Sony Hack: Carmike Cinemas Won’t Screen ‘The Interview’

The Interview Randall Park

Carmike Cinemas has bailed out on showing Sony’s comedy “The Interview” — the first fallout from the hackers’ threat to distributors.

The theater chain became the first to take up Sony’s offer to exhibitors to pull “The Interview” if they desire in advance of its wide release this Christmas. Sony remains committed to the planned opening.

Multiplex owners were caught by surprise Tuesday after hackers evoked the memory of 9/11 while threatening theaters that play the comedy about an attempted assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

The Carmike chain, based in Georgia, operates 278 theaters and 2,917 screens in 41 states. The sites are mostly in rural and suburban areas of the South.

Sony Pictures has stayed silent on the latest threat from the hackers and the Department of Homeland Security released a statement saying they have not yet discovered evidence of an active plot against U.S. theaters. But the decision by Carmike to bail out of showing “The Interview” is likely to be followed by other distributors.

The hackers called “The Interview,” starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, “an awful movie.”

“Soon all the world will see what an awful movie Sony Pictures Entertainment has made,” the missive said. “The world will be full of fear. Remember the 11th of September 2001. We recommend you to keep yourself distant from the places at that time. (If your house is nearby, you’d better leave.)”

Rogen and James Franco cancelled all media appearances on Tuesday and Wednesday, but still plan to attend at the New York premiere on Thursday.

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  1. Susie Boan says:

    Sony should bypass Carmike and other theaters. Put movie on PayPerView, On Demand, NetFlix, Time Warner cable and let all Americans pay to see it. Sony will make money, Americans will not be censored, and Carmike won’t make a penny!

  2. Sony’s Michael Lynton was quick to respond to President Obama’s criticism. He should have shown as much courage as quickly responding to NK’s attack. Sony and the movie theaters are run by cowards. We should hurt them where they live – loving their money. Sign my petition:

  3. Messy says:

    Im glad i dont work for sony.

  4. Gerard says:

    This is an astonishing act of cowardice and is itself un-American. Sony is letting a benighted military dictatorship whose citizens are starving to death dictate not just to American business but America itself. I am ashamed of every dollar I ever spent with a Sony product.

  5. Neil Graves says:

    American journalism has driven me to tears in recent years and this piece is yet another instance. Reporter says the situation is “likely to be followed by other distributors” and this was the “first” which implies a second and third or fourth. Mind giving us a quote or two to back this up or is this the reporter’s opinion? If so, please spare us opinions — just the facts, guy.

  6. Dan says:


  7. Renee says:

    This is absolutely hilarious! This is genius PR! I like Seth Rogan, but I loathe politics. I never had any interest in the movie before. Now I hope they release it to DVD and On Demand so I can see what the big deal is. Either Sony came up with a terrific marketing scam to get the public’s interest, or, if the threat is real, the idiots who came up with it have only ensured that more people will see the movie, totally backfiring on them for wanting to keep people away. What morons! If it is real, the threat clearly was not written by someone with English as a first language. They will see that Americans are a stubborn, indignant people who do not respond well to threats. They have guaranteed the success of a movie that many may end up agreeing with them is “awful”. Can’t find word strong enough to express how stupid these hackers must be if their threat is real.

  8. ThomT says:

    If I were Sony I’d simply put the movie on the internet with free access. Obviously the threats must be taken seriously because somewhere a crackpot, who has nothing to do with the actual hacking, just might use it as an excuse to do something really really stupid. By giving the movie away for free online more people will see it then would have paid for it in a theater and Sony (who can take write off – nothing new here for Sony) will have managed to defeat the hackers attempt to keep people from seeing the movie.

  9. Memo says:

    Well since their pulling this for whatever reason their sticking to;
    Please pull that Fifty Shades of Grey, Twilight fan fiction garbage while you’re at it.

  10. Julienne says:

    If the idiots could’ve attacked us 9/11 style…they already would have. They’re all smoke and mirrors

  11. NMx says:

    No loss to the world… looks like another brainless,pathetic, brainwashing offering from Follywood … designed to dumb down the masses further and to promote an evil dictator…

  12. Mike says:

    So here we are, the cyber war front has opened and we lost round one. In a weird way it levels the playing field if nations like North Korea can wreak this sort of havoc. Should we all pull the plug?

  13. Sony has a simple choice here to make a statement.

    They should release the movie Christmas day online for free through as many news, media and other outlets that are willing to host the film. YouTube, ya got balls? Release it. Facebook, etc?? It’s yours!

    Don’t f*ck with Internet community #GOP!!!!


  14. shane says:

    Well, Carmike theaters: you have lost my business.

  15. Old School Quality says:

    Pussies. Everyone should buy a ticket to see this film when it opens, regardless of quality. This is about freedom of speech.

    • harry georgatos says:

      With you on this one. A nation that can laugh at itself, whether good or bad is a country worth living in, instead of having your fingernails pulled out.

  16. elric301 says:

    If Sony had stuck to the original release date, instead of Christmas, this would have came, made some quick money, and went before anyone noticed.

  17. elric301 says:

    If anyone hacks Carmike, they won’t find much beyond orders for shoddy projector bulbs and pay cuts for staff.

  18. Sony executives need to toughen up and get ahead of this situation. It’s so weak for the execs like Amy Pascal, etc. to just try to protect themselves from embarrassment. Get tough. Fight the people who did this to you and stop apologizing so much. Moguls don’t apologize they take charge. Here’s a mogul who is refusing to give up his private jet even in the face of massive headcount reductions. That’s guts and that’s the attitude Sony needs. Strength is respected. Read this:

  19. WTF Guy says:


  20. burtwonder says:

    Spineless Cowards and Terrorist Appeasers.

