nothing without a good script.

        Write a script that can be filmed in a week (9 days, including weekends), with a small cast. Put the camera on a tripod. “The Sopranos” didn’t have flashy camera work, after all.

        Trying to break in as a writer is like winning the lottery. But making a film can be done, especially these days with inexpensive digital equipment. And, at the very least, you’ll having something to show for all the hard work.

      • Daniel says:

        This makes for better entertainment than a lot of their movies. Scott Rudin is a based mofo.

      • Bill says:

        Is your screenplay “art” or is it a potential financial blockbuster?

        The films you name are the latter, and it’s the film BUSINESS; that’s why there are independent filmmakers.

  28. Reblogged this on just mediaworks llc and commented:

  29. CAMitchell. says:

    I’m fed up of persons making clearly unacceptable comments and then thinking that an insincere apology when caught is acceptable. This is you Ms Pascal own it!

    • Lisa says:

      But remember, there were others involved also. Not just Pascal. Have we heard from them? No. They’ve run away and made no apologies.

      • Ducheya Sharpton says:

        Nothing to do with apologies. It’s purely their way of saving face. Without an apology Sharpton would have that place boycotted 10000 times more. Not to mention burned down!

  30. CMarks says:

    If Sory survives this fiasco and Amy Pascal is still employed then they will have actually proven their true worth which is very very little. If I were Pascal I’d keep my mouth shut because the emails themselves, along with her disingenuous and feeble apologizes, simply serve as proof that she isn’t qualified to work the fryer at McDonalds let alone be a Sony executive. Obviously Sony is overdue for a through housecleaning, from the top down.

  31. I'm No Fool says:

    Amy Pascal, of course these comments are an accurate reflection of who you are. They are your true feelings communicated in email never meant for public consumption. You thought as long as you kept your feelings between close friends that you were safe behind closed doors. You were wrong and on more than one account. Take a seat!

    • cindy says:

      I agree, to make 3 million a year and to spend time talking trash on her company emails is a complete depiction of who Amy Pasqual is, racist, trash talking simple minded ass! Fire her Sony! and Scott….the film didn’t have to be a real person…what did they think would happen? we are not on good terms with North Korea, we know Kim Jong un is a lose cannon…what is his big surprise? they need to shelf the Film, they wont, greed! I will not go to the Theatre with my family as we always do on Christmas day…

    • Jason says:

      Don’t we all?

  32. Tom says:

    Yeah, it is despicable behavior. Don’t see what’s wrong with saying that.

    • Pink Panther says:

      Who cares about small talk and gossip around the office??? Goes on every where!!! The real issue is that Sony was lax in making sure its security was unbreachable. This should be about keeping the company safe period. Many of you posters are hypocrites who just can’t resist the water cooler mentality.

  33. Suzanne Lucille says:

    Of course the are an accurate insight to who you are, Amy….YOU wrote them!!!! You’re in idiot who has been enough of a ” girl/ man in the boy’s club” to have jumped up the proverbial ladder. NOW you need to be brought down to the bottom rung . Just another female who hasn’t any gratitude, humility, integrity or thought for one minute about how YOUR behavior negatively affects other women working their way in this business with all its female bias. P.S. without the actors and writers your job becomes obsolete……OBSOLETE…..

  34. Fre says:

    “The content of my emails were insensitive and inappropriate but are not an accurate reflection of who I am,” Pascal wrote.

    Really? Well then… who wrote them if not her?
    Oh, she ‘did’ write them so… either she’s too Weak to claim and stand behind what she wrote, or, she’s a liar.
    Why not just stand by your statements if one is going to make them huh? If too Weak to do so, then Shut your Mouth and Stand Down. We need Honest and Fearless people instead of the weak minded, politically correct, fake morons that seem to be popping up all over the place.
    Would respect that far more than these weak knee fakes.

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