Sony Hack: Amy Pascal Apologizes to Harvey Weinstein, Lining Up Studio Supporters

Sony Hack: Amy Pascal Apologizes Harvey

Sony Pictures Entertainment is trying to get out in front of the devastating cyber-attack that has left the company reeling before the next batch of stolen documents leaks online.

Co-chair Amy Pascal has been reaching out to various executives and A-list stars across the industry to apologize preemptively for any disparaging comments she might have made in her correspondence. The Weinstein Co. chairman Harvey Weinstein was among the executives and actors who received an apologetic call from Pascal, insiders tell Variety.

The studio is also becoming more aggressive in mounting a defense after spending the initial days after the hacking essentially performing triage. It is working with the Motion Picture Association of America on a letter of support that would be signed by all of the other major studio heads. The language of the letter has been a sticking point, and some rival studio chiefs are reluctant to become embroiled in the issue. Others are concerned that a show of solidarity would expose their companies to attacks from the hackers, who call themselves Guardians of Peace.

It is suspected that the hacking was launched in conjunction with North Korea as punishment for the release of “The Interview,” a satire that depicts an assassination attempt on the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un.

Pascal has been at the center of the mushrooming public relations mess because some of the stolen messages include notes in which the studio chief makes a series of racially charged comments about President Barack Obama’s movie tastes. Some of the emails also included disparaging comments by Pascal and other top Sony executives about major stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Angelina Jolie and Kevin Hart. Pascal’s Obama jokes inspired criticism from the likes of “Scandal” creator Shonda Rhimes and “Selma” director Ava DuVernay. The actions and comments of Sony executives have been rebuked by Hart, Lisa Kudrow and Mark Ruffalo, among others.

Hollywood players were slow to offer statements of support for the embattled Pascal, but that has slowly begun to change. Howard Stern endorsed Pascal while talking with “The Interview” star Seth Rogen on his Monday broadcast, Judd Apatow tweeted kind words and Aaron Sorkin penned a New York Times opinion piece slamming the media for using the hacked documents. Pascal also received an encouraging phone call from Tyler Perry over the weekend. Despite the blowback Pascal received for her Obama remarks, the director was supportive of Pascal because of her history of backing African-American filmmakers and actors.

At the same time, Sony is putting reporters on the defensive. David Boies, an attorney for the studio, sent a letter to media outlets including Variety threatening legal action if they use stolen materials for articles.

Sony is hosting an all-staff meeting Monday on its Culver City, Calif., lot at 12:30 and 1 p.m. to discuss the fallout from the attack.

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  1. JOEL GOODMAN says:


  2. Janice says:

    And by me saying I’m of the opinion that this is all fake, I mean the notion that Pascal was ever going to be ejected from the Hollywood top tier club. Why is no one running these stories about Rudin? Wasn’t he just as guilty?? This is all a show.

    • John Q says:

      Rudin isn’t running a studio. From the emails, I would characterize him as an arrogant, self-serving asshole, not much different than most producers.

      I wonder if Howard Stern would still support Pascal if he knew Simon was thinking about getting rid of him from that tv show?

      or if Simon Cowell really knew what they think of him? his ideas? and his “lame” monkees project?

      A winner if there is one… is Danny Boyle, in light of all the bullshit surrounding the film Jobs, he seems like the only decent genuine person. Kudos to Mr. Boyle.

  3. Janice says:

    I’m of the opinion that this is all fake. Here’s my reply to someone who said they were a studio insider over at Deadline. For whatever reason, they seem to refuse to post it, but they love posting the attacks on Al Sharpton. I really don’t have an opinion about him, but it looks like they do:

    “The fact that Amy Pascal thought it was a good idea to go to Al Sharpton is just one more example of how deeply rooted these problems are. I’m sure that the studios’ response to this ‘diversity’ crisis will be to stick in some clearly unqualified black people in to high-level positions for which they have little experience or training, which was a fairly common practice at the large well-known entertainment company where I worked at. The predominate racial/ethnic groups always carefully groomed and mentored their own kind; anybody else – no. Hollywood careers really are apprentice systems and without proper training any underrepresented minority is bound to fail.”

