Sony Hackers Apparently Demand Studio Pull ‘The Interview’

A group calling itself GOP posted a message online on Monday that warned Sony to stop “immediately showing the movie of terrorism which can break the regional peace and cause the war.”

GOP — which stands for Guardians of Peace — did not specifically identify the movie. Authorities have been investigating whether the hacker attack is in some way be connected to “The Interview,” the movie that has generated condemnation from the government of North Korea.

The message from GOP said that they “have given our clear demand to the management team of Sony, however they have refused.”

“You, SONY, & FBI, cannot find us.”

The note also included a link connected to the names of Amy Pascal and Stephen Mosko.

A spokeswoman for Sony said they had no comment. An individual close to the studio said that they have received no demands.

The message also claims to “know nothing about the threatening email received by Sony staffers,” an apparent reference to a message received on Friday that authorities also are investigating.

The Wall Street Journal first reported the note.

The North Korean government has denied involvement in the hacker attack. But it has issued threats about the movie, a comedy in which Seth Rogen and James Franco play entertainment journalists who get recruited by the CIA to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jung Un.

Last week, Social Security numbers from tens of thousands of employees were leaked online, along with other information including the salaries of Rogen and Franco.

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  1. mikeymike says:

    This cant be serious a supposed evil reigning dictator calling his group guardian of peace who would ever believe that it dont make any sence oh unless the US government caused it with there secret back doors in all emails and websites and then they blame it on NKOREA but still why that name unless they keep abriviating it for political purposes and call them bad guys the GOP well anyway guess NKOREA isn’t playing ball and now they will go down PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION

  2. James Blunt says:

    Kim Jung Un: Hack Hero. MORE.

  3. lmj says:

    False flag. Pure publicity stunt at the expense of the employees. Sick to use the disgruntled employee and cyber terrorism tack as away of promoting a movie. This just proves that Hollywood is run by a**holes.

  4. Benderfass says:

    So…is Universal’s Ron Meyer on standby to patch things up between the hackers and Sony like he did with Tobey Maguire and Sony during the Spiderman 2 issues?

  5. Bob Kay says:

    This is serious. This touches MPAA. Aircraft carriers are on the way.

  6. joeastroturf says:

    Hillary says don’t show it and see if you can reason with Kim Jong Un. See what movie he wants you to make. Then make it. Better yet she says why not make fun of Jesus like NPR and be safe.

  7. Ben Parry says:

    In light of recent CIA torture stuff it could be in the best interests of sony to avoid this moive all together rather than rattle cages.

  8. Roger Feeley says:

    I don’t care for Seth Rogens films but now I have to go see this one.

  9. Even without this “GOP” cyber attack, I thought it was not the best idea to use a real person as the dictator who is the target of the assassination attempt in this movie. Had the movie used a fictitious leader of North Korea the response would not have been nearly as strong.

  10. Dan Man says:

    I wouldn’t see a movie with Seth Rogen or James Franko if you paid me. Sounds like a stupid movie anyway

  11. Brad says:

    This smells like a hoax to get butts in the theater

  12. Josh327 says:

    Well, here YOU are.

  13. David Powell says:

    Everyone in America or any free country should see the movie twice. Tell this spoiled little dictator and his script kiddies where to go. Figures he’s too much of a wuss to take satire.

  14. Grog says:

    LMAO, Hollyweird liberals taken down by one of their heroes!!!

  15. San Diego Steve says:

    It looks like a stunt to boost the box office to me. I had planned to see the film, but I do not like manipulation, so, I will pass.

  16. Nick says:

    I believe this story is nothing but hype since hype works on controlling the weak minded population.

  17. Vorenious says:

    This is probably a ruse to circulate hype about film.

  18. robertleebeers says:

    It sounds like it could be a lot of fun, especially if we can get a feed of the NK reaction to its being shown.

  19. AJ Seattle says:

    Probably won’t see this film, not because of the actors or controversy, but more because Hollywood has been turning out absolute crap for the past few years…. and at $11+ to get in anymore… it’s just not worth it…

  20. masullivan57 says:

    I can’t wait to see the movie. Its probably some pre debut promotion.

