Seth MacFarlane Sued Over ‘Ted’ for Alleged Copyright Infringement

Seth MacFarlane Reading Rainbow Kick Starter
Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Seth MacFarlane, Universal Pictures and Media Rights Capital have been sued for alleged copyright infringement for their hit comedy “Ted.”

Bengal Mangle Productions filed the suit Tuesday in state court in Los Angeles and alleged that the titular teddy bear is an unlawful copy of its own animated bear, who starred in web series “Charlie The Abusive Teddy” and “Acting School Academy.”

MRC and reps for MacFarlane had no comment. Reps for Universal had no immediate response.

The suit alleges that Charlie and Ted are similar in physical appearance and behavior.

“Both Charlie and Ted reside in a substantially similar environment, including that both Charlie and Ted spend a significant amount of time sitting on a living room couch with a beer and/or cigarette in hand,” the suit alleges. “Charlie and Ted each have a substantially similar persona, verbal tone, verbal delivery, dialogue, and attitude.”

The suit, which also names MacFarlane’s Fuzzy Door Productions, alleges that scenes in the web series, which aired in 2009 and 2010 on YouTube and, are similar to scenes in 2012’s “Ted.”

Specific scenes cited in “Ted” include “showing a woman all the lewd acts he wants to perform with her; using violence to get his point across to John; talking to Nora Jones about their sexual history, and making fat jokes even when his life is in danger.”

“Ted” was directed, co-written and produced by MacFarlane and starred Mark Wahlberg. It grossed $550 million worldwide and a sequel has been set to be released next June.

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  1. Mardulak says:

    I don’t think McFarlane would do this. Ever. I don’t think he’d take a successful product, let’s say The Simpsons, and make another thing really similar but far less funny.

  2. martin waite says:

    I don’t think that Seth Mcfarlane should have been fined for copyright, I mean so what!, there are thousands of films that have copied off each other and it has never been an issue for the original creators. I think that Seth Mcfarlane is a genius and I think I speak on behalf of the UK when I say that because everything he does is original and comical

  3. Jimmy FrayFray says:

    Thank you for providing a side-by-side comparison of the bears so readers of the article can make a judgement for themselves!!!……… oh wait

  4. Gaille Robertson says:

    Horseshit! They decide to sue now that Ted is a hit and making a sequel?? If the were so butt-hurt and devastated over some alleged copyright infringement they would have spoken up when Ted started advertising, pre-release. Now they are tripping over dollar signs and wanting to screw MacFarlane over so they can line their unsuccessful pockets. I hope Seth kicks their greedy untalented asses.

  5. Darian Hendrickson says:

    That’s a load of bullshit if it was such an issue for them then they would have filed a lawsuit when ted first came out

  6. good luck with suing seth mcfarlane

  7. Wicasawakan says:

    I’ve seen Charlie the abusive bear. It’s nothing alike. He should countersue for lost time and $ for this stupid lawsuit.

  8. Sam says:

    A foul-mouthed teddy bear is generic enough for different people to think about without inspiration. It’s fucking ridiculous.

  9. Jenny says:

    Why’d they wait so long to sue?

  10. THIS IS RIDICULOUS !!! so what if they seem similar …all teddy bears are very much the same !!! that’s why they are all so adorable …similar traits!! my name is TEDDY maybe i should sue ( not seth!) for my share of the honey pot!! i hwvw some of the same characteristics as the bears in question too!!

  11. Benjamin Ross says:

    Is it just me, or do I sense here? People suing directors for copyright infringements YEARS after the movies’ release.

  12. Chris Lion says:

    The movie came out TWO YEARS AGO and they’re just getting around to suing now?

  13. Will says:

    Charlie doesn’t sound like SM’s Ted, in fact I think Charlie sounds more like David Strassman’s Ted. E. Bare, so who was around first?

  14. Sounds like Seth MacFarlane can sue them for stealing the verbal tone, verbal delivery for Charlie from Peter Griffin on Family Guy.
    While the specific scenes cited in “Ted” were done on Family Guy first also. Showing a woman all the lewd acts he wants to perform with her (Quagmire). Using violence to get his point across to John (Stewie and Brian) Talking to a celebrity about their sexual history (Lois, Peter, and Brian) and making fat jokes even when his life is in danger (Peter).
    Everything about Ted screamed Family Guy, so if Charlie and Ted are that similar, then the only thing Bengal Mangle Productions thought of was making a Family Guy character into a Charlie bear.

  15. Robin Durain says:

    So they decided to file a lawsuit after they found out how much the movie grossed? I think they are jealous because they failed at a similar concept and greedy. Now they are making a name for themselves, but not in a good way. I happen to like the work of Seth McFarlane and Mark Wahlburg. Both are highly talented individuals. Seriously, what else do you expect a sassy teddy bear to be doing all the time?

    • Robin Durain says:

      I just wasted 6 minutes of my life looking at three of the videos from Charlie the Abusive Teddy Bear. It does not look similar, not even the same size, color or shape as Ted. The voice is not similar, different pitch and everything. That bear does nothing but sit on the couch. Ted did so much more. I don’t really see similarities other than the fact that they are both stuffed bears with an attitude.

      • DM says:

        Yeah I was just going to say something similar Robin, i just cringed my way through those clips also, not because of the similarities but because (1) it was utter crap and (2) nothing like ted, other than the fact that it IS a teddy bear, but then surely Teddy Ruxpin and superted could sue? Not to mention Naughty Bear the video game character, and the creators of the Bad Taste Bear also. I think they are just suing for the sake of it, I bet McFarlane and his legal team are laughing their collective asses off. lol.

  16. Krissy says:

    This movie came out a few years ago… why did it take them so long to claim they were being ripped off? #morons

  17. Seth McFarlane says:

    Looks nothing like Ted. -_- Sounds like they just want to do anything they can, because they want money. Seriously people? Life isn’t all about money…

  18. …And it only took them two years to come up with this one. Psh.

  19. Kevin says:

    Sounds like every other pitchfest-level reject who got angry that they’re not as successful with a common concept.

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