    I think I’ve seen what looked like this from the outside looking in too, which is also a part of the problem and solves nothing. It’s just putting a mask, or ‘blackface’, on what they are doing because the person/people they hire are hired clearly to just be “yes men.” They are there to approve whatever was already was going to be done (or not done) anyway and then be there for the press to take the flack when people complain, making it seem like someone of color actually had something to do in the decision making process, when it would be really hard to believe that anyone of color worth their salt would approve of or decide on such actions/inactions or writing. They are just put there as pawns to serve their purpose, but I think people are wising up and seeing past that now, so it doesn’t work so well.

    It seems as though you’re right. People of color are being set up to fail, and the system stays the same, even if they actually lose money at the end of the day behind it. I guess the people in charge feel that it’s worth the cost. I just know that I’m not interested in supporting this anymore.

    I don’t think I’m wrong here; I think they just don’t want people to look at this closely. That’s okay. The media (including the film industry), try as they might, can’t control everything…

  4. preuser says:

    SPE is mismanaging this thing in a big way MPAA should stay out of this it’s none of their business
    other execs should not be asked to risk supporting her SPE needs to can her or not just keep quiet and tend to business either way. This dog and pony show by SPE and Amy is ill conceived

  5. preuser says:

    “The jury is still out with where we go with Amy,” Sharpton said at a news conference after his meeting with Pascal.” -ABC-

    IOW Sharpton ,the Urban league and NAACP haven’t figured out how much money they want out of Sony to line their own pockets via their front organizations !

    The modern racial grievance industry has much less to do with civil rights than grabbing money and power they didn’t earn !

    Pascal should be fired for meeting with them and the case closed on Sony’s part!
    Sony doesn’t owe these crooks anything at… all nothing !

    Sony apologized to the white house and the white house said the apology was appropriate end of story .
    Al sharpton has no business inserting himself here and Sony shouldn’t allow it ofc. maybe they should fire Amy Pascal OTOH her job performance overall revenue wise has been very good.
    Ofc it seems the movie was a dumb subject but that not withstanding they still had the right to make it .

  6. John says:

    So what if Amy Pascal (and all of the Hollywood “elite”) are a pack of insincere jackals, liars and rip off artists. My theater will show THE INTERVIEW just to make a point.

  7. Davis says:

    Post the movie the Interview for free on the internet, do exactly what the rogue hackers do not want, allow the world, including Koreans, to see it. Sign my petition at CHANGE

  8. Get yo life says:

    Why are you all making this so political. It’s not that serious. Some of you act as if your so holy and haven’t said or did something that might be offensive behind close doors. We all done it myself included, does that mean I should lose my job. Does that mean you should lose yours. Hopefully this was a wakeup call for them and they will become better human beings.Give them a break. There’s just too much negativity on here. On the flip side Sony should not have gave in to the hackers. That was a b#tch move. Get some balls Sony.

  9. Hollywood LOVES a free press; full latitude to trash, demean and defile our once great society of Christian values, but when that freedom PRESSES them and their “values,” oh no, no, no, you can’t go there! What is in the Heart comes out in emails………………………….

  10. J.W. Stallings says:

    going to temple must be fun these days………….yes, assuming they are the convenient high holiday types.

  11. Charlie G. says:

    when do we all get an apology from Harvey for being a massive, loud, disgusting human. We want to hear sorry for Obama – “I was wrong”. We want to hear sorry for promoting gun violence and sexist pigs in our homes and then wanting to take away our own individual rights. We want him to pay reperation’s for all the crap films he used misleading marketing to extract hard earned cash from our pockets. Oh and for in general being an ass we want him to just go away and take Amy with him.

  12. Alex says:

    Just give Harv a box of donuts and he’ll be fine.

  13. Herschel Farbergsteinman says:

    Sony should of offered Lifelock!

  14. meyou says:

    Isn’t it fun when lefties scurry and scramble???

  15. david says:

    Funny Oprah defends Sony privacy but not a word on Donald Sterling

  16. JJ says:

    I can hear her now – “Please forgive me. I am really a die-hard liberal who hates Republicans, Conservatives, white people, religion, Christians and observant Jews.”

  17. Thomas says:

    Well, given her unabashed racist remarks, I assume she has had similar conversations with the other Gods of Hollywood. And, they are afraid to speak out since she can leak those e-mails and ruin them as well.