  21. Teall2 says:

    famous last words, you will never find us. lol

  22. We should empathize with North Korea and try to understand their concerns, hopes, and dreams. Then we should nuke the whole goddam country. Now, wasn’t that helpful?

  23. RIch says:

    Let the war begin. We will destroy North Korea.

    • Grog says:

      Not with the current administration, he’ll more than likely bow to them. Unless we tell him NK are Tea Partiers, then it’s ON!!!!

  24. James Cygnus says:

    If it saves us from Seth Rogen then they truly are Guardians of Peace..

  25. I don’t see what all the fuss is about nobody is going to go see this movie anyway. It seems all the hype is coming from the producer to drum up some interest interest in this dumb movie.

  26. Keith Diggs says:

    JAMES FRANCO IS A SATANIST. He invested his own money in making a SATANIC MUSIC VIDEO called “Love in the old days”. Kenneth Anger is a satanist and collaborator with Anton Levay, author of the Satanic bible, Anger, through his connection to the Rolling Stones (remember the satanic album they made called “His Satanic Majesty’s Request”?) is responsible for the horned gesture made by many rock idiots making it’s way from the church of satan into Rock and Roll. Franco dug THIS FOSSIL UP to put him in the video. James Franco is EVIL. Most of you liberal pieces of sh*t, despise Tim Teebow, but this pos is okay? Hell is your only reward.

  27. filmsharks says:

    It’s so apparent the hackers must originate from South Korea if they are so adamant about Sony pulling ‘The Interview’ from being released.

  28. Alma says:

    The Feds went after that insignificant little movie maker who made the comedy about Muhammed (claiming it was the cause of the Benghazi attack by a few terrorists), but stays mum about SONY making a COMEDY about NORTH KOREA’s leader? A country that has nuclear weapons and hates us? Whose tyrannical, paranoid leaders are always hoping for an excuse to use them? Against America and Europe, no less? The WH needs to weigh in on this, either publicly or privately, but they need to get the job done and quelch this movie release. Sony must be brimming over with stupidos because this is about the stupidest thing a studio could do. It’s not bowing to the North Koreans. It’s called doing the right thing. It is a movie that had no business being made in the first place. This is the Muhammed movie on steroids. Only this time it really could be the cause of an attack. On all of us. So much for the liberals’ sensitivity to other cultures, huh?

  29. Alma says:

    It sounds like the hackers are afraid of history repeating itself – that history being the joke that wasn’t funny back in the 1200s between Genghis Khan and the Khwarazm Shah. Sony is going to make a comedy (joke) about the North Korea dictator? How stupid is that? Those folks have no sense of humor. They are starving. Their economy stays in the red. They are a desperate nation. They have nuclear weapons, which they periodically “test” to let the world know they have a gun and are not afraid to use it. They are evil to the core. They hate the West. They live and breathe justified paranoia. Their current leader is viewed as a joke to the rest of the world and they know that. They most likely have plans to get rid of him themselves (if they haven’t already). (“Oct 15, 2014 · North Korean state media has attempted to end the international speculation about the whereabouts of leader Kim Jong Un.”) They probably see this film as very threatening–putting them in the global spotlight (and a political microscope) regarding their elusive Kim Jong Un. You betcha Sony sh*t in its hand with this stupid movie. Not very bright, Sony. Yeah, I can see where this movie would leave them feeling like they have nothing to lose if they should decide to retaliate on the West (U.S. and Europe)–in a big way–like in launching a nuclear bomb or two. Those people are isolated from the rest of the world; they have no friends; they have no loyalties to anyone outside their borders. They might decide that a nuclear war could put them on a better political and economic footing in the world–and force the rest of the world to give them the respect they feel they deserve. Even if they get wiped off the planet in the process, at this point (after the movie) what would they have to lose. The whole world knows they don’t care about their people; the country’s leaders are tyrants. A devastating war might wipe them all out, but at least their leaders’ names would go down in history and they will go out [believing they are] teaching world leaders a lesson about imprisoning an entire nation (through isolation), making it destitute and desperate to the point of no longer giving a d*mn. Remember, the North Korean leaders are True Believers (as defined by Eric Hoffer). They will die for their insanely cruel regime. These are not people to make a mockery of. Hollywood has been working tirelessly since the 50s to destroy the fabric of American society. Releasing this movie could destroy our nation, itself. Whoever signed off on this movie from its inception should be fired immediately and this movie and all copies of it destroyed immediately. The rest of the world can stand a bit of poking, but the rest of the world is comprised of human beings. Sony is poking the wild black bear–a vicious, dangerous, desperate animal–with this movie. I do not believe in censorship, but releasing this movie is like screaming “Fire!” in a theater. Literally.

