Seth Rogen and James Franco Cancel All Media Appearances for ‘The Interview’

Seth Rogen James Franco Cancel Media
Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

“The Interview” stars Seth Rogen and James Franco have canceled all upcoming media appearances following the latest threats made against theaters showing the movie, Variety has confirmed.

The duo has withdrawn from previously scheduled press appearances, including Rogen’s Thursday appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and an interview with both of them on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Wednesday, leading up to “The Interview’s” Christmas Day release. They were also booked for an appearance on Buzzfeed Brews in New York on Tuesday.

According to insiders, Rogen and Franco are still scheduled to appear at Thursday’s New York special screening of “The Interview.” The two were at the Los Angeles premiere last week, but didn’t do press interviews.

The Sony cyber attack, which has been ongoing since Nov. 24, escalated to new levels on Tuesday, when a hacker group calling itself The Guardians of Peace threatened a 9/11-like attack on theaters showing “The Interview.”

“The world will be full of fear,” the message from hackers reads. “Remember the 11th of September 2001. We recommend you to keep yourself distant from the places at that time. (If your house is nearby, you’d better leave.) Whatever comes in the coming days is called by the greed of Sony Pictures Entertainment.”

There’s been suspicions that North Korea is behind the attack because of the nature of the plot of “The Interview,” in which Rogen and Franco play characters embarking on a mission to assassinate Kim Jong-un. North Korea has denied involved in the attacks, but called the hack a “righteous deed.”

Buzzfeed first reported the news.

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  1. James should have kept a better focus on his career and future. Probably not sleeping so making bad business decisions! And James’ is getting fat and losing his looks, turning into Rogen 2!

  2. Neil says:

    All in Hollywood are to blame. Big and Bad on the screen but, once confronted they all run like little a bunch girls. You all are actors, and you are doing a great job acting like cowards. Actors of the past served our country and supported the war effort, actors today are all a bunch of self centered pussies!

  3. Kim Jung Un says:

    Seth Rogan and James Franco are buttfucking homos and their movies are gay and suck.

    • Dehliaa says:

      Yeah Seth…Franco IS weird, but that hasn’t stopped you a semi creative genius from hanging out with him? It’s not like you two neanderthals thought of the outcome of this dumb piece? Seth even if you didn’t think of the consequences…dumb Franco did. He is a loonyl tune; this was right up his alley. Get a clue…a good way to loose a lot moving forward. Admittedly, Sony made a colossal mistake…but North Korea…NOT a country we here in the US want to provoke.

  4. Jaddy Baddy says:

    Face it, Seth Rogen has a career in Hollywood for the same reason
    Adam Sandler has a career in Hollywood for the same reason Pauly
    Shore and Steve Guttenberg had a career in Hollywood: Big Finance
    needs some place to launder the trillions they have embezzled,
    and letting these meshuganas waste it on celluloid at least keeps
    their mothers off the phone and off the backs of their uncles on
    Wall Street.

  5. The hackers have win. Big deal. It will be interested to see how many life was destroy and will be rebuilt by the started of 2015. I still believe that The Interview will see the light of day next year.

  6. shannon says:

    I believe everyone in the world has the right to say if they want to be in a movie or not, I also believe everyone who breathes air has done or had something happen that they themselfs would never speek of let alone trust one other breathing soul to know.we all have one thing we take to our grave. So who r we to say,judge, or demand another’s dirty laundry be let out for all to see. We don’t have that right and I’m not willing to put my loved ones life’s on the line for it either!

  7. Chuck Dudley says:

    Don’t let extortionists win! Buy extra DVD’s, Blu-ray’s, Downloads! #SupportTheInterview

  8. PETER says:

    Will this end Franco’s fragmented career? He should never have connected with that fat, sloppy pig Rogen.

    • Dehliaa says:

      Hi Peter… Good question, but I doubt it. These two are money makers together, Not separately.
      Surprising now that it got them front and center with a couple of death 5th rests and North Korea after them they have the audacity of trying to look for protection. I say since you step pedal into it trying to big big AND bad, the big cheese of Hollywood take it like a man and hire protection and a couple of body guards. But no, both are cowering like cowards.

  9. Jeremy Kuehnau says:

    That’s fine, I wasn’t planning on seeing this filth anyways.

    Where’s the block buster hit about Bush Jr’s incompentcy and starting an illegal war?