  18. Jerry pedler says:

    Why doesn’t this Pascal women have to resign her position? When Sterling had his private conversations recorded and leaked he was forced to sell his business because he made racially charged remarks. This woman took racially charged swipes at the first black president and she is able to continue on and “line up supporters”? Where is the outrage that Sony is threatening to sue outlets that publish these leaks? Would this be treated the same way if Sterling tried sueing any outlet that played his private remarks? Old white guy gets crucified while the liberals and self serving minority types get to display their righteous indignation but when the perpetrator is one of their own females it’s no big deal. Just some impolite emails that discussed the presidents movie taste, right?

  19. atkoa says:

    Sounds like “Amy” really p—- someone off!

  20. atkoa says:

    This has been going on for years, liberals are hypocrites. They tell everyone else how to live, where to live, call them racist. Meanwhile their motto is “Do as I say, not as I do”. When someone has to accuse others all the time, it means that they are the racist.

  21. This is who these people are. Typical white liberal being Santa Claus to blacks ..Main reason to have blacks beholding to them and bowing down…

  22. WallyG says:

    If a guy had to lose his basketball team over “comments” then whattya say SONY should lose its studios over “comments”? Fair is fair! N’est Pas?

    • John says:

      What the heck is so wrong about not liking something be it a persons color religion anything as long it does not involve not giving someone a job or anything because of color. Everybody has likes and dislikes and that cannot be changed. Someone does not like me for some reason so what they have a right to not like as I have the same right. Must we all like the same food the same everything?

      • YouGotToBeKiddingMe says:

        This is the epitome of a liberal circular firing squad. Their self-righteousness has come back to bite them on the ass. They have made it their mission their right to judge us. If my political standing is not in line with what they think is the right way then you will be judged and damned for it. Now it is your turn to be judged and the sentence you have rendered upon others should be your punishment as well and that is expulsion from your seat of power. What is good enough for the Republican is good enough for the liberal.

  23. TruthInSpending says:

    Yeah, they offer a blanket apology, just in case. Who do they think they are kidding. This is who, and what, they are. They’ve been caught, and that’s the only reason for apologies.

    Other than that, it would be business as usual.

  24. Howard Klein says:

    This has got to be the all time comedy hit of the century. One liberal self flagelating to another bumptious looney leftist like Weinstein is hilarious. She’s running around apologizing to all her fellow lib-loonies, thinking their sanction actually contributes to the amelioration of her exposed hypocrisy when as we all know, one hundred hugs from Weinstein doesn’t equal one photo op with Sharpton the racial charlatan, showing that her lib lapdog credentials are really in tact. Next step: Take this one to the bank> She’s going to announcea new project a) A sensitive movie based on some obscure novel written by a black American writer that is guaranteed to have the following elements: b) A saintly black female heroine. b)A disgusting redneck or capitalist pig boss c) an adorable black child d)A nasty, privileged white little girl, a role she will undoubtedly play herself as long as it has a scene where she sobs and blabbers apologies.

  25. Upchuck Indian says:

    Got to love it! A psychotic-sociopathic society putting the glee on brothers leftist sociopathic hollywood leftists. Love it!

  26. Irish Joey Dee says:

    These hackers did great!!! I spotlighted the blatant hypocrisy of the Hollywood left. Thanks guys!

  27. Godot says:

    THe bus is here for Pascal, but she ain’t getting ON.

  28. roccotool says:

    The Far Left never do anything wrong, even if they’re making racial comments against Barack Hussein. How do you protect yourself when it happens? You start emailing, calling, and talking to others in the Far Left, shamelessly asking for their support; that they didn’t do anything wrong. It’s circle the wagons time.

  29. Bob says:

    Pascal should be fired.

    • TruthInSpending says:

      You might have left out one. They could start a “hashtag” campaign. That would make things right.

      At least in their evil, hypocritical minds.

  30. Keith Diggs says:

    “Despite the blowback Pascal received for her Obama remarks, the director was supportive of Pascal because of her history of backing African-American filmmakers and actors.”

    But know your stupid black azz knows how she really feels about you. Know you know that she sees you not as King Henry but rather as the BUFFOON, the COURT JESTER and you now know that she feels that lower class tastes run in BLACK PEOPLE regardless of their present standing as the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD!!! So how could your TRAITOROUS BLACK AZZ SUPPORT THIS TYLER PISSFACE???

    Dave Chappelle was RIGHT, when they put a black man in a dress they cut off his nuts! These people have SOLD THEIR SOULS TO THE DEVIL for their fame and are all in this together.