  30. jiminhouston says:

    Sony couldn’t buy all the publicity they are getting form this.

  31. says:

    Kill ’em all, and let God sort ’em out!

  32. Merlot says:

    I think SONY will cancel the comedy in which Netanyahoo gets off’d.

  33. Its not North Korea its our own CIA and US Army cyber warfare

  34. Dr. Venture says:

    And there is just no way this is just a publicity stunt to try and keep this movie from going straight TBS.

    • I guess you missed the part where five Sony movies (four of them unreleased) were dumped to file-sharing sites? Or the part where celebrity addresses, phone numbers and company financials that these studios never disclose have been released?

  35. Slobbering Fits says:

    Please pull the movie and dont make anymore Franco Seth bromance BS .Comedy is dead .liberalism killed it .

  36. Quasi Quirky says:

    Thanks Bob Oscar for my first big chuckle of the day!

  37. Hacked by the Norks? How humiliating is that??

  38. seign says:

    North Korea has already denied being responsible for this attack. If they were behind it, they would have been gloating to the press (they love to show off). This is obviously a false-flag from whoever the real perpetrator is. I’m guessing it’s either a rival studio or an inside job from a disgruntled employee.

  39. This is a good excuse to revisit the brilliant Kim Jong Il rap video from back in the day – BOMB BOMB BOMB…

  40. sarah says:

    there is no better way to make a movie more popular than to ask for it to be banned

  41. Dave-0 says:

    These folks have blessed this movie with the most coveted of Hollywood assets – controversy. The DPRK truly is a kingdom of cluelessness.

    • seign says:

      If you really believe the DPRK is behind this, I have a bridge to sell you. This is an obvious false-flag.

      • I know people love conspiracies, but five Sony movies dumped to file-sharing sites (four of which were unreleased) scripts for unreleased movies dumped, a selection of celebrity addresses, phone numbers already released and company financials that these studios never disclose have been released?

        All to promote one movie?

        Yeah right.

      • slaggingham says:

        ^Nork detected.

  42. itchyz says:

    In the process, these clueless hackers have garnered millions of dollars of advertisement for a movie that I probably would never have known about if not for their criminal behavior. And some people may be more likely to pay to see the movie as well.

  43. Carlos T. Jackal says:

    Internet messages filled with incoherent rage? Of COURSE they’re the GOP!

  44. Sheila Dix says:

    Pull the movie or else? LOL Hey North Korean hackers did you miss the Team America movie? Just remember in this country we still jail bad movie makers, just ask the Benghazi video maker. So you are upset about a Seth Rogan movie? I feel the same way about Julia Roberts but it’s not worth going nuclear over it.

  45. Maxhax says:

    How come there wasn’t any fuss made when Trey Parker and Matt Stone made Team America? I’m starting to think this is a Hollywood ploy to bring in viewers. Plus, since when does America bow down at the demands of other countries? Oh, wait a minute, I forgot about the current administration. Never mind.

  46. BrocinChina says:

    Sony couldn’t get better advertisement than this. Maybe the assassination of Putin film, (or Obama-oops this was already done with Bush) might be next.

  47. DawgByte says:

    The only viable response to the “GOP” in this case is a cyber counter attack. One in which the computers, cell phones and tablets of each member melts before their very eyes. I wasn’t planning on seeing this comedy about North Korea, but now I am just to stick it to the GOP.

  48. Demanding a Seth Rogen and James Franco movie be killed is like taking Beavis and Butthead hostage.

    This has to be the North Koreans.

  49. Fred Garvin says:

    Haaaa, the Japs are now b1tches to the North Koreans. Bend over Tojo !

  50. Leda says:

    “A conspiracy so monstrous…”

    Given the BS shoveled by the Government’s mouthpiece known as “Main Stream media” I hardly trust anything I see or read without at least 4 varying views on the subject and then a week or two to let it stew and see what spills out.