    I hope something bad does happen just to get rid of these bad actors.

    • Dehliaa says:

      Gosh, I hope not. I agreed until you wished for something bad to happen. Seriously? Let’s pull that last line back. Bad to happen? Bad brings innocence into it and we don’t want innocent people or animals injured or killed sir.

    • Waffle says:

      Thank you for being one of the worst people I have come across all week.

  10. CinemanSteve says:

    Trey Parker and Matt Stone still put out their Muhammed episode of South Park after Muslim terrorists sent them pictures of their house. They also did a movie starring a fat ,stupid Kim Jong Il puppet. Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Sony get bullied by people who aren’t even in this country. CYBER bullying? Isn’t there an ABC Family show on how to deal with that? They came so far to chicken out now?! Put The (freakin) Interview out!

  11. ajdewitt706 says:

    If this is a marketing ploy it’s way over the line. If it’s a legitimate attack then people need to stop giving it power. It exists in cyberspace and it’s revealing personal information, so what. Maybe people should be more honest and transparent in the first place. Two-faced people are being exposed and is that really such a bad thing. If they really had the capability of inflicting 9/11 type attacks then they would stay silent and do it, they wouldn’t talk about it. Osama Bin Laden didn’t tell everyone he was going to crash planes at specific locations and times. This is ridiculous, let them have it, let them have all the information and undercover facts they want, but don’t let them have any power. They should show this movie in every theater everywhere and Seth and James should appear where ever they can. We’re America, if North Korea is somehow involved then let them have their fun but don’t sweat it. Nobody is being harmed by this who wouldn’t have been in the long run anyway. The truth always comes out, if anything this is simply expediting the process.

    • Dehliaa says:

      Nope its 5th loss of $75M; incidently…with 5th hacking of email etc., among other things at Sony would this not constitute as a national security issue for the U.S., as officials have tied the incident now to the North Korean regime? We can talk about Kim and his regime all we want, laugh a little too, but no one really knows the depths of what he or his country could due in a nuclear attack. That being said…this is no time to start testing the waters!

  12. bretton daniels says:

    This has to be the greatest marketing ploy to create buzz and press for a mediocre movie that probably would not have done much business without the undeserved coverage.

    Can’t people ever stop being thr sheep and try being the shepherd for once!

  13. bretton daniels says:

    What a bunch of wussies. I hate thier movies anyway. You made the film, stand behind it! If you are so freakin worried, then dont poke fun at assassinations in the first place! Dicks!

  14. Steele says:

    If these two don’t have the balls to do fluff interviews why should anyone go to a theatre to see their movie? Show some balls Rogen, Franco!

  15. raunda says:

    They could do a press release that Katherine Heigl is starring in this movie – game ova!

  16. “Righteous deed?” Who writes the NK press releases, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

  17. Vegea says:

    I get that people are afraid and no threat should be ignored, but if we give in to every so called “threat” then the terrorists have already won.

  18. marginally talented performers, continue to see comic book future zombie movies
    puppets by gwen

  19. Sony Pictures should release a DRM 1080p version of it for free from their website. Everyone will watch it and North Korea doesn’t get to win.

  20. Richard Hung says:

    Release it straight to DVD immediately. I’d certainly be willing to buy a copy so I can watch it without fear of North Korean censorship screwing with the theatre. Let them whine all they like.

  21. Tony says:

    If it were really North Korea, they would use better grammar.

  22. Again, I’m the contrarian. Dumb concept, dumb of Sony to green light. Especially if they weren’t prepared to beef up their IT security team. But even on the artistic merits, seriously, Seth – have you even seen Chaplin’s The Great Dictator? So dumb to make The Interview so literal. Drives me crazy to see such a waste of the power of cinema.

  23. PETER says:

    Chick, chick, chick ,chick, chick!

  24. Cindy Moore says:

    Lemme get this straight: The “Guardians of ‘Peace'” are anything but (more like the GOPussies), and they are threatening big 911 stuff over a flippin’ movie, let alone, a comedy. Does anyone else see the irony (and humor)? It must be a conspiracy then, which involves Dennis Rodman’s press agent, Lil’ Kimmy Jr’s press agent, Amy’s ex of some sort; and of course, the CIA! Bahaha.