  31. Keith Diggs says:

    WHY IS THIS WOMAN APOLOGIZING TO HARVEY WEINSTEIN? Did she say something anti-Jewish? This w.h.o.r.e. needs to apologize to every black person working in Hollywood and then she needs to LOSE HER FCKING JOB. DONALD STERLING THIS BYTCH!!!!

    • Ger Kennelly says:

      Donald Sterling did more for black people than the oprahs and sharptons

    • dave johnson says:

      This is a great opportunity to wake up, Liberals. Your own sample, Pascal, is just using non-funny humour to release her anger and disappointment with her unsuccessful, president and stating personal opinions about celebrities. BFD.

  32. 1CEO says:

    Hollywood….what a joke.

  33. playnicenow says:

    Wink, wink is the order of the day between Amy and Harvey and Amy and the rest of the libs. “So what, doll? Your heart’s in the right place, that’s all that matters!” is the order of the day. They all know Obama is a race baiting fool, it’s proven in their emails about his movie taste but they do cover up nice I will admit. You will soon hear that Amy and Scott Rudin are “on leave” for a while due to “stress and remorse” but not to worry they will be back after the trip to lib rehab in Malibu.

  34. Grampaw says:

    I started reading the comments and instantly knew that this article must have been posted on Drudge Report. Too funny… Classic commentary from there.. Yer all a bunch of fags.. haha

  35. Brian Roberts says:

    The trades do everything they can to soften the harsh reality here, because they depend on advertising from Sony.

  36. Invictus says:

    Sorry I’m obviously blind..

  37. Invictus says:

    ..but why put Tyler Perry’s name in the tags below this article? He’s not mentioned in the piece (and he works with Lionsgate studios).

    • Keith Diggs says:

      He is a FELLOW ILLUMINATI MEMBER who also SOLD HIS SOUL TO SATAN and at a recent movie premiere he gave Amy Pascal COVER and was more outraged at the hacking than the content of the hack and wasn’t fazed at all by the RACISM.

  38. AJ Seattle says:

    Well, if you’re not a d’bag behind people’s backs, you really don’t run into these issues….

  39. grumpy says:

    Another two faced JAP. What’s new?

  40. toetagger says:

    It’s not racism when liberals are racist.

  41. ProBiz Conservative says:

    Pascal’s got the knee pads out and is working overtime… Not to worry because she’s a lib. Being a lib means never having to say you’re sorry, or even worrying about being destroyed, like Donald Sterling, who said and did much, much less than Pascal.
    The Double Standard played by liberal Hollywood is disgusting. It’s a wonder anyone with a brain would even go to a movie anymore…

  42. James D'Arcy says:

    No less than what Hollywood liberal elites handed out to Mel Gibson should be delivered in equal measure to Rudin, Pascal and their fellow liberal agenda spouting hypocrites. Or maybe they could start by apologizing to Mr. Gibson [who already made his public apologies], before they bow at the altar of Sharpton and Jackson. After all somewhere it says that the one who is without any faults should cast the first stone.

  43. DMO says:

    Behold!! The TRUE face of whitey-white leftists/DemoKKKrats when it comes to their black- and brown-skinned voter-slaves…….

  44. Josey Wales says:

    ***threatening legal action if they use stolen materials for articles………..By all mean, threaten away. Once it is on the web, it is free game. thank God for Free media and freedom of speech.
    I say, expose ALL of them.
    BTW, the Group calling themselves the Guardians of Peace are just a bunch of guys at the NSA doing what they have been told to do.

  45. woodNfish says:

    Overheard Weinstein say this to Pascal; “Oh sweetie, all is forgiven because you’re a typical hypocritical, racist, leftist piece of shit just like me.”

    • ProBiz Conservative says:

      wooNfish: you summed up the liberal hypocrisy of Hollywood to a ‘T’. Add a liberal dose of sharpton and jackson and it’s easy to understand why nothing will happen to Pascal…

  46. That pascal bees a racist

  47. joeastroturf says:

    Obama says do what Lois Lerner did Amy with her Emails. Amy Pascal just give Rev Al (AKA The killer) Sharpton big bucks to hide that your a liberal racist. He won’t waste it on taxes Obama has us suckers to pay his

  48. Nunya Bidness says:

    Man I love watching liberals eat their own. Happens every time near the end of a lib presidents failed tenure. So sweet.

  49. Hollywood Double Standards? says:

    Amy Pascal gets to apologize for racist comments while Mel Gibson is immediately banned for life without any chance to apologize? I don’t get the double standards of Hollywood.

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