    Who the HELL really knows what is going on? This could be yet another attempt to police the internet by our corrupt 80+% Ashkenazi Zionist ran branches of government using their favorite brainwashing tool Hollywood.

    Or.. They could be positioning N. Korea for their envisioned / orchestrated WW3 with Russia and China. “Order out of chaos” Divide and Rule, Bread and Circus.. detailed in many of their own books, literature, and leaked documents.

    The World truly is a stage and History is a Lie! Everything from Columbus discovering America, to the Rothschild / Vatican owned creation of Israel.. to every recent war in recent History being orchestrated and financed by the same top tier Pedo sociopath satanist scum!

    One thing is for sure.. If people DO NOT wake up to the manipulation in huge numbers fast.. “They” will have everyone lopping off each others heads while they sit back in their golden castles and chariots laughing at our stupidity..

    At the core of the One-World-System is Satanism. It hides itself behind fronts such as Jewish Finance, Socialism, Aryanism, British Israelism, Zionism, and Freemasonry which are tools to get the broad masses to serve the Plan. The “conspiracy” to create the One-World-System has enlisted the help of almost everyone. That is because most of the religious systems at the top are controlled by Satanists who know what they are doing and direct the people’s religious efforts. (Read the research in Be Wise As Serpents for the documentation on this.)

    Nazism was a Pagan Gnostic religious system whose High Priest Hitler knew what he was doing in relation to Satan’s mission. (More about this further down.) The Jewish people (1 use the term in its broadest sense) are being used. Actually the allegiance of the Satanic hierarchy is not in the least concerned with Judaism, although it appears that at first the plans are to create a religious leader that will have the apparent credentials of the Jewish messiah. How sad, because the actions of the Rothschilds and other Satanic “jewish” bloodlines during W.W. II show that their first allegiance is not to the Old Testament and not to even Orthodox Judaism, but is purely to Satan. At some point in the future the Orthodox Jews and the Conservative Jews will find that this Messiah, who is already alive waiting to play his role, will only give them temporary relief. They are being taken for a ride and then they will be dumped by the New World Order’s dictatorship.

    Let me briefly recap what some of the plan was . And while you read these plans that I am relaying to you from my intensive research on high level Satanism, see if you don’t see the irony in the Satanic plans . How very ironic it is that in all the twisted thinking and reasoning of the leading Satanists for why they must do things, it is surprising they do not catch on that this plan of Satan’s is going to achieve God’s revealed plan . How pride does blind us! (For the sake of brevity I will dispense with my normal method of documenting everything; I suggest that my book Be Wise As Serpents be read for documentation, and further questions be written to me . Otherwise this article would be way to bulky for the newsletter.)

    The “brilliant” plan given in detail to the Illuminati was to create a thesis and its opposite called the antithesis . The process would repeat itself until the desired outcome . Out of the battle between the two would emerge the synthesis . Out of the battle of chaos would come a new order reminding us of the Masonic slogan “Order out of Chaos.” If the thesis were like a hammer and the antithesis like an anvil, what was caught in between would be broken or reshaped . Three world wars would enable the plan to work. The hammer would be constructed and then given a homeland, a secure base in Russia . It is what we call communism. The first anvil would be created out of economic chaos in Germany . It would be called National Socialism . That anvil would be destroyed in a Second World War, but another anvil would replace it called democracy. The first two world wars accomplished exactly what they were intended to accomplish. Out of the first world war came:

    (1) A secure Satanic dictatorship in Russia, a secure base to carry out further world subversion.

    (2) The Satanic family of Rothschilds gained partial control over Palestine, preparing the way for Satan to rule from Jerusalem some day

    (3) Weapons of mass destruction and terror.

    (4) The League of Nations. Out of the second world war came

    (1) The enlargement of their secure base in Russia into a world power.

    (2) complete control over Palestine by the Rothschilds.

    (3) airpower, including long range missiles, jets, secret flying saucers, and powerful submarines, all items that individuals could not produce . Those in control of production would therefore control all air and sea ways of the earth.

    (4) The cold war and an era of terror to convince the people of the need for Satan’s One World Order.

    (5) the United Nations .

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