  21. Julienne says:

    The SECOND you give-in to terrorists…you lose…and you open yourself up to more of the same.

    BAD CALL! What a bunch of wimps!

  22. harry georgatos says:

    If it’s this bad just release it straight to home entertainment if fat, constipated leader threatens 9/11 terror. Obama can send a big nuke up his fat ass! The Interview unfortunately isn’t on the same level as The Great Dictator. Rogen doesn’t have that level of intelligence!

    • Julienne says:

      Sadly…all those other “Red-Lines” that Obama said don’t cross, were crossed. None of our adversaries fear Obama. They know he’s weak and doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to fight.

      • harry georgatos says:

        If the lunatics who control this loony state did attack cinemas and Obama doesn’t hit back then his legacy would be that of a tinkerbell!

  23. macd says:

    I can’t recall such a ruckus made over a stupid movie since “Cleopatra” made international headlines merely because of the off-screen Burton/Taylor hanky-panky half-a-century ago. Blaming the morons who run Sony for greenlighting this crap is now beside the point. What to do? Simply pull “The Interview” and replace it with a Hitchcock Film Festival. Or an Ed Wood retrospective. Or a long-overdue reissue of Kate Smith’s “Hello, Everybody!” At the same time, Sony should commence filming on Angelina Jolie’s “Cleopatra” and hope that lightning will strike twice.

  24. Daniel says:

    When Scorcese´s ´Kundun´ was released in Australia by Village Roadshow, the theatre chain was threatened for exhibiting the telling of the new Dalai Lama amidst the Chinese massacring the Tibetans. A Q& A was even conducted afterwards with a woman from Tibet talking about the massacres.

    On the other side. the North Korean ´supreme leader´ is a long way from the US. To depict the wanted murder of a man who has yet faced the International Criminal Court is as bad as the leader´s reported violations. To target a specific man for a story of such, understandably garners animosity from patriots of that person´s nation.It is the exacting of one person´s name that is the problem. If those idiots Rogen and
    Franco want to be heroesin bringng down the dictator, why don´t they have themselves invited to his residence and do the act themselves?

    And how do things fall upon Charles Rahi Chun?

  25. Jim says:

    As if anyone is actually afraid of that short fat punk and his tiny little itty bitty…. Country.

  26. Jim says:

    this whole thing reminds me of the great big giant scam/ lie this administration pulled when trying to assign blame for Benghazi on a YouTube video. It was b s then And this is b s now. That said, this is the lamest movie idea ever and nobody would be interested in it if it weren’t for this orchestrated b s. So. Good job, Sony marketing.

  27. Farnsworth says:

    This is absurd. I’m going to boycott Carmike and any other theater that pulls THE INTERVIEW. All this does is give a big victory to the terrorists behind the Sony hack. Carmike should be ashamed.

  28. Glenn C. says:

    LOL! These threats by some young punk North Koreans!!! Like yeah, you will get my house. They are loving this. Enjoying it. Their this are swelling. I say, Fuck You! We’re showing the movie and showing the world how your Dear fat Leader is a scumbag! In a comedy.

  29. Again, I’m the contrarian. Dumb concept, dumb for Sony to green light without beefing up their IT security. Seth Rogan should have taken notes from Chaplin’s The Great Dictator. Seriously stupid to have taken a literal approach to The Interview. Doesn’t work on any level. I’m sorry, but if I were a Sony suit, I would’ve said no thanks. Produce it on your own Mr. Rogan, if it means that much to you.

  30. cadavra says:

    “likely to be followed by other distributors.”

    Don’t you mean other exhibitors?

  31. Andy Welch says:

    I’m very disappointed in Carmike for pulling the movie in order to appease the North Korean hackers who are making these obviously empty threats. I guess from now on anyone who doesn’t like the content or a movie, television program, book or song can just threaten a 9/11 scenario and it will be scrapped.

  32. Verity says:

    Homeland Security has stated that there is no credible information, this did not need to happen.

  33. ron says:

    total bs…we cannot be afraid to screen a film because someone doesn’t like it…carmike are cowards and i will not go to their theaters anymore…

  34. JoeyG says:

    Smart move by Carmike. No movie is worth the loss of life. Sony should have done the right thing from the onset and pulled the movie.

    • Shari says:

      Wow. You just see this in terms of it just about a movie?

    • Julienne says:

      Damn girl…just giving up? That’s what they want. Have you always been a push over?

    • IreneSharda says:

      So, Americans should let themselves be bullied now? We should cower in fear every time some country who’s too big for their own britches, makes threats?

      I don’t think so…

      • Julienne says:

        Every single one of Obama’s red-lines were crossed by the enemy…and he did NOTHING. No backbone.

    • M. R. K says:

      And if ONE theater went up, then I would go to their funerals…. On the way to level N. Korea. One thing is sure… Those SOBs got a lot of nerve telling the US what they can and cant screen…

      I say let the first shot be fired from Korea, then I say let the last one be fired by us!

    • michael Anthony says:

      Seriously? No one knows who is behind this, yet people are scared?? They’re going to hit all these theatres?? Give me a break. What’s to stop the next threat against a TV show, a book, a different movie? During WWII slot of anti Hitler movies were made and no one scared people away.

      You let some anonymous threat dictate what you can view. How sad.

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