    • John Less says:

      That passive-aggressive buffoon of a comedian, Seth Rogen, wrote a film about killing a real-live human being – who happens to be the leader of a country. Legal and moral issues of killing a real-live human being aside (whether he’s a political leader, celebrity or your next-door neighbor), the film crosses a line here. Next up, we’ll see foreign films where US political leaders are killed… He thanks Amy Pascal for having “the b alls” to make this happen yet this p uss y is currently hiding under his bed.

  25. I think its fair to cancel all public appearances when you get a phone call from Dennis rodman and the first thing he says is “Want to play a game?”

  26. Joanie Cunningham says:

    I think Dennis Rodman is behind the cyber attack…..well, maybe not, I don’t think he’s that smart.

  27. I hope they have GPS on these guys so they can take them out. I’m serious! I can’t believe my friends personal information was stolen for these two idiots.

  28. evandor says:

    I cannot wait to see this movie. Kim Mini Dong is a pathetic little child man who is complicit in the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of North Koreans and he needs to be mocked. Oh, so scary, we can’t go to theaters to see this movie ’cause the bad people are going to hurt us-are you kidding me??

    • Dehliaa says:

      Okay Evandor…Stop being a show off, or worse it gives other terrorists ideas. While it’s not known if this is partly also a publicity stunt to attract movie goers…anything by these two is questionable anyway. I was under the impression one or both were creative and intelligent, not wuss and instigators? Nope…think I’ll pass once again.

  29. wckennyme says:

    If terrorists were going to attack, why would they advise people to leave the area so they won’t get hurt. Doesn’t sound like real terrorists….

    • Wendy says:

      The U.S. warned Japanese cities that they were going to bomb them before wiping out cities with atomic bombs…just because they warn people doesn’t mean they won’t actually attack

  30. Shari says:

    I’d say they just don’t want to be asked the same question about the whole hacking thing over and over and over and over again.

  31. PETER says:

    Why’d James Franco get involved with that fat loser, Rogen anyway? James should have kept a better focus on his career and future. Probably not sleeping so making bad business decisions! And James’ is getting fat and losing his looks, turning into Rogen 2!

    • abby says:

      He’s been “involved” with him since the 90’s, they started working together on Freaks and Geeks early on, and have worked together a few times since. It’s not that weird of a decision from either of them

  32. Crispian says:

    A “righteous deed”? Kim is obviously a fan of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (distributed by Paramount, fyi).

  33. Stanley says:

    North Korea couldn’t attack a paper bag. Even al Qaeda laughs at these threats. I hate that this is causing so much hubbub. Will our media companies jump out of their skin to avoid offending other dictators now? Sad.

  34. LAwrence says:

    Best advertisement for a movie EVER! I Plan on seeing The Interview several times just to give the hackers (and/or Kim Jong-un) my middle finger. All Americans should do the same. Turn this otherwise mediocre movie into a blockbuster success.

  35. I got a feeling that thank to the Sony Hacking that Interview will get all it money back on the first weekend.

  36. Carl Fales says:

    Apparently Kim Jong Un has some pretty good hackers working for him. I am looking forward to seeing what sort of “Christmas present” is going to be released soon.

  37. Samantha says:

    Can you imagine how historic it would be to read how the country was under attack over a movie.

  38. Introvert says:

    Why is anyone giving their ridiculous threats any credence? They’ve been threatening nuclear war on a weekly basis for years.

  39. Donna says:

    Nice to know North Korea is our censor!

  40. cindy says:

    It was a bad idea to make a movie about such an unstable Leader who hates our Country, was this another great idea from the very bigoted Amy Pasqual? she is out of touch with World affairs, as we all now know w/ her comments regarding our President…if, Amy has to ask what to talk to our President about while making very ignorant remarks, she is in over her head at her 3 million dollar a year job at Sony…too much time on her hands at work sending ridiculous childish emails.

  41. Lily White says:

    Sony probably thinks this is great PR. Yeah, and we love our children fearing nuclear bombs too.

  42. Lily White says:

    Good. I’m glad they are doing something. Will corporations please learn to step back from poor decisions.

  43. TONY says:

    So why are they cancelling the media tour?…Are they scared? Hmmm. I wonder why?

  44. manfromatlan says:

    I’ll wait till it shows up on Netflix, thanks.

  45. josh d says:

    nobody wants to witness another movie shooting or indentities stolen. NK is already a terrorist state to certain people who live in that country. hackers may have ties to NK. Or in my opinion these are just troll hackers playing a joke.

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